An Instant Family

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2016 by Barneyr

Drama Story: What does an alphabet soup agent do when he retires at an early age? Does he just drop off the grid or does he take what has been given to him and try to make a life out of it? Read and you can follow along and see how Jason copes with life after the hectic life of an agent.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Size   Slow   .

My team was all set, and we only waited until it was 2AM. Only ten more minutes and the Ortega Cartel would be no more. While we were working our way into the compound, we set charges at all the outlying buildings. His hanger, his power house, and his warehouse. We made sure that there was no money in the warehouse first. Juan Garcia Montoya Ortega was known for hoarding his many millions in his house where he could look at it, play with it, and just know that all his money was safe. It was rumored that between the gold, silver, and multiple currencies, he kept in his basement that he had accumulated in excess of one billion dollars American through all his varied businesses. Drugs were his most profitable business, but he was also into prostitution, white slavery, and the smuggling of foreign agents and radicals into the US.

It was time now. Twenty of the top agents of our alphabet soup agency moved in on the mansion of Ortega. In the next ten minutes, we had silenced all twenty-three of the inner perimeter guards and entered the house. The inside guards were very lax; no one had ever penetrated this compound. They knew that they were safe, and as long as the Patron was asleep or busy with one of his many whores, they could relax.

Carefully ten of my team cleared the ground floor. There were a couple that were the cooks and housekeeper who were our inside people, and we had them leave in a hurry. The other ten of our group with me leading took the second floor. The guards were easy. Ortega was smart in one respect; he had a guard room on each floor, but most were sleeping. They were easy, just a slit throat and move on to the next one. The roving guards were next, but they were not the most alert guys either.

Now came the time for clearing out the rest of the second floor. In one room, we found three American girls, and five Orientals trussed up on a large bed. They were cut loose and told to stay quiet, or they would die. Another room held a lot of jewelry and art that Ortega had conned from people he smuggled across the border. We found his office and I left one of my men in charge of finding all of his relative files on his smuggling locations and who was being bribed or bought to allow the smuggling. Lastly, we went to the Patron’s room. I picked the lock, and we entered. Thankfully, he and his two whores were dead asleep. They stayed dead.

Now was the time to finish the job. All of our charges were remote detonated, and we had plenty of time to clean out Ortega’s horde in the basement. Surprisingly, there was no huge safe or other obstacle for us to clean out his basement. There was a tunnel leading to his hanger, and we used that to transport all of his ill-gotten gains to our box trucks with Ortega’s produce company’s name emblazoned on the side.

By the time we were loaded up with the gold and silver bars, and six pallets of cash along with the eight young girls (about 18 to 20 years old). It was going on five in the morning. We made our way to the airport not far from the Ortega compound, and it was starting to get very light out. We loaded everything into our cargo aircraft, a C-17 and took off flying out of Mexico toward the Gulf. We triggered the explosives at Ortega’s compound as we flew over it and the whole place went up in smoke and fire. After getting to the Gulf we turned north to NAS Corpus Christi for refueling, and then once in the air again we made for our secret base in northwestern Texas. There is so much area in Texas that a secret base is easily camouflaged in its vast open range areas.

Once everything was sorted out the agency, which receives half of all funds gained, the total was 1.7 billion dollars. The other half of the $850 million was divided up amongst the twenty team members. We rounded down to $40 million apiece and gave the rest to the eight women that we rescued. We could place all of them back with their families, and the money was used as a college scholarship plus therapy costs to allow them to get well after their ordeal.

