Take by Vagina: 40 Ejaculations Each Mid-month

by Sterling

Copyright© 2016 by Sterling

Sex Story: Humanity faces extinction from a mysterious and massive fertility problem. The key to babies is a lot of men doing a woman during her brief fertile period. Women have to get it from 40 different guys in the middle of the month. And the guys have to save their seed for just that occasion.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   .

Everywhere in the world, the birthrate was down. Way, way down. If current trends continued, one woman out of 60 could be expected to bear a child in her lifetime. The population would plummet dramatically and humanity would become extinct.

A few women got pregnant, but very few. One of the few things the experts knew was that the few women who had lots of sex partners got pregnant a lot more often than those who had just one or two.

Lots of women didn’t want to bring children into a world with such uncertainty, but 23-year-old Naomi had always wanted a baby. She still wanted a baby. And she realized what she had to do to get it. Where were there lots of young men, gathered in one place? One was college dorms. That was a place she was familiar with, having lived there not too long before.

She managed to slip into the locked dorm behind a man who was going in. Might as well start with him.

“I wondered if you might help me.”

“Uh, what’s the problem?”

“No, no, I just hoped maybe you could help me arrange something.”

“You selling something?”


“Sorry, you’re on your own.”

“Part of what I’d like you to do is make love to me.”

That got his attention. “OK, and what do I have to do in return?”

“Um, could you get other guys here to make love to me too?” She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but she figured she was plenty attractive.

“Oh, you’re trying to get pregnant?” he said, grinning lewdly.

“Um, yes I am,” she said.

“You want a gang bang?”

“No! I was thinking I could find a room somewhere, one man could make love to me, and when he’s done, he could go out and find the next one. One at a time.”

“Makes sense. Want to start now?”

“Well, I was thinking of making a plan first.”

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” he said. “You’ve given me a stiffy just talking about it. Let me be guy number one.”

She felt disappointed in him, but ... the idea was to get pregnant. She didn’t have time to screen everyone for shining personal qualities. “OK,” she said, and he led her to his room.

When the door was locked behind them, she hesitated. She didn’t want to kiss the guy or make out. After a momentary flush of embarrassment, she stripped. He stripped too, and pulled the covers off the bed so it was just a sheet and pillow. His cock was pretty hard.

She lay back and spread her legs, and then remembered she’d better warm up a bit. She rubbed herself lightly. Wow, was this weird!

“That’s hot,” he murmured, as his cock got fully hard.

She stopped rubbing and spread her vaginal lips.

He lowered himself onto her and aimed his cock at her pussy hole. She guided him in.

“They say it works best if you don’t come too soon,” she said.

“Yeah, I remember reading that. And body contact.”

He thrust repeatedly to work himself in all the way, and then he lay down on her, though not crushing her. And there she was, on her back under a boy who was fucking her.

“Gotta say, you are a hot girl.”

She smiled weakly. His opinions weren’t particularly important.

“You get fucked a lot? I guess if you’re doing this, you must, eh?”

“It’s my first time ... I mean my first time of trying to get a whole bunch of guys to do me.”

“Well, I’m not going to hold off much more,” he said.

“That’s OK, go for it,” she said.

“You’re pretty. Nice boobs. Nice deep pussy.”

She figured as a beggar she shouldn’t complain. As long as he did his job. He was getting more excited.

“Oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck. You’re a cunt, cunt, cunt, oh yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes YES!” He held himself in deep and she felt his cock twitching.

Seconds later, he got up.

“Thanks,” she said, as he got dressed. “Is this room a good place?”

“For what?”

“Getting other guys to do me.”

“Oh, right.” He considered a moment. “No, you’ve gotta go.”

“Oh. You going to help me find the other guys?”

He hesitated. “No. It sounded like a good idea before. But why should I help other guys make you pregnant?” He gave a smug smile.

She glowered. “Oh, you got what you wanted, so you just go back on your word?” She got dressed briskly.

“Hey, I didn’t promise. And as I recall, you’re the one who asked for my sperm.”

