Friend Zone

by DonLeeds

Copyright© 2016 by DonLeeds

Romantic Sex Story: Eddie has been single for a while. He decides to get more aggressive. He meets a wonderful woman but she's not ready for a relationship. She helps him find a wonderful woman that is available. What could go wrong?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

I was in a rut. I had lost my mojo. Anytime I talked with a woman that I was attracted to, I fumbled and stuttered and looked like a totally non functional human being.

I finally made a deal with myself. I figured I had nothing to lose. I had been alone for so long, I needed to kick myself out of my funk somehow or other.

I vowed to approach any attractive woman that I saw and let her know that I found her attractive. I expected to receive my share of rejection but I was bound and determined to give it a serious try for a while. I tried to think of it mathematically. If I approached 10 attractive women I was sure that 9 of them would deflect me one way or the other, but then maybe the tenth one would give me a chance. I felt the odds were better than what I had been trying in the past.

I was in the grocery store. A lovely blonde woman was there and we kept bumping into each other. I tried to think positive and approached her.

“I just wanted to say, I think you’re a very attractive woman.”

She smiled at me warmly.

“Thank You sir, I’ll let my husband know that you thought so.”

I smiled back at her. “He’s a lucky man. Have a nice day.”

We went our separate ways.

That wasn’t so bad, I thought to myself. At least a beautiful woman smiled at me.

The next day I filled up my car with gas. The young girl at the counter was cute as a button. I was probably too old for her but I was still committed to approach any woman I found attractive no matter what the age.

I paid for my gas and then said, “Honey, I just wanted you to know. I think you’re gorgeous.”

The clerk blushed prettily. “I know I’m not gorgeous, Mister, but thanks for the sentiment.”

“I’m serious, honey. I’d love to take you out to dinner if you’re interested.”

She blushed again.

“Sir, I have a boyfriend.”

“He’s a lucky young man, honey. Have a great day.”

“You too, sir.”

Again, that hadn’t gone all that badly. The girl seemed to enjoy the attention. I would flirt with her more the next time for sure.

I was wandering around Walmart. I decided my wardrobe needed to be upgraded. Some of the shirts I wore on a regular basis were starting to look a little worse for wear.

The store was busy. I found myself following a woman with a firm shapely ass. I was entranced. She stopped to look at bathroom accessories like shower curtains and bath mats. I stopped next to her and glanced at her face. She looked to be about my age. She was pretty.

“Excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re very attractive.”

The lady gave me dirty look.

“Get lost, asshole.”

I bowed to her ironically and then left her alone.

Well, not all attractive women are nice. I knew that ahead of time. I was still committed.

As I headed towards the menswear section I came across another attractive woman. I made a U-turn and followed her. This woman wasn’t beautiful. She was nice looking though. I thought I might have a more realistic shot with her than some of the others I had tried before.

Eventually I approached her.

“Hi honey. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are very attractive.”

She looked surprised and studied me. She didn’t say anything.

“Your husband is a lucky man.”

She looked surprised again and then said, “Thank You, sir.” She pointedly ignored me after that.

I got the feeling that this lady was actually single, but she was just being cautious. I was tempted to try again, but I shrugged and turned towards the menswear section again.

I was in the book store. I spent a lot of my free time reading. There was a tall, slim lady with a tight ass studying the books in the suspense section.

I stood next to her. “Have you read the Reacher novels by Lee Child?”

She turned to me and smiled. “I read a couple of them. They were pretty good.”

“I’ve read the first 5. I’ve got number 6 at home.”

“Oh, one of those types, huh? Everything has to be in order?”

“Not everything, but book series? Yes, I like to start at the beginning.”

She smiled at me and then pulled out a James Patterson novel to study.

“Honey, your husband is a lucky man.”

She smiled and said, “I don’t have a husband.”

“OK then, your boyfriend is a lucky man.”

Her smile widened. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“OK then, your girlfriend is a lucky woman.”

She giggled delightedly. “I don’t have a girlfriend either, you goof.”

