Park Birthday Surprise

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2016 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: 'Shy' wife helps set her surprise party - well part of it. The adult half is the surprise. Guests meet in a public park's rented pavilion. All are half exposed to start, soon naked. She is tricked to strip then gets a custom pussy cake modeled on her pussy. The baker is rewarded with oral sex and fingering.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Years before OGC and OFC (Our Groping / Fucking Club), while my Sue was still feigning modesty and propriety and before I figured it all out, I had the challenge of creating a near-surprise birthday party for her. I was never sure if she was still in the closet or finally, firmly out-of-the-closet. Instead of trying to launch a true surprise party, I had her help me plan her own party. We agreed on having it in the open wall pavilion in the end of a public park the Saturday after her August birthday. Since we rented the pavilion, we could restrict access to it and close the wooded path for privacy. Hmmm, if she’s agreeing to that, we would really NEED privacy...

I still wasn’t sure I wanted to brazenly expose my beautiful, naked wife to the hordes. Weighing the PROs and CONs was a strain and the cause of many sleepless nights. I would plan the party, but the orgies and swinging... ?

We invited all our work and neighborhood friends, ultra conservative to so-called hedonists. Of course, we knew NOTHING about that lifestyle, yet. Once the guest list was done, I took over everything else for the un-surprise party. If she had stayed involved, she would have vetoed every plan.

Due to the mix of lifestyles, I arranged innocent party games suitable for kids and conservatives in the A.M. with a switch to adult games later. Sue had no idea just HOW adult I planned those games. Her sister Lois said she couldn’t come, as expected, since I asked everyone to bring risque outfits or skimpy swimsuits for sun and pool. Lois was then still extremely conservative about modesty and sex, but her husband, Joe, chomped at the bit to play and still lusted after Sue. This was before Lois’s Emancipation.

By 10:00 A.M. more than fifty people gathered. They all greeted Sue and left gifts on a table. The very ‘adult’ gifts had a small devil sticker on them, as requested. Kids and some adults rode the monkey bars, swings, spinner etc., in the usual way, and enjoyed the BBQ. About one P.M., the typical cake came out. This one was a rich and sweet, three-tier cannoli cake that was a big hit. The conservative people took the hint after the cake and started leaving, usually dragging their grudging kids along.

Now that just the hedonists, I mean adults, were left, the tone of the gathering changed. We stayed in the limited access, roofed community area that had only been opened two weeks earlier. The roped off private area assured us that no cops would interrupt us. So, short of crimes, we could do ANYTHING we wanted to do. This extended to the playground sets and the open clearing nearby. Unfortunately, the pool was on the public side of the ropes!

The kiddie sets took on new challenges without the kiddies. Those reluctant to expose their hidden clothes were now free to let loose. Some stripped to tiny bikinis, and many women became more active in their tiny skirts and cutoff tops. They all knew how to tease mere mortal men. Birthday girl Sue was in tiny loose, big legged shorts and a snug tank top. The top was ribbed to cling to her tiny, braless tits and cut off above her lowest ribs. Bending over showed less of her tits than her usual, stretched T-shirt, but teased us perfectly with the nicely rounded bottoms of her delicious hillocks. Yet it was her loose legging that gave me the most opportunity and would ultimately be her downfall, or excuse to expose. Panties, if she chose to wear any, would be visible in nearly every position.

Our playmate Reggie wore long jogging pants and a tight top that hugged her huge tits. She needed little reason to strip, so I focused on more difficult targets. One woman wore a bikini top that was far too small for her big tits. Every time she sneezed, real or forced, her top would burst open violently. Her sneezes were loud enough to get our attention so we watched her already hard-nippled tits SPRING out, drop, shake and dance while she recomposed herself and fought her tits back into the small top. Since she never turned away, we all appreciated the prolonged show she chose to perform for us.

Ruby had strangely chosen to wear a pleated pink mini skirt and short cut off, button down, no bra oversize shirt - both inside-out. She refused to explain, but finally skipped over to the monkey bars. She carelessly climbed up to an opening and hung from her knees - facing a crowd of mostly men. Her hair and arms hung down, her skirt fell right-side out and left her exposed to her waist, her nearly shear, tiny, white panties and swollen camel toe lit up in the bright sun.

Her shirt also was now right side out and covering her face, not her bared, beautiful tits. Perfectly sized and shaped, they were especially interesting to scrutinize shifted and inverted. Her tempting pussy was at mouth level. Before any of us could accept the invitation to suck her wet pussy thru her panties, she flipped down, stared at us quizzically a moment and, with a huge, satisfied grin, waved to Sue.

The wave removed Sue’s ability to deny seeing a second pair of bare tits at her party. That still wasn’t enough to get her to join them. Ruby shyly dropped her panties and loosened her shirt. She scurried up the bars again. When she hung from her knees this time, her shirt covered her face, not tits again, but she shook them to help the shirt fall higher, nearly off. Her skirt covered her sculpted abs, not her now very bare, very wet and very pretty, swelling pussy. After posing that way for a long minute, with her arms behind her back, she slid to hang from just her ankles so her legs formed a wide V, forcing her thick pussy to gape widely. Men and a few women lined up for dangling/hanging 69. Sue calmly watched her friend bare all and openly extract then suck cock or pussy. I couldn’t have planned it better! Thanks Ruby!

