The Sisters

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap finds his perfect woman and the fucking begins

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   .

The two friends closed the bonnet of the vehicle, put the tools back. “Well that will do for now”, one of the men said as he gave the bonnet one quick wipe. “Eventually Norm you will run out of part”, his companion said. “You must be finding it difficult to get parts for this vehicle, after all it was built in 1958 and although there are a few aged Holdens on the road eventually the necessary parts will be as scarce as ‘hen’s teeth”. His mate smiled. “Graham so far I have had no difficulties, after all it is a club car and there are a few around, not for everyday use but for the Holden club we can still get parts and if not locally there is the internet and I know a couple of the individuals in the club have had to revert to overseas for a particular bit that was not available. Don’t worry Graham I think this old lass will still be running for years to come”.

“I will say one thing for your Norm you have kept the vehicle in top rate condition. How much would such a vehicle be paid for if put up for auction?” he asked. His mate stood back and admired the vehicle he had lovingly maintained ever since it was bought. “I have no idea”, he said. “But a Holden collector may be willing to pay a considerable amount for a working and beautiful kept vehicle of the late 50ths. Anyway it is getting late so let’s call it a day and open a couple of cans”, he concluded.

There was silence for some time, each of the men were just content to let any conversation lapse, after all they had chattered most of the afternoon, however, finally Norm put down his glass. “Tell me Graham are you still involved with that woman you met at a council meeting you attended some time back?”

“No Norman I’m not”, was the reply. “She really wasn’t my type, too thin and she lacked tits. You know I like heavy breasted women and also she wasn’t that great in bed either”.

“You surprise me Graham I thought you would fuck any woman, tits or no tits. So what sort of woman would you consider ‘your type’? He asked.

Graham was silent for a few seconds as his mind began to create the perfect woman. “Well firstly she had to be well endowed. I like them a little plump, not overweight. I would like her to have an attractive bottom and an absolute hair at her groin, it wouldn’t have to be a perfect triangle, but hair there is a must. I’m not that concerned about facial appearance for it is very rare to come across a really ugly woman. That would be my ‘sort of woman’. Oh! She would also have to be broadminded”. Norm thought about the given description. He really didn’t have a suggestion but just smiled and the conversation was over.

The mates said farewell and the conversation regards the ‘perfect woman’ was shoved well back in Graham’s mind, not for a moment thinking that his desire for that vision of satisfaction was only a day or so away. It was just after lunch time when his mobile rang; he pulled off the road, put the car into neutral and answered. The conversation was short but just as he signed off there was a tap on his window. Guessing the age of a woman was something he didn’t undertake but what he did zero on was her tits and by the way they wobbled she was braless. He wound down the window. “Yes Madam”, he said.

“Could ... could you give me a lift?” the woman asked. “I missed the bus, I couldn’t run fast enough and it moved off. I did wave but that wasn’t noticed. I want to be home for my sister who is a bit of a fuss pot is coming for tea and I want to get the washing up from breakfast done and a bit of cleaning up as well”.

“Where about do you live?” he asked.

“Burnside Avenue that is just before you cross the bridge as you enter the suburb”, she replied.

“I know the street”, he replied. “It is near the bike track that the group I ride with use. Yes I can take you there for it isn’t much out of my way”, he concluded as he opened the door.

It was just general chit-chat, a change of names. “I’m Graham”, he said. She replied telling him her name was Linda; the journey wasn’t far. “Well here you are”, he said as he pulled into the kerb in front of her address. For a few seconds she paused and then said. “I’m really grateful Graham for the lift. Would ... would you like to come in for a cup of tea. My sister won’t be here till after five so I will have a couple of hours to clean up and my offer is my way of saying a practical ‘thank you’.

Her home was not a pigs sty but it wasn’t an avenue of control either, you would call it ‘lived in’. She removed a number of items on the lounge and invited him to sit. “Tea or coffee?” she asked as he picked up a rather tattered magazine. “I would prefer tea Linda. I like coffee but it is only a drink whereas tea is my fuel”.

“I gather you are a tea drinker”, she said as she joined him after putting down a steaming cup and an array of biscuits. “Yes I am”, he replied. Conversation was just general but he did notice that each time she moved, physical contact was on the agenda and although he didn’t comment each time she bent over the evidence of her braless state was very obvious, her tits hung so invitingly. The chance of taking her activities any further was a fleeing thought that he didn’t think would bear fruit. As he left she did ask for his number, which he gave her at the same time scribbling her’s down in the small notebook that he carried.

It was nearly a week later that contact was made. At first he didn’t connect with the name and it was only when she mention about being given a lift, did the penny drop. He didn’t apologize for not recognize her for she didn’t seem to take his hesitation to heart. “I was wondering if you would like to come to lunch”, she said. “It won’t be large, I have made a cream soup and we could either have toasted sandwiches or an egg dish”.

“That sounds great Linda. I would love too. What time did you have in mind?” he asked. “I am out riding and it would take me at least half an hour to reach you.

“Say twelve thirty”, she replied. “It is now just after eleven so you have plenty of time to pedal around”, she was giggling with the last comment.

‘Wonder what bought that on’, he muttered as he turned, heading in the opposite direction to what he had intended.

He arrived a bit before the time for he had the wind behind him and made good time. “Come in Graham”, she cooed. “My you do look colourful, it that what you always wear?”

“Only when I’m riding Linda”, her replied. “We have to make ourselves visible on the roads”. He sat at the table, which was already set and compared to the rest of the house was neatly arranged. As she chattered he had time to observe her and what she was wearing certainly made one section of his anatomy very interested. She was wearing a loose blouse with enough buttons undone to display inches of cleavage and the way her tits wobbled displayed for all who were interested that she was wearing no bra and also her nipples were very obvious. Her slacks were very much the product of the cheap department store, but they did their job. “Well dig in”, she said with a smile as she put a pastry roll onto his plate. The soup was piping hot and was very tasty. An egg dish followed and lunch was finished off with a cuppa. “I like coffee”, she said as she finished her drink and got up. “Would you help me with the dishes”, she asked. In the space physical contact couldn’t be avoided and she seemed very eager for such an activity, till he threw caution to the wind and cupped her tits from behind and instead of cries of objection, seemed to utter little words of encouragement. He undid the buttons, pulled open the blouse and then delighted in the feel of unstrained flesh and the surprising hardness and length of her nipples. As he massaged a tit he loosened her slacks and invaded a very hairy groin after pushing her panties down. This time her mild words of encouragement were replaced by vocal utterance of pleasure; “Bend over”, he gasped as he dropped his trousers and freed his throbbing cock.

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