“Hey, I have a friend. She’s a grandmother but she’s still very attractive. She’s a lesbian. She’s single at the moment as far as I know, but she’s looking for a woman partner not a man.”

My new acquaintance looked at me seriously. “I’m not interested in women that way.”

“OK, so by the process of elimination then, you are currently unattached?”

She grinned at me. “Yes sir, I am single.”

I smile at her warmly. “Well, my beautiful single lady. I am also currently unattached. Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?”

She studied me. “Maybe, I have a warning for you. I don’t want you to romantically pursue me. You won’t get anywhere. I promise you.”

“You’re saying you will have dinner with me as long as I acknowledge that we will not become a couple? Just friends?”

“Correct sir. Can you handle that?”

I studied her. She was a beautiful woman. We seemed to enjoy conversing with each other.

“OK, here’s the deal then. I am putting you into the friend zone. I will not romantically pursue you at your own request. If you find yourself wanting that status to change, meaning you think of me romantically, you will have to make the first move. I will never try and kiss you. Deal?”

She smiled at me delightedly. “Deal, what’s your name anyways?”

“I’m Eddie.”

She held out her hand and we shook as she said, “Hi Eddie, I’m Denise. Pleased to meet you.”

We had dinner. I asked her to help find me a woman. She said she would, only if she decided she liked me.

We had a wonderful time together. She kept smiling at me. When the bill came she made sure she paid exactly half of the bill.

“OK honey. What’s the plan now?”

“You still want me to help you find a woman?”

“If you are still unavailable, then, yes, I want you to help me find a woman.”

She grinned at me. “You would be pursuing me if you could then?”

“You know it, girlfriend.”

She grinned at me again. “OK, let’s head to a club then.”


“You got any other plans?”

“Let’s go.”

It was a Wednesday night. The pub was about half full. Denise and I ordered drinks and chatted. She was a wonderful lady. After about an hour she leaned in to me and almost whispered, “Don’t turn around, but there’s a lovely blonde woman behind you. She looks interested in you.”

“You’re shitting me, Denise.”

She giggled. “Nope, I’m serious, Eddie. She keeps giving me jealous looks.”

“Is she alone?”

“No, she’s out with a girlfriend.”

“So, it sounds too complicated. Thanks for letting me know, though.”

“She really is lovely, Eddie.”

“I’m gonna head to the little boys room, Denise. I’ll be right back.”

Denise smiled at me. “Check her out.”

There was, indeed, a lovely blonde woman sitting behind me. Her friend was cute too, but the blonde was bordering on gorgeous. She studiously ignored me as I walked back to my seat.

“She totally ignored me, Denise. I think you’re shitting me.”

Denise giggled. “She’s not ignoring you now, Eddie.”

“All Right, I’ll play your game, Denise. I’m going to approach her before I leave. Satisfied?”

Denise looked at me seriously. “Eddie, you said you wanted help. I’m just trying to help you.”

I calmed down a little. “How should I approach her then?”

“Doesn’t a band come on here soon?”

“I think so.”

“And people dance, right?”

“I think so.”

“Well, we can dance together. If she dances with her friend at the same time, you can make small talk with her then.”

“OK, we’ll hold off ‘til the band comes on. Can I ask you something a little more personal, Denise?”

She gave me a look. “I thought you understood the rules, Eddie.”

I blushed. “I do understand. I’m not going to put any moves on you. I promise.”

She studied my face. “OK then.”

“Denise, why is a lovely, smart, funny woman like yourself single?”

She blushed. “There’s an answer, Eddie. I’m not ready to tell you everything yet. Sorry.”

She looked sad, somehow. “OK, sorry, Denise. I’ll back off.”

She grinned at me. “It’s good to know that you really think those things about me, Eddie. Good for the ego.”

The band came on and the small area in front of the stage filled up with couples quickly. I stood up and held out my arm for Denise. She gave me beaming smile and we danced. Denise was gorgeous. Her ass was captivating. She caught me staring and then smiled and glanced in the blonde’s direction. I shifted focus. I tried not to be too obvious. I glanced over at the blonde. She did seem to be watching us fairly intently.

