Renter's Reward

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young wife develops sexually with the young men who rent a place at her house.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Group Sex   .

I knew when I married my wife Clarinda a few years ago that she had a very passive and compliant personality. I first discovered that when we were dating. She agreed to do anything I suggested for our date activities.

Later, when we got alone, she never resisted my amorous attempts. Now I’m no Casanova and had never even gotten to second base before, mostly because I was too timid to try, so when I found the path easy to tread, I took it. First tongue kisses, then titty grope, etc. Finally, the clothes came off and the dick went in. Rather easily, but I was too thrilled to really notice the fine points at first.

When I all too quickly reached my end point I asked if I should pull out and she shook her head “no”. OMG, it was wonderful! A big part of every date from then on was dick dipping. As a seventeen-year-old I didn’t notice how she just laid there and let me use her body.

It wasn’t until I got bonked by a girl cousin at a family reunion that I knew what girls could do as an active partner in fucking. When I returned to Clarinda and made suggestions I received a hell of a revelation.

Her response was, “Well, that’s the way I always do it.”


“What does ALWAYS mean,” I immediately asked.

I then found out that her older brother had insisted on fucking her starting about a year ago and got a piece of her almost every day. Younger brother got in on the “fun” a few months later. All they wanted was a cum dump so she’d never learned anything else about screwing.

Her mom was equally passive but had figured out what was going on and got her on birth control in the nick of time. I wasn’t the first boy who had shown any interest in her and she figured I’d want what her brothers got. And of course I did.

I was shocked and bummed and avoided her for the next week. She made no attempt to contact me, of course. I always had to take any initiative. But I was horny, and pussy, no matter what its situation, was better than choking the chicken. So I called her and made a date.

She acted like nothing had changed, and for her it hadn’t. But all evening I was hard wondering how many times she’d been banged since I saw her last. Later, when we got naked and I slid my dick in, my mind was wild wondering if the slipperiness I was feeling was from a brother. How long had it been since one of them had squirted seed in there? I shot my wad quickly but stayed hard and went for another, longer ride. This time I got her off too and she grabbed me and screeched a bit.

I had a hard-on all the way home after dropping her off. Were one or both of her brothers fucking her right now? She never talked about it and I was too shy to ask. But it was never far from my mind whenever we were copulating. I took her out as often as I could, if just to make sure I was getting her pussy and someone else wasn’t.

I got a job and an apartment and asked her to move in with me. She complied, of course. Although I knew she’d broken up with other boyfriends who might be screwing her like I was, and her brothers weren’t shafting her at night in her own bed, I couldn’t know what happened when she stopped by her parent’s house after work or on the weekends. When I realized that an hour or two after a dick diddled her I couldn’t tell the difference, it really wasn’t anything to worry about.

Her brothers finally got married or moved away and I thought I’d finally have her pussy all to myself. We got married and bought a house and were considering starting a family. In order to increase our income we rented out the finished lower level to a couple of college students.

The first two were girls and that went pretty well. But they left after six months and this time two guys moved in. They got my wife to agree to do the housekeeping and laundry for a few extra bucks. She was working only half-time so that helped our budget even more.

After a while I noticed how much she would talk about them. It became clear that she was spending time in their company. And just what was she doing during that time?

I took off early one day when I knew they would all be home. I slipped in quietly and listened. Some noises were coming from the stairway to the apartment. Moving cautiously, as I went down the stairs I could hear fuck noises. Soon I could peek around the corner and, sure enough, Clarinda was lying on her back with a college kid’s ass moving up and down as he drilled her. The other guy had his dick in her mouth, having fun too.

Retreating quietly, I took off my clothes and got in our bed. An hour later my naked wife was very surprised to find me waiting.

“Come here you slut. You’re not done with today’s fucking yet.” I pulled her onto the bed and roughly slammed my pecker into her soaking honey pot. My hard pounding hard evoked gasps and whimpers as she was used.

I yelled as I shot into her, adding my sperm to the two other flavors already there. When my cock ran dry I looked at her and said, “Has my slut wife had enough or do I need to send you downstairs again?”

She began to cry. I softened my facial expression and asked, “Tell me about it.”

She blubbered, “Honey, I couldn’t help it. They told me they didn’t have girlfriends and were very horny. They insisted I could help them out and offered me an extra $100 a month to do it. They were pretty persuasive. It is a fact that you weren’t using my pussy in the afternoons and it wouldn’t wear out. And I remembered that you didn’t mind that other boyfriends and my brothers fucked me.”

