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Erotica Sex Story: Hi, this is Gwen and I guess this is my essay on what I did last summer - which includes watching some new friends do the nasty by their pool. If you haven't read Andy's story about our fun and games or my best friend Robin's musings as she was testing the waters, you might want to read those first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Hi, I guess it is my turn. This is Gwen. You may know me from my boyfriend, Andy’s story about our fun and games, or my best friend Robin’s musings as she was testing the waters. I guess this is my essay on what I did last summer.

My summer vacation was not off to a good start. Instead of hanging out with my hunky boyfriend for - how did he put it? Oh yeah, naughty fun time - or spending the summer with my bestie at our new college, my Mom had drug me down to Florida.

Do you know how stinking hot it is in Florida in the summer? Plus, while Andy might describe my “surfer-girl” build, I much prefer the back yard pool to the beach. But my Aunt Silvia lived down there and mom wanted to have one more “girls trip” before I went off to school. And the cherry on top of that melting sundae of happiness was we drove.

We took a week driving down even though we could have made it in two days. I tried to focus on the good side of this. Mom wanted to go all out and we had a stay-over at a nice spa near the Smoky Mountains. Massage, mud baths and manicures, we did it all. When we left the spa both of us were so relaxed we only made it 100 miles before having to call it a day.

Silvia and her husband Enrique who was in an import/export business - I couldn’t make that up if I tried - lived in a gated community outside Miami. The lawns were all exactly 1.5 inches tall. The front yards all had two palm trees and an allamanda bush in the landscaping. And all the houses were one of four models that the HSA required to be painted with the same three color schemes.

It was like an east coast version of “Weeds.” They were all made out of tickie-tacky and they all looked just the same. And our arrival in the tropical version of a suburban nightmare didn’t go unnoticed.

The first night we arrived Silvia had a dinner party in our honor. The food was really good - some Cuban pork dish, but I was getting tired of standing around watching people drink the night away.

The only people I liked were Silvia’s next-door neighbors Alicia and Rudy. They were younger than most of the people at the party. Enrique explained that the newlyweds had just moved in a few months ago and the house was a gift of Rudy’s parents who lived a block over.

Alicia saved me from boredom by saying, “Gwen, since my lout of a husband let my drink get empty, can you show me where to get a refill?”

“Oh, you wound me dear.” Her husband said clutching his heart.

“Then you shouldn’t have let my Cuba Libre go dry.” Alicia said giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You coming Gwen?”

“Uh, sure.” I said realizing she probably knew the way to the bar better than I did.

As she dropped ice cubes in her glass she explained, “You looked a little bored. But it is nice to have some young blood at one of these things, so I didn’t want you running off.”

“Okay,” I said, “I won’t be a flight risk if you don’t mind sticking with me.”

“Agreed!” She said as we clinked glasses.

The rest of the party was a blur of new faces asking mindless questions about my college plans, but Alicia hung with me and helped save me from the worst of it. I found out she was from Costa Rica and she and Rudy had been high school sweethearts, just at a private boarding school instead of a regular school.

By the time things were winding down Alicia and I were making plans for a shopping trip the next day. My mom was a little perturbed, but she couldn’t complain too much - especially when Alicia said Mom and Sylvia just had to join us.

Three days later Alicia and I were laying out by her pool in new little bikinis. Since Rudy was away on business Alicia had time to kill with me. And it turns out Alicia knew all the best shops in Miami, and they all knew her. Alicia was a lot of fun and very affectionate like some Costa Ricans, and even with sales clerks she would sprinkle in Spanish terms of endearment.

Mom eventually decided it was safe for me and Alicia to hang - as long as I stuck to my spending limit. Alicia showed me how to make the most of that limit and now I had another bag full of cloths for school, and this skimpy little two piece that would drive Andy bonkers when I got back home.

I had to admit that while I looked good in my new swimsuit, Alicia looked dead sexy. She was about as tall as me at five foot six inches, but she had black hair and a dark all over tan. Where I was rather thin - with small boobs that Andy reassures me are more than enough - Alicia was more voluptuous like Robin. I guess I have a type. And she was fun to dish with. This morning we had gotten around to gossiping about our men, and maybe I had revealed a little too much about Andy’s physiology.

“What do you call it?” she asked sipping a mimosa.

“The Beast.” I said. We were lying next to each other in lounge chairs. Even though it was before noon the sun shot daggers of light off the water and I was contemplating putting on another coat of sunscreen before I became deep fried.

