Work Experience for Daniel

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Daniel is 17 years old and assigned to work with a photographer. He has a 30 year old client Sara who wants some sexy photos taken. The photo shoot turns sexy with her getting naked, with Daniel being asked to pose naked with her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Size   .

I’m Daniel and I am a 17 year old final year student at high school. My work experience assignment was with a photographer who operated out of a studio that he had built in his back yard.

As soon as I met Scott I realized that he was gay. That wasn’t a problem for me as I had a number of gay people in my circle of friends.

This is the story about Sara, a 30 year old married lady, who had come to Scott to have some sexy shots taken as a gift to her older husband who had apparently lost interest in her. She wanted to put some fire back in their relationship.

“Holy fuck” I muttered under my breath when Sara appeared in her latest posing outfit.

The previous outfits had been sexy with lots of bare skin but with the best bits covered. She had given me a hardon, and I had to continually adjust my cock within my baggy shorts to stop it being noticed.

The problem was that she had caught me a few times adjusting my cock.

She smiled at me every time, and that made my cock even harder.

This posing outfit left nothing to the imagination. Under a transparent film of lacy material I could see her beautiful big tits and their hard dark nipples. South of her tits, I found a tiny scrap of lace that just covered her hairless mound.

She started posing again, and I’m sure that I was the subject of her attention for every new pose.

I was standing behind Scott watching, so he thought that she was blowing kisses at the camera when in fact she was blowing them at me.

The next outfit was even hotter - a shelf bra which totally exposed her tits and a crotchless pair of very small panties. When she posed with her legs spread I got a wonderful view of her glistening pussy lips- she was very wet and excited judging by the wetness, and her very hard nipples.

“Hey Scott ... Can your assistant come and join me in some posing?” she asked cheekily.

They had a short discussion, completely ignoring me, and not asking my opinion. She offered him more money to keep taking photos.

He turned to me saying “Are you interested?”

“Fuck yeh” I blurted out excitedly.

I made my way to in front of the camera, then I asked “How do you want me?”

“Naked” she quickly replied.

Naked I was within seconds.

“Fuck me ... that’s huge” Sara gasped catching sight of my engorged cock. It stretched a tape measure to a good 10 inches, jutting out from my hairless crotch. It was hairless courtesy of my beautiful married next door neighbor who had introduced me to the sensations of hot steamy sex on my 16th birthday.

“Come closer” she beckoned me.

When close enough, she took my cock in her soft hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

For the next 15 minutes we posed together in lots of different ways without her letting go of my cock. Needless to say my cock was very hard, and with the gentle touches against her soft skin she had me on edge.

“Let’s try a different pose” she suggested adding “Something a little more risqué”.

“How much more risqué can we get” was my immediate thought.

She had me lay on my side, and then she lay in front of me, initially trapping my cock between our bodies with her ass against my front. Then she grasped my cock and drew it between her parted thighs, pressing my shaft against her very wet pussy lips.

Wiggling her pussy against my cock, she painted my shaft with her juices.

Scott was going gang-busters snapping photos. I wondered if our sexy poses was doing anything to excite him.

She then repositioned my cockhead between her wet pussy lips at the entrance to her tight canal. I could feel it’s hotness on the head. Then she pushed down, sending my cock slowly into her depths.

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