Going Native

by Todd Salt

Copyright© 2019 by Todd Salt

Horror Story: A wealthy man takes his high-maintenance girlfriend on an expedition to an exotic island of cannibals. He wasn't expecting the tribe to be all-female...And his girlfriend is a little too eager to try their all-male cuisine!

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Humor   Cuckold   FemaleDom   Sadistic   Torture   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   .

“Twenty minutes to landing, Mr. Talbot” said the overhead intercom.

Ted Talbot glanced at his slumbering trophy girlfriend, the only other passenger on their private flight. Jennifer looked like an angel when she was asleep, and at fifteen years her senior Ted felt an almost paternal affection for his young blonde companion.

The announcement had stirred her awake. As her eyes blinked open, she brushed long waves of hair from her face and that angelic face turned mean, fast.

“I thought you told that fucking pilot not to wake me up until we got there.”

“Sorry, babe” he mumbled. “Do you want to go back to sleep?”

Jennifer shut her eyes and turned away from him.

Ted frowned. In between the lavish daylong shopping sprees that he funded for Jennifer, and the nights when she rewarded him with sexual favors, it was awkward instances like these that were hardest for deal with. With no Wi-Fi in the tiny seaplane, he couldn’t even pass the time by checking how his stocks were doing.

Jennifer was a “kept woman” and very well taken care of, but keeping her happy required a lot of expensive toys and distractions. Cost was no object to Ted and for Jennifer, neither were questions of legality or morality. When it came to forbidden vices, she’d try anything once - especially on her sugar daddy’s dime.

One morning Ted was rudely awakened by the impact of Jennifer’s lanky frame bouncing onto his bed as she shoved the glowing screen of her phone in his face.

“Ted, look at this article. Cannibals! Real life cannibals, somewhere in, like, Buttfuck, Nowhere. Take me?”

Through his bleary eyes, Ted skimmed the clickbait that had caught his girlfriend’s interest.

“Looks like it’s on some tiny island in Southeast Asia.”

“Whatever. You’ll take me this weekend?”

“Sure, baby girl” he said automatically. Whatever baby girl wants...

Jennifer squealed and clapped her hands excitedly, like a child. Ted suddenly questioned just what he’d committed himself to.

“Why, uh ... why do you want to go, exactly?”

She stopped and looked at him like a bratty daughter might look at her uncool father, for daring to question the latest teen fad.

“Do I really have to give an explanation? Urgh. Ted, I swear. Haven’t you ever wondered what human flesh would taste like?”

“Can’t say that I have” he replied evenly. The mere thought of it made his stomach slightly upset, actually.

“Why would you want to see that?”

Jennifer’s attention was back on her phone, texting away as she grunted her answer.

“I don’t just wanna see it, I wanna try it. And I wanna tell all my friends I did, too. I’m sending out a group text right now ... they’re gonna be super jealous.”

Ted looked out the window and his recollections of the prior day dissipated away. That mysterious jungle island Jennifer had first seen on her tiny phone screen was now emerging into full view, as they descended through the clouds to their final destination.

The pilot was instructed to stay with the seaplane, as Ted and Jennifer made their way onto the beach. The waters were crystal blue and the sand was white as bone. The island was covered in lush green plant life and the air felt warm and balmy. Just your standard tropical paradise, thought Ted, as he watched Jennifer prance ahead in her black two-piece bikini. For a moment he was almost able to let himself forget why they’d come to this remote speck of an island.

He was reminded very quickly. From out of the palm trees emerged a group of about a dozen natives who were not at all the monstrous looking savages that Ted was expecting from a cannibal tribe. They were attractive young women, and tall as amazons. Ted was no shrimp himself, but these women were all a head taller than him - like runway models, but a lot shapelier. Their silky black hair, almond-shaped eyes, plump lips and bronze skin reminded Ted of the escorts that he and some business associates had once hired during a trip to Thailand. But however unkempt or uncivilized these ladies might have been, they were far more naturally beautiful than any tarted-up call girls.

Like Jennifer, they were all wearing bikini tops themselves, but theirs were made from some kind of leathery material that Ted realized, with a chill, was probably human skin. Below their exposed midriffs they were covered in grass skirts. Alluring as they were, he wasn’t about to make any sudden moves around these man-eaters, because they were also carrying pointed spears that could be poison-tipped for all he knew.

Before he could say anything to Jennifer, she was already running to the native women without a care in the world.

“Jennifer!!” he cried.

Some of them readied their spears, but they seemed to quickly decide that the white-skinned foreigner was not a threat. She approached the tribeswoman who stood front and center of the pack.

