Door Prize

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2016 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Jennifer is training horses and has an opportunity to get her daughter into the rider's circuit of Polo and possibly have a great career. She has to convince a conniving Owner that it is his best interest to do so.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Humiliation   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   Size   Public Sex   .

Jennifer Marie Stephensen was apprehensive as her husband drove up to their employer’s house. On the surface she had no reason to be. She and her husband, Jon, had worked hard and had been quite successful in training their employer’s race horses and polo ponies. They had been winning a fair amount and selling reasonably well for a new business. Now Jennifer and her husband wanted more.

They had put in their time and shown what they could do. It wasn’t for them; so much. It was for their daughter, Madison. The ebullient fourteen-year-old had been mucking the stables, galloping the race horses and trained quite a number of the polo ponies. Her husband had a good start crossing and experimenting with the breeding of the Argentinian Criollo and the Arabian Thoroughbreds into a quick-starting and stopping horse with speed and endurance. It was also a beautiful group of horses.

Madison had started cleaning the stables and feeding the horses since she was about ten. She had started riding them soon after. Her goal now was to get to ride the polo matches. She had done it in some of their training and even some exhibition games and impressed the paid assassins.

Going to Luke Santana’s house was to see if they could convince him to let Madison ride in next month’s exhibition in front of the Saudi buyer who would be in town.

Her husband’s Toyota 4-cylinder pickup pulled off of the asphalt highway midway between Basalt and Aspen. With the houses in Basalt at about a million and a half, and the houses in Aspen averaging over five million, it hardly seemed economical to buy ranch land in the canyons between them. “How can you make a profit on polo ponies on land that costs over $20,000 per acre?” she wondered.

Jenny had heard about this place from other riders who had been there, but this was her first time. She might not have been able to see it if she hadn’t heard about it before.

Luke had dammed up the lake at the top of the mountain in order to complete the construction. He had taken the face of the red granite cliffs at the bottom and carved out an area over sixty feet wide and just as high and about 3 feet back into the cliff. The first level was parking for about three cars on each side of the spiral staircase that was wound around the elevator. The floor above that was the living room on one side of the elevator and dining area on the other. The kitchen behind the elevator joined the two spaces. Above that were a series of bedrooms, game rooms, library and an exercise room. The whole space was covered with an exterior of Pilkington glass from the level above the car parking to the stone above.

When the lake above was re-diverted, it came out f a series of holes through the granite cliff in three sheets of waterfalls. You had to know where the structure was and know enough to drive through it to park your car or get into the building; either up the stairs or into the elevator.

The falling water hit a metal grating; drained through it into an underground drainage system and into the pool on the plaza in front of the house. The forty feet of space between the waterfall and the pool had large granite pavers up on spacers to let the water flow down through the pavers and from the waterfall into the pool.

Another hot springs source of water was guided in channels into the sauna adjacent to the main pool. At each end of the pool on an axis parallel to the waterfall and cliff, were two bath houses. One was for dressing and toilets. The one at the opposite end had a kitchen and food service. Jennifer was impressed.

Seated in the sauna was the towering Luke Santana with his cell phone on. Across from him were Miguel, Raul and Diego. Her husband stopped his truck on the granite pavers. When Luke saw him, he stood and closed his phone. He waved.

Now Jennifer understood her anxiety. She had only seen him before at a distance. She was much closer now. As he came out of the water, she tried not to stare. He was only about 6’-6” tall, but seemed closer to 7’-0” to her. He had a green, almost military style vest with millions of pockets and zippers. It was open and he had no shirt. His shorts were Pittsburgh Steelers football pants, cut off just above the knees. He had thong slippers. His hair was shaved along the sides, with a short dyed blond Mohawk. He held his arms outstretched, even with his shoulders in a grand gesture of “hello,” as he walked to greet them.

“Sit; sit; please.” He gestured to them as he pointed to some Adirondack chairs near the pool.

“I’m so glad to finally meet both of you.” he said as they all picked out a seat.

“I’m impressed.” Jennifer said, nervously, as she glanced around at the setting.