Fair enough. But he was still an asshole.

She walked down the corridor. A big guy with an attitude walked by her ... Not a good candidate. There was an open door, and a slight nerdy guy at his desk.

“Hi,” she said. “I wondered if you could help me.”


“I’m trying to get pregnant, and you know how it’s hard to do?”

“Oh, right ... So, you want me to, um, do it?” He squirmed in his chair.

“Yeah, but first I need someone to help me get a whole bunch of guys. I’d like to look them over and just pick ones I like, but yeah, I need a bunch of guys. You can do me too, of course,” she said. “I’d like that very much. But I need help with the whole thing.”

“Oh, OK!” he said. He arranged a system where she looked through the picture directory of students and picked the ones she liked, given the ones who lived nearby. He vetoed a few guys he knew, saying she wouldn’t like them. A couple got nixed for being devout religious types.

“So, that should work!” he said. He hesitated.

“Um, yeah, but if you’d start this off I’d appreciate it.”

“Hmmm, sure, OK. This is kind of weird.”

“I know. What’s your name, by the way?”



“I’ve only done it a couple times, actually. Never really knew what I was doing.”

“Oh, that’s fine ... it’s pretty simple ... Just try not to come too soon.”

He gasped when he first penetrated her. He didn’t need any advice on how to get it all the way in and fuck. A big empty smile came onto his face. But after ten seconds he slowed down and paused, then fucked in again, then paused again. “Uh, I don’t think I can hold off,” he said.

“That’s OK, then,” she said with a smile. “Just go ahead and come. Just make sure you’re all the way in when you spurt.”

“God, that’s hot...” he said. Moments later he lunged deep and moaned. He withdrew a few seconds later, saying, “Sorry, sorry...”

“Hey, it’s OK. I’ll take it as a compliment that you think I’m very sexy.”

That broke the tension, and they began texting the various guys. Some invited her to their room, but she wanted them to come to the familiar space she was in.

The plan was on. Guys came and went.

A guy left and Steve came back in. “Wow, that didn’t last long!” he said.

“Uh, no,” she said with a sigh. “From initial penetration to ejaculation, I’d guess about 12 seconds. At least he pulled his pants down instead of just sticking it out through his fly.”

Steve laughed. “But I guess he did give you what you wanted.”

“Yeah, he did,” said Naomi, with a not entirely happy tone.

Steve said, “Hope you’re not offended, but could I do it again? I think I’d last longer.”

“OK,” she said. “You mind if I use a vibrator too? They say I should try to come too.”

“Oh, sure, no problem!” he said. “I’ve never seen a vibrator.”

“Want to do me from the rear? That works well with a vibrator.”

“Oh, you mean like dogs?” He laughed. “I thought girls didn’t like that.”


He mounted and fucked her from the rear. She applied the vibrator, trying to match her excitement roughly to his. After 5 minutes he was still fucking away with an even stroke.

“I think you’ve lasted long enough,” she said.

“Yeah, I guess so. More won’t increase the odds any.” He started thrusting with more intensity. Now she was the one who couldn’t hold off, and when orgasm was inevitable she held the vibrator against her clit firmly so she’d have a good strong one. She turned it off and put her head and chest down on the mattress, leaving her ass up in the air. That was all he needed.

Steve fucked harder and harder and then groaned as he climaxed. He pulled out, and she turned around and sat up. On to the next. Steve left the room.

“I’m actually gay.”

“Oh, hmmm. Sorry.”

“No, it’s OK. I can stand a pussy if it’s trying to make a baby. That’s a hot idea. I’ll just close my eyes and pretend.” He closed his eyes and penetrated her. “I’ll pretend you’re a big hunk who’s a switch. And as soon as I service you, you’ll service me. I’m looking forward to that a whole bunch. My, what a magnificent asshole you’ve got. Really exquisite...” He pounded in and out for a whole minute. “Oh, yeah, yeah, Nnnnnnnhhhhh!” He opened his eyes. “Oh yeah, you’re just a woman. Well, I gave you the baby juice and I hope it catches. Vaginas are made well, I have to say. I wish guys had asses that were as nice...”

