Grandma's Guidance

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Coming of Age Sex Story: A narrative about a sexually active teen getting advice from older generations, illustrating that there is nothing new about man's/woman's oldest sport.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Safe Sex   .

Jody walked slowly to her grandma’s house, unsure of what to expect when she got there.

Her mom made the arrangements for the visit after coming home early the preceding afternoon and finding her teenage daughter riding the neighbor boy’s dick. Mom didn’t yell, she just said firmly, “Finish up and then we need to talk!” It was finished right then. Brent wilted, pushed her off, got dressed, and fled.

In the kitchen she sat at the table across from Mom. “Tell me about this,” Mom opened.

“We’ve been doing it after school for about a month. He is my boyfriend now. Please don’t tell Dad!”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“I don’t want him to know. Do you want him to know about what I hear from your bedroom late at night when he is away?”

“He knows because I tell him all about it!”


“Honesty is the best policy. That’s why I wish you’d told me about Brent.”


Mom continued, “Youngsters listen best to people who aren’t their parents. I want you to visit your grandma who is very wise and taught me a lot. Now get dressed for dinner.”

Arriving at her destination after school the next day, Jody rang the doorbell and Grandma, wearing her usual smile, ushered her to the living room. “Would you like a glass of sangria?” she offered. Older kids were given beer and wine on special occasions. Took the mystery away.

As they sipped, Grandma said she knew why Jody was here. It happened every generation so she had plenty of experience as the mother of four children and numerous grandchildren.

Grandma continued, “You probably think I am too old to know anything about sex. Just the opposite, my age is why I know a LOT about it. Every generation thinks they invented mankind’s oldest form of recreation. The main purpose of this talk is to help you understand what a resource your family females can be. Everyone makes mistakes, but humans have the gift of learning from those of others. Not that we can’t find new mistakes to make for ourselves, but it helps. Everything that is discussed here is completely confidential so we can be open and honest. OK, how long have you been having sex?”

Jody’s mom had put her on birth control after her fifteenth birthday six months ago. A couple months later she got a Saturday job at a neighbor’s upscale used clothing store. She was paid in clothing off the books. The owner’s 18 year old son also worked Saturdays and she gave him her virginity in the back of the store two months ago. They managed to screw at least once each workday. Her horniness kept growing so she seduced the virgin boy next door after school. He was into internet porn and they tried a lot of stuff he showed her. He had gotten better at sex than the older guy.

Grandma was smiling broadly as she refilled their sangria. “Sounds a lot like me!” Seeing the look on Jody’s face she added, “Gave mine up to your grandpa at the same age. Guess neighbor boys have an advantage. Like you, I was horny and curious so tried out some others who didn’t live nearby. Birth control was mainly ‘rubbers’, which were difficult for young people to get, so we used ‘Vatican Roulette’, which is what timing sex with our cycle was called.

“I was still dating and screwing your grandpa when I went away to college. The Pill was just available at the college clinic and some of us freshman girls went kind of crazy. I can’t tell you how many guys banged me that year since I didn’t keep score. There were quite a few Sunday mornings that my roommate and I woke up with guys whose names we couldn’t remember. We’d fuck them then switch for another go before kicking them out. A few of the better ones we’d date again.

“Finally something happened that settled me down a bit. I went a fraternity party where there was lots of booze and pot. After we got high the girls took turns being in upstairs bedrooms with our legs open for anyone. White, black, yellow, skinny, fat ... it didn’t matter who the guy was as long as he was hard. We would let another girl take our place when our pussy got tired. I think I stayed there quite a while. I was still sore days later and at the clinic I found out that quite a few at the party got gonorrhea. I took my medicine and changed my ways.

“I settled down to a few steady boyfriends. I’d been partying instead of studying and I flunked out. I went back home, got a job and an apartment, and took up with your grandfather and another guy I had dated before. I didn’t want to be tied down to one guy just yet. I liked the variety too much. I think you already know what I mean. (Jody nodded) Finally your grandfather asked me to marry him. He loved me in spite of all the cocks I’d had in me. I agreed with one condition - that I got to have ‘fun’ once in a while. He was pretty used to other guys getting in my pussy so I promised him that at least he would be the only one in my heart. My other boyfriend did me right up to the night before the wedding but never again.

“We later found the swinger magazines and met some couples to play with. We only stopped when I was trying to get pregnant and, once I was, went at it again. There was one couple we got together with for many decades until they died a few years ago. Grandpa never knew how many cocks and how much cum had been put in his favorite pussy. It really didn’t matter because he was my first and my best. We loved each other for more than sex. Your grandpa last made love to me a week before he died. It’s been six months and I’m pretty horny!”

Jody was on her third glass of sangria and listened to the still attractive older woman with rapt attention. She was blown away that this demure relative could be so damned sexual. She said slowly, “So you still want sex?”

“Hell yes, I’m not dead, am I? The available guys around here aren’t interesting or just want a caregiver. Got any ideas?”

Jody thought for a minute and said, “I only know young guys.”


Jody was startled. Then she said, “The neighbor boy I got caught with has an older brother who is a virgin and has been asking me to change that. I wasn’t ready to do a brother just yet.”

Grandma chimed in, “I don’t know for sure if I’ve ever had a virgin. Sounds interesting to me. I’ve got some things needing taking care of around here besides my crotch, so that will be a good excuse. When can you bring him over?”

Two weeks later Donny wasn’t a virgin and Grandma felt like a younger woman. She was a retired school teacher so offered ‘tutoring’ two days a week after school. Saturdays there were often chores needing doing. The biggest one was trimming horns.

One afternoon she put Jody in the bedroom closet and put on a real show with her teenage stud. The youngster memorized the moves to try with her own partners. After Donny left she complimented her grandma on how good she looked and how exciting it was to see live sex. Grandma asked when Brent’s 16th birthday was.

Jody replied, “A couple of months, why?”

“He’ll be legal so I can give him a present he won’t forget. By then I’ll have Donny well trained and you might want to try him out. It’s great fun to swap boyfriends and watch them with someone new.”

Jody said she’d consider it.

Jody and her mom were communicating pretty well now. One night when her dad was traveling, like he did several times a month for work, she was awakened by her mom’s bed banging on the wall. She peeked out her door after things quieted down and was surprised when Brent and Donny’s dad came out of mom’s bedroom. Mom heard her gasp and put her finger to her lips. After seeing her lover to the door she came into her daughter’s room. “So now you know! I know you and my mom have talked so I guess it’s my turn. I’ll be right back.”

She went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen, returning with two glasses of white wine. They sat on Jody’s bed, both naked. “I’m a lot like my mom, I guess. I never went steady in high school but I didn’t screw around wildly either. With good advice from mom I didn’t make her mistakes when I went to college and still had a good time while getting good grades. I met your dad in my senior year while I was dating his roommate, and two other guys as well.

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