Vacationing in a Vagina

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young man has vacation destinations to remember for a lifetime.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   .

Of course I’d noticed her by the pool. How could you not? With a trim mature woman’s body, featuring tits that were as big as could still look proportional, and barely covered by the briefest bikini that could be called clothing. And curly dark red hair. And classically beautiful too.

She was strategically positioned when I would walk by her as I went from pool ladder to diving board and she always smiled when I looked at her.

After a dozen walk-bys she beckoned me over. “Would I get her a drink and one for myself too?” She gave me her room number for the bar and her preference. I returned with a beer and a Marguerita.

“Thank you so much. My Name is Faye. Yours?”

“I’m Tony and thanks for the beer. I AM old enough.” Just barely eighteen which was legal here.

She continued being friendly, “Are you here on vacation?”

“I’m with my parents. Dad needs help with driving and getting around so I am a helper. How about you?”

“Well, sort of. My husband is in a golf tournament all week so I have to fend for myself. I’d enjoy some company since I don’t know anyone here.”

My mind quickly visualized the kind of company I’d like to give this luscious female who was probably my mother’s age, although there were no other comparisons. “I’m in the same boat so let’s be friends.”

We visited about all sorts of stuff for the rest of the morning. In spite of the age difference we had a good time together. She was bright and a good conversationalist.

At lunch time she suggested going to their suite since she had plenty of food in the mini kitchen there. I followed her, totally entranced watching her firm buns putting on a show, especially going up the stairs. My suit bulged.

We each had a beer which went with the nice lunch she fixed. Afterwards, instead of going to the pool we went out on their balcony which was surprisingly secluded. I sat down but she moved in front of me and took off the miniscule coverings she wore.

“I’ve had two children who are about your age. Could you tell by looking?”

Speechless, I just shook my head. Gazing at my bulging suit, she continued, “I see you find me attractive. Let me see just how much.”

She pulled me to my feet and deftly dropped my trunks. My boner nearly hit her in the face.

“Mmmmmm, nice!” she said, then plugged her speech with a mouthful of me. Pulling her face back, she warned, “I’d better be careful not to get a mouthful yet.”

Sitting us both down, she questioned me, “Are you eighteen?”

“Just barely,” I replied.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Just barely not”

“Damn, I keep trying to find one but they’re so rare. No matter, you’ll do just fine anyway.”

I asked, “I’ll DO what?”

“I have an agreement with my husband. If I accompany him to these golf tournaments, which he loves so much, then I get to do what I love so much while I’m here.”

I had to ask, “And what is that?”

“Fuck young guys.”

My dick went full hard and she smiled as she watched.

I gasped, “He LETS you?”

“Honey, he doesn’t own my pussy and he knows it. And he’s never complained that it was worn out or damaged in any way. There is always plenty for him. So what’s the problem?”

I stammered, “I guess I don’t know. This is kinda new to me.”

“Don’t even think about that. Focus on us having a good time. What are we waiting for?”

She led me to the big bed, laid down with her lovely thighs spread and a moist pussy inviting me. “Let’s get acquainted. I love to be eaten. Don’t worry, I washed well after my husband screwed me this morning.”

I hadn’t done much of that at all but she was very good at giving instructions so I learned quickly. Enough to make her moan and squeal with pleasure. She had an orgasm like I’d only seen on porn videos, but this I knew was real.

“That was great. Now your dick must be ready to explode. Let’s get it off in the place nature intended.”

God damn! The warm wet place that gripped my cock was like nothing ever before, much better than the two young women I’d screwed a couple of times. Her full and firm tits were a sight to behold as they moved with my thrusts. I didn’t know pussies could grip like she did on my out-strokes.

“Let it go! Let me feel your hot stuff...”

When the pleasure grew to the eruption point I felt almost painful surges as I shot at least five times, hearing a squeal from her for each one. “I LOVE young cocks. That’s SOOO good!”

I stayed pretty hard so she flipped us over rather skillfully and sat on my dick. Pulling my hands to her magnificent mammaries she instructed, “They like to be tweaked and pinched and nibbled on. Go for it.”

Of course that play got me even harder but she just sat with me fully embedded. Those amazing muscles kept doing thinks to my rod but I was under no pressure to cum again right away. Finally, she began doing motions with her hips without the in-and-out. Combined with the inner stuff she got me to cum along with hers. She gently laid down on top of me and we snoozed.

Sometime later she arose and my soft dick flopped out of her. “Let’s take a shower together,” she ordered. That was a new experience for me too. Her husband would be back soon so I bid adieu. I was invited to meet her at the pool again tomorrow.

In the morning we skipped the foreplay. Faye wanted me to dip my dick immediately. She held my buns as our pubic bones met and asked, “Do I feel any different?”

I sensed for a moment, “You do feel silkier than yesterday, best I can tell.”

She grinned as she told me, “That’s cause your cock is soaking in the cum my husband left there a little while ago. He enjoyed yours and wanted to return the favor.”

My buried cock twitched and that made her laugh, “Easy, big boy. I told you he is OK with it, and we don’t keep secrets. He gets some strange pussy once in a while, so it evens out.”

She let my buns loose and we commenced screwing. I learned several positions before I dumped a fresh load inside her.

“Let’s go to the pool for a while,” she suggested. We had some drinks and talked, quite a bit more intimately this time.

“How long have you had this ‘hobby’?”

“About five years. My hubby does two to four tournaments a year, in case you were going to ask that next.” I was and did the math.

After lunch we had a leisurely fuck in several interesting positions, followed by a much-needed nap. We hung out together for the rest of the afternoon until I asked, “Should I leave? Your husband might come back.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of time for one more screw.”

We were copulating missionary style when the room door opened. I panicked but Faye calmly clamped her legs around my back and called out, “Hi, sweetie! I’ve got company.”

It was her husband. He walked up to the side of the bed and reached out his hand. It was awkward but I shook it as he said, “Nice to meet you Tony. Faye said nice things about you. I need a drink so I’ll be right back.”

SHIT!!! I’d lost my erection from that encounter.

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