Who Knew?

by Barneyr

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Incest Story: A man discovers that his wife is cheating, but it is with who that surprises him.

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Let me start with introducing myself. I’m Douglas Steven Hess, most often called Doug. I am thirty-nine years old and have been married for twenty years this coming August. I am an architect who works from an office in the home that I designed shortly after I graduated from college with my masters degree in architecture at nineteen. Not to brag but I have an IQ of 167 and finished high school at thirteen and went right into college. I met my wife Sharon in college; she was a junior and twenty-one years old at the time that I was eighteen.

We met, fell in love, and married all within a year, as we married right after graduation. My parents lived in northern Illinois, but I went to college in Ohio close to where Sharon Myers was from. After putting up with cold winters for three years with two kids we moved south once I was licensed and settled in central Texas.

Jeremy, our first son, was born forty-one days after our first anniversary. His brother Rodney was born a year later, and we had a while before we tried again for a child, and Cindy was born four years after Rodney. Once I was established in Texas, I had this home built to the design I had made for my master’s class. It has a master suite on one side of the house and a master suite on the other side along with three other large bedrooms. The master suites have their own bathroom, plus there are two other bathrooms between the second and third bedrooms. There is a large kitchen, formal dining area, living room and family room between the master suites. Behind the single master suite is a large office between the house and the four-car garage. This is where I spent most of my time during the day.

When I was building the house, I wanted two cameras hidden in each room, so that we could keep track of the children as they grew up. Microphones were placed near the cameras so that any noise could alert us to a problem with the children. As the children grew we forgot about that feature of the house, and all the software was still installed on my work laptop computer in my office.

Over the years, I felt that we had a great marriage. Sure sex had slowed down a little from three to four nights a week to two, but overall I was extremely happy and thought that my Sharon was too. I found out that was not the case during a conference I had to attend in Houston this week. Everyone knew that I was going for the four-day conference starting on Tuesday morning, so I flew out of Austin on Monday evening. Tuesday evening I was going over some notes, and I noticed the old camera icon on my laptop. Just for grins I activated the software to see how my family was doing.

The first camera that came up was my daughter’s room, and she was on her bed naked and masturbating. I quickly turned to another camera, but then turned back. My god my baby girl was all grown up. Well mostly so. She had breasts and a little hair at her juncture, from what I could see around her fast-moving hand. Her right hand was very busy jilling herself off, and her left was squeezing her right breast and nipple. I wanted to turn away from my barely thirteen-year-old daughter, but for some reason, I was fascinated and struck just how beautiful she was. Finally, she arched her back and came and fell back exhausted. I think I was so glad that I had not turned her mike on, or I would have been forced to take matters into my own hands.

I moved on to Rodney’s room, but he was not there. Jeremy’s room was likewise, empty. I moved to the master suite for our room, and it was empty as well. I checked the kitchen, living room and family room to find them, all empty. Since it was Tuesday night, I didn’t think that the boys had dates, but who knew. Then I thought why not check the guest suite and there is where my heart sank.

My wife of almost twenty years was naked, on her back, and being screwed by one man and sucking another. I couldn’t breathe; my life was shattered. A huge hole opened in my heart, and suddenly everything turned black, and I passed out.

When I came to several hours later, I tried to convince myself that I had somehow gotten the signals crossed and that particular camera was showing a picture from some other house, maybe even one close to my hotel. I tried several scenarios as to explain what I thought I saw. I had to know, so I again checked all the cameras again and for our master bedroom, I saw three people in our bed covered by a sheet. From left to right was Jeremy, Sharon, and Rodney. They were asleep, but the fact that my sons were sharing my bed with my wife sent shock waves through my body again. Not only was my wife cheating on me, but she was doing it with our sons.

I’m not sure that I got any sleep at all that night. I managed to stumble through the next three days of the conference and flew home on Friday afternoon. I was met at the airport by my son Jeremy. Once out to the car in the parking lot, I put my suitcase and laptop into the back seat and once inside in the passenger’s seat, I swung a right at his jaw and connected solidly. He was out like a light, and I moved him over to the passenger’s side and drove home. We were close to home when Jeremy woke up and looked over at me. “So you found out about us, huh?”