“Well, OK ... Thanks for the contribution!” said Naomi.

A couple more and she’d had enough. When she left she’d taken 11 loads from 10 guys, since Steve had done her twice.

14 days later she sighed when she felt the cramps. Oh, well.

The website had a nice look to it:

“Stud Farm -- Looking to get pregnant? We can help!

We are a group of young men with strong sex drives for all kinds of women. Choose the ones you want from our catalog, and we will all service you in line with your preferences. All of our studs promise to abstain for at least 20 hours prior to your appointment to give you a full dose of what you came for. Erection, penetration and intra-vaginal ejaculation guaranteed!”

Ralph waited outside in his robe, playing with himself lazily so he’d stay mostly hard. The door opened, Vinny came out and shut it behind him.

“She wants it missionary, get down on her and hug, and last 3 minutes. She’s kind of grumpy.”

“No problem,” said Ralph, opening the door and going in.

She was a decent-looking woman, curly brown hair, a bit chubby but definitely sexy. She lay on her back, ready for the taking, but her arm was over her eyes.

Ralph ditched the robe and approached. “Ready?” he asked respectfully.

“Yep, let’s do it,” she said, not moving her arm.

He climbed up on her, aimed his cock, and pressed in gently.

“Let me know if you want anything different,” he said softly.

And then he let himself down on her and hugged her, as promised, fucking away. His head was beside hers and he turned his face away.

She was very slippery inside from the ejaculations of the previous guys. He noted the time on the wall clock so he’d know when 3 minutes was up. And he started a good-paced enthusiastic fuck. This was a good job. Well, actually it was volunteer work, but it was still good.

“Look at me,” she said. He turned his head to look. “I’m going to reach in between us to make myself come with my fingers. Hopefully at the same time you do.”

“Sure,” he said. The fingers weren’t really in the way. “Tell me when you’re almost ready.”

She nodded.

It was all of two minutes later she said, “OK, go for it.”

He fucked harder, no longer holding back. “Oh yeah,” he said. “Almost, almost... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, Aaaahhhhhhh!”

The woman gasped and grabbed his butt cheeks to hold him inside.

A few seconds later she said, “I hate we have to do this. Do you?”

“Uhhh, well...” That wasn’t the most friendly post-copulatory comment.

“Sorry, it’s not personal. I’m glad you did it -- thank you.”

“Oh, happy to help. I can’t say I hate it, frankly. Except I hate you to be unhappy.”

She smiled. “That’s honest of you. Fucking is just a lot of fun for guys, I guess.”

“I guess so. You came too, right?”

“Yes, I did. But it’s not the same. Not the same at all.”

He nodded, and after dressing left.

He supposed he could have just agreed with her -- the customer is always right. But to say he hated it -- just not credible!

The women who really wanted babies and were willing to break with ancient tradition did their best to get inseminated by a lot of men when they thought they were fertile. Organizations like the Stud Farm sprung up to make it easy. The government offered a huge financial reward for having a baby. Consultants were hired to devise a variety of slick marketing campaigns to encourage women to put out for dozens of men at the right time of month. Contraception was heavily taxed.

The obvious solution of mixing the sperm from 100 men and distributing it to different women did nothing. The presence of the man himself seemed necessary.

All that, and the birthrate barely moved.

Time for the next phase.

The government required women to have regular medical exams to track their periods. They were required to get a form signed by 20 men saying they had all had sex with her -- specifically, they had ejaculated in her vagina -- on the date specified. The penalty was a stiff fine.

But sympathetic men perjured themselves. Some women just paid the fine. Others were too poor to pay. Others went into hiding. And yet the birthrate remained low. Estimated lifetime fertility was .025 children were woman. For every 40 women, there would be one baby.

