Bria's Boobies

by The Sympathetic Devil

Copyright© 2016 by The Sympathetic Devil

Mind Control Sex Story: Andrea is taken by surprise by two things her assistant brought back from vacation.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Magic   BiSexual   Fiction   Paranormal   Group Sex   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

Andrea had to admit she was glad that Bria would be back in the office that morning. Her mousy little administrative assistant was not the most skilled employee she could hope for, but, unlike the temp, she usually did as she was told. Andrea was the youngest executive in the company, female and Asian in an industry dominated by white men. If she was going to rise, she needed every advantage.

And after a week with a temp, Andrea had to admit Bria was an advantage. She had been a bit ditzy since hooking up with Brad, the boyfriend she couldn’t shut up about, but hopefully her week’s vacation with the man had gotten that out of her system. Bria would be back to her old self and ready to be Andrea’s most loyal foot soldier.

Andrea froze as she approached her office. Bria was there at her desk in front as expected. But in front of Bria was something unexpected. Two somethings. The mousy secretary had blonde highlights in her brown hair, a spectacular makeup job and the most insane breast implants Andrea had ever seen.

“Hi Andrea! I’m back!” said Bria cheerfully.

She hadn’t called her Ms. Park as she always had before. Indeed, everything about her seemed to exude self-confidence and charm. Andrea couldn’t even think why they hadn’t always been on a first name basis.

“You’re back,” she agreed lamely, blood rising in her cheeks as she realized she was still staring at her assistant’s chest, prominently displayed in her scoop-neck sundress. But she was unable to look away.

“Everything went fine while I was gone?” Bria asked.

Or was she telling?

“Everything went fine,” Andrea told Bria’s gargantuan breasts.

“OK, then! I’ve got a lot of email to get through,” the voice above the breasts said. “We’ll catch up over lunch?”

“Yeah. Lunch.” Andrea agreed.

She’d been dismissed. Her big-breasted assistant had dismissed her. Andrea tore her gaze from the sea of cleavage and forced herself to look at Bria’s face, but her assistant was cheerfully scrolling through her email, oblivious to Andrea’s discomfort.

Andrea went to her office. What else could she do?

The young executive scrolled through her own email, not reading a word. What had just happened out there? How could Bria get such a ridiculous boob job? Andrea put a hand subconsciously to her own under-emphasized chest. It was absurd that Bria would get them and it was unacceptable that she would flaunt them around the workplace in that skimpy little sundress making all the other women feel inadequate...

No, that wasn’t it. It was inappropriate. Not appropriate for the workplace. Andrea accessed the employee handbook online and searched for backup. It was inappropriate, she was sure. But she couldn’t find a section of the handbook on breasts. Or boobs. Or titties. Or knockers. Eventually she got frustrated and tried Google. Boobies got a lot of hits on Google.

Andrea blushed furiously when she realized what she had done. She closed her browser. She cleared her search history. She instant messaged Bria and asked her to come in as soon as she could. They needed to have this out in the open.

Bria flounced into the room, her grin pure sunshine, beaming over the mountains of boobs.

“Hi Bria,” she told Bria’s boobs. “Thanks. I know you’re busy after being gone for so long, but I think it’s important that we get your boobs out in the open.”

Bria giggled. Andrea realized what she had just said and lost all composure.

“I mean! I mean, we need to talk ... Talk about what you did with ... With your chest and with your clothes and ... and ... I didn’t mean...”

“Sssshhhh...” Bria said, a finger to her lips, at least Andrea assumed since an arm was now occluding her view of her boobs. “Everything is alright, Andrea. Everything is going to be just fine. You trust me, right?”

“I trust you,” Andrea agreed.

She was so lost. So inadequate. So small. She needed to trust someone, and Bria seemed the only option. Bria was telling her things would be alright and Andrea really needed to believe that just then.

“Now I can tell you’re curious about my boobies,” Bria said. “That’s perfectly natural. I was surprised and curious when Brad gave them to me. Maybe even a little bit frightened at the sudden change. But they are truly the most wonderful boobies, Andrea. I think you’ll come to see that. They’re really, really wonderful.”

“Really, really wonderful,” Andrea agreed, tumbling between them in her mind.

“And I don’t mind that you stare, Andrea,” Bria said, leaning forward placing her hands on Andrea’s desk so that her tremendous titties were displayed even more lewdly. Impossibly, Bria didn’t appear to be wearing a bra. “You can just stare and stare, Andrea. I know you don’t have big boobies, Andrea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy mine. You do enjoy them, don’t you Andrea?”

“I do! I do!” Andrea confessed. “But I’m so small!”

Her mind crashed again and again against that wall of titflesh, unable to think of anything else. All her accomplishments, all her education, all her dreams, what did they mean in the face of such marvels?

“You know, when I’m feeling bad, sometimes it helps if I stroke my pussy,” Bria said. “Why don’t you try that, Andrea?”

“I’ll try that,” Andrea told the phenomenal jugs and slipped off her pants.

She started discreetly but soon had her legs spread with her heels on her desk, a hole ripped in the crotch of her pantyhose as she brought herself to self-loathing orgasm after self-loathing orgasm, her eyes never leaving Bria’s bountiful boobies.