I guess I should introduce myself here. I am Jason Paul Turner; I am 28 years old, and five-foot eleven and one hundred eighty-five pounds of fit human male. I am not muscle bound like some gym rat, but I could hold my own with a gym rat twice my size. I know probably two hundred ways to kill a person with my bare hands. I am an expert marksman with rifle, handgun or about any other weapon, including a blowgun. I was recruited by the CIA while in college and then transferred into this new agency when I was 25. In the three years in this agency, I have accumulated quite a nest egg. Scattered over thirty banks and financial institutions around the world I have a net worth of just over nine-hundred million. I plan to retire when I’m thirty, so I can settle down and have a family. I was able to finish college and received a bachelors in Finance and a masters in Computer Science. I could work just about anywhere that I wanted; that is if I wanted to work. I have no close friends except members of my team. I am pretty much a loner right now, but that is because of my job.

Two years and five jobs later, I am on my last job. It is the infiltration of a massive white slavery ring that holds auctions for selling young girls and boys from one to sixteen year olds. Most of their merchandise, however, is in the preteen age group, but everything from babies to teenagers is for sale.

We are set up in a Holliday Inn next to a Hampton Suites outside of Washington DC. The auction will take place at midnight. We have the three hotels in the immediate area covered. There is a Ramada about a half-mile down from these two hotels that we have some people in order to make sure that we catch these bastards. Each buyer is set up in a room on a different floor with a laptop. We open a specified website, and we can see the merchandise up for auction. We are given a routing and account number to submit our bids to. We have a voice that gives the current bid and if the price stays the same for over one minute, the auction for that girl or boy is over.

We can trace back from my laptop where the merchandise is being displayed from. The signal is routed through several servers, but originates from the hotel next door. This is so that after the auction the buyers can pick up their merchandise. Now where the auctioneer is, is another matter, but we are tracing his signal as well.

The auction starts with a nine-year-old boy, and he sells for twenty thousand. I bid on a fifteen-year-old girl, and am the high bidder at seventy thousand. Each of the boys or girls are drugged and tied to a box affair with their arms up and their legs in straps spreading their legs. The box rotates so you can see all of them. Later, there is another girl, who looks much like the fifteen-year-old I bid on. She is only twelve but the similarity is uncanny, so I bid on her too. I think they are sisters.

By the time the bidding is all over with we have nailed down where everyone is. Each of the bidders has one or two of our men outside of their room. They will not escape. We also have the auctioneer as well. I’m so glad we added the Ramada down the street. That was where he was broadcasting from. We found the room where the kids were kept. It was a two-bedroom suite and the kids were kept in one of the bedrooms while the auction was in the main room. Within ten minutes, we had all the buyers, and the goons moving the kids to the auction. The auctioneer was interrupted while trying to transfer all the bids to his account. So we got him and his account before it could be transferred again.

When everything was done we had three girls that we could find no relatives for. The sisters; fifteen-year old Jacolyn Preston or Jackie as she preferred to be called, her sister Marilyn or Mar as she wanted to be called. Then there was this bundle of joy Amie. Amie was six years old, and we tried everything we could think of; fingerprints, footprints, and DNA to find her parents or any relative, to no avail. Our agency files plus what we had access to could not find a match for her. She was just young enough that the only thing she knew was that her hometown was called Jamestown. Well, there are twenty-eight states with a Jamestown, plus there are several more Jamestown’s in the world, but Amie didn’t seem to have an accent, so we traced down each missing persons for each town and looked for similarities to Amie and found nothing. Great, what to do now? I stepped in and said I would adopt her as this was my last job, and I was going to settle down in either Arkansas or my ranch in Texas.

The sisters were the only living remnants of their family. Their parents and a younger brother were burned in a fire at their home. The fire was arson, and we thought that the white slavers set the fire to hide the kidnapping of the sisters. I said I would adopt them as well, and they agreed.

After a brief stay at a hospital in Maryland, the four of us traveled to my cabin in Arkansas to relax and just get over the tragedy and turmoil they had endured over the last three weeks. School didn’t start for another two months, so we had plenty of time to unwind and get to know each other. My cabin is on a lake and has three bedrooms upstairs and a great room downstairs that is open to the upper floor. The kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms are under the upper bedrooms. So is the furnace and storage room. The great room has a stone fireplace on the north end of the cabin as well as on the east side that heats the bedrooms upstairs. The first night I let them each have a bedroom, and I would sleep downstairs on the foldout couch.