Radical change was needed, and the government was willing to do it. They made a momentous decision. Martial law was declared. And it was decreed that men had the right to rape women without legal consequences. In fact, it was encouraged. Women were of course horrified. Men’s reaction was more mixed. Many men were simply delighted that they could get a whole lot of pussy. Caring men were deeply troubled that their wives and daughters and sisters could be violated. Yet deep down many didn’t really understand what the huge deal was. Sex didn’t hurt, it was natural, and there WAS this huge fertility problem. Besides, they were going to be able to mate with other guys’ wives and daughters and sisters.

Yet the situation soon spiraled out of control. There was a foreseeable rampant spread of STIs. Clans retreated to fortified enclaves to protect their womenfolk. Suicide among women shot up. Polls showed a large majority of women and a large minority of men were against it. So, what was so bad about going extinct?

Within six months, the order allowing rape was rescinded, to the immense relief of women.

The regime’s political strategists knew that free rape was not a workable plan, and had planned to cancel it. They knew the rape free-for-all would be awful. They also knew that rescinding it would dull protests against the highly intrusive regulations that followed. They would seem more acceptable in contrast.

It was time for a much more organized approach.

All women and girls who had started puberty were fitted with a biometric collar. It tracked their cycles and advertised with a clearly visible green light when they were fertile, based on hormone levels. Men were fitted with collars that reliably detected orgasm. Both were fitted with highly accurate GPS. The collars had chips, and to get credit the man and woman had to actually touch collars -- they had to get over whatever repugnance there was to being at least that close. The requirement was then simple -- women must demonstrate that 10 ejaculations had occurred at the same place they were during their fertile period. That number would be raised over time.

After extensive preparation, the entire population was administered antibiotics and retrovirals at once, virtually eliminating STIs. HIV and other infections that could not be eliminated were instead treated with a virtual scarlet letter. A clearly visible red light warned others away from sex. Ejaculation by a red-light male in the vicinity of any other person was a felony -- unless the other person also had a red light.

The requirement to take 10 ejaculations during a fertile period was simple in theory, but in practice wasn’t so easy. Women weren’t used to asking ten guys to fuck them at a moment’s notice -- they didn’t know for sure when the green light would go on. What’s more, it was naturally the more desirable guys who got asked, and they would get overloaded with offers. Some of them didn’t feel like doing it every day.

The very least the government could do for the women was to provide the men who would show up to give them a sperm injection.

Men were told where to go and when. They should be prepared to do their duty once a day.

Showing up was under a man’s control, but even the government recognized that coming in a woman’s pussy wasn’t always.

“Hi,” said Tom.

“Hello,” said Mehitabel.

“Guess we got to get this over with. Sorry...”

“Hey, that’s OK. I really do want a baby.”

“OK, that’s always nice. You need to warm up?”

“No, thanks. Other men have been there recently, and lubed things up.” Mehitabel took off her robe and lay back, legs spread wide.

Tom undressed.

“Nice cock. You want help?”

“That’s OK. Let me just get a look at you here. Sorry I’m regarding you as a sex object.”

“You’re funny. Just don’t tell me I’m pretty. I hate that. I’m not.”

“Well -- maybe, maybe not. But you’re sexy.” He moved up into mounting position, and pressed a button on his collar. A timer started counting down from 4 minutes.

“Well, your cock seems to think so, and they say cocks don’t lie.”

He slid it in. “You want to do it by the book?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” He shoved back and forth a couple times until his cock was in all the way, then reached out to interlock fingers with her and let himself down on her chest. “Four minutes of fucking. It’s so romantic.”

“Yeah, well, I try to put the best spin on it I can, since we don’t have any choice. My body recognizes a man as the right kind of person. It really does feel nice going in and out. Sometimes I come just from this, and I’m not ashamed of that any more.”

“Hey, no, that would be great. Let me know how to do it different ... but not yet. I got to hold off for my four minutes.”

“Let me get my pheromones,” she said, and lifted her head up and to the side and smelled his armpit. “Good and ripe, just like regulations.”

“Yeah, you too,” he said. They weren’t supposed to bathe very often. Science had showed it helped.

The minutes went by. Tom’s collar beeped. “OK, how you want it?”