The first song ended. Half of the couples left the dance floor. I smiled over at Denise. She grinned back at me. The blonde convinced her friend to dance and they headed our way. The blonde had curves in all of the right places. She wasn’t dressed too revealingly but her breasts were making a very nice mound in her blouse. She looked like she was around 30 or so, the perfect age for me.

At one point I caught the blonde studying me. I gave her my best smile. She blushed beet red and turned away. I pulled Denise closer to me and whispered in her ear.

“I guess you were right, Denise. There does seem to be something there.”

“Oh Eddie, you should see the scowl she’s giving me right now. You better back away.”

I backed away and tried to lose myself in the music. If I’m in the right mood, I can be a really good dancer. The song ended. All four of us were standing relatively close together.

Denise said loudly, “I need a break, Eddie. I’m headed to the loo. Maybe you can dance with these two?”

The blonde looked stunned. She turned to me expectantly.

“I’d love to dance with you lovely ladies.” Denise disappeared quietly and the blonde gave me a very nice smile. The music started up again, and we all danced.

I smiled at the brunette lady but she didn’t really respond. She looked a little uncomfortable. When I smiled at the blonde, though, her smile kept getting sexier and sexier. That song ended. Denise was back at our table.

“Would you two like to join us at our table?”

The blond grabbed my arm, “Sure!” The brunette nodded her head but she didn’t look happy.

The blonde sat right next to me. That left the brunette next to Denise. The music was pretty loud. It was hard to have a civilized conversation. I talked into the blonde’s ear. “I’m Eddie.”

She gave me a flirty grin and talked into my ear. “I’m Ginny. Won’t your girlfriend get angry?”

I glanced over at Denise. She was keeping the brunette occupied. They seemed to be getting along OK.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Ginny.”

Ginny gave me a surprised look. “She’s not?”

“Nope, I’m currently single.”

Ginny looked me up and down and gave me a predatory grin. “Maybe not for long, Eddie.”

She pulled me in and squeezed my shoulder and looked up at me expectantly. I was tempted to kiss her right there, but I held off. I glanced over at Denise. She looked like she was giggling inside. She gave me a thumbs up.

The song ended and the band started an upbeat catchy tune. I stood up and held my arm out for Ginny. She looked at me. She was a little confused. I nodded my head towards the dance floor. The light bulb turned on. She smiled at me and stood up. We headed to the dance floor.

I was pumped up with excitement. A beautiful woman was chasing me. This hadn’t ever happened to me before in my life. I had chased beautiful women before and even got somewhere with one once, but I was always the definite chaser. Ginny was making no bones about things. She wanted me. I was on cloud 9. I went a little crazy on the dance floor. I was drawing my share of attention. People were staring at me. Eventually, I toned it down a little and turned to Ginny. She was staring at me in amazement. I pulled her to me and rubbed her back. She snuggled up to me and we held each other for a second or two before we backed away and continued to dance. She was beaming at me.

The band switched gears. The next song was a slow dance. I pulled in Ginny and wrapped my arms around her. I stroked her back and she grabbed onto me tight. We danced and I looked over to our table. It was empty. I scanned the dance floor. Denise was dancing with a big guy and right next to her Ginny’s friend was dancing with a guy. I caught Ginny’s attention and pointed them out. She grinned at me.

“You’re really single, Eddie?”

“Yes Ginny, Denise is just a friend.”

“She’s gorgeous.”

“I agree, Ginny, but so are you.”

She smiled up at me. “You really think so, Eddie?”

I leaned in to kiss her. Ginny aggressively kissed me back. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. We kissed passionately as our tongues did battle. She was grabbing my shoulders roughly as we kissed. The song ended too early for my liking.

Ginny backed away from me. Her chest was heaving and her breasts were doing interesting things under her blouse. She caught my gaze and blushed beet red.

I led her back to the table.

Ginny’s friend was there and she gave Ginny a look. Ginny shrugged at me apologetically and then sat next to her friend. Denise appeared and sat next to me.

“How’s it going, loverboy?”

I looked at her and she grinned at me.