Later in the night, Jackie came down stairs and asked if I was going to require her to sleep with me in gratitude for her rescue. I sat her down and kneeled at her feet. “Jackie, I have no interest in doing that. I am not into forcing myself on anyone. You have to understand that I adopted you, your sister Mar, and Amie, not out of some sick idea that you would become my women, and I would have sex with each of you. I retired so that I could have a family, and somehow I already have that with you three. However, now I need to find someone I could love as a wife. You are my children, nothing else. Do you understand now?”

“But what if I want to sleep with you Jason? Do you think that you could still love your daughter, even if we had sex?”

“I think that this is a subject best left for another day. Let’s wait about two weeks, and if you still feel that you must owe me sex, and then we can talk again, okay?”

“Thank you Jason. Do we need to call you Daddy now?”

“No, I’m Jason. But if you want to call me dad or daddy that is all up to each of you. I noticed that when I tucked Amie in she said ‘Goodnight Daddy’, so she may be leaning that way. But it is entirely up to you what you want to call me. I will answer to just about anything. Now go back to bed and sleep tight Jackie. Remember that I love you.”

“Love you too Jason,” she said as she got up, kissed my cheek, and ran up the stairs.

Here I thought that my old job had pitfalls, being a parent would take all my skills and many more that I didn’t even have right now to make it through this period of my life.

The very next morning I loaded up the girls and headed for the nearest town to get clothes, and everything that my new family needed. First off, was shopping for clothes. I never knew that girls or women for that matter needed so many clothes. We went to a small boutique, and I talked with the owner and said I need school clothes as well as casual clothing for my girls. If they didn’t have what they needed could she please let me know where I could get what we needed. She told me that for casual and play clothes, Walmart would be best. She could outfit them with school clothes and dressy outfits. I said go, and price is not a problem. I think I may have screwed myself on that statement. We ended up with a bill for just over six grand.

Then it was off to Walmart for the rest of their clothes and then there was the makeup and other feminine products. I also picked up some stuffed animals for Amie and a couple for Mar and Jackie too. Then there were board games, and X-box and video games to add to our haul. Damn, I’m glad I brought the Suburban and not just the truck. We never would have made it home without a couple of trips.

The next three weeks were more of a get really acquainted thing as the girls told their story. Well Jackie and Mar told of their past and after their stories I had to hold them in a group hug that included Amie. Amie’s tale was much shorter and the two older girls told her that no matter what she was their sister now.

No more was said about Jackie thanking me with sex, so I thought things were progressing nicely. Hardy har har, the laugh was on me. Never underestimate the aims of a frustrated young woman.

It was now time to move to Texas, so I could get the girls set up for school. The cabin was nice but the nearest school was fifty miles away, compared to a five-mile bus ride from the ranch house in Texas. The move actually went fairly smoothly. But my Dodge dually with rented trailer was full to overflowing. It took two days of loading everything into the truck and trailer. But that meant another two days of unloading back in Texas.

I had a small spread of 190 acres just northwest of Nacogdoches off of old highway 21. It was a mostly wooded area with three oil wells, and a gas well on the property. The house itself was back from the road about a quarter mile and surrounded by trees, except for the back area where I had a large in-ground pool with a hot tub on the deck and a sauna on the deck as well. The back deck ran the full length or the house which was just over two hundred feet long and fifteen feet deep and covered by a metal roof. The house was about thirty-five thousand square feet with five bedrooms counting the master suite on one side of the house. The other four bedrooms were on the other side of the house with each two sets with their own bathroom between them. There was a big kitchen, formal dining room, family room, office/den and a large living room with a half bath off from it.