“I’m glad you like it. I’ll show you the house in a few minutes he said as he gestured towards one of the servants at the kitchen. He used his cell to order some drinks and snacks.

“You two have done an excellent job with the Arabians, so far. The polo ponies are coming along too.” He said.

“Thanks Mr. Santana. That’s part of why we’re here.”

“Oh? I thought you just wanted to see the house.” Luke said.

They chatted for a while. Finally, Jennifer gave her husband a look. “Get on with it.” Her expression seemed to say.

“Mr. Santana, we came her to ask for a favor; sort of’” Luke looked at him; somewhat between amusement and curiosity.

“We, ... we ... we think our daughter, Madison has worked hard for several years. We would like to see her get a chance to ride in the polo matches this summer. She is light. She knows how to ride. She has done a lot of the training and knows all of your horses. She’s a damned good rider.”

Luke looked at Jon. He looked for a long time at the foothills across the river; then over at Jennifer.

Jennifer was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. She thought maybe she shouldn’t have worn the Levi cutoffs. At least she shouldn’t have worn the pair that was cut off so short. The cutoffs worked two ways.

On one hand, in the back of her mind, her looks could always get her almost everything she ever wanted. On the other hand, it also brought her more unwanted attention from people she didn’t want it from.

It had never been said outright; but she and her daughter had begrudgingly got the idea that sex sells. When they went to the stables in their high leather lumberjack boots; short, short cutoffs, tank tops under the denim jacket and their brownish red hair in a long French braid, they got noticed and were able to get the riders and other workers to do what they wanted.

Luke thought for a while. He knew that his horses were well trained. He was getting more than a free galloper, stable worker and polo pony rider from the fourteen-year-old Madison. He was sure that that slim, trim girl riding the polo ponies was also bringing higher prices from the Arabs too. Those Arabs are not used to seeing a woman without the hijab; and some not without a veil. To see a young girl, practically naked by their standards riding a horse worth thousands, was beyond belief. Women in their country are not allowed to leave home un-escorted and seldom in a working situation. To them this was like watching a polo and porno exhibition at the same time.

But a horse trader is a horse trader. He who talks first loses. Jon and Jennifer had lost by stating their position first. Luke knew this was a good deal for him. Now he would see what kind of bargain he could get out of it. He knew that Madison could earn an unbelievable amount of money as a successful polo rider. Jennifer knew it too.

“Well, I don’t know.” He said, staring into the water. “She’s new; never been tested. Those are expensive horses and a lot of responsibility for a girl just getting into school when the summer is over.” He continued starring.

“If she were legal...” His voice trailed off. He starred openly; brazenly at Jennifer as she sat in the Adirondack.

“If she were old enough, I could fuck her for it. It would be a fair exchange. We all know that after this summer she could make lots of money if I let her ride.” He starred at Jennifer’s exposed legs.

“Perhaps if you signed some papers giving me complete authority over her...”

There it was. Jennifer covered her mouth. “Oh, no. Please Mr. Santana; anything but that.” She choked on her words. She and her husband starred at each other; hardly able to believe their ears. Jenn’s mind raced to find a solution. In a sense, he was implying he would let her ride. On the other hand, the price would be unthinkable.

Luke turned and said something to the other riders who were sitting in the sauna. It was in Spanish. They all grinned and smiled as they looked at Jennifer. Luke got up. “I’m going to get another drink. You two talk it over between yourselves. You have to be in agreement.” He finished his drink and pulled himself up out of his chair. He walked to the far end of the pool to get another drink.

Jennifer looked down into the water. She looked over at her husband. He was no help. Jenn thought about their lives. They had struggled in the horse business. Her husband had worked lots of meaningless jobs, struggling to get by as a trainer. It was a stroke of luck that Luke Santana had retired from being a professional runner. He had won an unbelievable number of gold medals as a sprinter in the Olympics. He had gone through the last few years with an unbelievable amount of endorsements. The money for the horses, land, house and staff was a drop in the bucket compared to what he had made on endorsements the last eight years.