I interrupted, “I DID mind but wasn’t sure if I had the right to tell you what to do with your own body.”

She looked at me and said, “If you’d said something I would have stopped even though I enjoyed it.”

“So how long has this little arrangement been going on?” I continued.

“About a week and a half. They do me almost every time that you’re not home.”

“So, do you enjoy them too?”

“Honey, you’ve taught me how to have a lot more pleasure than I ever had with the other guys. So of course I do.”

I pondered all this for a bit then asked, as my still embedded dick began re-firming, “Do you want to keep fucking them?”

My wife smiled as she looked at me. Feeling my hardening rod, she squeezed it with her cunt muscles. “I’d like to. It feels good and they really like screwing me. The extra money is nice too.”

I laughed, “I guess I can refer to you as my whore then! But I ride for free as often as I want.”

She laughed, “I promise to give my customers the best quality service. I want you to be proud of me. Now let’s have a good time.”

We sure did. And then I sent my happy whore back downstairs to tell the boys they didn’t have to sneak around anymore. As I expected, it took a while to make sure they completely understood. When she returned, it was clearly “shower-time” for her as I started dinner.

She stayed naked the rest of the evening, being rather proud of having a body that men lusted after. I don’t think I’ve ever described her. Five foot six with average weight. Short dark hair and light grey eyes. Her tits are firm b-cup with rather long nipples, especially when she gets aroused. Her hips are a bit wide but that makes her real comfortable to hop onto. Inner pussy lips protrude a little and look real nice cradled in her trimmed black bush.

She hinted at going back downstairs again but I said “No. Don’t kill them with kindness. Let them rest up and they’ll have more energy tomorrow.” We had a happy bedtime bang and slept snuggled up all night.

The next day was much better for me. We had a quickie before I left and I was probably not to the first traffic light before she was filled with younger pecker. But I wasn’t fretting any more. Honesty and openness make things a lot smoother and more comfortable.

I figured they’d be in a fucking frenzy for a while and then things would settle down like happens in a marriage. She sort of had three husbands now. It was a good thing her job was only part-time.

So now she’s waiting naked for me when I get home from work. I am asked each morning if I want her showered or slippery. If I inquire, she’ll tell me about her day and what her pussy has been doing. The young men are rather inventive so she likes to demonstrate new things if I’m in the mood.

On Saturdays one or both tenants will take her shopping and she helps them plan meals for the week. I watch sports on TV while they’re gone and know they’ll want to “put away the meat” along with the other groceries when they return. Being relaxed with a few beers in me sets the stage for trying new sex stuff when she pops up from the lower level naked, wet-pussied, and aroused.

“You ready to play, sweetie?” is her standard question. My rod sticking up from my lounging shorts gives her the answer she wants.

“You choose the fun, honey,” I say since I’m working at making her more confident and self-determining. I’ve gone along with some light bondage, role playing, watersports, and unusual coitus positions. It’s all been fun. The one thing we HAVEN’T done is have me watch her getting boned. Other than that moment of discovery I’ve had to use my imagination.

Today, though, I sent a video camera with her. Since there are two guys, one can fuck while the other films. I hooked the camera up to our big screen and laid her down in front of it. As the video played, I duplicated what is happening. It was wild seeing when they got down to the short strokes and pumped millions of sperm deep inside looking to knock her up.

One thing surprised me though. Sure the dick dippin was hot, but seeing them give her hot kisses was more erotic than I had imagined. Especially when one guy had just had his dick in her mouth and then she kisses the other one. Made me think about those dicks being in there when I kiss her.

After two Saturdays of watching the video and wanking while she was doing the real thing downstairs, I decided I was ready for a live show and participating in the action.

One evening when one guy was at class I requested that we BOTH go downstairs and play. She looked at me and then grinned. “I’ve been waiting for this,” she said as she stripped.

The guy was used to team-fucking her but I’d never been naked around another man sporting a woodie. I noticed how Clarinda took charge and got the action going with her talented mouth and hands. She insisted (unusual but I wasn’t going to argue) that I hold Robbie’s dick aimed toward the ceiling so she could slide down on it. I played with her body as she rode him. When she sensed he was near ejaculation she ordered me to hold his balls as he unloaded into her twat.

I was told to lie on my back and Robbie did the insertion honors as she dropped her cum-filled cunt on me. She sucked his wet and softened dick right in front of my face. My balls got held as I shot my wad.

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