Jackie wanted one room to her own with her own bath, so Amie and Mar took the last set of bedrooms on the front of the house. But Amie usually slept with Mar until she got used to being with a family again. She wanted to sleep with me, but I tried my best to quash that. I slept naked and had done so since my early teens. I really didn’t want a six-year-old in bed with me every night. I might have been a real badass, but I wasn’t a pervert ... yet. At the lake cabin Amie usually slept with Mar there too, and I saw no reason to change it now. Yes, she had her own room, but she wanted someone close when she slept and Mar didn’t mind in the slightest.

Now Jackie was another matter. She would turn sixteen on the 20th of August, and she still wanted to sleep with me to say thanks for saving her and Mar and Amie too. She decided that since she was the oldest female that she would be the cook and de-facto mom of the family until I went out and found a new mom for everyone. Well, right now I was just trying to adjust to having an instant family and had no room to try to juggle another woman into this chaotic household.

Amie and Mar both called me Dad or Daddy, but Jackie called me Jason or Jase. So it was kind of like she was the mom and me the dad. Her reasoning was that since I was the dad, and she was the mom that we had to sleep together. I figured that I would have to put a scare into her to back her off from that idea, so I came up with an idea, which ultimately backfired on me, of course.

I hadn’t describe all of me yet, but I have a seven-inch cock that when hard is almost two and a quarter inches across. So one night just before school started, I whispered to Jackie that after the girls were put to bed that she should come to my room.

Jackie at almost sixteen was five foot three, and had developed nice 32 B breasts. I bought her bras, so I knew. Her hips had broadened out; her waist was trim, and her coltish legs finished the package along with her lengthening blonde hair. The white slavers had cut her hair in a short cut so as to not detract from her burgeoning tits. When Jackie came into my room she had gone all out and had makeup on that made her look older, and she wore some filmy negligee with crotch less panties and a shelf bra that put on display her small round boobs. She made quite a delectable dish, and I reacted like most men would regardless of her age. I got hard in seconds and tented the sheet I was covered with.

“Is that for me Daddy?”

“I guess so, since you made it happen,” I said as I threw the sheet back. She gasped and backed up however, once she was over her scare; she approached the bed and then climbed on and tried to put her hand around my shaft. She needed two hands to go around and then tentively opened her mouth to see if she could devour my meat. First, barely the top third of my helmet entered her mouth, and she tried again and could not open wide enough to get more than what she already had in her mouth. She looked up into my eyes, and I saw disappointment and anger. She couldn’t do any more than tongue me.

“Jackie, my dear girl, do you now see why I said that I couldn’t try to have me make love to you. I would rip you in two if I tried. I’m just too large for you right now. Maybe in a few years then we can again talk about this, but until then, can we postpone your thank yous?”

She rushed into my arms and I got to feel her warm and nubile body hugging me and crying. “But Jason, I so wanted to thank you so much for saving us. I have only done it once just before we were kidnapped. I’m not a virgin technically but he was in such a hurry that after he broke though my hymen he pushed in a couple of more times and then came inside of me. It was so painful that I kneed him in the balls and told him I never wanted to see him again. That was three nights before we were taken. In a way, I wish I would have waited so that I could give you my virginity, but I can’t undo that part of my life. He was way smaller than you are; he was maybe about a third of what you have.”

“Jackie, remember I tried to tell you that it wouldn’t work for us. Not only my size but I’m not someone who takes advantage of young girl’s inexperience or hormones. Now I can help you understand some of your feelings and maybe help you to learn some things that will help you cope with your raging hormonal changes.”

“Oh Jason could you please teach me what I need to learn to make a man happy.”

“Only if you stop this nonsense about being my wife in the bedroom. I don’t mind you being the mom for right now, but that’s as far as it goes. Okay?”

“Yes Jason, I’ll do as you say.”

“Good, now get out of those things and don’t tear them; you might need those later, once you find a nice boy at school.”

