My New Neighbour

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Another fictional story I wrote for my wife's pleasure where I get to enjoy the charms of my new neighbour

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

I was over the moon when the live in warden of the block of sheltered accommodation flats where I lived told me the new tenant of the next flat to mine was a single woman around my own age. “At last,” I thought, “someone I can talk to.” Pretty well every tenant in the block was much older than I was and I had little if anything in common with them so someone my own age, early sixties, would make a pleasant change.

It was about a week later on Wednesday morning when she moved in. I saw the moving van pull up on the car park outside the flats and five minutes later a little red Fiesta pulled up alongside it. At first, I didn’t think it was her, she looked too young to be in her sixties but when two men got out of the van and stated talking to her I realised it must be. For the next hour or so, I watched them carrying her furniture past my kitchen window to her flat until finally I heard the van start up and drive off the car park. That was it, I had a new neighbour.

I decided I’d let her settle in before I went round and introduced myself but half an hour after the van had gone, I saw her walk past my kitchen window and seconds later, there was a knock at my door. Guessing it was her, I got up and answered it, running a comb through my hair as I walked down the hallway. “Oh hello,” my new neighbour said, “I’m sorry to trouble you but I’ve just moved in next-door and can’t seem to get any hot water. Could you show me how the boiler works?” “It’s nice to meet you,” I replied, “I’m Mike and I’d be more than happy to show you.” My new neighbour gave me a smile that could melt ice and reached out and shook my hand. “Thank you Mike,” she said, “and I’m Hazel and it’s nice to meet you too.”

I followed back to her flat and in a couple of minutes I’d explained the workings of the boiler to her. “I’ve just boiled the kettle,” she said, as I was about to leave, “would like a cup of tea?” “Yes that would be nice,” I replied, “but I’d prefer coffee if you have it.” “Yes of course,” she said, “come through to the lounge and I’ll make you one.” As I sat on the couch, watching her bustling around in the kitchen I felt an unaccustomed stirring in my pants and realised I was getting an erection, something that hadn’t happened naturally for months, not since I’d split with my last lady friend.

As we sat drinking our tea and coffee I filled Hazel in on my history and she told me that she’d moved up from Telford. She told me she was a widow and was slightly disabled, nothing serious, just slight mobility problems. Then we got round to the other tenants and I could tell Hazel wasn’t impressed when I told her old most of them were. “Well all I can say is I’m glad that I’ve got you for a neighbour,” she laughed, “it sounds like I’ve moved to God’s waiting room.” “Something like that,” replied, “and the feeling’s mutual. I was really glad when the warden told me you were the same age as me.” We spent the next hour chatting until Hazel said she needed to sort the kitchen out but before I left I told her that if she needed any help with anything to just give me a call. “Thanks Mike,” she said, “I’ll remember that.”

Hazel and I soon became close friends, just friends though, nothing else, but that didn’t stop me dreaming. Many a morning I’d wake up with a hard on and lie there relieving myself, imagining what I’d do if I had Hazel lying next to me. Early one morning though about a month after she’d moved in, things took a turn for the better. I’d was having trouble getting to sleep so got up and was working on my computer. Actually I was doing what I normally did when I couldn’t sleep, surfing the porn sites, so it’s no surprise that I had a good hard on. Eventually at around two in the morning I decided to go back to bed to get rid of my erection.

As I was about to turn off the computer, I became aware of moaning sounds coming from the other side of the wall that divided Hazel’s bedroom from my lounge. It didn’t take much imagination to guess who was making the sounds and what she was doing. Hazel either had a friend in there with her or she was masturbating, it didn’t matter to me which it was, I wasn’t going to miss a chance like this so sat back down signed back into one of the porn sites. I fetched up a video of a guy giving his partner a good hard fucking. After turning off the sound, leaving the sounds from Hazel’s bedroom to accompany the on-screen action, I opened my dressing gown and started to stroke my cock.