“You’re sure you are off limits, Denise?”

She gave me a surprised look. “You still would choose me over her? Even after she pushed those titties into you like that?”

I blushed. I spoke into her ear. “Denise, I barely know her. She’s attractive, and if you are really serious about this friends only thing, then I will pursue her. But, I already know that I like you a lot, and not just because you have a killer ass.”

Denise blushed beet red. “I’m sure, Eddie. Go get her.”

“Give me your e-mail or something, Denise. I want to keep our friendship going.”

She gave me a look. She fished into her purse and then handed me a card.

The band stopped for a break. It was much quieter in the bar.

Ginny gave me a warm smile. “Eddie honey, Tammy and I have to go.”

She stood up. I stood up as well and pulled her in for a kiss. She responded enthusiastically.

“Would you have dinner with me tomorrow, Ginny?”

She beamed at me and kissed me hard. “Of course, Eddie. Where?”

“How about The Keg on Main St. at 7 tomorrow night?”

“It’s a date, Eddie. I’ll see you at 7 tomorrow.” We kissed again and then they left. Ginny’s ass was wiggling like crazy. I was in lust.

I turned to Denise. “Can I drive you home, honey?”

She grinned at me. “I drove here, Eddie. My car is not far away.”

“I’ll walk you there then, Denise.”

She nodded at me and we left the bar.

We reached her car pretty quickly. Denise turned to me and smiled.

“It looks like you and miss topsy blondie are headed in the right direction.”

I blushed. “Her name is Ginny, Denise.”

Denise giggled. “Enjoy yourself with her, Eddie.”

She held out her hand and we shook hands. She gave me another impish smile and got into her car and drove away.

I reran the whole evening through my head as I drove home. Denise was a wonderful woman. I wasn’t sure what I was looking forward to more, getting to know Denise better or getting to know Ginny better. Ginny was hot and she seemed nice enough but I really didn’t know her very well. I had the feeling we would be having sex very early into our relationship, maybe even the next night. I knew myself too well. If an attractive woman made it clear that she wanted me and I was single, well, I would have sex with her. That’s just the way things went. I could try and promise myself to hold back, but I knew, if Ginny made it clear she wanted sex, she was going to get it.

The next day at work I took some time and sent Denise an e-mail:

Hey Denise, I can’t stop thinking about you. I have a dinner date tonight with Ginny and, who knows, I might become serious about her. But right now, I’m thinking about you much more than I’m thinking about her. Just thought I would let you know where my head is at. I can’t help but wonder about your reason for being single. Anyways, I hope you’re doing OK. I’ll probably send you another email tomorrow with an update on how things went with miss topsy blondie. Take care, Eddie.

I arrived at the restaurant just before 7. Ginny arrived just after I did. She looked fabulous. Her cleavage was on display. She rushed up to me and kissed me passionately.

“Hi Eddie.”

“Hi Ginny, you look gorgeous this evening.”

She blushed fetchingly. Her tits were amazing. I was definitely in lust.

We chatted about the normal things. She said she had dumped her asshole boyfriend because she caught him with another woman. That was 3 months ago. She felt ready for a new man. She gave me a sexy look then.

After we finished our dinner and we were exiting the restaurant she turned to me and kissed me hard.

“Eddie honey, I know we really don’t know each other that well, but I’m hot for you. Please take me to your place.”

I kissed her hard and latched onto her butt cheeks. She pressed her substantial titties into me forcefully.

“C’mon Eddie. Take me home, now.”

I took her home. We didn’t say much in the car. She kept giving me sexy looks. I had trouble concentrating on the road.

When we reached my apartment, she quickly sized up the place and dragged me to the bedroom. I must admit, the sex with Ginny was pretty awesome. She was quite vocal in her appreciation and her tits bounced around in the most fascinating ways as I screwed her in all of the various positions. I thought we were done at one point. I’d come 3 times already. Ginny gave me a sexy look.

“Eddie honey, do you like anal sex?”

“Sure Ginny, but I think I’m done.”

She hunkered down and started blowing on my cock. She pulled away and gave me a sexy smile.