It was a funny thing that once Jackie was out of those ‘come fuck me’ clothes, I lost my hardon and it was like I was a teacher explaining everything to her about the male and female form. I taught her how to masturbate by rubbing her nipples and then running her finger along her nearly hairless slit. Once she got the rhythm down she came several times before she quit. Then it was my turn, and I jacked off for her and showed her all the moves that a man makes to get off. She tried to do it for me, but I said no touching between us. This was a teacher – student instruction and no touching. She was amazed when I came, and I squirted almost half a cup of cum. She did taste a bit before I could stop her, but she said it was kind of bitter and too salty. Thus ended our class of sex-ed when I cautioned her against bareback sex. I told her, if you ever need condoms, then I will provide them. Right now since you were not a virgin, the people at the hospital gave you an implant that is good for three years, but that only prevents pregnancy not STDs, so always be prepared. If a boy even puts his penis inside of you; you can still get pregnant without the implant. And just because a boy doesn’t have sores on his dick doesn’t mean he isn’t full of disease, especially HIV, so always be careful. Remember that you can always come and talk to me about anything. I will never prejudge you; I’m here for you for anything, okay sweetheart?”

“Yes Daddy, thank you for not taking advantage of a stupid girl and explaining all these things to me.” She hugged me and kissed me on the lips with a scorching kiss that had my flagging flesh start to rise again. “Oh he’s getting hard again, do you want me to help him go soft again?”

“No, now be ... ah ... get your clothes on, and go to your bed. Goodnight Honey, remember I love you so much Jackie.” Boy I almost said beat it and I think she would have taken that to mean to jack me off.

“And I love you too Daddy.”

Boy, did I dodge a bullet or what? I’m so glad that turned out like it did. If I was smaller, it wouldn’t have worked like it did.

Where my ranch is was, the start of a subdivision that never really got off the ground. The developer was a single guy, and he bought thirty acres and built four homes and two roads. He had an option that within two years he could buy the other 190 acres from the owner of the property. When he had the first four homes built, the economy tanked, and he had to give up the option on the additional land. I happened to see the land for sale and snapped it up since electricity, sewer, and gas lines were already close by, so there would be no need for a septic system for my property. They also had phone and cable lines as well. Over the years, I had the house built as it is today.

The subdivision next to me, is just a row of houses, and has an entrance driveway that extends about ten feet beyond the edge of the road that the four houses are on. The first house was the three bedroom, two bath model home and the other three were two - three bedroom, two baths, and a four bedroom three bath home.

The last house in the line closest to my property is the home of Bill and Charlotte Sterne with their three children: Paul fifteen, Sandra thirteen, and Steven twelve. Then next to them are Sam and Teresa Fulk and their two kids Sammie (Samantha) at twelve and Kirsten aged six. The second house, houses the Olsen family consisting of Thomas and Carolyn, and Thomas Junior aged ten. The old model home is a childless couple that wanted a retirement home, and is Bob and Debbie Sheering. Bob is fifty-seven and Debbie is fifty-eight. Debbie is the baby-sitter for all the families in the row. The subdivision was called Serene Acres. Each lot was to be two and a half acres, so they were fairly large lots. Each of the houses was a single story so as to be hidden by the trees along the road and the eight-foot high fence behind each home. The houses were set back from the main road (old Hiway 21) one hundred-fifty feet.

So my kids had some other kids to play with mainly Kirsten and TJ (Thomas Junior – He hated being called Junior). So there was no problem there, but Debbie Sheering did arts and crafts in the old office in the garage. She made stuff for craft shows in town and had a website for her stuff. It was mostly just knick knack type of stuff and Amie, and Kirsten liked to help her, so there was one outlet for both younger girls.

We didn’t have any problems at all until the week before Halloween. I got a frantic call from the elementary school. Amie suddenly yelled ‘No!’ and grabbed a desk, pulled it into a corner, and shuddered under it and screamed ‘NO!’ I drove as fast as I could to the school and ran to her room once I knew where it was. I was met by a beautiful redhead who introduced herself as Carol Ann Haller. She was Ami’s teacher. My first concern was for Amie. I immediately went to her and lifted her to me as she lunged to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She clung to me like that and was shaking with her head buried into my chest.