“I just love your bikini” she gushed, reaching out and feeling the fabric of the woman’s top.

“Thank you” she smiled.

“Hey! You speak English!”

“Yes” the woman confirmed. Ted ran up alongside Jennifer and listened as she spoke through an accent that was thankfully not too hard to understand.

“My people learned to speak English some years ago, not so good English, but we do speak. We are called the Kagtalik. We like to make friends.”

Ted noticed that the woman was only addressing Jennifer, while the other natives, spears in hand, had begun to form a circle around them. They seemed to be sizing him up, and considering why he and Jennifer were there, he didn’t like these cannibals getting so close, even if they were hotties. Ted decided to speak up.

“So!” he blurted, hoping to take charge of the situation as would in any boardroom meeting. “I understand you Cawg-Tuh-Lick are cannibals? That’s what my girlfriend and I ... her name’s Jennifer, I’m Ted ... that’s what we came to see.”

Jennifer glared at Ted with embarrassment.

“Holy shit, Ted. Would you relax? We just fucking got here, have some manners.”

Turning back to the women’s leader, Jennifer cocked a thumb at her man.

“This is my man, Ted. You’ll have to forgive him for being such a dweeb. But yeah, like he said, we’re here ‘cause I saw something about how you eat people and I wanted to check it out.”

Their ambassador nodded. She and the other natives all seemed to understand Jennifer’s words and were lowering their weapons, becoming more relaxed around their new white visitors.

“Yes, I thought so” said the leader. “Many visitors to our island come to see us for this. Many men...”

Ted caught her eyes do a quick jog up and down his body. No longer on guard himself, Ted had a better appreciation of just how little these Kagtalik women were wearing, and felt himself stirred by them. Except for the spears and ragged clothes, he felt like he was standing amongst a bunch of models doing a “Beach Babes of the South Seas” photo shoot.

“My name is Mali” she smiled at Jennifer.

“What up, Mali.”

“Your man is ... up” she snickered, pointing directly at the tent in his shorts that he’d pitched while ogling their hosts.

The other women all erupted into laughter.

“Jesus, Ted” said Jennifer in utter disgust upon seeing what Mali was pointing to. “I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Come. We show you village.”

“Uh, are you gonna be eating anyone today?” Ted asked, not wanting to be around these people any longer than was necessary.

There was a pause as Mali slowly met his stare. A twinge of fear crept into him.

“Why you ask?” she asked teasingly. “Do you want to be eaten, mister Ted?”

The village was pretty much what Ted expected. Grass huts in a clearing, with some fire pits. It reminded him of an old silly TV show he used to watch as a kid, about some castaways on a desert island.

He scanned around the area, looking for ... he wasn’t exactly sure. Someone chewing on a human arm, like a giant turkey leg? Ted was so anxious to find something that would satisfy Jennifer’s morbid curiosity, and get this expedition over with, that it took longer for him to notice there was something odd about the place...

“Hey” he said to Mali, “Where are all the men?” But it was Jennifer who answered his question.

“They’re all on the next island over.”

“Huh? There’s another island?”

Mali swept out a hand towards the huts and campfires of her little village.

“Yes, we are just women here. Men come from other island, our brother island. This is sister island” she explained. “When we need man for make family ... or eat ... we visit brother island.”

Ted was stunned, not liking the fact that he was the only male amongst all these cannibal women.

“Jenny, you knew about this? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ignoring his question, she picked up a nearby piece of native pottery that had distracted her. “Hey, this is a pretty vase. You should buy me this.”

Reminded of his wallet and the reliable power it held, Ted tried once more to take control of the situation.

“Listen” he said to Mali. “What we came here for was to see what modern cannibalism is like...”

“And to try it” Jennifer insisted, looking up from the artifact. “Don’t forget.”

“Yeah, and Jennifer wants to ... try something” he grimaced. “I’ve got money. I’d be happy to pay you people for your time, so if there’s someplace we could all just sit down, maybe you could bring her ... something to, uh, taste?”

“We have no need for money” said Mali. “Everything we Kagtalik need is here, on our two islands. You are family with us. Stay tonight. We feed you.”

Jennifer looked at Ted expectantly. “That sounds great! Right?”

Ted grasped for a reason not to. If they only ate men from the “brother” island, maybe he would be safe. And what about...

“But our pilot... ?”

“We bring him here” said Mali.

“Come on, Ted” whined Jennifer. “Don’t be a wuss! This will be fun.”

“Um ... I ... well...”

The sun set early that night, and Ted found himself sitting cross-legged in the dirt around a big roaring fire in the center of the village, under the starry cover of darkness. A huge stone pot had been brewing some kind of stew, and now a big steaming bowl of the stuff was circling the warmth of the fire, passed from one island girl to the next as they each took a gulp of it.