“And how beastly are we talking.” I held my hands apart giving her an idea of what Andy has for me. She laughed and said, “Wow, good for you sweetie. Sometimes size does matter. But I like my Rudy. He isn’t that big, but he knows how to make me purr.”

“Purring is good.” I said, sipping my own drink, enjoying how the bubbles tickled my nose. This was my second of the morning and I was feeling, nice. Just then we heard the garage door rattle.

“Oooh, speak of the devil. Looks like someone is finally home from his business trip.” She said sitting up like an eager beaver.

“I guess that means you are going to need some alone time.” I said.

“Yeah, but ... want to have some fun?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“Maybe.” I said cautiously.

“Okay, take your stuff and go into the pool house and watch this.” She directed. “Hurry.”

I gathered everything up and ran around the pool ducking behind the ivy covered trellis that surrounded the cabana just as Rudy came out of the house. “Hi honey.” He said still dressed for the office.

Alicia squealed and ran over to him and he swung her around in a big hug. he said, “Honey, you look so sexy in that thing, I could just eat you up.”

“Mmmmm ... now that’s a nice thought.”

I smiled at how happy they looked together and thought about seeing Andy again. Then I pictured seeing Robin, but that was a little confusing when I thought about our sexcapades, so I focused on what was happening in front of me.

Well, not so much in front of me as through the slats of the ivy covered lattice. I figured that would give me enough cover to make sure Rudy didn’t know he had an audience and staying put would be safer than trying to open the cabana door unnoticed.

Alicia had maneuvered them back to the chairs and she now lay on her tummy, stretched out on the towel while Rudy told her about his trip. She looked right at me and winked. “Honey, I think I could use some more tanning oil. Be a dear...”

Rudy smiled wide and picked up the bottle between their chairs. He began to massage the oil on her back. He started on her shoulders, and then lower on her back. From the moan I heard across the pool his hands must have felt good as he moved slowly across her skin.

I had a moment to reflect at what kind of a voyeur I was becoming - first Robin, now this. With Robin, I was as much the watched as the watcher. I was already super hot that night with what Andy and I were doing, and Robin being there was the cherry on top of an amazing time. This time things were more one sided. Still, I couldn’t deny the warm tingles that were spreading through my body as I watched Rudy massage Alicia’s toned body.

“Lower, go lower, honey,” she directed her husband. His hands moved lower until they rested at the edge of Alicia’s skimpy bikini bottom. He toyed with the edge of the fabric, but mostly he continued to massage the base of her back.

“Lower,” I whimpered under my breath, giving in to the fact that I was totally turned on by the possibilities at seeing these two get it on.

Rudy didn’t need to be told. I could see him smile as one hand finally slid underneath the material of Alicia’s bikini and rested it on his wife’s right ass-cheek. As he massaged the soft flesh of her butt, I noticed that Rudy had a huge bulge tenting out his shorts. Obviously fondling his wife was making him very aroused.

I know he had been traveling on business since I met him, which means it had been the better part of a week since they’d had sex. I was glad she had decided to let me watch their reunion.

Alicia let out a soft moan when Rudy’s other hand slipped underneath her bottoms and gently massaged her other ass-cheek. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I watched her husband’s hands kneading her ass. She turned her head towards him and rotated her hips, grinding her pussy into the chair beneath her. Then she raised her hips so Rudy could work her bikini down until most of her ass was visible. She glanced my way and smiled when she saw my eyes glued to her bare bottom.

My hands were pulling on my sensitive cone shaped nipples until I slipped my fingers under the band of my bikini bottom. As suspected, my hidden lips were slick with my own excitement watching this sexy couple and wondering what my new friend would do next.

Slowly Alicia turned over on her back and raised her right leg. Pointing her toes forward, she stretched her leg until her foot rested on her husband’s groin. This spread her legs and I could see she was already as wet as me. Slowly, she began to massage his stiff cock with the bottom of her foot. Rudy let out a soft moan as she rubbed him through his pants.

“Oh my God,” he groaned, “You know, Baby, I’m really fucking horny.”

“I know, mi lindo. It’s been too long, hasn’t it?” she said as she rubbed him a little faster.

“Yeah, and I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop that,” he answered, grabbing her ankle with one hand.

He moved his wife’s foot off of him and turned to the side. She giggled and arched her foot, trying not to give up too easy. Using his other hand, he massaged her toes and the bottom of her foot.

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