“C’mon Eddie. Just think about my nice tight asshole. It’s waiting for you.”

She licked my cock lovingly and it rose up again.

I pounded into her brown hole with all of my might and left my load in her ass. Then I collapsed on the bed.

“Eddie honey, would you mind if I sleep here tonight?”

“That’s not a problem, Ginny. I have to leave for work in the morning around 7:30.”

“Where do you work?”


“Ahh, OK, could you drop me at my place on your way to work. It shouldn’t be too far out of your way.”

“OK, we leave at 7:15 then. Will you be showering here?”

“No Eddie, I’ll shower and get ready at my place.”

“OK, Ginny.”

I set the alarm for 6. Ginny and I had another rambunctious romp in bed before I took my shower.

We chatted in the car. “So Ginny, you’re an amazing lover, but I feel like we don’t even know each other.”

She smiled at me. “Eddie honey, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not really all that great long term girlfriend material. I like sex too much. If I see a sexy man, I’m liable to hook up with him.”

I turned and looked at her. “Thanks for being honest, honey. I’ll give you my card. If you want another session, just give me a call.”

“Oh Eddie, honey. I already know I want your cock again. How about Saturday night?”

“OK, Ginny.”

“I’ll drop by your place around 7 OK?”

“Sure, should we plan on eating together?”

“No, Eddie, just plan on more fun like we had last night, OK?”

“Sounds great, Ginny.”

She gave me a passionate kiss and then wiggled her sexy ass all the way up to her door.

I worked all morning and then I checked my personal email on my lunch break. Denise had responded:

Hi Eddie, Well, I must admit, I am thinking about you a lot as well. Looking forward to hearing how things went with miss topsy blondie. Bye for now, Denise.

I quickly typed up my response:

Hey Denise. Well, I’m sure you won’t be surprised. Ginny and I hooked up. She’s a wonderful lover. But she’s not what I’m looking for. We’ve already basically agreed to be fuck buddies. She will see other guys and I will see other girls. I’d love to get together with you again. I’m free tonight. I’ll watch my e-mail periodically through the rest of the day. If you want to meet up just let me know where and I’ll be there. Take care, Eddie.

Denise emailed me about 2:30 and suggested we meet at the food court in a mall. I sent her a quick response confirming I would be there around 7.

Denise was waiting for me when I arrived. She gave me a beaming smile as I sat down.

“Hey Stud.”

I blushed. “Denise, I don’t know what to say.”

She was giggling. “You must have done alright by the lady, Eddie. When do you see her next?”

“Tomorrow night, Why?”

“Oh, just trying to figure out how good you are, that’s all. You must be pretty good.”

I grinned at her. “There are other, more definite, ways to find out how good a lover I am, Denise.”

It was her turn to blush. She was crimson. “Eddie, aren’t you hungry? What are you gonna get?”

I scanned the food court. “Bad Chinese I guess.”

She giggled again. “I’ll have the bad pizza. We’re not here for the cuisine, Eddie. We’re here to find you a better woman than miss topsy blondie. Meet you back here.”

She stood up and wiggled her way to the pizza place. Her ass was simply amazing. I sighed and headed to order my spare ribs and rice.

As we were finishing up our meal the conversation turned to women.

“So, Eddie, see anyone you like?” She glanced around the food court and then back at me.

“Yes, there’s this tall, slim, brunette with an amazing ass. I can’t keep my eyes off her.” I stared right at Denise.

She blushed again. She seemed to be pleased with my comments even if her next words didn’t agree with that sentiment.

“Eddie, Eddie. What am I going to do with you? Scan all of the women you can that are not sitting at this table in the next few minutes and then report back to me.”

I ignored Denise for a while and did as she suggested. There were two interesting women sitting together. I really liked the looks of one of them. She smiled at me encouragingly.

“Okay, Eddie. Let’s compare notes.”

I turned to Denise. She was grinning at me.

“You put them all to shame, Denise.”

“That’s not true, Eddie. So how many women would you consider attractive here?”

I did a quick scan of the prospects. “7, I guess, Denise.”