Jennifer and her husband had landed this job in a stroke of luck. On the other hand, they had made Luke lots of money too. Everybody stood to make good money under this arrangement. She just didn’t know if Luke was astute enough to know a good deal when he saw one. She couldn’t let this go on account of his stupidity.

Jennifer got up and without looking at her husband, walked slowly, following the evil monster in front of her. “Ohhhh...” came the soft groan from the riders in the pool. They had an idea what was going on.

“M ... M ... Mr ... Mr. Santana ... I ... I ... I need to talk to you.” she said; barely able to walk or talk. She could barely form the words in her mind, and struggled to get them out. She could not look at him.

“Mr. Santana; my daughter is too young for anything like that. It would be unthinkable to me and my husband to let you do something like that. Would ... would ... could I ... could I take her place? I am older and more experienced. I could make you happy. I would do it willingly. You ... you wouldn’t have to make me do it. I really think I would be better for you.” She couldn’t believe the words were coming from her.

The horse trader had won. He won the way he got his endorsements. Make an outrageous offer and let them talk themselves into a compromise he was more than ecstatic to have.

He said nothing. Let them talk themselves into it, he thought.

He handed her her drink. He took his; turned and put his free hand around her waist as he guided her back to their chairs. Jennifer looked into his eyes, trying to read his mind. She could see that she had made some kind of a deal. She just wasn’t sure what her share of the cost was going to be as Luke took her free hand in his.

Jon was almost suicidal as he watched his wife; walking hand in hand with the big black monster back to their seats.

He watched as Luke walked to his Adirondack, turned and sat down in it; puling his wife down on the seat beside him. He sat square on his seat. Jennifer did not look at her husband as she sat with her back to Luke and sat on the seat just beside his thigh.

“Well, Mr. Stephenson, maybe we have a deal; maybe we don’t. Your wife, here seems to want to make a counter offer to my proposal; don’t you Mrs. Stephenson?”

Jenn fidgeted with her drink. She wouldn’t look up.

Luke turned Jennifer. He turned her so she was sitting next to his thigh, but now turned so she was almost facing him. She was wearing the blue denim Levi’s jacket over her thin tank top. Luke reached up with his free left hand. He brushed the edge of her jacket back. He used the back of his hand to brush her left breast. Jennifer blanched. It would have been one thing back at the pool house when they went for the drinks. Maybe she could have lived with it if it had been dark.

But now, sitting beside this behemoth with her husband watching was beyond her imagination. It wasn’t much. She had some kind of thin bra underneath. Too much fabric to get a real thrill. But it wasn’t what he was after.

She did not pull away. Her husband did not jump up in outrage. That was what he was after. Jenn looked down and played with the edge of her glass. She tried not to look at her husband.

Her heart skipped again as he moved his hand. He let it slide down to her thighs. She felt his hand between her legs; forcing them apart. Her mind screamed in agony; “Kill me now.” She wanted to say.

“Jenny, hon; I think you have to tell your husband what kind of a deal you are proposing. Tell him baby.” Luke moved his hand from her crotch to the back of her head. He pulled her down against him and kissed her. “Tell him.” He whispered into her ear.

His hand moved back to her crotch. Jenn knew she was not allowed to resist. She put both of her hands on her glass and held it over his invading hand; thinking that would hide the outrage from him.

Jon watched as his wife turned beet red. She stammered when she tried to speak. She was struggling with her words. She was struggling with the giant thumb trying to creep under the hem of her cut-offs. She was struggling with the idea that her husband was watching and the three Argentinian riders were openly commenting in excited tones about what was going on.

“J ... Jon, hon; I ... I ... I have agreed to do things in exchange for an agreement to let Maddy ride for him.” She almost chocked; forcing the words out. She looked up at him for a millisecond; then back down.

Would he jump up; trying to kill the black bastard? Would he grab her hand and drag her into the car? Would he pack up their belongings and leave the job making them all homeless?