It was as though Hazel was watching the same video as her gasps and moans increased in volume in sync with the couple on the screen until almost at the same time as the woman in video cried out, Hazel’s moans reached a crescendo then fell silent and I guessed she’d had an orgasm. Seconds later my own climax hit me, my load spurting from the tip of my cock and splashing down onto my naked thighs until it slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped all together. I sat there for a minute or two until I heard a click as Hazel turned her bedroom light off then went to bed myself. I quickly drifted off into a dream filled sleep and next morning woke up with a massive hard on, which I relieved, reliving the events of the previous night.

My flat, like Hazel’s, is on the middle floor of three so we have neighbours above and below us and, as the flats aren’t what you’d call sound proofed, I guessed there was a chance that I wasn’t the only one that heard the sounds coming from her bedroom and knew I had to tell her some way. Now as I’ve said, Hazel and myself were close friends but telling her I’d heard her the previous night wasn’t going to be easy, our friendship wasn’t that close.

At around lunchtime the next day Hazel came round for a cuppa and as we sat drinking it, memories of the previous night filled my mind and I started to get another erection. “Are you okay Mike?” she asked, obviously noticing my discomfort. “So, you’ve got a boyfriend then,” I said, smiling at her, trying to lighten the moment. A look of puzzlement filled Hazel’s face as she looked at me. “No I haven’t Mike,” she said. “What makes you think that?” Now was in a pickle, how was I going to get out of this?

“Well,” I said, after taking a deep breath, “I was up at about two last night and I heard...” Before I could finish the sentence, a look of pure shock filled Hazel’s face and she turned scarlet. “Oh my God,” she gasped. “Y-y-you mean you heard me?” I knew I’d gone too far to turn back now and I had to tell her. “Yes,” I said, “I thought you had a boyfriend in there with you and you know ... you were erm...” Hazel’s face got even redder and she just sat there speechless. Eventually though she regained he composure. “Oh I’m really sorry Mike, I didn’t realise.” “So,” I said, smiling, “if you haven’t got a boyfriend you must have been...” “Yes I was Mike, but I didn’t think you’d be up at that time of night, I’m so sorry.” It was all out in the open now and I felt a bit more at ease. “Oh there’s no need to apologise Hazel, well not to me anyway, but remember, I’m not the only one that could have heard you.” A look of realisation crossed Hazel’s face as what I’d said sunk in. “Oh God, I never thought about that. Do you think they could hear me?” I smiled at her again. “Well I know the lady that lives under you is half deaf and the old man who lives over you ... Well if he did hear he’d probably have enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Hazel looked shocked at that last remark and sat there for a moment staring at me. “Y-y-you enjoyed it?” she finally stammered. I couldn’t help smiling at her reaction. What else did she expect? “Yes,” I said, still smiling at her, “I did enjoy it, it made my own even more enjoyable.” The look of shock on Hazel’s face was quickly replaced a look of almost disbelief. “So you you were doing while I was?” she said, “you were playing with your ... erm ... thing, while I was ... errr, you know?” “Yes Hazel, I was masturbating listening to you masturbate. Is that so strange?” Now it was Hazel’s turn to smile. “Yes Mike,” she said, “actually it is. What you didn’t know was that I was thinking about you while I was doing it and you were doing the same thing just the thickness of that wall away. That is strange.” As she spoke, she nodded across at the wall that divided her bedroom from my lounge.

Now it was my turn to look shocked. “You were thinking about me while you were playing with yourself?” I said. Hazel smiled again. “Yes and you were thinking about me. If I’d have known that I know I’d have come much harder than I did.” Hazel paused again then dropped the bombshell to end all bombshells. “Mike,” she said, suddenly turning serious, “I’ve thought about us together from pretty well the first day I moved in but I didn’t think you were interested.” That was it, for over a month we’d both been fantasising about sex with each other and this morning those fantasies would become a reality!!!

I think, as I took her by the hand and helped to her feet, Hazel knew what was coming next but she offered no resistance as I led her down the hallway to the bedroom. Once inside the room, I took her in my arms and we shared a long, lingering kiss, savouring the moment we’d both dreamt of for so long. Hazel groaned softly into my mouth as my tongue slid between her lips and danced with hers. I felt her legs start to give way and walked her backwards towards the bed until she eased herself down onto it and lay back. Neither of us had been expecting this so Hazel was in her normal daytime attire of slacks and tee shirt but looking down at her it was one the sexiest sights I’d ever seen, knowing just where this was going.

