Cavendish Enlightened

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2016 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: Escaping female discipline at an early age, Cavendish pledges to vent his sadism on womanhood. His brief sojourn in the pleasure of wielding the cane on female flesh is soon used in a vengeful regime of correction, having him release the true desires he's fought to suppress. It's not just the cane that comes back to haunt him; he's subjected to many humiliations before learning that a lifetime of perpetual correction is the price he'll pay for hiding the truth.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Analingus   Teacher/Student   .

Cavendish rubbed at his erection through his pants as he led Beatrice through to the hidden parlour beyond the covert door, eyeing the oaken stairs which led up to the comfortable room that he’d entertained her in last week. It had been she who’d recommended the venue, following his acquaintance of her through a fetishist club he’d been introduced to, and he was more than satisfied with the arrangement, his cock erecting all week in anticipation.

She knelt below him, naked and on a silver chain, her hands clasped delicately together, meek and apparently willing to be of service to his perverted needs; she had known the whip of the cane the week before, and the thought of another taste of it brought her cunt to a warm arousal as they awaited the house madam, though she knew of something he didn’t, which brought her nipples to a hardness in erotic anticipation. Cavendish had not penetrated her soft body after he’d whipped her with the cane and watched her orgasm as she squirmed on an inserted phallus in bondage, he’d stood over her and masturbated, sending his hot seed across her milky flesh, then knelt to lick it from where it ran into the creases of her flesh held tight by the cords. He had had no idea why he’d been gratified by his base actions, he’d been driven to it by some erotic bent, but the memory of it brought his cock to rigidity as he too anticipated a repeat of the thrill it had given him.

The bold madam gave the meekly kneeling Beatrice a knowing smile as she addressed the would be dominant Cavendish as his heart raced. She was curt with him, in defiance of his supposed masculine superiority; no male would better her, and she had watched his last performance covertly through a spy hole, recognising the signs which would be more in keeping with her status amongst men. Cavendish immediately felt a little sheepish as she looked him up and down, then spoke to him with a distinct air of feminine contempt, her eyes glancing down to the bulge which gave notice of his animal intentions.

“So, sir is ready to indulge his carnal desires once more, his little package looks up to it.” He tried hard to dispel her remark as one of pure humour, but felt the truthful cut of it; the feeling of slight humiliation stimulating him somehow. She put him in mind of a family governess who had taken control of him, despite his being beyond the age necessary for the discipline that he believed she had been installed to apply on his younger siblings. Her authority was recognised above all by his parents, and though technically of an adult age, she had taken great pleasure in disciplining him too, with the blessing of his vacant father and strict stepmother. Caned by her on his showing the slightest misdemeanour, with the full permission and often before the eyes of his cruel and matriarchal stepmother, the experience had been key in his developing a lust for revenge upon the female form - or so he had led himself to believe. The memory of the canings and the humiliation remained annoyingly fresh in his mind, but excited him when serving the same upon Beatrice’s tender flesh, though he could not hide from the memories he tried to blur, of his masturbation after being punished by the governess. He was a male, and male’s are there to rule, his conscious mind told him, and he fought to subdue those subconscious thoughts of masochism and humiliation which haunted him. Little did he know, the governess he’d known would also haunt him once more. He pulled on Beatrice’s chain, tilting her head back, and making her firm breasts point to the stairway.

“I am indeed ready to be amused by my girl again, she knows where a woman’s place is.” The madam grinned at his practiced pompous stance, seeing through to a weakness behind its thin veneer. He was no cocksure male with true masculine dominance, but she played to his tune; his feigned arrogance would add to the spice of his downfall, already set in place by the seemingly soft girl whose arousal grew as the chain tensed about her neck. Beatrice Palmer enjoyed the whip, but was equally thrilled in applying it; she was a boon to the circle of women she worked with, her soft and feminine exterior luring males fresh to the bsdm scene into an initially mutual erotic enjoyment, then on into depths of pleasure more suited to please those women of her kinship. The males then left themselves open to blackmail or ruin through their own lust, held to strict obedience, either in fear of losing their reputations or simply enslaved by their own sexual weakness, consumed with aplomb by stern femininity. Beatrice was instrumental in perpetuating the cycle, and was expert in selecting males appropriate for moulding to the required design; Cavendish was ripe for selection.

