Music Fades Out

by Bill Quine

Copyright© 2016 by Bill Quine

Sex Story: Life, love and times of a radio DJ. From small town to major market.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   .

Music fads out “It’s hot, it’s humid and I hope your air conditioning is working. We are going to break all the records by this time tomorrow. It’s 6 o’clock and time for WSEX drive time news, sports, weather and traffic. Chuck DuPree, I hear we have a problem on the out bound expressway.”

“That’s right Dan, we have a major accident...”

Mic Off, Off with this damn headset. Had them on for the last 2 hours waiting for this break. Suppose I should introduce myself before I go live at the bottom of the hour. I’m Danny King, afternoon drive time DJ at WSEX FM. DJ, now that’s a misnomer now. Disk Jockey came with the early days of radio when we played records. You remember those plastic things with a hole in the center. Ok, Ok, CDs hole in the center but the spin at 36K rpm not 33.3, 45 or 78 rpm. Now everything is digital. A couple of key strokes on the computer and up comes any song you want by any artist. If it is not in our files, I go on-line and download it to our file in less than 2 minutes from our ‘Mother Ship’. You will find every record ever cut on the internet files.

Why, at 70, am I still doing this? First, WSEX is a Golden Oldies station. I cut my radio teeth when they were new releases. Next, the pay is good in a drive time slot and lastly, my son is program manager. Hey, take any break you can get, and my ratings are very good. He wanted to follow in my foot steps and got a BA in communications. Oh, and it keeps me off the streets and out of my wife’s hair. I got my start back in the early 60s when Rock and Roll was just getting hot. I remember the first record I played ‘ON AIR’. “Here’s Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs with their number one song, Sugar Shack.”

I also remember my first commercial.

“Ladies, ever wonder how your husband could milk all those cows, mend fences and work around the barn and still come home with soft hands. He’s been keeping a secret from you. Farmer John’s Udder bam. That right ladies, I bet he’s got a jar of Farmer John’s Udder Balm on the shelf in the barn. Tell him to bring you in some. Try it on your wash water chapped hands. I’ll bet they will be baby bottom soft in one week. You won’t find in your grocery store. You have to go to your local Landmark Farm Bureau Store. Ask for it by name, Farmer Johns Utter Bam.” Now that’s UTTERly ridiculous. Stupid but I couldn’t say it on air so now I can.

Yes, those were the days when music was music and not only could you understand the words, the words meant something. I had the honor of meeting Little Stevie Wonder, the Beatles and many more recording stars. It has been a fun and good life and I have no regrets. Well may be one or two. Its dog eat dog world to get a good time slot in a major market playing “Your” kind of music.

I have daughter, Carolyn, does weather at a local TV. She has a BS in meteorology with a communication minor. So you might say we have the market cornered.

But I digress. This is not a story about Radio but my life though my life kind of weaves around radio. Let me take you back to those early days of radio when AM radio was a major source of information and entertainment. No color TVs with 200 plus channels. 3 channels, ABC, NBC and CBS. PBS if you were lucky. There was the rare Dumont Network in some areas. No DVDs. You actually got out of the house and WENT to the movies.

I was just 21 and working the evening shift at this AM station getting my feet wet. Part of my show was two hours of requests I played on Fridays. Listeners would call in their request and dedications and I would talk with them a little. Some times on air but mostly not. At that time, we did not have tape delay so I had to be really quick with shutting off the phone patch so those famous seven words would not get aired. We had an outer studio and we would let teeny boppers in to watch me in the “Fish Bowl” control room doing my show through a 4 X 6-foot sound proof glass window.