“What’s the matter Baby, you can tell me. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to trick or treat. They can’t make me, can they?”

“No Sweety, if you don’t want to go trick or treating, you don’t have to.” I sat down in the chair at the back of the room for the TA. Amie was straddling my lap and still clung to me, and shivered and shook. I tried to calm her with cooing words and got Ms Haller’s attention. She came to me, and I took my phone and asked her to call Dr. Sheridan, please. She walked off a bit and called the number from my phone. Once Dr. Sheridan’s nurse found out who the call was about, she said to bring her right in, and she would work us in. Dr. Lois Sheridan is Amie’s therapist and psychologist; well actually, she is the girl’s therapist. I was recommended to her by my old boss when he found out I would be s living at the ranch house with the children. She started working with the girls before school started, and I thought by now that things would have been much better. Then it hit me; Amie may have been taken when she was trick or treating on Halloween. I would let Dr. Sheridan know about that possibility when we got there. With Carol bending over showing me some great small cleavage and Amie’s jumping around on my lap, she had awakened the ‘sleeping giant’ as Jackie called it. Amie felt me getting hard, and just like that, she calmed down knowing that if I was getting hard, then nothing was seriously wrong and all was right in her world. When I was tense or anxious then I could never get a hardon, but when things were okay, so when the girls would wrestle with me or squirm around on my lap, I would get hard. Hey I’m still a young man and a dick has no conscience or mind. Jackie did it once after our talk, and she let slip that she had awakened the ‘Sleeping Giant’ and that everything must be right with our world. So that was the big joke at home that when the sleeping giant made his appearance that everything was good.

Of course now, I would really be embarrassed when I stood up with a tent in my trousers after Carol leaned over me and showed her cleavage. I asked if she could help me check out Amie from school, so I could take her to the doctor’s office and see if we could get Amie some help, Carol of course, was all ready to drive us there even though school had barely started. I thanked her and said we would be fine. When Amie finally slipped down off of me, my tent was fairly pronounced still. I thanked Ms Haller and said I would let her know how Amie was feeling later. She said that she had put her phone number into my phone if I ever needed anything more from her.

Now I know that when I shook her hand when we first met something happened, but I was too worried about Amie that I dismissed it, but when she hugged Amie and then me and shook my hand I felt something much more than just concern about a student. Somehow she was feeling some of the same things I was, concerning her and I. I would definitely be calling Carol again.

Maybe something could develop between me and this gorgeous redheaded teacher. Now Ms Haller was about five foot six, and I would say about 125 pounds. Maybe a 36 C and 24 to 26-inch waist, and 36 to 38-inch hips and legs, WOW! Well what I could see of them under her dress. She had on a nice light summer dress in white with lilac-colored flowers and yellow ducks on it. It accentuated her breasts with a long waist that started just below her breasts and went to her waist and then a flowing skirt that ended about an inch or so above her knees. She wore flats and had almost flaming red hair and green eyes and very red lips made for kissing. Overall on a scale of one to ten, she was a twelve for me.

Once I left that beauty behind, I drove the five blocks to Dr. Sheridan’s office. Her last patient was just leaving, and her next one hadn’t shown yet so we got right in to see her. Doctor Lois Sheridan is in her late forties and looks kind of like Kathy Bates the actress. She is just the epitome of the grandmother type of woman. She is short at five foot-three and has this twinkle in her eyes when she sees a child. She is the type of person that a child could crawl up in her lap and know you’re safe. Dr. Sheridan is a child psychologist with several degrees. She loves kids and has some toys, coloring books and puzzles in one area of her therapy room. Amie was doing some puzzle while I talked to Lois and let her know what I thought about Amie’s outburst today. She agreed that it could be.