“I think that’s probably enough,” Bria said, walking around Andrea’s desk to gently but insistently remove her hand from her crotch and place it in Andrea’s mouth.

Andrea sucked her juices from her fingers as Bria moved one foot and then the other back to the ground, displaying her tits even more in the process and making Andrea whimper. She rolled the office chair back and slipped Andrea’s pants back on. She was Andrea’s personal assistant, after all. And oh how glorious her boobies looked as she assisted.

“Good girl,” Bria said, patting her boss on the head. “See if you can get some work done. We’ll catch up at lunch.”

Andrea didn’t get any work done. Mostly she stared at the clock, wondering what was happening to her, wondering what would happen at lunchtime, wondering why Bria’s boobs were so incredible, wondering why her own were so inadequate. Who was she? What did it all mean?

At one point, she snuck over to the door that Bria had closed behind her and opened it, just a crack. Three members of senior management were there talking to Bria. Bria’s back was to Andrea, so the secretary couldn’t see her boss and the boss could not see her secretary’s boobs.

She moaned in frustration at that, but not loud enough to draw attention. The management team was all focused on Bria’s boobs and Bria was speaking to them like a queen at court, punctuation her proclamations with peals of laughter.

Of course they were paying attention to Bria. Bria had the boobies. Why would they ever talk to anyone so inadequate as Andrea. Why had they even made her an executive, with her tiny titties? Andrea had sighed and slunk back to her desk. She would have masturbated, but Bria had told her she had had enough. So she watched the clock and tried to figure out why she had ever looked down on her assistant when she was so obviously her superior.

“Hey there, Andrea! You remember Brad, right?”

Bria’s boobies were back! Andrea popped up from the slumped position she had been mopping in.

“I remember Brad!” she told Bria’s boobies.

She had briefly met the young man when he had come to meet Bria on her lunch break, but Andrea hadn’t let her go due to a last-minute report that had to go out. She blushed at the memory, wishing she had just told Bria to go while she finished the report herself. Who had she thought she was?

“Bria tells me you’ll be joining us for lunch,” Brad said.

“Oh? I ... I wouldn’t want to intrude on your time together,” Andrea said, about to die at the thought of not being able to stare at Bria’s boobies all through lunch the way she had dreamed of for forever, or at least as long as she remembered.

“Nonsense!” Brad said. “I was telling Bria during our vacation that we really need to get to know her boss better once we got back!”

“Oh, we’re coworkers, really” Andrea said. “Boss seems so formal.”

“Maybe we could even be friends!” Bria said brightly. “And friends go to lunch!”

Andrea smiled gratefully at Bria’s boobies. Friends! Going to lunch with big, friendly boobies!

They went to a very nice restaurant and Andrea told Bria’s boobs that she was glad to pay. Brad had asked Andrea if she was one of those Asian women who couldn’t handle alcohol and Andrea would have been offended by such a question, but he was Bria’s boyfriend, so how could she be? She told him she drank a little on the weekends, but Bria wanted wine, so really, was there any question?

One bottle became two and then three. The halo around Bria’s boobies became brighter and brighter. Andrea’s tongue got looser and looser, and of course she talked about the only thing on her mind.

Brad told her that Bria’s boobies weren’t the result of surgery the way Andrea had assumed. But of course they weren’t. They were too perfect for that. Stupid Andrea. Stupid, flat-chested Andrea.

Bria’s boobies were the result of magic. Bria’s boobies WERE magic! Of course they were. Nothing else made sense.

“Magic boobies...” Andrea whispered prayerfully.

“My uncle Darwin is a famous wizard,” Brad explained. “So when Bria told me she wanted bigger boobs, I asked him to set me up with a spell.”

“Isn’t he a sweetie?” Bria asked.

“Such a sshweetie,” Andrea agreed.

“You know, Andrea,” Brad said. “I think you’re entirely too drunk to go back to work and entirely too drunk to resist the power of Bria’s boobies even a little bit. Not that you were very good at resisting sober.”

“I’m not good at nuffin,” Andrea confessed.

“Oh, I’m sure we can find things you’re good at, Andrea!” Bria said. “Let’s go to Brad’s house and see!”

Andrea was indeed too drunk to go back to work and almost too drunk to make it to Brad’s car. But she was so glad she had made it, because Brad insisted that the two ladies get in the backseat so Bria could help her inebriated boss while he drove home.

Soon Andrea was being driven with her head cushioned against the most magical airbags in the world. She mumbled prayers of ecstasy into the divine titflesh as Bria worked her glossy black hair out of its bun and stroked it smooth.

“We’re gonna have such fun with you, Andrea,” Bria assured her. “Afternoon delight. You’re gonna love it.”

Andrea just knew she would.

Bria had managed to strip her naked in the back of the car by the time they got to Brad’s house. She had also managed to explain to Andrea what a submissive little slut she was. It did explain a lot of her behavior lately.

When Brad had parked in the garage and come to the back to retrieve her, she had whined at the idea of being removed from the magical boobies, but Mistress Bria had swatted her nose and told her to behave. She apologized and let Brad extract her from the vehicle and cradle her in his arms, carrying her into the house.

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