Right now, their daughter was going to a prestigious school in aspen. They all had jobs that they had all dreamed of. Sadly, she would have gone along with anything her husband had ordered. Instead; he said nothing.

“That’s not good enough, Mrs. Stephensen. He needs to know exactly what we have agreed to do. You don’t want to have fucked me for the deal and then have him leave you because he claims he misunderstood what the deal was.”

Jenny put the drink down. She put her hands over her mouth and eyes. She brought her face down onto her knees. “I have agreed to have ... have ... sex with him in exchange for letting our daughter be on the polo team for the summer.” The words were muffled. Her back heaved with her sobs.

Joh watched her body rack up and down with her sobbing. Slowly the sobbing subsided. One of her hands reached up to remove her wire rimmed glasses. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand before putting them back on. She didn’t care one way or the other what he said. She had said the words as ordered.

“Mr. Stephensen, your wife has asked for your consent on this deal. As your wife she is pledged to obey your commands. What do you say?”

“Do do ... do ... do whatever you think best, hon.” He said through gritted teeth.

“That’s no fucking good you pansy ass pussy. She needs your specific permission, not just some general statement.” Luke snapped back.

“Do you give her permission to fuck me? Do you give her permission to suck my dick? I have a team of riders here. Team unity is important. If they don’t like your daughter, this whole thing won’t work. What kind of incentive do you think it will take for them to agree to be on a team with a fourteen-year-old girl? Isn’t it like a high school football tem with a girl as kicker or quarterback? Will she suck their dicks? Will she do it willingly and eagerly?”

The words staggered the couple. It would have been so much easier to “not object,” than to give outright permission.

“We need to think about Maddy, hon. If you need my permission, you have it. If you need an order, I ... I ... I’m ordering you to suck or fuck anybody it takes to get Maddy the job she wants.” Now it was out. The dye was cast, as they say.

“There you have it. Both of you are in agreement. Now there is one little issue left. I have to see what I’m getting. You have to convince me you are the better deal than fucking your daughter, Mrs. Stephensen. You have to convince me a forty-year-old woman can suck a dick better than a fourteen-year –old. You have to convince me and my riders over there. I’m pretty sure they would have a homely young fourteen-year-old than their forty something mother. What do you think? Can you convince us?”

Jenn tried to look around; trying to absorb all the ideas. She bit her lip; thinking this must be a bad dream. She stood; took Luke’s hand and tried to pull him up to a standing position.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She pointed to his house. “Aren’t we going up to your room?” she whispered so only he could hear.

“Oh, fuck no, Mrs. Stephensen. Your husband needs to know what you have agreed to. He has to understand what you are going through. He has to appreciate the effort you are making. In reality, your daughter ought to be here too; to see what it is taking to get her this plum job.”

Jenn looked around. “Surely you aren’t going to make me do this in front of my husband” she whispered. “This is going to kill him.”

She tried to blot out the snickers she could hear from the pool. “The riders said they want to see you strip; Mrs. Stephensen.”

Jenn sat on the edge of the Adirondack, put her head on her knees and covered her eyes; trying to get used to the command. With her left forearm over her knees and her eyes closed, she started to undo the laces on her lumberjack boots.

“Forget that, Mrs. Stephensen. Go over to Miguel and give him the jeans jacket.”

Jenn pushed the back of her knees against the chair as she forced herself up. Her knees shook so bad she could hardly walk. Eventually she stood before the three men who were now sitting on the edge of the sauna. She stared at Miguel, hoping that eye contact with him would form some kind of bond enough for him to relent on the command for her jacket. She took several deep breaths before she arched her back and slid the garment off of one shoulder, then the other. She folded it and handed it to him.

“Great job, Mrs. Stephensen. Now give Raul the tank top.” It sounded like Luke had a mega horn, announcing to the whole valley that she was stripping. Again she tried the eye contact as she crossed her arms and brought the garment up over her. Raul had his arm outstretched; palm up like a five-year old with a trick or treat Halloween sack. Jenn handed it to him then cupped her arms across herself. She might as well have been naked. Her bra was made of the transparent pantyhose fabric. It provided lift, but was practically transparent. They could see her nipples through the fabric and Jenn knew it.