Ted’s turn to take a mouthful was getting closer and closer, and his stomach was doing backflips. He knew that in addition to the chunks of tangy island fruit in that pot, there were undoubtedly chunks of human meat from the natives of the “brother island.” He wished he’d eaten something on their flight, because now he wasn’t sure he wanted any of what these women were having...

Their pilot had made it clear up front back in the States that he did not want to participate in any “activities” on this weekend journey. Ted envied him now, having himself agreed to try a taste of this forbidden local flavor just so Jennifer wouldn’t think he was “a little bitch” as she so delicately put it. Being a young and handsome guy, the pilot attracted a lot of attention from the Kagtalik women when they’d brought him back to their village. He was probably enjoying a bit of “local flavor” somewhere off in one of those grass huts right now, the lucky devil.

As the communal food bowl got closer to them, Jennifer looked like a little girl waiting impatiently for her ice cream. Watching the girl beside her gulp down the creamy orange colored stuff, she rocked from side to side. Ted could tell the tribeswomen were amused by the strange white girl’s anticipation to take her turn.

“You will like” said the girl handing Jennifer the bowl. In the light of the campfire, Ted could see the islander’s teeth were stained with stew.

“Very fresh. Very good man” she promised, licking her thick lips clean.

Jennifer’s eyes widened.

“Did you hear that?” she asked Ted, then paused. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Do you think I should be doing this?”

Before Ted could respond, she quickly tilted her head back and took a big swig of the cannibal slop.

Her reaction was not unlike the times Ted had seen her out with her “Foodie” friends at some expensive restaurant. After taking pictures of the special meal on their plates for social media, Jennifer and her girlfriends would usually make a big dramatic show of how their food was just so delicious that it sent them into near-orgasmic fits of ecstasy, as each girl tried to outdo the other’s hysteria. But this reaction was no performance.

Jennifer’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her eyelids fluttered. She let it sit in her mouth, then chewed slowly before guzzling it down and helping herself to another portion from the bowl.

Some of the Kagtalik murmured disapprovingly in their native tongue at the American woman’s lack of respect, but they allowed her the indulgence.

“Fuck!!” she finally exclaimed after the second spoonful was swallowed. “I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this shit, like, my whole life! Holy shit!!”

“That good, huh?” Ted remarked blankly, disturbed by the transformation that she was undergoing.

“You gonna try some?” she asked, offering him the bowl.

Ted looked at it. He tried to convince himself he was looking at a bowl of curry, or beef stew, or anything other than the cannibal dinner dish that it was. His stomach, which had been doing tossing and turning ever since the smells from the stone cooking pot had first reached his nose, finally gave up.

He turned his head away from the heat of the fire and meat and vomited. The cool night air felt refreshing on his face, at least.

His eyes were winced shut and his ears were ringing, but he still heard the laughter of the tribeswomen echoing around him. This time, Jennifer’s laughter had joined them. As Teddy’s world spun around him, he heard Jennifer’s voice rise above the din to mock him.

“What’s the matter, Ted? Lost your appetite?”

As a man of means, Ted had enjoyed far better accommodations than the shack which the Kagtalik had stuffed him and his girlfriend into. But of all the fancy hotels and resorts where he’d brought the nubile young sugar baby, she’d never fucked him as passionately in any of them as she was fucking him tonight.

Still dazed by the day’s unreal events, Ted was barely present for the best sex of his life. Atop the tiger skin rug that the tribeswomen so graciously provided, Jennifer sucked his balls and deep throated his cock before impaling herself on him with a pussy that was tighter and wetter than Ted had ever felt before.

Erect but mentally checked out, Ted watched Jennifer enjoy herself with an almost clinical detachment. She thrashed about like a woman possessed, whipping her long blonde hair around the narrow bamboo walls of their domicile, shrieking and snarling and yowling like a wild beast.

There was no doubt the entire village could hear her histrionics, but Ted wasn’t about to feel embarrassed around a bunch of godless savages who ate people, for heaven’s sake. What worried him was the possibility that it wasn’t just the primitive surroundings which had brought out Jennifer’s animal side tonight. He feared that her first taste of human flesh, the forbidden feast, had awakened something. Like a domesticated animal that had tasted blood and could never be the same...

Jennifer threw herself forward, squashing her boobs against Ted’s hairy chest as her hair fell onto his left shoulder. It felt good to hold her body close to his and he was finally beginning to loosen up, when without warning he felt a sharp pain on his right shoulder.