“Jason, unless Amie wants you here, why don’t you go get a cup of coffee and pester my nurse for a bit while Amie, and I can talk, Okay”

“Sure, Nurse Betty loves it when I can pester her for a while.”

Now Betty Rodgers is thirty-five and happily married with two children, but she loves people and loves to tease me and try to set me up with her friends. I did go out on one date that was a disaster from the start. Her friend Alice Dolan was looking for a husband, and thought sex was the way to attract him, and after getting the come on all night, I just took her home, called the next night, and said it was too soon for me to be looking for a permanent relationship. She thanked me for being honest and forthright. I told her that I hoped that she would find the right guy some day.

Betty got a call from the next patient’s mom and said they wouldn’t make the appointment due to one thing or other so Amie could spend a whole two hours with Lois. I went out for a while to cool off, and I called Debbie to see if Amie had said anything to her about Halloween. That hadn’t been discussed as she had already sent out all the Halloween stuff a couple of months ago before Amie started helping her.

“Jase is anything wrong with Amie?”

“Deb, they were talking about trick or treating in school, and she panicked. I think that she was possibly abducted on Halloween night. I’m at her therapist now, and she is talking with her. I hope things can come out in the open on this, so she can cope with it now instead of later. But thanks for the concern Debbie, I let you know how she is later.”

“Jason, you know I love all kids, but Amie and Kristen are special to me, because they are such a great help now that I am wheelchair bound. All of your girls are special to me as well as you too Jase. For a young man like you to adopt those girls, and give them a home and love them like you have done is just remarkable. Not many young men would have done what you did Jason, never forget that. Now you take care of your babies and love them all the time.”

“Thanks Debbie I will and say hello to Bob for me. I’ll try to get over tomorrow to get that lawn mowed and trimmed. That rider I have will make quick work of the lawn.”

“I will Jase, see you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye Debbie.”

Bob had arthritis in his hands so bad that he couldn’t do much and had to retire on disability last year. His hands started curling up so much that he can hardly open doors. Mowing would be out of the question. All of us neighbors took turns doing the chores he couldn’t, and this was my week.

Betty looked over at me and said, “Jason you are too good a person not to have a wife to love as well as those great kids you have. When are you going to start looking seriously for someone? Those girls need a woman’s influence soon. I’m not sure that your neighbors can give the help they need.”

“Well for your information, I met someone today that just might fit that bill. Amie’s teacher Carol Ann Haller; I noticed that she didn’t wear a ring on her left hand, and she is beautiful. She has bright-red hair, and the most beautiful green eyes that I think I could go swimming in. Her lips looked so kissable that I had an embarrassing reaction to her today.”

“Don’t tell me that you sprang a boner for her? Now, Jason shame on you, lusting after a school teacher. She might make you stay after class and wash down the blackboards or something. Knowing you it would be the something else entirely.”

“Now there Betty, let’s not go quite that far ... yet. I just met her this morning, but she did give me her phone number. Supposedly to let her know how this turns out for Amie. But there might have been an ulterior motive. I really felt something when we first shook hands and then again, when she hugged me before we left.”

“I think you have the inside track there Jase. She just met you, and she took the time to give you her phone number, yep; you got a live one there old boy. I wish you luck with her. Just the way you talked about her; I can see she is someone special already. Don’t blow it Jase.”

“I don’t intend to, but right now I have other problems on my hands with Amie. I hope she’s alright.”

“I’m sure that Lois with find the problem and get it fixed or at least some way to lessen the trauma. She is in good hands Jase, you know that right?”

“Yeah Betty, I know that Dr. Sheridan is the best there is for this type of thing anywhere around here. If I thought that someone was better I would have flown Amie there or them here in a heartbeat.”

“Jason, you never mentioned that you had that kind of power or finances to be able to do that, I know that you have a few acres out of town, but that talk could get you laid awfully quick.”