“Take your pick, Mrs. Stephensen. You can give Diego the levis or the bra.” Jenn covered her eyes again. It was so much more humiliating to be given some choice than an outright command.

Jenn moved to stand in front of the grinning Diego. The birds in the trees seemed to stop their chattering and the valley seemed almost silent as the five men watched in fascination as the brass button at the top of her jeans snapped open. Jenn pulled the tab of the zipper down.

The men watched and were mesmerized with her hesitation as she pushed her thumbs between her panties and her denim shorts. She bent over at the waist as she pushed the blue fabric down her legs and past the tops of her dark brown leather boots. She crossed her hands and arms in front of her as she used one boot and then the other to her shorts down as she stepped out of them.

Again, the clear panty hose material did almost nothing to hide her nudity. She bent over again to pick up the garment and hand it to Diego. He smiled like a child coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.

“Come here, Mrs. Stephensen.” She heard from the Adirondack. Jenn turned; somewhat thankful to get away from the lecherous riders. With her arms crossed in front of her, she walked slowly to stand in front of her tormenter.

Luke took her hand. He pulled on her, guiding her to stand straddled over the Adirondack chair he was laying back in. She stood with one leg on each side of the chair. Luke was in a reclining position in the chair under her. She still struggled to cover herself with her arms as best she could.

Luke reached up to his military vest. He unzipped a pocket under one arm and pulled out something white. It was the 12” long pearl handle of a switch blade. Jennifer’s eyes seemed to capture the event in slow motion as the button snapped and the long stainless steel blade swung open and snapped into its locked position.

Jennifer’s hands forget what they were trying to cover as they flew to her mouth to stifle a scream. Luke brought the blade forward. With the dull back of the blade against her left arm, he used it to lever her arm down and beside her. Understanding what he wanted, she lowered her right hand as well. Now she was almost completely exposed.

Luke brought the point back up between her breasts. The tip sliced through the elastic between her breasts and the garment snapped away from her. Jenn held her position; knowing this was expected. She was now starring eye to eye with Luke. She said nothing.

“Give that to your husband.”

Jenn pulled the garment around in front of her. She stepped over the chair to face her husband. “We ... we ... we’ll be alright.” She whispered to her husband as she handed the flimsy garment to him. “We can get through this.” She said as she turned back to her tormenter. She walked back to Luke and stepped over the chair again facing him, knowing that was what he wanted.

He turned the knife and handed it to her. “Do it.” He said. It was a moment she could have used to plunge the knife into his stomach. She could have cut off his dick with it. Instead, she stared defiantly at him as she placed the tip between her hip and the transparent fabric. It took almost no pressure to slice through the thin elastic that joined the front and back panels. She handed the knife back to him. He sliced the other strand holding the rest of it together.

It dropped to Luke’s thighs. She picked it up and handed it to him. Luke picked it up, and while still maintaining eye contact, brought it up to his nose. He inhaled. He dropped it to the ground.

Jenn knew better, but couldn’t help her reflexes. She knew what she had to show, but still brought her hands up to cover her face. If she couldn’t hide her privates, she could at least hide her eyes from seeing them watching her.

By now, the three riders had left the pool and stood by her husband, unable to conceal their curiosity. These men had grown up in Argentina and spent their life with horses. They were used to their native women; shriveled, weathered dark haired and squatty. They were old by thirty.

They were not used to this. This woman who they knew to be forty or more was different. They were not used to this kind of reddish brown hair. She and her daughter had spent hours in the sun wearing bikinis. Her delicate skin was a mild coppertone with the small patches of alabaster white covering some of her breasts and pubic hair. Her pubic hair was a thick curly brown at the center and seemed to thin out in number and color to an almost transparent blond at the edges. The hair had been shaved to a landing configuration above her cleft. From the top of her cleft on down, she was bare. She didn’t know which was more humiliating; having the men seeing her naked, or them knowing that she had shaved herself.