“Yes you son of a bitch. How could you fuck your own mother of all people? I thought that I meant more to you than that. You know what that does to a person when they see the one person that they love the most throw away almost twenty years of marriage for a fuck. But to have my own sons do that to me hurts even worse.”

“Dad, I’m really sorry, but when it is given to you on a silver platter, you don’t turn it down.”

“So how long has this been going on behind my back?”

“I was fifteen when mom first approached me. She asked me if I wanted to learn how to please a girl. I jumped at the chance; I’m sure that you would have too. It was too good an offer to turn down. Rod joined us about a year later.”

“Did she let you fuck her ass too?”

“Only for about a year or so, I first got that when she was on top of Rod, and she said I should try her ass. Dad, I’m really sorry about this, but mom said that you two had an open marriage, and you could have other women, but she wanted to keep it with people she knew.”

“Well, I wish she would have shared that little tidbit with me. I could have been quite busy for the last three years since she started this shit. I have a little idea that I may even get some back at her. I don’t want you to mention anything to your slut of a mother for now. I will let you know when I do something about this.”

“So does that mean we can still fuck her?”

“By we, I suppose you mean you and Rodney, right?”

“Well ... there have been a few others. Ah ... there were Steven Foster, Harry Tipton, and George Donne too, but they were only once or twice last year. This year it has only been Rod and I.”

“Any others?”

“No dad. God, I just thought about what you might feel like about this. I had the thought of what I would feel like if I was you. Oh God Dad, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s a little late for you to think about that, don’t you think? Imagine my surprise when I found the software for the house cameras and found them to still be working. Then think about how I felt when I opened the camera in the guest suite and saw my two boys fucking their mother. At first, I thought that you were raping her until I could see that she was encouraging each of you to fill her up. So then I see you two sleeping with her in our bed. I guess that you two have been doing that any time I’m not at home, right?”

“Well, ya kinda.”

“Is she still taking birth control pills or is she on the implant?”

“I really don’t know dad, she just said that she was safe, so we didn’t have to wear a condom or pull out.”

“For now just keep on like you have been doing. Just know one thing son, I love you as much as ever, but I really don’t like you much right now, you or Rod. Now your slut of a mother is a different matter altogether. I will still be civil to her, but the love is gone. It disappeared Tuesday night when I opened the cameras. I don’t know what I’ll do about our marriage as yet, but we will all discuss that when the time comes. Until then, try not to let your mother know I know anything. Oh yeah, I’m sorry about the roundhouse right, but I felt that you deserved it.”

“Yeah I guess I did, again sorry dad. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“You mean other than to stop fucking your mother? Not right now, no, I may need your help later, but for right now I’m not sure just what I’m going to do. I’m still a bit stunned by it all. But I do thank you for the offer. For now, don’t say anything to your mother or brother. You’ll know when it happens, then the whole family will know what is about to happen once I can figure out what I want from now on.”

I drove on home and was greeted warmly by my family, and I went into my office to drop off my notes and laptop. I then went into our bedroom and changed and dropped off my dirty laundry just like usual. Sharon did not join me like she had sometimes in the past, maybe she had an idea that things were not right with me or us. I have no idea what she thought right now and no real reason to care either. God, this is so hard to act like nothing is wrong and yet know that things are all screwed up and nothing I can say right now to change it.

Although it was only 7:00pm, I decided I needed some sleep. I had not gotten much in Houston after my surprise on Tuesday night. I took a shower and after drying off I slipped into bed and tried to sleep. Somehow being in my own bed I dropped off and slept undisturbed until morning. At eight, I got up and told my wife, I had some things to take care of regarding the conference and went to my office. I did, however, bring up the cameras again and everyone was behaving themselves.

Jeremy had told me during the ride home that they mostly had their mom after school before six when I would come out of my office for dinner. During the summer breaks and holidays, if I worked then they would use the guest room for their trysts.

I plunged into my work and was done by two that afternoon. I changed into my swimming suit and went out to the pool and just dove in and swam up and down for as long as I could until I could hardly move my arms or legs anymore. I then went into the family room and fell asleep in my recliner until dinner time.

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