Cavendish was new to active involvement in the bdsm scene, he’d long harboured a burning desire to air his fetish, but had never had the courage to venture into those dark areas of the community where debauchery was openly advertised. Then when consorting with a colleague from the lower echelons of the business he worked at, during a drunken evening in which the alcohol had allowed him to border on the edges of that desire during a lurid conversation on sex, he had found himself attending a venue he’d never have dreamed of visiting when sober. His eyes and cock were treated to scenes of sordid open engagements which even the application of more cheap ale could not prevent his sobering up somewhat at the sexual intensity of what he witnessed. Women with acres of exposed flesh openly cavorted with eager red faced males in an effort to sell their services, and in one corner which caught his eye, more sedate parties sat. The females there had a certain elegance about them, and he noted the males in attendance had a more brash approach; their bravado expressed by the way they brandished their canes and riding crops.

Cavendish broke into a cold sweat as his eyes met with a softly pert woman there, her eyes looking back like a lost puppy’s as one of those gentleman lifted her chin with a crop. The alcohol did not deter his erection; her soft flesh and blonde hair gracing her feminine shape as their eyes broke while she curtsied meekly to the portly male, then glancing back at his with a warm smile unseen by her bumbling client. Cavendish left under cover of darkness, his colleague unaware of the direction of his companion’s lust, the cold sweat still prevailing over his irregular drunken stride. He had broken the taboo though, he’d be back in a more sober state; those eyes had left a permanent impression and sealed his fate.

Cavendish was not disappointed on his return the very day after, and though he displayed his cockiest and most chauvinistic side outwardly when confronting the meekly submissive Beatrice, she knew she’d see his balls ringed in ownership under female guidance forthwith. He twirled his ornate cane in a way which feigned menace as he made his move after a couple of gins to bolster his confidence, she having seen him and passing over a rowdier possibility by suggesting she was taken. Her cunt tingled as he strode over, unable to completely control his nervousness as he fumbled with the chair, she was in the mood to be whipped by one she’d see dominated most thoroughly at a date shortly after; the orgasms she enjoyed were so intense on the divine retribution being served, and her delight at seeing this one justly punished would be exquisite, her before and after orgasms would be pure ecstasy. She had soon had her feelings confirmed; he had hastily expressed his desire to cane her, but she had not the slightest problem in leading him to the Madam’s house of her choice, she would be bound and whipped but was always in control, not just of the present situation, but of his destiny.

The madam had watched with a sharply vindictive sexual lust as she viewed the display through the peep hole, an uncommon feeling in one so well acquainted with sexual acts; seeing a male brought down and made to pay for his actions was superbly arousing, and Beatrice’s ecstatic moaning as she indulged in an intense orgasm with the pleasure of being caned and knowing the same, had her nursing her budding clitoris. She had looked on with satisfyingly sweet contempt when he failed to mount her, and seen the twisted torment in his face as he masturbated. He had shot his mess liberally across her writhing body, and her contempt reached a high as she saw him lick his mess from the cords which bound the delighted Beatrice. She knew he craved something he’d not admit to himself, something she’d help ensure he realised, whether he wanted to or not. She and Beatrice were immediately in contact with the women who would aid in delivering him from that torment, one of whom would take exceptional pleasure in doing so.