Her breasts were another sight of wonder. These men were not used to seeing something like this either. They looked like the breasts of a fourteen-year-old. They were conical; and melon like; sticking out at a 45° to each other. They seemed weightless. They had not seen nipples so long as hers; maybe like pink pearl erasers on the end of a wood pencil. The fact that her body was so tanned and her breasts were so white just further enhanced her pink nipples.

Luke said something to the riders in Spanish. They got into the pool. Luke got up out of his chair and led Jenn over to the water. He put the knife in her hand and picked her up. He carried her over to the edge. He laid her down. She had her butt at the edge of the pool. Her head, back and shoulders were on the granite walk. The men were standing with Raul in the center and Miguel and Diego on each side of him. They laid her so that each of her leather covered boots was propped over the necks of Miguel and Diego. Raul was in the middle and took the knife from Jennifer.

Luke positioned himself with her head on his lap. Raul took the tank top he had been given and soaked it. He pressed it on Jenn’s vagina to wet it. She closed her eyes as she felt the blade against her. She couldn’t understand the men, but blushed at what she imagined they were saying as Raul began shaving her. “Please God; make them hurry.” Her mind screamed.

They seemed to be in no hurry. Soon she felt Luke’s hand over hers. She tried to keep her eyes closed; trying to shut out what he wanted her to do. The football pants he was wearing had laces over the fly. She tried to blot out what he wanted her to do. She opened her eyes and looked into his to make sure there was no misunderstanding as she began to remove the laces. He guided her to open his fly. He move and adjusted both of their positions so she could see what she was doing. Her head was now positioned between his knee and thigh so looking at him included eye contact.

It was hot and she could feel the throbbing. His hand covered hers as, together, they fished out the enormous black mamba. Jenn tried not to scream or look shocked when it came into view. The water had been cold, and he had been flaccid; until now. The combination of her soft hands on him and the pulsing in her hands brought life to the evil looking phalanx. Jennifer made eye contact with him. “Are you sure this is what you want?” her eyes seemed to be asking him.

She could not hold her position. She turned so her back was flat on the granite. Her legs were spread apart and they were shaving her. She could feel the cold Colorado breeze on her labia. She tried not to think about the thing growing in her hand. She used the back of her hand to absentmindedly caress it.

“My daughter is a good rider, you know. You are going to get good money from using her in those races.” She said as she passed the back of her fingertips along the length of his shaft. When he didn’t answer, she turned her head to see if she could tell what he was thinking.

She couldn’t see him. His head was back far enough she couldn’t see his face. Was he moaning? She turned back towards the sky. Could people driving by on the highway see them? Were there hikers on the cliffs above? Jenn was paranoid now. She was trying to set her mind on something else; to take her mind off of the image of her spread out in front of all these men while she stroked the biggest cock she had ever seen.

“Sooner or later he’s going to try to fuck me with that thing.” Her mind screamed. “What is Jon going to think” Her mind was going crazy trying to keep it off of everything going on.

Finally the men in the water started saying something to Luke. She felt the men pull her legs a little wider apart. Jenn groaned in humiliation as she felt Raul; it had to be Raul. The other two had her legs up. She could feel somebody kissing her; down there. “Oh, fucking God! Kill me now.” Her mind screamed in humiliation. She could feel the rough stubble of his unshaven face against her. She could hear giggling. Her face was turning scarlet as she felt the tongue enter her. It seemed to have a mind of its own. “How fucking long a tongue could this little fucker possibly have?” her mind screamed.

More talking. The tongue pulled out. Now Jenn felt Luke’s hand over hers again; the other one. His hand over hers; guided her right hand down to the opening. Luke balled up her fingers and straightened out her index finger. He pushed it against her clit. “He wanted her to finger herself.” Her mind screamed. Her arm jerked tight in protest. His hand moved to her left nipple. Slowly she felt him increase his pressure; pinching her nipple until she was ready to scream. She groaned as she turned her head away from him. Slowly, but so he could see what she was doing, she began to rub her index finger across the top of her cleft; indicating she was going to comply. It would take a little time for her mind to accept what she had to do. Rub; rub; rub. “Did they have to watch?” her mind screamed.

