The View From Hazel's Window

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Fictional story about my neighbour's first foray into voyeurism.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Hazel couldn’t believe what she was doing, she was sitting in her room spying on her neighbour. When she’d first sat down at her computer to play her favourite on-line game, she had no idea that before the evening was that solitaire would be the last thing on her mind.

As she waited for her computer to boot up she glanced out of her window and noticed a light on in her neighbour’s, ground floor flat across the small courtyard. Hazel lived on the second floor, which meant she was looking down at the scene below her. She could see him sitting at his own computer and her eyes widened. He appeared to be sitting there in just his underwear, a pair of black boxers. As her eyes focussed she could just make out his computer screen and she could vaguely make out a picture of a nude woman on it. Hazel was a woman of the world, she’d been round the block a few times and it didn’t take much imagination to work out where this scenario was going, she’d resorted to it herself more and more lately.

She was in her late sixties and, until recently there’d been no shortage of men in her life but over the last six months or so the supply seemed to have dried up and, like her neighbour was doing now, she was making more and more use of on-line porn sites. The neighbour she was watching was Mike, like her, he was also in his late sixties and though she’d spoken to him in passing a couple of times, she didn’t know much about him. What she also didn’t know, was that before this evening was over, she would get to know him, and know him intimately.

Getting up from her chair she went to the light switch and plunged the room into darkness. When she returned to her vantage point, she could see that he had his hand down inside his boxers and she could definitely see it moving under the tight fitting, thin material. As if with a will of their own, her legs parted and she slid her hand up under her skirt and shuddered when the tips of her fingers brushed the already damp crotch of her panties. For about five minutes she sat there watching Mike’s hand moving inside his boxers while her own hand stroked over her lace covered pussy lips then she saw him raise his hips from his chair and slide the boxers down his legs!!!

Hazel gasped and pressed her fingers tighter against her pussy as the first, real life, flesh and blood cock she’d for months bobbed up and down in his lap. She felt her pussy cream as he worked his hand up and down his thick shaft and, even though she couldn’t see it, she could imagine his pre-cum pouring from the tip of knob. She ran her tongue over her lips and groaned softly. Hazel enjoyed the feeling of a nice hard cock in mouth and loved the taste and texture of a man’s cumm.

She moved her hand to the hem of her skirt and, doing as her neighbour had done, raised her hips and slid her panties down, at the same time, pushing her skirt up around her waist. When she looked back through the window, Mike seemed to have moved his chair slightly and now she could see that his cock was even bigger than she’d first thought. Her hand went back between her thighs as he started to slide his fingers up and down his shaft again and her fingers parted her lips and she slid two of them into her wet neglected hole. She groaned softly as she imagined the roles reversed, his fingers sliding in and out of her while her fist slid up and down his thick shaft.

Suddenly she saw his mouth open as he threw his head back and she could have sworn she heard him cry out as a huge wad of cumm flew upwards from the tip of his cock, followed by another then another. She watched spellbound as his hand worked up and down his shaft, pumping more and more of his seed from his huge cock! She felt her pussy convulse around her fingers as her own orgasm hit her and she closed her eyes imaging him pumping his cumm into her as her pussy erupted around it. Her orgasm was the strongest and longest she’d experienced for months and left her exhausted, slumped back in her chair, gasping for breath. When finally, after a good five minutes, she opened her eyes and looked down at Mike’s flat, she was surprised to see that his chair was empty and the computer was turned off.

As she sat there in the afterglow of her orgasm, reliving the events of the last ten minutes there was a knock at the door and Hazel was jerked back to reality. She looked at the clock on the mantle piece. “Nine thirty, a bit late for callers,” she thought as she walked out into the hallway. Through the frosted glass centre panel of the door she could make out the figure of someone standing in the porch and when she looked through the spy hole, her heart almost stopped. It was him!!! Mike was standing there smiling at her.