“Move up a little, and really long strokes -- and pause when you’re in all the way. Sorry -- am I bossy? You can do whatever you want.”

“No problem. That’s a hot way to do it. How’s that?”

“Oooo, great.”

“And how long do you think it will take? Figured I’d better ask now.”

“Yeah, very nice of you. Just a couple minutes, if it’s going to work. If I can tell it’s going to happen I’ll tell you to go for it, then you just do anything you want and come.”

“Sounds good.”

“Mmmm ... oh, yeah ... Just like that ... ooooo, mmmm, mmmmm, nice, nice ... OK, go for it!”

He began a really fast motion, with deep and long strokes.

“Oh, oh, aaaaaahhhhhhh!” said Mehitabel.

“Oooohhhhhhh!” said Tom, seconds later. He held himself in tight and deep.

“Nice,” she said.

“One one-thousand, two one-thousand...” Regulations were to stay deep for 15 seconds after the last ejaculatory dribble before pulling out.

“Yeah, worked well, I guess. Hope you get your baby.”

“Yeah, I hope you’re the daddy.”

He gave a wan smile as he got dressed.



Outside Tom checked his watch. Twenty minutes total. Not bad. Time to get back to work.

Some of the women were hot, some were OK, and some like this one were barely OK. But guys are built to fuck just about anything adult and female and ejaculate in her vagina. And it felt good. Very satisfying, actually.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Akmajian.”

“Yes, detective. Happy to help. I try, I really do ... but I can’t get it up with a woman!”

“Yes, we understand. We can tell from your records that you haven’t ejaculated near a woman since you were registered. And we appreciate the initiative you took to inform us of this fact. Yet you have ejaculated roughly twice a week.”

“Yeah, well by myself it’s different.”

“That’s understandable. We will start you with the standard treatment. We will give you Viagra. We will match you with some women who are attractive and have been trained specially to help men feel at ease. You can even choose your sex therapist from a catalog to find one who meets your own taste physically.”

“OK, thanks,” he said, but he had his doubts.

It was a slick video:

“Hi, I’m Jackie and I’m 15.”

“And I’m Kate and I’m 14.”

“A lot of girls are nervous about the time when they start having to have sex with men. So we’re making this video to tell you what it’s like.”

“We figure you already know about puberty. You know, pubic hair, breasts, underarm hair, periods, all that stuff.”

“So, the first thing is that you’ll start having regular visits with a gynecologist --”

“That’s a doctor for women’s reproductive systems.”

“Basically a doctor who deals with the stuff between your legs.” They both laughed.

“They can tell from your collar how your body is developing, but they also see you in person.”

“So the first thing to know is that you get at least two months notice. The gynecologist tells you that after two months go by, you’ll be ready to go the next time you’re fertile.”

“The first piece of advice: Learn how to have an orgasm! There’s lots of stuff written about that. Vibrators of all kinds are free for the taking. You’ll probably get the hang of it.”

“And here’s a secret...” She whispered, “It feels good!”

Both girls laughed. “Oh, boy does it feel good! But it’s also nice for you beyond just feeling good, and should help you feel more at home about this whole business.”

“Next piece of advice: Have sex!”

“Have sex many times before you have to.”

“You can start having sex any time you want, and some of you already are. That’s great!”

“But now you’ve really got to do it. Your first time should be with someone you like and trust. If it’s too embarrassing to ask in person, get someone else to ask for you. Preferably give them a list of 4 or 5 guys so you’re not hanging on one answer. You want to have sex with several different guys before you have to.”

“There’s lots of videos on how to get ready for sex and how to do it. Like making sure your vagina is stretchy and the hymen or cherry or whatever you call it is gone. That’s if you don’t want to be worrying about pain.”

“It’s fine to get a boy your age or younger. Their dicks often aren’t full grown yet, and so that makes it easier when you’re just starting out.”

“You should see pretty soon that your body is made for this. It’s made to take a cock in there without it hurting. It should even feel kind of nice. Maybe really nice. A few girls have orgasms just from the penis going in and out. It works for others if they touch themselves with their fingers. And it works for just about everyone with a vibrator.”

