Time to Play With My Toys Again

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: This is a true story of me excited that my children have gone to school. I'm back to masturbating with all of my toys and my Sybian.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

September sixth is finally here. I’ve waited the whole summer for this very special morning. School is back in session.

“You do know what that means?”

It means I can play with my toys again. I was so excited and got my kids off to school on time. I looked at all my family and friend’s Facebook pages seeing all the kids in their new clothes getting ready for school.

I sent a few messages back and forth with friends. After a while, I played a few of my on-line games. My vibrator’s were calling me to come and get them and have a little fun. I walked slowly up the steps and went to my bottom drawer. I pulled out my Hitachi Magic Wand and my glass vibrator. I had been playing with my glass vibrator all summer because it doesn’t make any noise. I love it so much because of the nice ripples it has along the shaft.

I grabbed my mirror and removed my shorts. I sat on my bedroom floor and plugged in the wand. I turned in on slow and rubbed it all over my pussy lips. I forgot how amazing it felt. I moved it up and down and all around. My pussy was tingling and feeling really good. Next, I put my glass vibrator into my mouth and made it slippery from my saliva.

I pushed the glass vibrator into my aching pussy and fucked myself slowly. I held the Hitachi magic wand on my clitoris and fucked myself over and over again. It didn’t take very long for my first orgasm to happen. The cum came out in a stream of white ooze. It dripped down my inner thigh onto my towel that I had put on the floor.

I continued to fuck my pussy for about ten minutes. I had several orgasms in this time period. My pussy was tingling, but needed more attention. I walked over to the box that’s in my room. I pulled out my Sybian and carried it over to the bed. I plugged it in and placed it at the center of my bed. I put on the clit attachment onto the Sybian and took off my shirt.

I went back into my drawer and grabbed the lube. I wiped the lube onto my pussy and sat on the Sybian. I turned it on and was enjoying the sensations. I turned it all the way to the highest speed and moved my pussy up and down over it. The sensations felt amazing. I felt alive being on it again. My pussy was extremely wet, while I rode it over and over again.

I played with my firm breasts, while I humped the machine. I needed more and got off of it. I went back into the box and got the medium sized cock and attached it to the machine. I again put more lube on myself and onto the cock. I positioned myself over the cock and eased myself down on it. I turned it on slow and rode it. I turned on the rotation and felt it going up and down inside of my cunt.

I turned that baby all the way up and fucked the Sybian machine. I played with my firm tits and humped it up and down. I had a very strong orgasm and started screaming, while the cock hit my sweet spot. I felt the wetness pouring out of my pussy. I leaned forward to get more and more of it into my pussy.

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