Should she open the door to him or not? She was in two minds what to do when she heard the letter flap move and when she looked back through the spyhole, all she could see as the top of Mike’s head, he was crouching down, peering through the letter box. “Did you enjoy that Hazel?” his voice drifted up from below her, “I know I did. Why don’t you open the door and I can show you how much?” Hazel was mortified, she’d thought her first foray into the world of voyeurism had gone un-noticed, but now it was clear that Mike had known all along that she’d been watching him.

Mike spoke again. “Mmmm, there’s a great view from down here,” he said and Hazel realised that the letter box was on the same level as her waist and Mike was looking straight at the point where her pussy was covered by just her skirt, her panties were still lying on the lounge floor. “Come on Hazel,” Mike said, “mine looks much better close up and I haven’t seen yours yet but I bet it’s wet though isn’t it?”

Hazel quickly turned the key in the lock and pulled the door open. “You’d better come in,” she said, taking a step back. It was still early and there was a good chance another of her neighbours might walk past. “That’s better,” Mike said, as he stepped into the hallway, “it was a bit uncomfortable kneeling on the doormat.” “What do you want Mike?” Hazel snapped, feeling a little vulnerable standing there with her neighbour towering over her. Hazel was only five feet four and Mike was over six feet so she looked almost tiny compared to him.

Mike smiled. “Well for a start you can invite me in properly. It’s not all that comfortable standing here in the hall. I’m sure we’d feel much better in the lounge.” What made Hazel do it she’d never know but she turned and walked down the hallway towards the lounge with Mike trailing behind her. “Well?” she asked again, “what is it?” Mike didn’t reply but walked past her over to the window. “Oh yes you’ve got a nice view from here Hazel,” he said, “pity I haven’t got the same view from my flat.” Then Hazel saw his eyes flick to the floor and she realised he was almost standing on her panties. “Mmm, looks like you were enjoying it then, he said, as he bent down and picked them up. Hazel took a step towards him and tried to grab her panties off him, but Mike put them behind his back and Hazel stepped back again.

“Oh these are pretty,” he said, as he rubbed the flimsy red lace between his thumb and forefinger. Hazel was blushing now as Mike moved the panties to the side of his face and rubbed them against his cheek and she saw him breath in and he smiled again. “Oh yes, they smell nice too,” he said softly, “I don’t suppose you had time to put any more on did you?” Hazel just stood there as her neighbour passed comments on her underwear, it was an unreal feeling. Without realising she was doing it, she shook her head and saw Mike smile again. “I didn’t either,” he said, “I’m commando too.” Hazel found her eyes inexplicably drawn to the front of his jeans and she gasped when she saw the bulge in the front of them and her mind flashed back to the view of his huge cock she’d masturbated to earlier and she felt her pussy begin to tingle again.

Almost in a trance, Hazel let Mike take her hand and lead her to the couch. She looked up at him as he eased her down onto it and stood over her. “Is this what you want Hazel?” he asked, as he unclipped the top of his jeans, lowered the zip and let them fall to the floor. Hazel gasped as his huge cock was uncovered and he ran his fist up it. Now she didn’t have to imagine the pre-cum dripping from it she could see it. Mike smiled as he reached out with his free hand and pulled her face towards his weeping knob. As if with a will of their own, her lips parted as he pulled them closer, until they were brushing against it and she groaned as the taste of his pre-cum filled her mouth. Applying the slightest of pressure, Mike eased her lips onto his knob and they parted fully and the shiny head of Mike’s cock slid between them.

Now it was Mike’s to moan as, slowly Hazel took his knob into her mouth and began sliding her lips up and down his shaft. It had been so long since she’d had a nice hard cock in her mouth that she went at like there was no tomorrow, making up for lost time. She wrapped the fingers of one hand round his thick shaft and reached between his legs with the other and massaged his balls. The fingers around his shaft were a safety measure, this was the biggest cock she’d ever sucked and doubted whether she could take it all without choking. Mike seemed quite content with what she was doing though and relaxed the pressure on the back of her head, allowing her to set the pace.

Hazel could taste the results of his recent climax as she swirled her tongue over his knob, capturing the almost constant flow of pre-cum that oozed from it. Mike groaned even louder as she swallowed, the action causing the suction around his knob to increase. This was one lady who really knew how to suck a cock.

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