There would be a mix of about 3 girls for every guy. Not bad odds for me or the guys. Sometimes there would only be a couple of “Kids” during the school year with sports games and all but school has been out for about three weeks now so I had about a dozen out there. I liked it better than being in a closed studio with just me and the records. I would pick two of them to be my “Runner”. One guy and one gal if I could. They would pull requested records and replace those played. Almost always, one of them would have done it before and they would train the new-be. My guess the wall of 45s and LPs and even had some 78s was about 7 feet high and 20 feet long with records in alphabetical order. I had colored Paint Stir sticks to hold the place where a record came from. If you pulled the record, you had to return it to the correct spot. Request were a real pain. That’s why most stations drop the idea. In front of me was the mixing console with two Gates turntables on one end and a stack of two tape recorder/players. One had the commercials on it in order to be played.

Every week this 5 foot something girl with brunette ponytail with nice shape and eyes to die for would be out there. That deep blue eyes, with that come heather look about them. She would be jumping around trying to get my attention to be picked. This weekend was different. She looked a little down and I thought I would cheer her up and pick her. Off the air, I ask her what was wrong. Her boyfriend just broke up with her as he was going into the service. They both graduated high school this year and now she was alone for the first time in a year and half. I told her that might be for the best as such relationships usually end up bad. I asked her if she was staying until the end of the show and she said she did not have any plans and would be staying.

Opps. I forgot to tell you her name. I found out when I interview her when I first brought her in to the studio. Karen Hamilton of this city. It was hard having much conversation with her during the program with answering the phone, taking request and playing the music. I was lucky that most of the commercial were pre-recorded on 7-inch reel to reel player. What is now called ‘Traffic’ would make up the tape with commercials in order. How simple that got when Bill Lear (Learjet) came out with the cart machine. Just plug in a cart and press the play button. I just had to do local weather and local news flashes.

I asked her if she would join me after the show at Ollie’s, a local hamburger shop. She agreed but would have to let her sister know she would be late getting home so she called her from the studio phone. We just kept a normal conversation for the last half hour of my show and after I turned the show over to my replacement, went to the outer studio and sign a few autographs. I could never figure out why DJs were treated like stars. We only played the records. Well not like a pair of DJs like Hudson and Landry

( )

or the Big Bopper with Chantilly Lace. Dick Clark and Casey Kasem.

She followed me to Ollie’s in her car. We went in and got a booth. My favorite waitress, Betty, was on duty and came over and took our drink order. She was a lot older than me and told me several time she wished she was younger so she would have a chance at me. I don’t know if she was serious or just looking for a bigger tip. Karen didn’t notice when she tipped her head towards Karen and winked. As they usually have my Friday show on their radio, Betty asked her if she was the same Karen that was introduced earlier. She said she was the same. Betty asked if she worked at the station and I told her she was just a guest. Betty said she had a natural radio voice. I had not noticed at the time but she may be right. It’s hard to tell when you are listening with a headset.

After we ate, we sat there and talked about her ex-boyfriend and life in general while sipping our sodas. We exchanged phone numbers and no cell phones. Not around yet. I asked if she would like to go out with me Saturday. We talk what we would do and she agreed. I told her I would pick her up around 2:00 and would make a day of it.

I walked her to her car and off she went. When I got home, I got the note out of my pocket not to forget our general staff meeting at noon Monday. Important. Ok, I hate these meetings and have missed a few. This one sounded important. I marked my calendar as a reminder. We had “Production” meeting every Monday at noon when the station went to network news and everyone could attend.

That night and Saturday morning went by pretty fast and now it was time to pick up Karen. When I got there, she answered the door and invited me in to meet her sister. Kathy was three years older than Karen and a one year older than their brother, Joel, who was away in the Air Force. It was then I found out why she lived with her sister. Their parents were killed in a bad auto accident four years ago. “Sister has been like my Mom the last couple of years.” Karen said. “Sorry” I replied, “I know it has been hard on all of you.”

I told her sister we would be late. We were going to a concert of sorts after dinner. Her sister is real nice. More my age but not as pretty as Karen.

We left and did what Karen wanted to do. Window shop at the local stores ‘Downtown’. Now I know what you guys are thinking. Two hours’ window shopping with a young lady! Yes guys, I think you will learn more about a girl by just talking and window shopping and it won’t cost a dime. At least it didn’t me. Yes, she bought a couple of things. I reiterate, she bought, with her money. She even asked my thoughts on a couple of items but I kind of stayed away for not being too up on fashions.