Cavendish’s cock oozed pre-cum as it stood hard upright in his pants, the belittling scorn of the house madam had excited it further, but he refused to recognise why; he’d take solace in showing Beatrice extra vigour with the cane, the pleasured sigh emitted by the chained woman whom he’d arrogantly described as ‘his girl’ as he tugged her forward impatiently on the chain, excited him further, but not with the intensity that she felt. Her cunt was wet, and ready to know the service denied her last week. Cavendish made for the stairway, but his stride was halted with imperious precision by the madam. She pointed then strutted to a covert door beneath the stairs and opened it with a smile.

“We’ve prepared a room below stairs for you this time sir. You’ll enjoy the special facility that it holds, most intensely. ‘Your girl’ knows her way down the slope well, and you’ll find the descent most accommodating, but I shall follow to see you there in comfort.” Cavendish was thrown by the change, but soon prompted forward by Beatrice now tugging him by the chain in her eagerness to come under circumstances which would see not just a change in the room. Cavendish followed, trying to strut confidently, the strange choice of the madam’s words puzzling him. He watched Beatrice’s deliciously soft cheeks and thighs jostle as she entered the door on all fours, almost gasping on the tight chain like a dog keen to be walked. Her sweetly puckered anus and glistening cunt teased his cock as they disappeared into the dimly lit passage and descended the slope. Cavendish’s balls tingled with a strangely fearful feeling as he heard the madam close the door after entering, and slamming a bolt home to close it. He turned to face her broad and satisfied smile.

“We don’t want any impromptu visitors wandering in uninvited, this is for our pleasure alone ... and a pleasure it will be.” Her cunt tingled as Cavendish showed a moment’s hesitancy, then Beatrice turned on her chain and faced him with a pouting and servile look, her firm breasts displaying nipples which jutted rock hard from her soft browny pink areola.

“I so need to see that cane again sir ... I need what’s due to me more than ever.” She turned and showed him the soft globes of her rounded cheeks, the inviting vista quelling any reluctance as she led him on down the slope. The madam’s contemptuous smile at his back unseen as her rarely inspired sexual arousal moistened her mature cunt. Their descent took them to a large oaken door, the flickering light illuminating a leather crop fixed above it, atop a sign which simply read ‘Servitude’. The madam stepped past them and swung it open with a tart smile, and before Cavendish could make out the features of its interior, Beatrice led him in and he felt himself eased forward by the firm yet delicate hands of the madam. The door closed behind her and she rammed the bolt home with gusto before holding his arms and laughing softly.

Cavendish’s cock boned immediately at the feminine essences within the room, his confused senses taking in three naked women sat cross-legged before him, each masked with black veils which covered all but their eyes, each with a cane by their sides. A large and muscular woman of Amazonian proportions stepped close to him as the madam held his arms while Beatrice rose to her feet with a smile, discarded her chain and slapped his face hard. She stepped over to where a naked but hooded male cowered at the foot of a bed in the corner. The gentle laughter from the three women took his eyes back to them as his face reddened from the slap. the centrally seated woman was obviously middle aged, her gently sagging full breasts and softly creased thighs taking nothing away from her elegant posture. The madam squeezed his arms as he began to panic.

“Oh yes ... it’s not just males whose desires are catered for here ... though your services will be more than welcomed with what you’ve been guilty of”. The middle aged woman inflated her chest and showed him the excitement in her nipples which pointed like thumbs.

“So! You like to cane girls do you? I think we all know what you really lust for ... and that will be in keeping with the correct position of all males.” Something about the authority in her voice brought a distant fear into his mind, not just the immediate one, but he was not allowed to ponder its painful truth, the Amazon stepped forward and gripped his arm, placing her other hand over his mouth. Feeling his futile struggle excited her, she was expert at detecting the level of restraint required, and this one succumbed with little physical protest; he was already resigned to the power of feminine superiority and would soon crave punishment. Cavendish focused on the eyes of the middle-aged woman which revealed a pleased smile below the veil as she enjoyed seeing him struggle helplessly with the madam and her assistant. The delicate but firm hand of the Amazon contained a wad which the startled Cavendish panted through, its narcotic quality making him slump to his knees almost immediately. He dropped the cane he’d been clutching, the feeling of defeat overcoming him with the drug, though his cock bolted rigid as he lapsed into unconsciousness under the delighted but contemptuous gaze of the now nicely aroused women. The mature woman in the centre gave a satisfied glance to her two younger guests either side; she would demonstrate a level of male correction to them which she could not achieve readily beyond those walls, not until now.