“But here’s the thing that’s a little harder. Lots of girls want to do it with one guy. They want to do it with a boyfriend, or a guy that’s particularly hot. They don’t want to do it with a lot of different guys. They can start feeling kind of emotional about it. Upset.”

“We both went through it. It’s natural, but it’s also something you can overcome. You know the country -- the world actually -- is really in deep shit with babies, right? Like so few babies are being born that we’ll all just die out in 100 years or something if we can’t get the baby count way up?”

“And lots of guys is the way to do it. There’s usually some guy out there who can make you pregnant, but it’s got to be exactly the right guy, and no one has any way to know in advance. So to have a chance of having a baby, you’ve got to have lots of guys do it to you.”

“And make sure when you’re practicing that you’ve got some adult guys with full-size cocks.”

“And yeah, every one of them is going to ejaculate in your vagina. It’s natural. You won’t feel it -- you’ll just know because they get tense and excited, and then they relax.”

“So, finally, your two months is up, your green light comes on, and you’ve got to do it. They start you out slow. Like all you need is 3 guys the first time. And then 5 the next, 7 the next, and so on, until you get up to 20.”

“The other thing is for the first year you get to choose. If you can line up enough men from among the ones you like and they all do you, then you don’t need to put up with any strangers.”

“But it’s good to try a few strangers before you absolutely have to.”

“Guys vary a lot. Lots of them are sympathetic and think it sucks that you have to let so many guys fuck you, so that’s nice to know they’re supportive. Sometimes they and others will be real excited about your body, really delighted to be able to do it to you. Obviously that happens more with some girls than others. And some girls like that. They like it when they know the guy really desires them.”

“Other guys are much more ho-hum about it. Some don’t want to be doing it at all. And if you don’t either, you’ve got something in common. But guys are wired to be able to come in just about any pussy, so usually they will, even if they don’t seem happy.”

“Some guys won’t be able to get it up, or they’ll get it in you and then they’ll shrink again before they ejaculate. Others will just go on and on and on and won’t be able to give you their ejaculation. Fact number one: This is not your fault!”

“Right. It is not your fault! But sometimes you can help them out. You can let them know you want them to do it to you. You can stroke their cock. Tell them it’s sexy. Even lick it if you want. Usually they’re grateful you’re willing to help. Sometimes it will do the trick, and sometimes it won’t. But it’s worth a try.”

“It’s to your advantage. If a guy doesn’t manage to ejaculate inside you, it doesn’t count for your total, right? So if you’ve gone as far as getting naked with him and offering him your pussy, you want to finish it off and get the sperm out of him.”

“The more you can get into the spirit of this whole thing the better. You DO want to have a baby, right? Babies are so cool! And you’ll be a real hero if you have a baby, and you’ll have lots of money, and everyone will wait on you. And in any case, you’ve got to do it, so try to enjoy what you’ve got to do. Your body is meant to take it and it should feel kind of good.”

“And keep in mind that the government is just giving you a minimum. You can have sex with more guys if you want. The more guys who give you sperm, the better your chance of having a baby! If you’re like most girls, your green light will stay on for at least a day and a half. You can get 100 doses of sperm if you want -- some guys can do it really quick. There’s a site where people can keep track of the records.”

“Now, a more serious subject here. Some girls just can’t get with the program. They fight the system. And here’s the advice: don’t. Don’t. They know every trick, and it always ends up worse for you. If you struggle, they’ll simply tie you up, so you’re all spread out but can’t move your arms and legs, and that’s humiliating.”

“And in a lot of other cases, like if you have a genuine psychological problem, they’ll just put you out with a drug and then 25 guys will do it to you anyway while you’re conked out.”

“See, the story is that the world really, really needs babies. We girls are the key. It doesn’t hurt and usually it feels good. It’s what your body is meant to do. Some girls love it, and do your best to become one of them. And God bless the United States of America!”

The pregnancy rate went up -- but not enough.

They sequenced the DNA of every person of reproductive age. They recorded every mating. They set the supercomputers to work, crunching and crunching.