Afterwards, we went to a marvelous, family owned, Italian restaurant. I love good Italian food. I had Veil Parmesan with a side of spaghetti with marinara sauce. She had the spaghetti and meat balls. What’s nice about the old days and being kind of a noted personality, I ask for a bottle of red wine and they came with two glasses and did not even card Karen. She DOES NOT look old enough to drink so I chalked it up as a favor. This was her first time having wine. I watched her closely as I really did not want to get her drunk. Honest and she didn’t. This is not good on a first date or even a second or third. Just not my style.

After dinner, we skipped desert and went to the concert. Now when I say concert, it was at a local café. You remember the “Beat Nick” scene? Poetry and folk music.

Going back to the top, you will remember that I now work at an Oldie but Goodie station. What I was play is the same thing I am play now only back then it was new. Coming on the scene was folk music. While new to the recording industry, it was really old music brought over from the British Isles and Europe through immigrants. I think it started here with The Weavers and Pete Seeger and others. Some of the best came over with the Irish through the Appalachian into the south into Kentucky. Some new folk tunes were being written and new groups forming. The group tonight was going to be Peter, Paul and Mary. Damn I miss Mary.

While Peter and Paul were good singers and guitar players, Mary’s vocals just made it top out and their harmonies couldn’t be beat. What would you give to see them live in an intimate setting such as a little café?

This was the first time Karen ever heard folk music and she loved it. I think even more than me. She even got their autographs. I try to play a few during my air time but I have to fight the program director to do it.

Now after the wine with dinner, the only thing we drank here was Soda. (I don’t get paid to plug an item so I don’t. Hey, I’m for sale but not cheap.) We were close to the stage and had a hard time talking. So after the show, we went back to her place talked about our lives and she offered something to drink. She made us a pot of tea.

Sunday I just called her and we talked more about our lives. We really got to know each other. What music we liked, what food and what movies etc. We really got to know each other.

Monday I was back at the station. In time for the meeting I’ll have you know. The station Manager, Ron Jerkins, told us about upcoming network and local promotions and new sponsors. Then the bomb dropped.

Ron then stood up and said, “We have the new rating numbers for the month. Danny King pulled and 75% share of the listening audience for his time slot and along with that comes a bonus. Danny, come on up here.” Then he gave me a check for $100. “Danny, you are responsible for two new sponsors plus keeping several old one that were on the bubble. Thank You.” The room busted out with applause and pats on the back.

The meeting was over and Mr. Jerkins asked me to stay behind. I followed him down the hall to his office. “Danny” he said “Now you see why it was important that you were here.” “Thank you Ron. It was a surprise.” I said.

“Danny, I was listening to you show last Friday and one of your studio guest got my attention. I think her name was Karen something.” “Yes” I said “Karen Hamilton. She is really nice. She just graduated high school.”

“She sounded older than that.” Ron Said. “Danny, the station is looking for a new voice over talent and after hearing her, I think she might fit in. She has a good radio voice. She came across happy and bubbly and sounds like she can carry herself.”

“Ron, she’s just out of high school with no experience. I don’t know.”

“Danny, why don’t you bring her in for an audition Wednesday at 2 PM if she can make it and let me be the judge?

“I’ll go call her right now.”

I called Karen and told her about the offer. She said she couldn’t do it. Why I asked. “I will be so nervous. I even had a hard time getting up before my class to read anything.” She said. “Karen, radio is a lot different. It’s just you, a microphone and an engineer. You didn’t have any trouble with it Friday when I interviewed you.” I said.

“OK, here’s what WE are going to do. I’ll pick you up at 1, bring you to the station, work with you during you audition and then we’ll have a quick supper and do my show together. Ron said they were looking for a fresh, new voice talent for the station and you maybe it. He heard the interview last Friday.”