Miss Madeline Harnett enjoyed her regular daytime occupation to the full, it was in fact vocational in the true sense, awarding her much wholesome pleasure. She had started out as a nanny 35 years ago, and found that discipling males gave her a certain pleasure and came oh so naturally. She had found herself offering stern opinions to their fathers too, her forceful nature bringing agreement from them, regardless of their status, and finding that the imposition she bestowed on them gave her a satisfying sexual thrill. Word soon spread around both brow beaten and more formidable mothers alike, of her corrective services with males having reached the age of adulthood, but in need of discipline to guide them into becoming good husbands with a healthy respect for women. Guidance was required, but Miss Madeline Harnett would ensure that nothing but obedience to women was observed and strictly adhered to by those males consigned to her. Nothing would fulfill her more than humiliating an adult male by spanking him to tears across her broad thighs whilst the female household staff watched on and enjoyed the just discipline served with vigour. Her thighs were blessed with the warmth of many an erection, which told her that correction was instilled in those males with lasting effect. She now had her own agency which recruited suitably like-minded women; many of whom, such as the two who flanked her now, were privy to the erotic furthering of that discipline after hours.

Some twenty years earlier, Madeline had been consulted by a certain stepmother, with a husband who did just as he was told. Her adult son had required guidance which was duly granted, giving her much satisfaction in her work. The correction had been cut short though, when the wayward male departed the home without warning. He now lay slumped on the floor before her, in need of extra and richly deserved correction. She had need of a male to serve her and her enthusiastic pupils for demonstration purposes, both curricular and non-curricular. He was perfect, and would be consigned to a life of perpetual correction and humiliation.

Cavendish awoke with a start to find himself naked and his body racked with new sensations, and the women made sure his new exposure was fully appreciated. Beatrice stood over him as the madam jerked him up to his knees on the chain on which he had led the soft girl in chauvinistic fashion. The girl’s face had now lost its timid and meek expression, and bore a sneer of sheer spite. As his head was lifted, she pulled his face into the soft crevice of her vulva to allow him a good sniff of her cunt, then jerked it back and raised her open hand with a sneer. The women had a good laugh at his expense as he jerked his arms to fend off the impending slap, only to find his wrists were bound. Beatrice savoured the moment, then with a cruel smile, slapped his face hard. The sting made his already tingling anus attempt to clench, and it was then that the soreness down there registered as the anaesthetic wore off completely; his anus felt as though he were half way through a shit, spread wide and giving him the urge to defecate. Madeline watched him wriggle his torso in discomfort and twist his neck on the chain to see what would of course be beyond his sight. She delighted in his token misery.

“Yes my boy ... you’ve been anally plugged. Your anus accepted it so willingly while you dreamt of what was to come. It’s an exquisite sensation isn’t it? Your hole stretched wide to enhance your state of fear ... and you’ve good reason to be scared.” Cavendish cowered and tried to lower his head in shame as his cock told the women the true feelings on his position, and the lushly fearful sensation of the penetrating plug. His cock rose rudely, and it’s expansion alerted him to another pinching sensation about his balls. He gasped as cold steel brushed against the flesh of his inner thigh, the neck of his scrotum was clasped with a shiny ring. The Amazon pulled his head back and smiled with erotic satisfaction as his misery was displayed in realisation that his days of impotent pseudo dominance were well and truly over. The madam too, felt a pleasing sexual high as she confirmed his fate with gratifying sincerity.