Sue climbed on a table and looked around. Another friend was on a swing in a ‘modest’ yet snug tube dress. Each time she pushed harder to fly higher, she let her skirt inch up and her top inch down over her bare, ample tits and hard nipples publically. After just three hard pushes, her skirt was at thigh top and her bare, smooth, wet pussy glistened in the bright sun. Two more pushes and the skirt was above her hips. She slid closer to the edge of the seat, spread her legs wider and bared her asshole on the upswings. Her closed eyes and dumb grin proved her joy and sense of sexual freedom. The same sense that Sue craved.

Another woman in a tiny, risque skirt slowly climbed the steps of the tall slide. A crowd gelled at the foot of the steps to look up, under the tiny skirt. To declare her false modesty, Ann did her best to keep her knees together as she climbed. Her slow pace and high steps gave all viewers a long look at her bare bubble butt with a brief peek at her pussy with each step. She lingered at the top before finally sitting on the slide. She raised her arms and bumped herself forward. As she slid down the spiral slide, her tiny skirt leapt up to her hips and left her diamond shaped pubes and bald pussy exposed all the way down. Yum! As she sat at the bottom of the slide, feet against her ass, dress at her hips, she quibbled ‘No one looked up my skirt or saw my pussy. Right?’ Yeah right!

Sue jumped off the table and looked for an innocent way to join the fun. Ruby was now on the spinner so Sue ran over and hopped on sharply then scooted it faster. That set the spinner moving at high speed which nearly threw Ruby off. Her reversed skirt billowed behind her and frequently flipped up her back. No one objected to her exposed, jiggling, bare, ass. Cute and sexy as it was, she finally turned to face Sue, both hands still on the bars. Now the front of her skirt flapped chaotically up and left a prolonged view of her spread pussy. Sue stared at it silently, wistfully, and let the spinner slow.

She hopped off the spinner and adjusted her wide shorts which flashed half of one cute, bare cheek to several of us. With an exaggerated wiggle, Sue sashayed to the seesaw and climbed on. While waiting for someone to pull the other side down, Sue sat with her ass and her feet grounded on the seat. With her legs forced so far apart and forward, most of us had a great view up her wide shorts. As more men grinned and some women gasped, we stared at her bared pussy and watched it swell.

Tom grabbed the opposite seat and made like he was climbing on, but pulled it up only a foot then repeatedly dropped it. Sue’s legs flew up and apart each time he dropped her. She laughed, but still hung on. It was a great excuse to flash her barely hidden naked pussy and rattle her tiny tits. Her perfect nipples tried to rip thru her top. She slowly backed off the seesaw, slowly swinging her legs off and making her shorts blatantly gap open. Her gleaming eyes contradicted her mendacious face about how much she knew was exposed and how much she enjoyed being watched. Cameras were out and already capturing loose tits and tempting twats, including Sue’s.

Teasing, flashing and some oral and finger sex continued on the playground in the bright sun and under the covered area. So far, people were avoiding all out fucking and fetish sex. When our sweaty guests faltered with concern for how far they could go, I figured it was time for the next planned event. After adjusting my stiffness, I called Sue back to the main table cluster. She hopped and skipped, amazing us all with how much her tiny, slightly drooping, tits could travel. Her hard nipple dance mesmerized us. I knew how amazing her tall, hard, perfect nipples stun our imaginations.

Despite watching her subtly flash her bare pussy so openly, I wasn’t sure how much I truly wanted her to blatantly and casually fully expose MY perfect nips and MY beautiful, precious pussy to so many people. Still fully dressed, I felt so helplessly exposed while she teased with her naked bits. My conservative upbringing was rearing its timid head, but I was pushing my constraints as Sue deliriously cast off her suffocating social constraints. Sue climbed the table and froze, head down, legs spread widely to allow clear views up her wide shorts. It was time!

As cameras were aimed up her revealing shorts, I called for the second, surprise cake. The baker rolled out the cake in his all white outfit. They were greeted by Ouus, Ahhhs and loud gasps. Sue couldn’t see the cake until the crowd opened. This one was a Devil Food dark chocolate sheet cake with a second, randy, level. The dark chocolate on that level was trimmed in yellow with a bee flying near the right edge. She climbed down for a closer, giddy look.

The first raunchy part was the bee’s stinger. Instead of a tiny stinger, it had a dangling, well-veined, erect penis. On the opposite side and ten times bigger was a fleshy and raw pink, gaping vulva. Even the pink pearl peeked slightly from under its fondant hood as the inner, swirled labia protruded slightly in a perfect 3-D rendering of a classically beautiful, perfect pussy. Sue covered her mouth and gasped in recognition of the photo I treasured, and obviously shared, of her special pussy.

Though still mostly dressed, Sue instinctively covered her crotch and looked around knowing that everyone was scrutinizing her cake pussy and soon all would savor and eat her, umm it. When I had submitted the photo to the Salvatore, the baker, I didn’t need to tell him that it was a pussy I knew intimately and he didn’t ask. There, on his table, was a clear, full frame, porn quality photo of my wife’s beautiful, gaping pussy. Despite my throbbing cock, I had to pretend it was no big deal to share that photo with him. It was!

