Tess (Brother's Wife)

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Rob is having a nude swim after midnight when Tess (his brother's wife) joins him in the pool where she sucks him off, and then after in his bedroom where he learns that she has plenty of mother's milk to share with him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   InLaws   Oral Sex   Lactation   Cream Pie   Size   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts   .

It had been a big party to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of my mum and dad. Family and friends had gathered at our place to celebrate, and it was after midnight when the last of the guests has departed.

Ben, my older brother, had overindulged with the alcohol, and was passed out dead drunk in the spare bedroom. Tess, his wife, couldn’t drive because she had lost her license due to a few too many speeding offenses.

Tess has called her mum Lana and was happy that her baby was well settled for the night and in good hands with her mother. She decided to stay the night, and we would drive her and Ben home in the morning.

It was about 2 am when I decided to go for a swim.

With everyone asleep I decided to make it a nude swim, which was my norm when I was alone. I’d been swimming for about 10 minutes when I became aware of someone sitting on the edge of the pool dangling their legs in the cool waters.

Moving closer I discovered that it was Tess. Moving closer still I could see that she was wearing a long t-shirt that she must have borrowed for the night.

When I was close enough she spoke to me.

“The water feels great. I’m thinking of having a swim too” she told me in a hushed tone.

“Um ... ahh...” I stammered then I blurted out a warning “Tess ... I must warn you ... I’m swimming naked”.

“Oh...” she responded then she was silent for a moment, before she stood up on the edge of the pool.

“Would you like a married old lady to swim naked with you?” she asked whilst stripping off the shirt to reveal her nakedness. She stepped into the pool before I could find the words to respond, surfacing just in front of me with her full breasts seemingly floating on the surface.

“Put your eyes back in your head” she said teasing me.

“I’m nothing special” she added.

Without engaging my brain, my mouth gushed forth with “You are beautiful”.

She floated even closer to me, her breasts within inches of me saying “You really think so?”. Her question was punctuated by her hand grasping my hard cock underwater.

“Oh my god ... I thought that mummy was exaggerating”.

“Oh fuck. Lana has talked about us” I thought to myself whilst enjoying the sensation of my hardness being milked expertly beneath the surface of the pool.

“Pussy got your tongue?” she teased “I hear that your tongue has amazing skills”.

“I ... I...” I stammered. She was enjoying my discomfort.

“Sit up here on the edge” Tess asked, indicating the edge of the pool. “I want to check out this monster”.

I moved over and boosted myself out of the pool to sit on the edge. My cock pointed straight at her as she moved within hands reach. She grasped me again, touching it gently all over.

“That’s big ... at least twice as big as your brother ... no three times bigger” she commented before applying her lips to the head running her tongue around it.

“Nice” she added before swallowing a couple of inches.

She sucked those couple of inches expertly before sliding me a little deeper, with her hand now cupping my bloated balls.

After a minute or so she released my cock from her oral cave saying “I’m sorry but I can’t deep throat like mummy can ... I’ve tried but I just can’t”.

Still holding me in her soft hand, and gently milking it she said to my surprise “I want you to cum in my mouth ... It’ll make you last longer when you fuck me”.

I must have died and gone to heaven. Yesterday I spent most of the day fucking her mother, and now I had Tess telling me that we were going to be fucking too.

Tess was a younger version of her mother. Short black hair, beautiful face, large rounded breasts, trim waist, and a fully shaved pussy ( her mum had a landing strip that tickled the underside of my shaft when it rested along the strip ).

She went back to sucking and milking my cock. Her oral attentions soon had me on the edge.

“Almost there” I moaned.

She sucked harder, and I exploded - pumping my hot cum into her mouth. She tried to hold onto my cum but lost some when her full mouth was full. She set my cock free before swallowing it in a couple of gulps.

Whilst I recovered from her magnificent sucking, she swam over to the steps and climbed out of the pool. Walking back over to me she took my hand, drawing me to my feet saying “Let’s go back to your bedroom”.

We picked up our discarded clothes and headed up the stairs to my unit above the garage. I locked the door when we entered to prevent us being disturbed. Tess walked over to the bed, laying down in the middle whilst I turned on the bedside lamp - I wanted to take in the beauty of her body.

“You’re beautiful”.

“Thank you” she responded “I know that to be a very honest comment”.

“Now come here with that beautiful big cock ... and fuck me”.

I climbed onto the bed, knee walking to between her thighs, and laying my cock across her bald mound. Her soft hands grasped me, giving me a gentle wank before repositioning it between her very wet engorged lips.

Finding the entrance to her pussy canal was easy, I just followed the heat. Once in position I slid my full length into her hotness.

“Holy fuck” she gasped, her hands grabbing at the bedsheets.

I put my hands under her hips, lifting her and changing the angle of my penetration.

“Ahhhhhhh fuck” she screamed, choking it off at the last moment.

“It’s soundproof in here” I reassured her. “You can scream your head off and no one can hear you outside this room”.

She responded shouting “Fuck me hard and deep you fucking beautiful stud”.

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