“Please Betty, forget I even mentioned it. Yes, I do have some power and a little money, but that’s not important to me. That little girl in there means more to me than all the money in the world. If I had the power of a super hero I would like the power to heal children from the horrors of abuse and kidnapping and drugs. That would be my goal in life and was for a while ... Damn Betty there I have shot my mouth off again to you. You’re as good as the doc. Shame on you. I hope this is just between you me and the flagpole, right?”

“Jase, we never had this talk; I know when someone has opened their heart and said things that go no further than that door outside. Your prior life and what you have or don’t have are a secret that goes no further. Right now, I envy that little schoolmarm. She is going to get one hell of a man.”

“Thank you so much Betty, I think that all the stress of Amie has gotten to me today. I just want her to be well and grow up to be someone special, because she is sure special to me.”

Just then the inner door opened, and Amie rushed into my arms and lap, just like always she was straddling my lap and hugging me and moving around on my lap causing a reaction for the sleeping giant.

“Guess what Daddy, Dr. Lois has found out lots of stuff today and now I’m not so scared anymore. And she wants to have a talk with you now, and I get to talk to Nurse Betty and play games til you’re done. Then can we go home, I’m tired.”

“Of course baby, as soon as I get done with the nice doctor. We might even see if the Dairy Queen is open so we can get a little something cold.”

“Oh goodie, I want a sundae with sprinkles. Is that okay Daddy?”

“Sure that is fine.” I set Amie on the floor and using her for a shield I adjusted myself some and walked into the doctor’s office hunched over a little.

Doctor Sheridan’s office was a combination family room, living room, and office. There were three distinct areas in the large room. There was a play area with toys, games, and such. A couch or sofa if you will with a coffee table and two chairs opposite it. Then there was what I would call a lounge couch, one that had no back but sloped up for the head and back with a comfortable chair beside it facing the same direction of the foot of the couch. Then in one corner was a large desk with two comfortable armless chairs in front of it. This is where I headed and the doctor said to sit on the couch, and pointed to the sloping couch.

Okay, this was different from of our other discussions; when I was here before, we had always talked at her desk.

“Jason I asked you in here today to discuss two things,” she said as she sat in the chair by the couch. “I did some digging with hypnosis with Amie and found that she has been with those slavers or at least with some group since she was a toddler. I suspect that she was about two to three when she, and her mother were taken on Halloween night like you thought. She lost her mother and father than night along with an older sister of about four or five. She has had a real rough time of it. I have given her some suggestions under hypnosis that should alleviate most of her problems with Halloween, and some of the trauma associated with that tragic event in her young life. The one thing that I see that has helped her the most is you and her sisters. The love that you share with her has a very large effect on her psyche and her outlook on life. Her love for you is one of the strongest things I have ever seen. She may never leave you Jason. She may always need to have you near her. That is something we will have to see as she grows older, but for now you and her sisters are her whole world. Yes, she likes her teacher, and she likes her school, and some of the kids, but as far as someone to count on you are the main factor in her life.

I found that Amie, and that may not be her real name. It might be what they called her at the place where she was kept. She told me that they were always touching her, and I think that is why when she sees you in a chair without arms, she immediately straddles your lap and wiggles around like she did when she came out of here. I noticed it when you first brought her in with the other girls. You sat in an armless chair, and she immediately switched chairs and sat in your lap. I think that she is somehow reliving that touching, and only time will tell is she quits it on her own. Anyone can see the love she has for you and you for her.

In a way it is as it should be, but she does have a father fixation on you that is stronger than most that I have seen in the past. She sees you as some kind of super hero that has saved her just for you. I’m sure that given the background of her and her sisters, that is normal, but there is something much stronger than just a saving hero that I get from her. That being said I think that for right now things should level out.”

“Dr. Sheridan, I see where she might see me as some kind of super hero by taking her from the slavers, and then loving her and bringing her into a loving family environment, but this fixation on me may not be healthy. Is that what you are saying?”

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