Bank Deposits and Withdrawals

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He is trapped in a bank during an attempted holdup. The robber gets all the hostages to strip naked, and then the robber orders them to have sex with each other for his entertainment.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   First   Cream Pie   .

“Whoop ... whoop ... whoop ... Bang ... bang ... bang”

“What the fucking hell is going on?” I muttered. I’d just walked into the bank. Looking up from my phone I discovered a solid wall where the teller windows should be, and swinging around I found the entrance door was now blocked by a solid shutter.

Yelling and screaming caught my attention next.

Then two very loud bangs - I knew that they were gun shots.

“Oh fuck” I gasped “This is not good”.

Then I saw him. A short bald-headed guy in the middle of the floor who was waving a gun about. He was shouting “Get down on the floor ... get down”.

I dived for the floor so quickly. Self preservation was my aim. I hadn’t lived 55 uneventful years so far to die today.

The noise and shouting died down, replaced by sobs and crying. I ventured a quick look around, finding that there were a few women lying in the floor, and this crazy looking bald guy.

He paced back and forth ranting and raving in some foreign language.

Then in broken English he yelled “I want all your phones, wallets and purses in a pile here”. He grabbed a young redhead girl dragging her to her feet, telling her to collect our stuff in one of the rubbish bins.

Nervously she did as she was told.

“Sit over there against the wall” was his next demand.

I carefully crawled over to the wall and sat against it. It was then that I realized that two of my co-workers were also trapped with me. Loan (pronounced Lo-Anne) a 50 year old lady of Chinese heritage and Kim (a 45 year ;ady old from South Korea) were sitting either side of me.

Baldy continued to pace back and forth, getting more agitated with each passing minute.

Looking along the line, I noted that I was the only male with 4 females. I knew two of them from my workplace. He might see me as a threat so I needed to act very carefully.

Thirty minutes had passed. I could hear a commotion outside. Evidently the police had arrived, with the bank phone ringing non-stop as they evidently tried to make contact with him. He just ignored the phone.

He stopped his pacing and stood in front of us, scanning all of us.

“All clothes off” he shouted at us.

That prompted cries of “No” from the females.

“All clothes off now!” he yelled again waving his gun about, pointed now in our direction.

“I think he’s serious” I commented to the group “We better do what he says”.

He again grabbed the young redhead, drawing her to her feet, and prompted her to undress. Slowly she undressed, discarding her dress to the floor. She paused in her bra and panties, but he shouted again at her, scaring her and the others. She unclipped her bra dropping it to the floor, revealing her small just developing breasts.

“How old was she?” I wondered to myself. She looked young.

Then she pushed the panties to the floor - her pussy was hairless.

“Hand clothes to her” he shouted.

Slowly she walked along the front of us, collecting the clothes and depositing them in a pile just near the front door (which was about 30 feet away from where we were sitting). Within five minutes we were all nude, sitting on the floor.

I chanced a sidewards glance to Loan who was sitting beside me. I had often imagined her naked but this was not the situation that I had in mind. I noted that she had a nice set of breasts with pronounced dark nipples. Further south she had a trimmed dark bush.

“Damn” I muttered with my cock reacting to the view.

He heard me, and stood right in front of me, giving me a leering look.

“You like look of women?” he asked seeing my cock hardening and lengthening.

“Get up ... come over here” he demanded.

“Fuck” I muttered under my breath.

I slowly rose and went to stand at the side of the table just in front of the group. I draped my hands in front of my cock to hide it. He nudged them away with the barrel of his gun. I stood there with a partial erection in full view of the ladies.

He then paced back and forth in front of the women before stopping in front of Kim.

“You come here” he growled at her.

Slowly she rose to her feet and walked over to stand in front of me.

“Kneel ... and suck” he demanded, nudging her with the gun.

“No ... no” I gasped. He put the gun under my nose as a warning to be quiet.

Seeing his reactions to my cries Kim dropped to her knees. Reluctantly she grasped my half hard cock around the base and drew it to her mouth. She ran its head across her lips before she opened her mouth to take me inside.

Her lips were soft, and her mouth was hot, sending an instant shiver up my spine ... and hardness to my cock.

“Suck” he demanded as he watched her closely.

Kim started to suck and lick, taking more of me inside. She was good - obviously well versed in the art of cock sucking. I just wished that the circumstances were different. I was surprised when her hand slipped down to massage my big bloated balls.

He moved closer to me “Don’t cum” he warned me waving the gun in front of my face.

He watched us for a while before moving back to the other ladies. He picked out Loan this time, drawing her to her feet and leading her over to the table. He had her sit up on the edge of the table, then lay back on her back.

I stole a glance at her laying there. Just south of her dark bush was a set of hairless pussy lips - lips that were fleshy and slightly darker than her surrounding skin tone.

He then picked out the older blonde lady who was cowering at the end of the line of ladies.Dragging her to her feet, he led her to where Loan lay.

“Lick” he demanded pointing at Loan’s pussy.

“No ... no ... no...” the blonde shouted, sobbing and crying.

He yelled at her over and over but she refused. He was getting annoyed very quickly.

The young redhead spoke up “I’ll do it ... I’ll do it for you”. He glared at her for the moment then he beckoned her to stand and approach Loan. He pushed the blonde back to the floor.

“Name?” he growled at her, wanting to know her name.

“Rita” she responded in a hushed tone.

“Lick” he repeated to her.

Rita knelt on the floor between Loan’s thighs, having pushed her legs apart to get better access. Tentatively she ran her tongue over Loan’s pussy lips, then with growing confidence she prised them apart with her tongue.

I made no secret that I was watching whilst Kim expertly sucked my cock.

Baldy was also a very interested spectator, grabbing at his crotch as he watched. After a couple of minutes he walked closer to me ... gun poking into my ribs ... his face in mine.

“You want to fuck her?” he growled at me.

I was conflicted ... my cock said “Yes” but my conscience was saying “No”.

He walked away from me without getting verbal response. Instead he moved to watch Rita licking and probing Loan’s pussy. Loan had just orgasmed, with her juices spraying Rita’s face and fingers.

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