They quickly determined that effective matings were always between an individual with XX chromosomes and one with XY. More informative observations from genetics were elusive.

A woman’s light initially went on for around a day and a half, but the computer analysis revealed that the men who became daddies far more often had delivered their load in the middle 16 hours, so the green light time was reduced accordingly. A limiting factor is how many men a woman can take during the 16 hours of her peak fertility. Sleep is not important -- it’s easy enough to catch up from an all-nighter.

They found that doing it from the rear is nearly as effective as the missionary-giving-weight-and-interlocking fingers, and less sensitive to duration. Even if a guy only lasts a few seconds from the rear it’s nearly as effective. So women could pack in more ejaculations per hour.

Another surprising finding was that a woman getting spanked was actually associated with getting pregnant. This posed a problem, since lots of men don’t want to hurt anyone. The spank had to be pretty hard, but obviously they couldn’t give free rein to brutalizing women either.

The solution was a simple spring-loaded spanking device. When collapsed it looked like a ping pong paddle. But the center part could be pulled back around a hinge on the handle. All a guy had to do was pull the center back until it clicked, place the ring against a woman’s rear end, and pull the trigger. It delivered one spank of uniform intensity, usually painful but not damaging.

To reduce any incentive to tamper with the thing to reduce the intensity, spankers belonged to men, not women.

Zach had started puberty. Girls looked very interesting. He had some pubic hair. When he jerked off, fluid came out. But it would still be a couple years before he would produce good sperm. When that happened, the government would tell him which fertile women to have sex with.

The mom of one of his classmates had contacted him to ask if he’d have sex with her. He’d looked at the pictures -- she was hot! So he’d said yes.

Going to meet her, he was a little nervous, but mostly excited.

“Hi, Zach,” she said when she answered the door. They sat in the living room.

After a few minutes of awkward conversation, she said, “Hey, you want to go to the bedroom?”

“Um, OK, if you want,” he said.

“You done this much?” she asked.

“Um, no, never,” he said. He couldn’t lie, but he still felt ashamed.

“Oh, a virgin!” she said.

“Yeah, sorry, I dunno...”

“No, that’s just fine!” she said. “I’m honored,” she continued softly. “If you don’t have any special ideas how you want it, I’ve got an idea.”

“Uh, no, whatever you think.”

She pulled the covers off the bed so there was nothing but mattress and pillow, then stripped naked and sat on the bed.

He took all his clothes off except his underpants. His cock was stiff inside, and all his life the message had been that his privates were private, especially when he had an erection.

She said, “Oooo, I want to see what’s in there,” as she pulled them down. “Oohhhh, that’s perfect,” she said, stroking it once, gently.

Then she lay back, legs spread wide, and held her pussy lips open.

“What I’ve love more than anything is if you come up on me and stick that wonderful cock right here in my pussy.”

Zach was so excited. He was going to do it!

“And just do what feels good. You’ll probably come quickly -- just let it happen.”

Zach noted the woman with sizable breasts, a waist, wide hips, thighs ... and his goal, right there in the middle. He poked his cock at the opening and it went in. Amazing feelings went through him. The pleasure was overwhelming. He thrust it in and out ten times before his orgasm seized him. It never felt that good when he was by himself! He could feel his twitching cock as it delivered a little clear fluid.

“That was so nice!” she said. “I bet you liked that!”

He nodded. But what happened next?

Seeming to understand his discomfort, she said, “You can go any time. But if you want to lie here a few minutes -- well, if you think you might want to do it again ... I’d love to play with your wonderful cock...”

He liked that idea. And as the woman idly played with his cock, it grew again. She really appreciated him! So he felt bold saying, “I want to fuck you again.” And he didn’t apologize.

She smiled and lay back. “I’d love it if you fucked me again ... Go for it.”

And there he was back on top of her again, cock deep in her pussy. It felt fantastic but he didn’t start coming right away. He got to enjoy the in and out motion. He enjoyed the idea of him on top of this woman, fucking her pussy. He was in charge, kind of.