“OK, Danny. I’ll give it a try. I was looking for a job anyway, but you have to be there with me.” Karen said. “OK, Deal.” I said.

I went back to Ron’s office and told him of my conversation with Karen. I asked him what the audition would be like and he told me. After that, I called Karen back and asked if I could come over after I get off the air tonight and she said it would be OK.

I think I was more nervous than her. They plan on having her do some “Cold” readings. That’s where they hand you a script and you read it live. No re-takes. That’s what will usually trip you up.

I left the station to get an early supper and return to get ready for my show. During my show, I played a dedication to Karen. “This one goes out to a very special person, Karen. You had better be listening. Here is a brother and sister act out of Niagara Falls, New York with the chart climbing Deep Purple. Here is Nino Tempo & April Stevens.” At the end of the song, my studio phone rang or should I say the light flashed meaning there was a call coming in. I answer it saying please hold not even knowing who it was. I as soon as I got the pre-recorded commercial running, I answered. It was Karen. She and her sister were listening and got a kick out of it. She thought it was so sweet.

I rapped up my show and grab my program note book and took it to Karen’s with me. The note book tells me what song to be play when and where commercials go. It also has some commercials that are to read live. Oh the pain. I wanted them for Karen.

When I got to Karen’s, she greeted me and we sat with Sis, as Karen calls her, and chatted. She was also thrilled with the dedication to Karen. She told me privately how it cheered Karen up. She hadn’t seen her that happy since her boyfriend broke up with her. I am starting to think, his loss, my gain.

“Karen, I want to coach you before you go in for the audition.” I said. Kathy started to get up to leave. I told her she could stay but Karen wanted her to go. I said OK but I wanted her to be here tomorrow.

I had her cold read the first commercial. She just read it. She read it perfectly. All the words pronounce correctly. No pauses between words but with no emotion just straight reading it.

“Now read it again. This time make me believe you like what you selling. Don’t read it, tell me a story. Make me believe you have used it and are now trying to get a friend to buy this product. You have to do it with voice emotion as your audience can’t see you.”

The next reading was perfect. I would have bought the product. We worked on a few more. I think she’s got it. By George I think she’s got it. I wrote her one more script for an unmentioned famine product. (No pay, no mention.) This was something she may be asked to do and with a woman’s touch. While at this time, you never heard that kind of product commercials. It would take a couple of years. I thought it would be a good test.

The nice thing about radio is you can hide behind the microphone knowing they can only hear you and not see you. You can look like a street bum, but if you can come across as a billionaire, you got it made.

Tuesday I had a personal appearance at a local car dealer ship for one of MY new sponsors. Sat in a few cars. Press some flesh and signed some autographs and I was out of there.

Did my usual routine of a light supper and my show. I picked up a portable tape recorder, microphones, headsets and went to Karen’s.

She greeted me at the door once again. She asked what I had and I told her so it would be just like she was in the studio.

I set everything up. Sis, Kathy, started to leave and I told her she was going to be the engineer for the session and I showed her how to operate the tape recorder. I sat Karen about 10 feet away from Sister with her back to her. I had Kathy start the recorder but press the pause button. This way Karen could hear herself without recording it. In a second mic on channel 2, I told Karen this what is going to happen tomorrow and what it would sound like.

With that, I told Kathy to release the pause. Then I said in to my mic, “Karen Hamilton for blank commercial take one.” Then I pointed to Karen. Nothing. I forgot to tell her what to do when I pointed to her. “OK, Karen Hamilton for blank commercial take two.” And I point to Karen and she takes off like a pro. There were a couple of places that needed some work and I kept the recorder going while I coached her. “Karen Hamilton for blank commercial take three” and I point to her. She aced it. Really nailed it to the wall. Even her sister was impressed. “Karen that was perfect. Some folks are just natural and I think you’re one. Just remember tomorrow it will just the three of us. You should fly right through it.” I played back the tape for her. Like everyone else, the first time they heard themselves, “That doesn’t sound like me.” “Karen, my love, that’s sounds just like you and I enjoy hearing you.” Did I just say L O V E?