“Only 7? I count about twelve.”

“Twelve, really?” I scanned again. I could stretch it to 9, I guess. But one of them was probably under age.

“C’mon Eddie. I’ve noticed you’ve totally been ignoring some of your best prospects.” Then she nodded at a busty woman working in the coffee shop. The light dawned. I had been ignoring the people who worked in the mall.

I stood up. “I’m going to use the facilities, Denise. Back in a flash.”

She grinned at me. “Check out all of the women working in the area and get back to me, stud.” She ostentatiously pulled out a book out of her bag and started reading.

As I headed towards the rest rooms, the two ladies I had scoped out earlier smiled at me. I smiled at both of them and headed to the bathroom.

There were, indeed, some good looking women working in the food court. I always find it hard to judge a woman’s looks when they are wearing frumpy uniforms but there were a couple that looked very nice.

I returned to my seat. Denise acknowledged me quickly but raised a finger. She continued to read for another couple of minutes and then closed her book with a smile.


“15, Denise.”

“15 huh? You must have travelled outside of the range that I’ve seen.”

“There are two foxes working in the jewelry store over there, Denise.”

“I never saw them, OK. Close enough. Who do you think your best prospect is?”

“There are 2 women sitting to my right. They both keep smiling at me. I really like the one in the white polka dot blouse.”

Denise sighed. “How did I know, you would pick one of those two. Figures.”


“Eddie, I think both of those women are married. If I’m not wrong they are looking for a young stud to make them feel desired again. Is that what you’re looking for?”

“Married? Really? No, Denise, that’s not my thing at all.”

She stared at me. “You’re serious, Eddie?”

“Denise, honey. I’m looking for a woman to settle down with. I’m tired of waking up alone. Sure, waking up with Ginny this morning was better than waking up alone, but I want somebody special, not just a cum receptacle.”

Denise’s eyes widened. “You woke up with her? Wow! Just how many times did you two do the dirty deed, anyways?”

“I’ve spoken to you about it too much already, Denise. But I figured I owed you something since the whole thing would never have happened without you. I won’t give you any more details.”

“Awww.” She smiled at me. “So, let’s strike off those two predators. Who’s next?”

I thought about it. “The young lady working at that pizza place looks interesting.”

Denise smiled at me. “Yes, she’s a sweetie, and if she was single she would be an excellent choice, but she’s devoted to her boyfriend. Sorry, Eddie.”

“You know everyone here, Denise?”

“Not everyone, but I hang around here a fair bit.”

“So, do you have a lady picked out for me, then?”

She stared at me. She seemed to be lost in thought.


She started. “Sorry Eddie. I was having a little debate with myself.”

“Ahhh, you are tempted to let me escape from the friend zone?”

She blushed. “Tempted? Yes.”

“Denise honey. I think I’ll just hold off on chasing any other women tonight, if that’s OK with you?”

She stared at me with big eyes. “Eddie, I’m still off limits. Remember our deal.” Her expression firmed up. She was committed again.

“Yes, Denise. Sorry, I’ll try and back off on all of those innuendoes.”

She looked disappointed. This girl was driving me crazy.

“OK Eddie. I’m going to point out a couple of women for you to think about, anyways.”

“Fire away.”

“What did you think of the Chinese lady who served you your meal?”

“She seemed nice enough. I didn’t really consider her to be honest.”

“You should see her when she’s dressed to impress. Her ass puts mine to shame and she’s the sweetest lady I know.”

I grinned at her. “I would need to see your posteriors side by side before I would ever admit that yours is the lesser, Denise.”

She grinned back at me with a smirk. “You like my ass that much, Eddie?”

“Oh, Denise, I would just love to show you how much I like your ass.” I licked my lips.

She blushed even redder. “Oh God, Eddie.”

She seemed to be agonizing over something again. She stared off into space. I let my eyes wander the food court. The two ‘predators’ finally had given up and left. The place was emptying out. I could see the workers for the various shops all preparing to close up.

“Eddie honey, follow me.”

Denise stood up and then led me to the coffee shop.