He fucked in and out hard for several minutes, feeling his pleasure build. Once more he came, and it felt even better. The first time he almost hadn’t had time to feel the pleasure before he was spurting. This time he did.

After he’d rested a minute, she said, “You want to explore my body ... if you’ve never been with a woman before?”

“Sure,” he said casually. He touched her breasts, squeezed them and caressed them, and then sucked. At first he sucked pretty gently, and she told him to use more force. He got a close look at her pussy, but decided he didn’t feel like licking. She showed him where the various parts were.

He gave her permission to lick his cock, and it came back to life. “Want to do it from the rear?” she asked.

“OK,” he said, feigning indifference.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll just fiddle a bit with my fingers while you’re doing it. Maybe I’ll have an orgasm.”

“No problem,” he said. On his knees, presented with a womanly ass, he knew just what to do. He spread her lips and drove his cock in. He barely felt her fingers down just below where his shaft was shoving in and out.

“You like doing it to me?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“You want to tell me how much you like it? Use some naughty words?”

“Sure. I love fucking you. I like it a whole lot.” He pounded in and out. “I love stuffing it up your snatch.”

“Are you going to come inside me?”

“Yes! I’m going to ejaculate in you. You’ve got a hot ass, and I’m happy to have a piece of it.”

“What’s the dirtiest word you know for a pussy,” she asked softly.

Was she really looking for the C-word? Well, if there was a dirtier one she surely couldn’t object to that one... “Cunt. I’m fucking your cunt. You got a hot, sloppy cunt, and I’m going to fuck it hard.”

She whimpered. “Oh, come, come in my cunt ... I want it so much.”

Zach had already delivered two loads within the hour, but he was young and she was hot. “Oh, take that, you ... you ... you ... CUNT!” he said, cock twitching.

“Ooooohhhhh!” said the woman, gasping.

He pulled out and sat back.

She turned and sat too. “It’s nice with you. Here we are, outside the tyranny of reproduction. And we can do what we want. I don’t like to go 28 days between sex -- getting a whole bunch at once doesn’t make up for the rest.”

He nodded. He had a few years before he would enter the tyranny of reproduction himself, whereby the government would requisition his very load and demand its release deep in the pussy of a fertile woman, at least once a day.

Meanwhile, there were the girls his age. The ones who didn’t have to do it yet, but were getting ready. The ones who just liked it. And even after they started taking it during their fertile phase, some of the girls just liked to do it more playfully with someone they liked. And he was a favorite with the girls, especially once he got his confidence.

Life was good.

Roger read the notice.

“Dear Mr. Akmajian,

You have a long record of not ejaculating inside of fertile women. We can find no organic or psychological reason you are unable to. While we recognize that it may be beyond your abilities, we have adopted a new policy. You will be assigned a less desirable job, such as slaughtering pigs or cleaning sewers. These jobs have to be done, of course. It is honorable work. And we must give men an incentive to do their sexual duties if they are able.”

Holy shit! That put a new light on things. Maybe he could find a way ... It would be embarrassing, but some of the girls probably would call him lots of awful names and pee on him. That’s what would get him off in a vagina. His face grew red with shame as he imagined himself telling a counselor or asking a girl -- but the picture of pig guts was even more alarming.

Dan sighed. New regulations. Twice a day! Older guys got a break, but for a 25-year-old, twice a day. And it had to be with the women they assigned him on the schedule. Most were OK. It felt good. But that was a lot of fucking, day in and day out.

He read about ways to get variances. One was to do women who were really fat. If he could pull that off, he could take his reward in various ways. Let’s see ... He could reduce his obligation to once every other day, and spend up to two ejaculations in between in any way he wanted if he so chose. He could earn a bit of money. Or ... he could get his pick of some really hot girls for his other one. He looked through the catalog -- wow, that was the thing! Could he do a fatso? He thought he probably could. And then ... whoa, that Sarah was amazing!

“Hey, Keith, we got a problem?”

“Uh, what’s that?” he said to his speakerphone.

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