She jumped up and kissed me smack on the lips and back away and blushed. Just then her sister got up and said, “If you two don’t need me anymore, I just go powder my nose and go to bed with a good book.” I thanked her and now we were alone.

I pulled Karen to me and returned the kiss with a little more emotion. She just melted in my arms. “I think I had better sit down before I fall down.” I said. Karen agreed. We sat and talk and talk and kissed for a little while then I said I had to go. A couple personal appearances in the morning then pick her up a 1. I think I am falling in love with this girl.

Wednesday morning it was off to the races. Completed my personals and grabbed a late breakfast. Sometime I will get on some sort of schedule. Started to think about Karen. Do I, or don’t I. Is she too young for me? Only three years between us. At least I’m not 30 something. I know I want her around and I want to be around her.

I pick her up and she was a bundle of tightly strung nerves. You might say she was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We got to the studio’s parking lot and I turned off the car. I pulled Karen close to me and gave her a kiss. “You’ll be alright. I love you and I know you can make it.” I said. “You love me. You really love me.” She replied with a small tear forming in the corner of her eye. “Yes, I really do and I didn’t know until this morning.” I gave her another passionate kiss with tongue duels. “OK, let’s get this going.” I said. We got out of the car and went in.

I introduced her to Ron. And they hit it off right away. “You look just like you sounded the other night on Dan’s show. Now let’s get on with this. Danny, here are a couple of scripts. Take Karen down to the voiceover studio and I’ll be down in about 30 minutes. That should give you time to rehearse.”

Karen read through the scripts out loud. Each reading sounding more natural. Pete, one of our engineer was now in the both ready to roll tape. Ron showed up a few minutes later.

“Karen, are you ready?” asked Ron. “As ready as I will ever be I think. I just want to thank you for this opportunity Mr. Jerkins.” Karen said.

“OK, Pete, are you ready.” Ron asked. Click, Pete’s mic came on, “Already here. You want all this to tape correct Ron?” Pete asked. “Yes Pete, and let it roll, we’ll edit out what we need later.” Ron replied.

“Ok Karen, I will be running a stop watch on each of these. The need to fit the time frame as note on your script for each. Let’s just start with number one.”

Not to bore you, let’s just say everything was working out just great. I noticed another man enter the control room with Pete. At the end Ron was more than pleased with Karen’s audition and offered her a job.

“Barry” Ron called to the guy in the control room with Pete. “Can you come in here please?” Barry step out of the control room into the hall and around to the studio door.

“Karen, I like to have you meet Barry Lewis. Barry is the owner of the company that you just read the commercial for.” “Barry, this is Karen Hamilton.” Ron Said.

“Karen, I am glad to meet you young lady. I think you will work out just fine. Ron, I want you to air the second cut. It was perfect. It was fresh and did not sound like an actor reading lines.” Barry said.

Karen is in the business now. Lord Help Me. What have I her gotten in to? Hell, what have I gotten in to?

“Dan, will you and Karen come down to my office.” Ron asked. Like I’m going to say no.

“Karen, this how it’s going to work, at least at the start. I am going to give you a 9-5 office job just to get you started in learning the business. We will have you do voice overs and commercials as needed and there will be extra pay for those of course. As your name and voice gets around, we will start using that voice more and more. I am going to put you under contract to this station. If they want that voice, they will have to come to us. How does that sound?” Ron asked. Karen said, “Can I talk with Danny first? This is all so new to me.” “Go right ahead. I understand.” Ron Said. “I just go down and bring us back some coffee.” And Ron excused himself.

“Danny, this is so new to me. I am so happy to have a job at least but with the voice over and all I really don’t know what to do. Should I take it?” Karen asks. “Karen, I think it is a fair offer. An experience voice would never sign a contract without exploring their options. You are new and unheard. I think this is a good way to learn and grow in this business. You should take it but only a one-year contract to be re-negotiated at that time.” I told her.