She fought with her mind as she felt Luke start with the pressure again. Reluctantly she eased the tip of her index finger into the opening. She knew she would have to rub a while in order to get any moisture. Little by little, she forced her finger in a little farther. Her face turned scarlet when she began to her the movements start to slurp.

She didn’t think her humiliation could get any worse. The sound of air sucking in an out of seemed loud enough to stop the cars going by a hundred yards away. Now she felt Luke’s hand over hers again. Now he was trying to straighten out her middle finger. “Two fingers!!!” Her body shuddered in deeper humiliation.

She had one hand against Luke; her face inches from the black anaconda in her left hand. She was stroking the bottom of it with the back of her fingers. Her other hand was down between her legs; snaking two fingers into herself. Whenever she balked at an idea, Luke would threaten to rip of one of her nipples. He never really hurt her, but the threat was there.

Jennifer groaned as she felt the two men pull her legs a little wider apart. She groaned as the slurping started again as she got two fingers in past the first knuckle. She wished she was dead. How would her husband ever accept her after this was over?

About that time, Luke’s cell phone went off. Luke picked it up and looked at it. “Oh, fuck. I forgot. The buyer for the prince of Brunei is landing in aspen. We have to meet him up to look at some horses. Jennifer honey; Mrs. Stephensen, you are going to go with me to meet Aban Abas. I’m not sure what his title is. We’ll just call him Mr. Abas. Mrs. Stephensen, go to the bathhouse and get some clothes. We will meet him. Call your daughter. Have your husband go pick her up. I want her wearing those boots and cutoff jeans she had today. He said something in Spanish to the riders. They turned Jenn and put her on the granite, out of the pool. Jenn curled up, trying to hide her nakedness until her mind cleared a little. As the men got out of the water and disappeared, she stood up and went to the bathhouse.

Jenn went in. There was a bathroom, closet and a bed with the for posts and canopy. She went into the closet. Luke came in after her. He opened a drawer. He pulled out some high heeled gray leather boots. “Put these on.” he said.

Still naked, Jenn struggled with the idea of taking off her lumberjack boots and putting on just the high heels. They zippered up the side and stopped just below her knees. Being a horse trainer, she was not real used to high heels.

Luke came out of the closet with a grey dress; it looked like silk. “What ... what ... what about my ... my ... my underclothes?” she asked; afraid she might know the answer.

“Forget that. We are selling horses. Now get dressed.”

The dress buttoned down the front and fit like a glove. “It’s too fucking short,” she screamed to herself. With no underwear or bra, she needed a dress to the floor and a couple sizes bigger around the bust. She tried frantically to adjust the dress as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Perhaps for an erotic dinner at home, alone with her husband, she would have loved the look. To anyone else, at a restaurant, it would have turned heads. Women would have looked with envy at the fit and styling. The men would have been stunned at her beauty. Already the best looking woman in any room, the dress would have been like the boutonniere on an Armani suit; a diamond on Queen Elizabeth’s crown; the Hope Diamond on the belly button of an eighteen-year-old Anna Kornikova or Kendall Jenner.

Luke opened another drawer. He pulled out a pearl necklace; walked over and put it on her. It wrapped around her neck twice and draped down, almost to her belly button. He came back, again, with some sun glasses and handed them to her. Jenn recognized them. She had seen them before on others; Dolce and Gabbana.

Perhaps the dark glasses offered some saving grace; a way to salvage some dignity. It was, to her, like wearing a mask while appearing naked in public.

Luke came back and tossed her another garment. “Have your daughter wear this; and no bra.” He said. Jenn held it out and looked at it. It looked like a Jockey short sleeved Henley top; only the label said: “Hervé Léger.” It had short sleeves. It had a low scooped front and buttons about halfway down the front. It was a fine, light cotton knit; practically transparent because it was so thin. “Oh, no,” Jenn said to herself. Perhaps her daughter would have liked it. Maybe it was something her friends might have enjoyed, but it would not have been appropriate; not without a bra, she thought to herself.

