Art Class

by Write or Wrong

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Incest Sex Story: I attended college at State, and my sophomore year I had a life drawing class that literally changed my life. The drawing part was fine, I'm actually pretty good at that, but then we got a new nude model. My little sister!

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I can still remember my friend, Chaz, talking me into signing up for life drawing class. “Come on buddy,” he said, “it will be great. Three hours a week of looking at nude women. Throw in a few beers and it would be a party!” I laughed at his attempt to sway me, but truth is he didn’t have to work that hard. I had been thinking about taking an art class next semester, and this one fit the bill nicely.

The first few weeks of class were cool, but not the party that was promised. Most of the models were older or dumpy looking. Still the practice was improving my skills and I had a couple of sketches the professor wanted me to build on. Then a new model came walking in to our third week class. All the guys, and several girls perked up because this model was a young trim co-ed. Then I had to do a double take as my eighteen-year-old freshman sister, Samantha, dropped her bathrobe.

The stodgy old professor was up there pointing out how the light strikes her skin at certain angles. All I could see was the slope of her breasts to her hard nipples and the way her small waist flared to the hottest ass I have ever seen.

“Dude, isn’t that your sister? Damn she is hot.” Chaz said as he picked up his charcoal and started to draw.

As I picked up my charcoal I tried to see Sam with an objective artist’s eye. My sister is about 5’6” and has a hard body from her regular workouts. Her blond hair, which she usually let hang loose across her shoulders or up in a ponytail, was curled tight in a bun so it would not brake the line of her long neck. She looked perfectly proportioned - her breasts large, but not freakishly big compared to the rest of her. The same could be said for her ass - well rounded, but not a crazy bubble-butt. I did not know if she normally shaved everything, but there was no hair on her body today.

Let’s face it, my artist’s eye was losing the battle to my nineteen-year-old libido.

Sam was very professional, not smiling or looking anyone in the eye. Then she noticed me behind my easel and she seemed to be fighting to contain a wicked grin. From then on Sammy kept looking me in the eye no matter what pose she assumed.

Sammy and I had been close growing up since we were only a year apart. Instead of bickering we usually worked well together. She helped set me up with her friends from time to time and I returned the favor. I knew the night she lost her virginity to one of the guys on the football team because I covered for her with our folks. When someone once was going on about how easy she was I beat the shit out of him - not because I thought it was a lie, but because it was disrespectful. Still it wasn’t until I saw her up on that stand, naked as the day she was born, that I had ever really thought about wanting her myself - for myself.

By the end of the class I had a few half-hearted drawings, a raging hard on and some very confusing feelings. I left the class as soon as I could, with Chaz asking what I was going to say to Sam.

I took the long way home because I was dreading getting back to the apartment since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, besides go to my room and jerk off. Sam and I share an apartment because Dad wanted me to look after her while we were away from home. When I opened the door, there she was waiting on the couch watching TV. Sammy tried to look innocent and said, “Gee, bro, you look a little out of sorts.”

“What do you expect after looking at my sister nude in front of a roomful of people. What the hell were you doing?”

“Modeling dummy. You remember how daddy told me to get a job for play money? Well where else am I going to get paid $50 a class for just standing around.”

“There are other jobs.”

“There are other art classes.” Sammy shot back.

“But you shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Why not? I like the way it makes me feel when everyone is looking at me. I ... I liked the lusty looks. How many of them do you think ran home and got themselves off thinking about me?” She said with a shiver. “I think you are just upset because you liked what you saw.”

Damn if she didn’t hit close to the mark with that one. That is probably why I snapped at her, “God Sammy! You can be such a little brat!”

“Oh God yourself.” She said standing up and storming off towards our bedrooms. I followed her, not ready to give up the fight. She was dressed in tight jeans and a blue tank top, but I couldn’t get the image of her naked body out of my mind. When she stopped with her hand on her door knob, it was obvious and she wasn’t going to let me. “It’s okay that you got all hard looking at me. You wouldn’t believe how excited I got when I saw you in there.” She looked up at me, all big blue eyes. “But then you’ve always made me wet, I just kept it secret until now. Now all I can think about is what it would be like to take you into my room and have you fuck me silly.”

How could this be my little sister? Maybe I should have said something like, ‘Jesus, Sam, you’re my sister. You shouldn’t be talking like that.’ But instead I just went in my room and shut the door. I lay on my bed wondering what the fuck I was supposed to do now. I loved my sister more than anything, but now that love was mixed with lust for this slutty woman who just offered herself to me. I flipped through the sketches I had made in class, and then looked at the picture of us sitting on my desk. When I opened my door a few minutes later I knew there was no going back.

I went next door to Sammy’s room and knocked as I opened the door. If my mind wasn’t made up when I barged in her room it would have been by what was waiting for me. Once more my sister was nude in front of me, but this time she wasn’t standing in front of an art class. This time she was laying on top of her covers, sliding a small pink dildo in and out of her wet pussy. I could see her juice gleaming on the rubber cock as she moved it inside her with one hand and was pulling on her nipple with the other.

“I didn’t think you were going to come over so I started by myself.”

I gave her some cheese-ball line like; “Well, maybe we should finish together,” and Sammy laughed and opened her arms to me. The sight of her spread open for me was enough to make me drop my pants in record time. Before you could say, “incest is the best” I was standing naked beside the bed next to my horny sister with my boner pointing shamelessly to the ceiling.

There was a moment of fear mixed with my excitement as Sam looked me over. I knew I was in decent shape - no six pack abs, but I wasn’t carrying a keg either. What I didn’t know was how I would measure up with other guys she has been with. The girls I’ve hooked up with have been happy with the thick eight-inch dick I carry, but I knew my sister had been around the block - who knows what I had to measure up to.

My fear evaporated as Sammy clapped her hands like a little girl and squealed, “Oooh, look at BIG brother!” She immediately moved around so she could take my cock in her mouth. I almost lost it in the first seconds. One of her boyfriends must have taught Sam to suck cock like a professional. After a few first licks she sucked half of me into her mouth before backing off to tease my glands with her tongue. While suckling at the tip she spread her saliva over my shaft with a twisting pump of her hand. The amazing technique was made better knowing it was my little sister wrapping her lips around me.

“Holy shit Sammy, you are amazing!” I told her. “If you keep that up I’m not going to last long.”

“That’s okay big brother.” Sammy said looking up at me while rubbing my wet cock on her cheek. “As long as you promise to get it up again, you should cum as soon as you can. And when you do, cum right here.” She pointed to her tongue. with my cock before wrapping her lips back around my shaft.

Wanting to please, I looked deep in my sister’s baby blues and let myself go, shooting stream after stream of hot jizz into her mouth. Sammy kept fisting my twitching cock, milking the last drops out. Then she stood up and kissed me spilling my own spunk into my mouth. It was the first time I had tasted that much of my cum and there was not much to do but swallow it down.

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