Ron came back with a tray of coffee. We sat and discussed the contract with our coffee. He agreed that one year would be safe for both parties. “Karen, will you excuse us a while. I want to talk to Danny.” Ron said. Karen went out to the lobby.

“Danny, there is one thing that came down from corporate that I did not tell everyone at Monday’s meeting. We will be adding a FM transmitter to the station sometime next year. Simulcast at first and later, it will have its own programing. Danny, I am telling you at this time, you will be a big part of the new FM station. This is to be kept under you hat until we start rolling out the promotion.” Ron said. “Thanks Ron for the heads up and thanks for give Karen a chance.” I said.

We walked out of Ron’s office. “Mr. Jenkins, when would you like me to start?” Karen asked. “Well, you’re already here, unless you have other plans, why not start now. Danny, take her down to personnel and get the paperwork out of the way and show her around” Ron replied.

I took Karen down to HR and got her an official station ID and showed her around. We are one of the few station that had an auditorium for shows with a live audience. She thought that was neat. It was from the hay day of live radio broadcast with big bands.

I took Karen out for a celebration dinner before I had to be “On Air”. After dinner, “WE” went back to the station and I did my show. Karen stayed with me through the whole show. She really didn’t have much of a choice as I was here ride home.

She was fascinated how the Board work. The Board refers to the mixing console. Even though she would not have a need to do it, I showed her how to “Cue” up the records and how to keep the vu meter out of the red. (VU for volume units). (I don’t want to make this a DJ training manual so if you really want to know more, just ask how in an e-mail.) I plugged in another headset so she could hear as the studio speakers were off so we would not get feedback from the “Open” mic.

By the end of the evening, she was running the Board, cueing up and playing the records and I just sat back and did the commentary, introducing records and read the commercials as needed. Talk about a quick learner. I better watch out for my job. LOL. I don’t think this will be a problem. It will be a little while before we have female DJs in the business. Not that they can’t do it, just advertisers were not putting their money out there for them at this time.

During all this, Karen manage to call her sister and tell her all the good news and told her she had better be listening to “HER” station.

At the end of my, ah, our shift, we went to Ollie’s for a burger and a soda. We told them the good news. Karen and I talked about her new job and how excited she was but still nervous. I drove her home and she invited me in. Sis had already gone to bed so we had the living room to ourselves. We sat there listening to “Johnny Cool” the DJ that comes on after me at 10 to 2 AM. Not his real name but one he likes. His not a Johnny. His first real name is Mark and he was not cool but his audience likes him and has good ratings for his time slot. Danny King is not my real name but my real name just wasn’t cutting it so I changed it. Mom and Dad weren’t happy about it but understood. At least I didn’t change it legally. I still have my legal name for bank accounts etc.

Karen snuggle up to me with her head on my shoulder. I was caressing her hair and she popped the question. “Danny, earlier you said you loved me. Do really love me? I mean really, really love me? I was really broken up when Jimmy broke off with me. He said he love me also.” Karen asked.

“OK, here we go. Karen, I noticed you a long time ago. I just figured you might be too young and I had seen you had a boyfriend. When I pick you, you were so down in the dumps my heart went out to you. Then I got to know you. The real you. Do I really love you? I thought about the vary question over the last several days and night. Yes, this is real. I want to be with you forever. But there is one thing we have to keep in mind. We will be in the same business. There could be job friction and if we can get by that, Oh My, I will make you happy forever.” I pulled her in my arms and our lips met. Soft and gentle kisses to be sure.

“Danny, all this time, you have never made a move on me? Any other guy would have been all over me the first night.”

“Karen” I said, “we have plenty of time for that. I want you for you and not sex. Yes, I am sure we will get to that but I want to love you first. I want us to love. Not sex then love you. Just the way I was brought up.”

“Danny” Karen said with her head down, almost with a tear in her eyes. “I’m not a virgin.” “And the problem is?” I asked. “I’m not a virgin either.”

