Tom, Our First Meeting

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

True Sex Story: The true story of our first meeting witth our friend from Atlanta. Slightly embelished but basiclly true, even the 'tit happens' paragraph.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

We’d been talking to Tom for sometime on an online contact site. Tom was from Atlanta and we lived in the UK and, even though we spent a lot of time in the States our paths had never crossed. There wasn’t a lot Tom didn’t know about us and he’d seen plenty of pictures of my wife fucking and sucking other guys. My wife and I were involved in the MFM side of the lifestyle, and I was hoping that when we finally met him, Tom would be added to the long line of guys we’d had fun with. Last year it finally happened when we flew into JFK instead of our usual Orlando. We were renting a property in Titusville, Florida, and we made a diversion and drove down through Georgia, giving us the opportunity to finally get together with him.

Our flight landed early afternoon and, after making an overnight stop in North Carolina, we headed South and booked into a motel in Marietta. Once we’d settled in, I phoned Tom to tell him where we were and half an hour later, we were finally meeting face to face. At first I thought things were going to go pear shaped, Tom had grown a small beard and my wife had always said, she didn’t like men with beards. As we got to know each other though, it became clear that the beard wasn’t going to be a problem, my wife had really taken to Tom and, after about half an hour chatting, she said she was going to the bathroom to get changed and I knew the fun was about to begin!!!

When Hazel came back, Tom and I had stripped off and we were both sporting full erections as she walked back into the room. She smiled when she saw us sitting on the bed waiting for her. “Mmm,” she laughed, “it looks like I’m in for some fun in Marietta.” My wife had changed into a dark blue, lace nightie and although Tom couldn’t see it, I knew she was wearing matching panties under it. I’d packed the outfit myself for her for just this occasion. I quickly got up and grabbed my camera, I always take pictures of our meets, it gives us some great memories to look back on. While my back was turned, she climbed onto the bed beside Tom and he hadn’t wasted any time exploring her sexy body!!!

His one hand was massaging her tits through her nightie while the other was between her legs and I could tell from my wife’s moans of pleasure that her pussy was receiving the same treatment her tits were. My wife’s fingers were already wrapped around Tom’s cock and soon his moans joined hers as she slid them up and down it, working his pre-cum over his knob. In our on-line conversations with Tom, I’d filled him in on my wife’s likes and dislikes and he was soon to experience one of her favourite likes!!!

I could see my wife smiling at the amount of pre-cum leaking from the tip of Tom’s cock and knew what was coming next. My wife is one of the few women I’ve ever known that actually enjoys sucking a cock and soon her lips were covering his knob and I could see her tongue moving inside her mouth as it worked over it. I heard her groan softly as she got her first taste of him but I knew that just a taste wasn’t going to be enough for her and she began to slide her lips further down his shaft.

Tom looked like all his birthdays and Christmases had come at once as Hazel worked her lips up and down his cock, her hand between his legs, massaging his balls. I’d experienced my wife’s oral expertise many times and I knew Tom wasn’t going to last long as she worked her lips up and down his shaft and, when she started to run the tip of her tongue up the underside of it and teased the underside of his knob, I saw him tense up. He knew from our conversations that Hazel was a swallower so knew it was alright for him to come in her mouth and I heard him groan loudly as he came, pumping his load down her throat. I saw my wife draw her cheeks in as she sucked harder and I could see her throat muscles moving as she swallowed all Tom had to give. When she was sure he had nothing left, she raised My sexy wife had had her first taste of Tom but now it was his turn to get his first taste of her!!!

Tom knew that my wife not only loved giving oral but also receiving and it didn’t take him long to give her what she liked. I took a couple of pictures as he moved down the bed and got between her legs then put the camera down and joined on the fun. As I’ve said my wife loves oral, giving and receiving but experiencing both at the same time is her real favourite and that was just what she got that afternoon.

Moving over to the side of the bed, I sat down beside her, stroking my cock again but it wasn’t long before my wife took over. She smiled up at me and brushed my hand away, wrapping her fingers around my shaft. Tom was really going to town on her pussy now and I could hear him slurping away at it as he ran his tongue up and down through her soaking petals. I knew she’d have been close to coming while she was sucking him off and now was reaping the benefits. A couple of times when he looked up from between my wife’s legs, I could her sweet juices glistening on his beard, proving just how wet she was. After a couple of minutes, my wife lowered head and took my cock into her mouth and began groaning around it, a sure sign she was, once again close to coming and, when I saw Tom’s hand move between her legs, and my wife began to tremble I knew her climax was imminent.

Tom raised his head slightly and I guessed, while he was fingering her pussy, his tongue was working on her clit and sure enough, seconds later my wife’s body suddenly went rigid as her orgasm hit her and Tom changed position again, moving his lips back to cover her pussy. I heard him groan loudly as her juices flowed from her into his waiting mouth. That was also the trigger that set me off and I felt my cumm racing up my shaft then spurt into my wife’s mouth. She and Tom carried on sucking till neither I or my wife had anything left to give then we all lay on the bed together, recovering.

As Tom wasn’t in any hurry to get home, we decided to have a meal before we carried on with the fun so we went next door to The Texas Roadhouse for a steak dinner. This decision led to an amusing interlude to our fun.

While Hazel got ready to go out, Tom and I went down to the bar for a drink to wait for her. It was happy hour so the bar was pretty full. As we sat drinking our beers and neither of us noticed Hazel getting out of the lift and it was only when we saw the receptionist dash across the bar that we saw Hazel walking across towards us. She was wearing a light sundress with a thin, flowery patterned shawl over her shoulders. She looked really nice but what she hadn’t noticed was that one strap of the dress had slipped down and her right breast was on full show. I’m not sure how many of patrons of bar noticed but Hazel told us later that one guy, who was in the lift when she got in obviously had. He asked her if she was going to a party, adding that if she was, he wished he was going with her. She told us she still didn’t know that her tit was hanging out and it was only when the receptionist went over and pointed it out to her that she realised that she’d given the guy a good eyeful.

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