“See that girl there.” She pointed to a redhead.


“She’s probably your best shot for what you want. I’m pretty sure she works evenings almost every night. I think she gets Monday’s and Tuesday’s off. Go order something from her. See what you think. I’ve gotta go.”

Denise rushed off before I could even say much. She seemed conflicted.

I toyed with the idea of chasing after her, but I decided to let her go. She needed to work things out for herself.

I sighed and headed into the coffee shop. The redhead was definitely a very good looking woman. She was friendly but nothing special happened. I gave her a nice smile as I left and that was it.

There was an email from Denise waiting for me when I got back:

Hi Eddie, Sorry for ditching you like that. What did you think of the redhead?


I quickly responded:

Hi Denise, I had a wonderful evening again with you, honey. I hope we can see each other again. I ordered a coffee and smiled at the redhead. Her nametag said ‘Lynda’. She smiled at me nicely enough but it was just like many other interactions I’ve had with friendly workers. She does seem like a nice lady and she definitely looks good. I’m still mostly thinking about you, Denise.

Take Care, Eddie.

Ginny showed up the next evening and we fucked like rabbits again. We were taking a break in bed.

“Eddie, honey.”

“Yes, Ginny.”

“There’s a company party next Friday night. Would you mind attending it with me?”

“Will you be flirting with other guys, or hanging with me most of the time?”

She blushed. “I try and keep my work place image as pretty straight laced Eddie. I would be treating you like you were my boyfriend.”

“What’s the dress code, Ginny?”

“Oh, it’s a pretty fancy get together. I will be in a nice dress.”

“I would be happy to attend with you, honey.”

She beamed at me. “You’re a good dancer, Eddie. We’re going to have fun.”

She leaned in and licked my cock lovingly.

“C’mon lover, the last one was pretty good, but really fuck me hard this time. Don’t be gentle.”

I did my best. I mauled her tits roughly as I pounded into her missionary style. When we were done she kissed me lovingly.

“Wow, Eddie. That was amazing, lover.”

Ginny stood up and started getting dressed around midnight.

“I should get back home, Eddie. How ‘bout we get together Tuesday night around 7?”

“OK, Ginny.”

“I’ll see you here at 7 then, lover. She kissed me soundly and then let herself out.

I checked my e-mail again the next morning. Denise had replied:

Oh Eddie, You’ve got me all confused. I know it’s my own fault, but I think it’s better if we don’t see each other for a little while. We can still e-mail and maybe we can meet again but I need to get my head straight. Lynda really is a nice girl, Eddie. You should explore things with her.

Bye for now, Denise.

I sat and pondered about Denise. I really was wondering what was going on. We obviously clicked together. She reacted positively every time I flirted with her, but then something would jump into her mind and she would back away. I wasn’t sure how I should respond to her e-mail.

Eventually I replied with the following:

Hey, Denise.

I’m sorry for confusing you.

Just so you know, you’re confusing the heck out of me as well, lol.

I will continue to meet up with Ginny, but she really is not long-term material. I would drop her in a flash for the right woman.

I will also chat up Lynda and see if there is anything there, but I pledge to you that nothing serious will happen with Lynda or anyone else for at least two weeks.

I’m hoping you will get yourself settled and then we can meet again.

Hopefully yours, Eddie

I sat in the coffee shop at the mall and sipped my tea. I was watching Lynda along with her busty co worker. They were both very attractive. The busty lady was a little older than me, but not too old. She was definitely someone I wouldn’t mind getting to know better.

Lynda came out in a slow period and wiped the tables. She smiled at me.

“Slow night, huh.”

“Yeah, it’s always slow this time of night.”

I raised my tea to her and she smiled at me and went back behind the counter. I saw her talking quietly with her co worker friend not too long afterwards. The busty lady looked up and checked me out.

I finished my tea and sauntered out of the shop. I passed by both women and smiled at each of them. They both smiled for me nicely.

There was another e-mail from Denise waiting:

Oh, Eddie, I like you, OK? I do. It’s just I made a promise to myself. I don’t want to break it. How are things with you?