She was biting into him. Not enough to do real damage, but he felt his skin break as Jennifer’s tongue hungrily lapped up the blood she’d drawn. Her tight pussy spasmed and rippled all around his cock, and in spite of himself, Ted screamed in pain as he came with her.

The next morning Ted awoke to find the bite marks in his shoulder had scabbed over, but Jennifer was gone.

Fearing the worst, Ted scrambled to put on his pants. He ran out of the hut, shirtless, looking around in a mad panic. Then he remembered these women only ate men ... didn’t they?

He spotted Mali with a small group of tribeswomen, sharpening their weapons. Pulling up his pants, he hobbled over to them.

“Mali!! Where’s Jennifer?!”

The raven-haired island girl smirked, not even looking up at him.

“She come back soon. No worry.”

“Heeeeey baaaabe!”

Ted heard Jennifer’s voice calling out behind him. Relieved, he turned around to see her, but his relief faded away fast.

Jennifer was in the arms of another man. Literally, she was being carried by a tall, muscular mountain of a young man. Ted immediately gathered he must be a specimen of the male tribe from the neighboring “brother island.”

Ted’s stomach sank even lower when he saw that the handsome male islander was buck naked, with a huge cock swinging freely between his legs as he carried Jennifer like a newlywed.

Jennifer wasn’t wearing the bikini she had arrived in, but one of the Kagtalik’s human-skin bikini tops and grass skirt ensembles.

The big man regarded Ted impassively, then set Jennifer on the ground. Ted half-hoped that she might come running to him. Instead she wobbled slowly towards him on shaky legs. A trail of cum was running down her inner thigh, past the blades of her grass skirt and making its way to her ankle. He queasily noted that the native’s cock looked freshly spent and glistened in the morning sunlight. Jennifer had doubtlessly just been well-fucked by this exotic stud and they weren’t even trying to pretend otherwise.

Nevertheless, when she reached her sugar daddy she threw her arms around his neck like all was well and grinned stupidly at him.

“G’morning, babe. Didja sleep good? I’ve been having a great time today already...”

“Where the hell have you been?”

Jennifer pouted and pushed herself away from him.

“Well good morning to you too, grumpy-pants. I’ve been over at the brother island, for your information. The girls showed me around there, and ... introduced me to some, ah... really nice guys.”

He’d never been so naive as to think that a party girl like Jennifer could only sleep with him exclusively, but she’d never been so openly brazen about her infidelity before.

“Anyways” she continued, “I forget this guy’s name. But he’s been, like, ‘chosen.’ I can’t remember if it’s for mating or, y’know ... eating” she giggled.

“We choose tonight” declared Mali. “Maybe both.”

Jennifer was highly delighted by this news. Ted expected some kind of reaction from the young man, however unlikely that he understood English, but even if he didn’t ... He still must have been aware of what was happening, right? His calm attitude gave Ted the creeps and even made him feel outraged on the boy’s behalf.

“How can you?! ... I mean... ??” he sputtered. “How can you be so casual about this, Jennifer? These women are going to eat this guy, and you...”

“They might eat him” she interrupted, flicking a lock of hair behind her shoulder. “Weren’t you listening?”

She walked back to the tribesman with a haughty stride that was still off-balance from their morning copulation. Her delicate little hand rubbed his broad chest affectionately as she cooed at him.

“You’re just a big sexy slab of meat, aren’t you? With a great big yummy sausage for us to eat.”

Jennifer had never been the caring or compassionate type, thought Ted, but the indifferent attitude she’d adopted towards her fellow human beings being used as livestock - even a man standing right next to her, whom she’d had relations with, completely horrified him. Enough was enough.

“I don’t believe this is happening!! Look, we’re getting out of here...”

She whirled around to him, grass skirt lifting in the air, and petulantly stomped her foot into the dirt.

“Ted, no!! Come on, don’t be a wimp! The girls said they’re going to do, like, a special ceremony with this guy and they really really want me to see it. If we go now I’ll probably never get this chance again. Let’s just stay a little longer, okay??”

She batted her eyes and bit her lower lip at him, like she always did when she wanted something. Ordinarily this look melted Ted’s defenses, but seeing Jennifer’s teeth made the bite marks on his shoulder throb. Still, he was too weak from hunger to argue.

“Okay, fine” he sighed. “But then let’s find our pilot and get out of here. I haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday...”

The Kagtalik tribe had formed another circle, like the one around last night’s fire pit. This time they were sitting around a tall stone pillar dug deep into the sand surrounded by a few small fires. The “chosen” young man had been strapped to it with vines, and various women in the circle were pounding out a steady, monotonous beat on drums fashioned from flayed skin.

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