He Who Hesitates???

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: A completely fictional story I wrote for my wife's pleasure

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I’d first met Hazel a year previously, when I’d first moved to North Wales. We both lived in flats in a retirement complex in Bangor and from the first day I’d taken over the flat, we’d been good friends. Not only was she a beautiful woman, but she was also one of the nicest, kindest people I’d ever met. I’d gone through a few rough patches since moving in but she was always there for me, a shoulder to cry on and it wasn’t long before I realised I wanted more than just a neighbourly relationship with her. When I’d first moved into the flats, Hazel had been unattached but she’d met someone soon after so any thoughts of anything happening between us went out of the window. I knew she was really fond of him and from what she’d said, she thought he felt the same about her. Now not being one to poach someone else’s girl, I held back, cursing my luck. There’s an old saying, “he who hesitates is lost”, I hesitated and I lost. Or so I though!!!

One morning about a month ago about nine o’clock, I was just getting out of the shower when there was a knock at my front door. Thinking it might be the postman, I pulled on a pair of boxers and slipped my dressing gown on and went to find out. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see Hazel standing there. I could tell straight away that she was upset about something, I could see her eyes were red and she’d been crying. “What’s wrong Hazel?” I asked softly. She sighed deeply then replied. “My boyfriend told me last night, he didn’t want to see me again Mike,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “Oh I’m so sorry Hazel, come in.” I said, taking her hand and leading don the hallway to the lounge. Once we were there, Hazel sat down on the couch while I went into the kitchen and poured two coffees.

When I got back to the lounge I sat on the couch beside her. “I thought he was serious Mike,” she sobbed, “I don’t know what happened.” “Well if he can’t see what he’s losing Hazel, it’s his loss,” I said, as I slipped my arm around her and hugged her again. As I did, I felt a shiver run through her and she turned and looked at me. “What do do you mean Mike,” she asked softly, “what he’s losing?” “Well,” I said, looking into her tear filled eyes, “if he can’t see he’s losing someone as wonderful as you, then it’s his loss. But,” I added, “hopefully his loss could be my gain.” For a second, she sat and looked at me. “Your gain?” she said, tilting her head to one side, a questioning look on her face. “Mike,” she finally said, “do you fancy me?” I’d come this far so decided that it was now or never. “Yes Hazel, I do. I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw you.” Hazel looked shocked and sat there for several minutes before she replied. “But, Mike, you’ve never said anything. Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t know.” “You were had a boyfriend,” I said, “and I didn’t think you felt the same about me.” Suddenly twelve months of pent up passion was released in a split second and I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.

What followed was the longest kiss I’d ever experienced. For over ten minutes our tongues explored each others mouths then Hazel suddenly pulled away. “Mike,” she said softly, “do you ever errr, you know ... think about me at night?” I didn’t need a picture painting to know what she was talking about and nodded slowly. “Yes Hazel, I do and before you ask I do think about us being intimate.” “You think about us making love then?” she asked, in what was almost a whisper. “Look Hazel,” I said, “we’re both adults so yes I do think about us making love. I think about exploring your soft, beautiful body. Does that surprise you?” Again Hazel sat there silent then smiled at me. “No Mike,” she eventually said, “it doesn’t surprise me. To tell the truth, I’ve imagined it myself, many times.

That was it for me, and I stood up and took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. As I led her down the hallway, she must have known we were heading for the bedroom but she offered no resistance and as soon as we were inside, she turned and tilted face up towards me, inviting me to continue the kiss. I pulled her against me and she groaned softly as she felt my erection press against her stomach. Hazel was wearing slacks and a tee shirt and as I slid my hands down to her waist and moved them up under the tee shirt, she sighed softly as my fingers massaged the soft, warm skin flesh above her slacks.

I was living a dream, a dream I’d had many times before and, as I’d done so many times in that dream, I took hold of the bottom of her tee shirt, and as Hazel held her arms up, I pulled it off over her head, dropping it onto the bed behind her. For a second, I stepped back, marvelling at the sight of her beautiful, mature breasts encased in the cups of her bra. There was nothing overtly sexy about the plain cotton bra she was wearing, but to me it was one of the sexiest sights I’d ever seen and I leant forwards and kissed the soft swell of her breasts above it.

Suddenly I felt her legs begin to buckle and remembered that Hazel had a disability that meant she couldn’t stand for long, so I gently eased her backwards and sat her down on the edge of the bed. “Thank you Mike,” she whispered, smiling up at me, “my legs were giving way.” Now that I was standing above her, I could see the almost perfect cleavage between her breasts and ran the tip of one finger down between her soft orbs. Hazel groaned softly as I ran the finger across, under the top edge of her bra, felling the soft, warm skin of her breasts. She gasped as the texture of her skin changed under my finger tip as it ran over her areola. I could see, through the thin cotton of the bra that her nipples were already erect and as I slid my finger further down into the bra and it made contact with one of the buds, she gasped again and grabbed my wrist, pushing my hand even further down.

I’d dreamt of this moment so many times that my hands seemed to have minds of their own and as the fingers of my right hand teased Hazel’s hard nipple, my left hand slid round behind her back and unclipped the catch on her bra. Bringing my left hand up to her shoulder, I slid the strap down, allowing her left breast to fall free. Now I could see exactly how hard the nipple was and as I pinched it gently between my thumb and forefinger, Hazel herself completed the removal of her bra and now both nipples were on full view and begging for attention. Attention, I wasn’t slow to give them.

While the fingers of my right hand continued to work on Hazel’s one nipple, I lowered my face towards the vacant one and she groaned softly as my lips neared it and she felt my hot breath on it. I paused for a moment, blowing softly on the hard bud, heightening her sense of expectation, until I finally took it into my mouth and sucked hard on it. She cried out as I circled the tip of my tongue around it, teasing the areola.

As I dropped to my knees in-front of her, I moved both hands to the waistband of her slacks and Hazel obligingly raised her hips up from the bed, allowing me to pull them down. Immediately I was aware of the musky aroma of her pussy, mixed with the sweet scent of whatever shower gel she’d used that morning. Pushing her slacks down to her ankles, I gently lifted her feet and pulled them free. Again I could see that she hadn’t been expecting any of this, her panties were also plain, white cotton. I placed a hand on each of her knees and gently eased them apart and saw that there was a small, damp patch where her panties covered the entrance to my goal.

Now one of my little kinks, is that I love to start off giving a lady oral sex while she’s still wearing her panties and the darker, damp patch on Hazel’s panties made a perfect target for my tongue. Moving my face between her legs, I kissed her on each inner thigh before zeroing in on the moist patch. As I ran my tongue over it, Hazel reached down and put both hands on the back of my head, pulling me closer, thrusting upwards with her hips. “Yes Mike, oh yes,” she groaned, “I like that. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

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