I turned around to close the door and when I turned back to face her, my cock jerked uncontrollably in my pants. Hazel had removed her tee shirt and I stood and watched as she pushed her slacks down over her hips. If her outer garments were plain and everyday, what she was wearing under the certainly wasn’t. Her ample breasts were encased in a pretty pink bra with a delicate, lacy overlay and, with her slacks fully removed I could see that she had on matching panties all in all she looked like the perfect MILF.

As I stood there taking in the sexy sight before me, I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped my pants off. I was about to push my boxers down, when Hazel stopped me. “No Mike,” she said, softly, “let me do that. That’s part of my fantasy.” Stepping out of my pants and kicking them to one side, I took a step forwards until I was standing right beside the bed. I looked down at Hazel again and saw there was a sexy smile on her face. “Oh yes,” she whispered, “just as I’ve imagined it.” I held my breath, all of my Christmases and birthdays were coming at once, as she reached out and ran her hand over the bulge in my boxers. I’ve never been on for one sided fun and walked round the bed and lay down beside her, turning her towards me and resuming our kiss.

As I pulled her close to me I could feel my erection pressing against her soft belly, just my boxers and her panties between us and heard her groan softly. I slowly worked my hand down from her waist until it was resting on her panties and gently started to massage her lace covered ass cheeks. Now it was my turn to groan as I felt her hand slip between us and into the top of my boxers. My cock felt harder and bigger than I’d ever known it and Hazel gasped when her fingers finally encountered it. I was seconds away from blowing my load when she suddenly pulled her hand away, rolled onto her back and looked down over my body. “Oh yes Mike,” she groaned, “yes. You don’t know how many times I’ve imagined just this moment.” With that, she pushed the top of my boxers down, uncovering my throbbing cock and I gasped as her fingers wrapped around it.

I’ve been with enough women to recognise the sweet aroma of a woman in a high state of arousal and that was just what I detected as I slid one hand down over her belly and into the top of her panties. Hazel began to groan as I moved it lower and teased my fingers through the downy hair that covered her mound, the aroma growing stronger as I did. Moving my finger even lower for a moment, I slid it over her clit and down between her pussy lips, causing her thrust her hips upwards and for a second, the tip dipped into the entrance to he sex. She was wet, very wet and I immediately pulled my hand out of her panties and raised it to my mouth. I love the taste of a woman and slid the finger between my lips, tasting her juices on it.

A taste never has and never will be enough for me and much to Hazel’s chagrin I broke our contact and moved down to the foot of the bed and, after easing her legs apart, lay on my stomach between them. I could see a definite moist patch on the crotch of her panties where they covered the entrance to her love tunnel and homed in on it. The heady mixture of whatever shower gel she used that morning and the sweet aroma of her arousal filled my senses and my head began to swim as I placed a hand at the top of each thigh and covered the moist spot with my lips. One of my little foibles is I love to start performing oral sex on a woman while she’s still wearing her panties. There’s no particular reason for it but I love to suck her juices through the the silk, satin or lace. I wasn’t sure whether Hazel had had this done to her before but, from her reaction I could tell she was enjoying it and her hands went to the back of my head and pulled my face harder against her.

I have my own agenda when it comes to eating pussy and after a minute or two of running my tongue over the crotch of her panties I turned my head from side to side, alternately kissing her inner thighs. As I did, I slipped my hand into her panties and gently squeezed her pussy lips together, trapping her clit between them, immediately getting the desired effect as Hazel cried out and thrust her hips up at me. Now I could really taste her as a wave of her juices poured from her and I sucked hard, drawing it through the crotch of the lacy panties, swallowing as hard as I could. I was in heaven as Hazel’s orgasm continued and I pushed her panties to one side and covered the source of the sweet nectar with my mouth, working my tongue in and out of it. I was well rewarded as her orgasm intensified and fresh waves of her sweet nectar filled my mouth. Despite the fact that her thighs were pressed tightly against my ears, I could still hear her cries of pleasure above me and smiled to myself. I was really going to enjoy what ever time I got to spend with this sexy lady!!!

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