Twelve Hours

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Married couple have a plan to keep their sex life interesting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   .

My husband and I have an arrangement that seems to be different than any we have read about. It started about a year ago when we were talking about getting more excitement in our sex life. We are in our early thirties and have been married about 10 years with no children. Both of us are fairly average looking and had a few lovers before we met.

After trying the usual fantasies during sex and doing it in different places and positions, we were running out of ideas. I was sort of complaining to my mother, who is widowed and in her early 50s. She gave me a long look and asked if I’d like to know how she and my father solved the very same problem. We are pretty close so I took the chance and told her that I was interested.

She explained that periodically they scheduled a 12 hour period when they took their wedding rings off and were temporarily “single”. Each could do what they wanted during that time with no recriminations afterwards. When the time was up they would get back together in bed, put their wedding rings back on, and share their adventures with some very hot sex. The excitement carried over until the next special night so they always seemed like newlyweds.

Needless to say I was surprised! I knew that my folks were pretty cool about sex but never imagined HOW cool. I had a million questions which mom tried to answer. The arrangement had gone on for many years until dad got sick. At first they just screwed each other on “dates” where they’d pretend to be other people, but then each met other partners who usually became long term lovers. They didn’t do threesomes or swapping but Mom said that sometimes she would even have more than one lover on a given day. Answering my concern, she stated emphatically that the extra sex with others only increased her desire for, and enjoyment of, sex with my father.

I told mom how much I appreciated her sharing that with me and that she was a very special woman. On my way home I was very aroused and trying to figure out how to explain this idea to my husband. We had fantasized a bit about “sharing” or “swinging” and it got him excited so I brought it up during sex without telling him where the idea came from. Both of us got off really hard.

We talked about it almost every night for a month with plenty of sex for punctuation. Since I get extra horny just before my period we set our first time for then. Our first outing consisted of us going separately to a lounge and my husband picking me up and taking me to a hotel room with us each using made up names. It was hot but not too wild. A good start. I really wasn’t too comfortable going off to who knows where with a stranger so I started looking for a long term partner among the men I knew in some way.

We set up our 12 hours from 10am to 10pm on a Saturday and would decide ahead of time who would go out and who could be at our apartment. It was my turn to be home and I invited a 20-year-old guy who had done some computer work for us. He was reasonably attractive, but a bit of a geek, and I had found out he hadn’t dated much.

It was easy to seduce the horny young virgin and we fucked a lot. He had a substantial and continuously hard cock but little experience. His big pecker kept me filled most of the day as I showed him delights he had only read about.

I was bursting with pride, excitement, and cum as I waited in an obviously well used bed for my husband to get undressed and join me. There was no foreplay needed so he slid right into my dripping pussy and shot his load quickly. As we lay together I told him about my day and he got hard again without even leaving my cunt.

We both commented about the slippery and very erotic feeling of semen from two different men inside me and had another great climax. We agreed that this was great fun and fucked like crazy every day.

The next time I fucked my 20-year-old again and then my husband who hadn’t yet found a female partner. It wasn’t easy to find an available woman who just wanted to fuck and not get more involved. I was feeling a bit selfish because I had just met a nice 30-year-old guy at a service club I belong to. I wanted him between my legs too, but wanted to get my husband laid first.

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