I got light headed, and stiff, thinking about how much intimate contact he would have with my wife’s pussy though he had never met her. He would finger Sue’s pussy and shape it in his shop - pulling, probing, rubbing its effigy. His tenting pants said he wanted to meet the model. ‘I should keep the fondant and frosting chilled until you are ready to serve this very special cake. I’m sure you don’t want this beautiful pussy to melt in the summer heat, so why don’t I deliver it personally when you’re ready for it? OK?’

His transparent and near breathless motive was intriguing and so tempting. I visualized him fingering my wife in fondant and beating off to her before delivery, then meeting her and inspecting and fingering her real pussy as everyone watched. My raging dick demanded his attendance. ‘OK, In fact, I think you should EXAMINE the model, my wife, and show everyone how painstakingly accurate your artwork is. I think you should bring the cake in a chiller about one P.M. and enjoy the activities with us.’

He quickly agreed and his pants surged with a fresh thought. ‘If you’re willing to let me finger your wife AND she gives me head, the cake is free!’ I considered it, but knew I couldn’t ask Sue in advance, so I left it open.

‘I can’t promise for her so, you will either get head or a $300 check for the cake.’ He and his dick agreed.

As the cake approached her, one of the guys pulled her shorts away from her ass and tossed a small handful of sand inside. Feeling the sand stagger over her ass and down her leg, she slapped at it and asked what that was. Drew casually said he tossed a few ants down her pants. ‘But I’m not sure if those are the ones that bite.’ He grinned and arched both eyebrows at her. Unsure of the truth, she kept slapping her shorts.

Yet as the sand slowly worked across her cheeks, she panicked and pulled the rear waistline away and tried to see down her bared ass. As she twisted and slapped herself, Drew pulled her top out and tossed a few more ‘ants’ on her chest. She screeched, swung at him (and missed) before frantically jumping and spinning around. She fought her clothes and pulled her own shorts off to beat away the ‘ants’. Her spins gave everyone a full, sunlit view of her jiggling ass and her swollen, shaved pussy. Drew took the shorts from her and slapped her ass with them to dislodge the ‘ants’ which gave her the freedom to yank her top over her head.

She slapped her chest and tossed away the ‘ant’ ridden top. Her perfect nipples hardened and her cute tits danced frantically. Her gyrations continued with her fully naked, except for sandals, until she felt cleansed. Only then did she see, or acknowledge, that she was naked and performing for work friends and neighbors. She tried covering tits and pussy, yet left her bare ass and one tall, hard nipple exposed.

When she looked around and saw two other fully naked women staring at her, she sighed deeply. She noticed that both women had big, stiff cocks in their hands that were not their husbands’. With no escape from the crowd of appreciative voyeurs, she reluctantly dropped her arms. ‘Too late to hide now. Right? I bet my dear husband planned this for me! You will be looking over both shoulders from now on until I get my SWEET revenge. SHIIIIT!!!! Well, speaking of sweet, what is with this tasty looking cake?’

Now that his cart reached Sue’s table, he spoke up, ‘Sue, your husband commissioned this special cake at a special price. We’ll get to that shortly. May I point out just how anatomically AND personally correct this cake is? Please, take many photos of it and our birthday girl so you will always have a memento and proof of its accuracy. I took extra care to render it as precisely as I could from the photo he supplied. Notice the elegant lines of her labia, the gaping pink space between them and the partially hooded pearl waiting to be touched.’ Sue brightly blushed crimson.

Drew spoke out loudly, ‘That is a VERY pretty fondant pussy, but we really can’t see the original source at this angle. How do we, and you, know how accurate it is?’

‘That is an excellent question.’ I answered. ‘In fact, I promised Sal that he would be able to thoroughly examine the original as you all confirm the match.’ Sue gasped, covered her mouth and blushed brightly. I took her hand and lead her back to the picnic table. She slapped my tenting shorts and resisted, but finally sat on the narrow end of the table. I openly adjusted my assailed cock and asked her to lie back and open her legs as widely as possible for Sal’s confirmation.

She resisted until Drew went behind her and happily pulled her back by both hard nipples. She feigned pain and resistence. Sal, and his tented apron, moved to her side opposite the raunchy cake. He gently pulled one knee nearly to the table and Drew pulled the other down while both moved her feet close to her naked ass and newly exposed ass hole. I nearly spurt in my pants when I saw it so brightly and publically lit. Her pussy gaped open to accent how lusty her inner lips’ slight protrusion looked.

Sal took over, ‘Well! This isn’t a fair match. Her lips are much more swollen and open on my cake and her clit is peeking out a bit more. I don’t want to redo my cake so... ‘ He slid across her tense abs and down until his fingers were gently rubbing my wife’s labia. As everyone quietly watched, he stroked all the way to her taint and back up to her clit, then slowly, silently repeated. The only sounds were everyone’s deep breaths and the occasional squishy noise of another wet pussy being deeply plunged.

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