“Danny, Sis will be going out of town this weekend. Why don’t we spend the weekend together, here?” Karen asked.

“The only thing I have this weekend is a charity sock hop at the high school that I need to attend. Other than that, it could be fun. You can even go with me to the hop.” I said.

“We could live like husband and wife. Yeah, I heard about the sock hop.” Karen replied.

Trivia. Do you know why they were called “Sock Hops”? No, it wasn’t easier to dance in your socks. This was before the modern gym floor finishes and the school wanted to keep street shoes from damaging their gym floors. Therefore, no shoes, just socks. I know, this is not why you’re reading this. I remember the sign outside my HS gym. Gym Shoes Only.

I left Karen’s and headed home. I was pretty happy with the events so far this week and already looking forward to the weekend.

The balance of the week went by fast. I only saw Karen a couple of times until she showed up for my Friday show. I still picked a couple of “Kids” to be runners. One of them was Karen’s friend, Carol. “Karen, what are you doing here? I saw you from out there.” Nodding toward the outer studio. “I work her now” replied Karen. She introduced her to me as one of her high school friends she graduated with. “You work with Danny King? She asked. “Carol, we can’t talk now during the show but after we go off the air may be...” She paused. “Danny, do you think we, you, me and Carol, could stop be Ollie’s after the show?

I remembered what WE were going to DO this weekend but I said OK. What could it hurt? She checked with Carol and it was a plan.

The show ran along smoothly with Karen showing the runners how to pull the records from the list I had going. Karen even answered the phone once in a while.

We stopped at Ollie’s after the show and the girls talked, I just listen. She never said anything about me being her “Boyfriend”. I was starting to wonder if she was sure about us.

I won’t have to wonder any longer. When we got to her house, I grabbed my “Overnight” bag with toiletries and three days of cloths and followed Karen in. Before the door closed, Karen through her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss the almost blew my socks off. It’s going to be a good weekend. “Danny, I love you so much.” (Kiss kiss.) “Karen, how come you didn’t introduce me as your boyfriend to Carol?” I asked. “I guess I am a little gun shy. I’m not sure you’re sure. Carol knows about my breakup with my ex and I just wasn’t sure I should say anything.” I grabbed her and pulled her to me and kissed her. “After this weekend you will know that this is for keeps.” (Kisses some more.)

She said, “Come on, I show you to your room.” My room, I thought to myself. When we got there I dropped my bag. This was defiantly not a guest room. It was her room. A girl’s room with a queen size bed.

She started undressing. First the blouse. The she unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She had a full slip on. Remember those. No hose, just bobby socks and saddle shoes. She pulled the slip over her head and now stood before me in her bra and panties. God, was she beautiful. She reached around her back and un-hooked her bra and dropped it down her arms then to the floor. Now there’s a sight to behold. Nice little tits that almost made a “B” cup. Just the way I like them. I pulled her to me and embraced this goddess smothering her with kisses.

I slowly kissed down her body making the usual stops along the way. I hooked her panties with my thumbs and pulled her them down slowly as I continued kissing towards the promise land. She had a full bush even though it was thin and light. Shaving the pubs was not even thought of at that time. I don’t even remember seeing it in adult magazines. I nestled my nose in it, inhaling her fragrance. Kissed her Mons several times.

“Running a little behind there big boy” she said and started to undress me. By this time, I was already hard as a rock. Tidy Whittie’s where having a hard time containing my megger offerings. I am glad I switch to boxers later in life.

Now we were both nude as the day we were born. She is beautiful. She is perfect. I pulled her in my arms and told her so. “Remind me to thank you ex for leaving you to me.” I said. “You are filling all my dreams.” I gently laid her back on the bed and started exploring her body once again marking my trail with kisses. I paid homage to her breasts. She asked, “You don’t think they’re too small do you?” “They’re perfect,” I replied, “just right. I hate large ones. More than a mouthful is wasted.” With that, I caressed her as I began kissing and sucking each giving them giving equal attention. She started purring like a kitten. I kissed my way down to her belly button and swilled my tongue in her innie. This brought on a case of the giggles.