Your confused friend, Denise

Hi Denise, You sure are a mysterious one. I would like to meet up with you again. I promise I will not attempt anything remotely physical.

I had another brief interaction with Lynda. She seems really nice. I get a good vibe from her. I also seem to have a liking for her busty co worker. You saw her that night as well. I will continue to hang there for a while and flirt with them and see what happens. I still promise, nothing but talking will happen with them until Sunday the 26th.

I’m scheduled to hook up with Ginny tomorrow night, so I will be able to work off some of my frustration.

Believe it or not, I’m dreaming about you regularly.


Denise’s response:

Eddie, The busty lady is called Eileen. She’s not a horrible person or anything but she’s been with more than a few men over the last couple of years. Just a warning.

Lynda is different. I’m pretty sure she’s been alone for almost a year. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.

I’m sorry for being so secretive. If I tell you everything, I’m not sure how you will react. I really am single, but I sort of have a past connection. I don’t want to say any more about it. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should meet in person again quite yet.

Bye for now, Denise

Ginny and I had another rough and tumble session on Tuesday night and confirmed ourselves again for her Friday company dance.

Wednesday night I was at the coffee shop again. Lynda gave me a big smile when she took my order and then came to clean the tables where I was sitting and relaxing. The busty lady wasn’t working.

“How are you doing tonight, Lynda?”

She blushed.

“I keep forgetting I have a nametag. I’m pretty good, yourself?”

“I’m Eddie. I was having an ordinary day, but you have improved it, thank you.”

She blushed even redder.

“I have to get back, sorry.”

Her nice firm tush was wiggling very nicely as she walked away from me.

I made sure to leave the shop when the place was dead, so that Lynda could talk to me on the way out.

“So, Lynda, when do you get off?”

She blushed.

“I get off at 10, but I have to go straight home. Sorry.”

I glanced around. There was nobody else. Her co worker that night had left while I was sitting down. She was the last employee there.

“Lynda, honey, would you have dinner with me sometime?”

“We hardly know each other, Eddie.”

“I understand that, that’s why I want to take you out. So, I can get to know you better.

Another customer appeared. I just nodded at Lynda significantly and then left.

I sent Denise another quick note just to keep the conversation going:

Hey Denise,

Just wanted you to know that I’m still thinking about you.


The next night at the coffee shop both ladies were working. Eileen, the busty one, took my order and gave me a flirty smile. I smiled back but I tried to keep it low key. I wanted to focus on Lynda. Lynda was busy with another customer and didn’t really even notice our exchange.

I was sitting and sipping when Lynda stopped to talk to me again as she wiped the tables.

“Hi Lynda, you look lovely as usual.”

She blushed. “Thank you, Eddie.”

“So have you thought about my question?”

“Yes, Eddie. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go out to dinner.”

I nodded at her ironically. “It’s your call. If you change your mind, just let me know, honey. I won’t pester you anymore.”

She looked at me steadily.

“I’m sorry, Eddie. We’ve only known each other for such a short time.”

“It’s OK. I get it.”

I stood up and left. Eileen caught my eye on the way out.

“Is there a problem, sir?”

“No problem, Eileen. Have a great evening.”

She just nodded at me as I walked out.

Denise had responded to me since I last looked at my e-mail:

Oh Eddie, I’m so confused. I want to see you again. I want to kiss you, but I just can’t. I would hate myself in the morning. You really should pursue Lynda. How’s that going?


I responded right away:

Hey Denise, I asked Lynda out to dinner. She shot me down. She really does seem like a nice lady. Too bad. \

I know another really nice lady, and she won’t see me either.

Hint (That’s you, honey.)

Frustratedly yours, Eddie

I decided to stay away from the coffee shop for a few days.

Ginny’s party was at a fancy hotel. There were 3 or 4 other gorgeous women at the party, but, to be honest Ginny was the best looking woman there. Her dress was tasteful. She didn’t look like a slut at all, but her breasts were still prominently displayed.

Ginny did a good job acting like the loving girlfriend. I received jealous looks from a few different coworkers of hers.

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