Maybe between here and when her daughter arrived she would be able to talk this monster out of it, she thought to herself. Jenn folded it and held it in her crossed arms in front of her in a feeble effort to add additional cover to herself as she followed Luke out.

Her husband had already left to pick up Madison. Luke walked with his arm around Jenn towards the waterfall. He held his arm out with the cell phone and shut off the waterfall so they could get to the cars without getting wet. It was like a garage door opener.

Luke walked over to one of the cars at the far end of the collection. “Let’s take this one,” he said. It was a solid black “Rossion.” But actually it wasn’t. It wasn’t black. As one walked around it, the color would change. There was purple in it. There were ghost flames on the sides and hood. The top was a Targa. The hard top was removable and could be put under the hood. Rossion didn’t make this option.

Driving seemed to be a ridiculous exercise. The paddocks, horses and polo field were just across the Crystal River; within sight of the house. It was more like the exercise of the debutante descending the staircase in front of all the dinner guests for them to drive. On the other hand, Luke didn’t want Jennifer to be sweaty in this dress; her high heel boots might have been difficult to walk in.

Luke opened the door for her. Jenn looked in and struggled with how to get in with any dignity. The car was just inches off the ground. Her high heels and short dress made things awkward. Luke offered her a hand. She held it and turned her body sideways and sat down. She pivoted to get in, but her knees were almost above her; like she was sitting on the grass. Luke got down on his knees. He unbuttoned the last two buttons on her dress and pulled it up a little. He reached down between her legs and brought the five-point harness up between her legs and fastened the seat belt assembly over her shoulders and lap. The harness held her shoulders back; thrust her breasts out and showcased her practically naked legs.

Luke grinned as he sat down and turned to look at her. “You are truly one fantastic looking woman,” he said as he brushed the back of his right hand across her left breast. Luke put the car in reverse and roared out of the garage. Once down the drive a ways, he turned and aimed his cell back and turned on the waterfall.

Efendim (mister or sir in Arabic) Aban Abas would not be there for about half an hour, so Luke took a short tour of the valley, showing Jennifer some of his other properties on the 200 acre estate. We’ll go into Aspen for supper. You will be the Elendim’s escort. Remember, you are here to sell horses. You will get 2% of the sale. Jenn knew he would need about six horses per rider. At four riders per team she tried to calculate the thousands of dollars per horse she knew they were worth and what her percentage might be. It was too much to absorb in her mind.

Perhaps all the hours of her, her daughter and her husband’s time might pay off? Maybe he’ll just take the young ones that aren’t trained? Maybe he had his own trainers? It was too much to think about.

When they finally arrived at the polo field, Jenn recognized her husband’s truck. He must have told Madison she was riding, because her bright expression did not match her own. There was a caravan of limousines and cars in front of them. The other riders had already arrived and were beginning to prepare their horses. Some were already galloping up and down the field, whacking the ball to see how far it might roll in the grass. Others were just finishing putting the open front tendon boots, or ankle wraps.

Madison came towards her mother, eyes shining and arms out. “Oh, thank you, mom! Thank you; thank you. Dad said I’m going to ride today. Do you want me to help with any of the ankle wraps?” she hugged her mom.

Jennifer said: “Just concentrate on what you have to do. You know the riders on your team. We don’t know who the other potential buyers brought. Just go out and warm up. While you do, keep an eye on the other team to see what their attitude is. Are they just having fun or are they out for blood? Don’t play hard enough to hurt any of the horses.”

Jenn took her daughter by the hand and headed for the clubhouse. “What... ?” she asked. Jenn took her into the riders’ dressing room. “Don’t ask any questions. I’m sorry about this, but Mr. Santana wants you to wear this,” she said as she handed her the blouse. Madison saw in an instant that the label said: Hervé Léger. “Oh, my God! Thanks mom. You’re the greatest.” She said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head.

“Take off the bra.”

“What?” Madison looked at her mother, puzzled.

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