That only lasted seconds as I continued to explore her female parts. OK, you dirty old men. I ate her pussy. “Danny” (pant pant) “my ex never did that for me. Oh my god stop, no, don’t stop. I’m going crazy.” This being before the pill, I slipped on a condom I had set beside the bed and slowly entered her. She was REALLY wet and I slide right to the bottom. Her legs locked around me behind my back and we, if you will excuse the expression, had a slow comfortable screw. Oh God was she tight.

She was really getting in to it, like I wasn’t. She would rake her nails across my back. Then she stopped breathing. Not really stopped but held her breath. Her pussy wall tightened around my cock. She was having an orgasm. That tripped mine and I filled the rubber receptacle with my hot load.

I went to the bathroom and removed the rubber and cleaned myself. When I return. Karen said she was going to return the favor, and gave me a toe curling kiss. Working her way down my body until she reached her goal. When she got there she kissed and licked the head. Then without any further hesitation she just about swallowed the whole thing. Oh my. I was in heaven. She brought me to my brink and I shot a load right in her mouth. “Babe” I said, “No one ever did that for me. We’re even.

Saturday morning, I got the aroma of freshly brewing coffee. Karen was not in bed. Then she came in to the room and jumped in bed and asked if I was going to stay in bed all day? “Only if you’re here with me.” I said. She showed me a note her sister left.

Hope you two are having a good time. You know where to call me if you have any problems. Love Sis.

“Your sister knew I was staying?” I asked. “Of course she did. We sisters don’t have secrets. We got things to do if we are going to that sock hop tonight. Breakfast will be ready shortly.” Karen said.

After breakfast, we couldn’t just shower and dress. Oh No, we made love again.

And so the weekend went. Sex. No, wait. We made that LOVE and more LOVE. We lived like husband and wife for the rest of the weekend.

The record hop went great. Karen got a little bit jealous of all the teeny boppers coming to me for autographs and autographed pictures. I even got some kisses along the way. Their DJ was good with mixing fast songs and slow. He was a senior student. Doing that is what got me interested in being a REAL DJ. Schools started having DJs play records as it was cheaper than hiring a band. Kids would bring their record with their names on them and he would play them and that’s how it all started. I had a lot of my own. My aunt worked for a record store (True) and I got her discount as well as some promotional records. Today, no DJ that I know uses records. There’re all on computer, storage media or MP3 player.

There were some problems with the Musicians Unions and Artist copy write holders for public performance royalties by DJs with all the DJs out there. They over looked schools.

Monday morning, we got up, had breakfast and I dropped Karen at the station. She would be spending one week in each department learning all aspects of station operation. This being her first, full week, she worked with the receptionist taking phone calls, greeting people and sorting the mail.

At the end of her day, I would pick her up and we would grab a quick dinner before my show. I would drop her off at home.

Most of the time she would come to the studio for my show. She loved “Running” the board for me. About a month after we started ‘Going Steady’ as they say, she was on the Board and I was at a desk in front of her. I was talking about an artist that I thought was a ‘Crossover’ from country to rock. My friend, Alan Freed, a DJ in Cleveland, Ohio coined the phrase ‘Rock and Roll’. She switched on her mic and started a counter point to my thoughts. Not arguing but just a rap between friends.

The next day, I got a call from Ron, the station manager, he wanted me and Karen in his office at 2 PM. Oh no, he heard about our on air conversation. We are going to get our ass chewed. When I got there, I picked up Karen and we went to his office. We were told to go right in. Ron was there with one of my sponsors.

I start to apologize but Ron interrupted. “Danny, stop right now. You damn DJs don’t know when to stop talking. This is George Flipton. He is one the stations biggest sponsors. He was listening last night and said it was the best radio he had heard in a long time. It was a fresh approach to the old, boring radio that is heard on every other station.” My jaw dropped to say the least.

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