“Yes boy, your balls are permanently ringed to show that you are owned, the property of a woman, no more than a trinket to serve the whims of womanhood. Every woman you are displayed before will know you have been crushed into submission to femininity. It’s just a case of which woman here now owns you ... you’ll be thrashed by us all, and will be put to most thorough oral service on each while your tears still flow, but you’ll depart as the servile keepsake of one superior woman ... and oh, how you’ve earned it.” Cavendish whimpered as the Amazon pulled him to draw his back in an arc, and he felt his cock poke high and rigid as the full benefit of the plug and the sight of the supple and dominant goddess towering above him, brought his bell-end to full exposure, the cool air teasing at its sensitive underside as it pulsed hard and dribbled pre-cum, the sneering women enjoying the excitement it showed at his humiliation. The Amazon grinned down at him, her cunt wet with arousal as she relished putting him firmly in his place.

“I can untie your hands ... you can then still make a bid to escape, if you fail, I’ll make you come in a most satisfying way.” The other women laughed cruelly as his cock pulsed to the magnificent female’s words, then the madam patted her firm buttocks with a smile.

“Patience Ursula dear, we know how anxious you are to have your sport of him, and have it you shall, but Beatrice is entitled to his first entertainment ... remember what I told you that I saw when he was with her? Why else would we bother having another male here?” Ursula flexed her full breasts as she pulled his head back to her athletic thighs and clasped it below her aroused cunt.

“Why of course ... he must be hungry by now, and he’ll need all the energy he can get when it’s my turn to dominate him.” Cavendish’s little resilience collapsed as his eyes looked up the glistening cleft of her moist cunt, held by those superb thighs, he knew he’d be soundly humiliated by this woman, but didn’t dare think how. He was almost pleased to hear the voice he somehow recognised once more, as Madeline watched Beatrice take the hooded male up to the edge of the bed. Madeline attracted Cavendish’s attention immediately on the spiteful Ursula releasing his head, slowly opening her mature thighs as she adjusted her legs to cross them, giving him an ample glance of the cunt he would soon come to know so well. Her eyes glinted with pleasure from above the veil as she briefly stared into his, then she turned her head either side to address her two protege who now squirmed in excited anticipation on their seats as Madeline’s long and slender upper leg pointed her graceful toes playfully at their victim.

“Ursula will take great pleasure in entertaining him in a most novel way for a female, you’ll find his degradation most appealing, and so will he ... but Beatrice has a treat for him first, one which will give us much gratification.” Cavendish felt a strange terror at the voice which unearthed something deep within his memory, but one not clear enough to reveal itself to him in full as yet. The woman who had caned him thoroughly some twenty-five years earlier had always been formally dressed, the seductive naked curves of flesh, the nipples poking hard from her gloriously mature breasts to show the excitement of her authority, served to divert his straining memory; the bold nakedness cloaking it as effectively as the sinister veil.

Beatrice let the hooded male’s chain drop, turning to sneer at Cavendish before ascending the bed on all fours, lowering her head and breasts to the comfort of the sheets but keeping her soft arse high and inviting. She lifted a hand and fingered her exposed cunt to ensure she was nicely lubricated, finding it totally unnecessary due to her level of arousal, but enjoying stroking her clitoris to an audience just the same. The hooded male bucked involuntarily on his knees, sniffing at the lush scent which wafted from her excited cunt so close to his nose, his hands shaking by his side. He looked sheepishly toward the madam, who crossed her arms and gave a curt smile as she nodded her assent to him. The women muttered their approval and laughed softly as he eagerly took his already stiff cock in his hand and played its large size to boning rigidity. Beatrice lifted her head slightly.

“Mount me and serve me well, or I’ll have Ursula castrate you without need for a blade. Remember how you’ve been told to spend, don’t you dare fail me!” Cavendish watched with confusion and envy as Beatrice sighed with pleasure on large hands being applied cautiously to her soft hips, and their owner easing his erect cock into the invitingly wet cunt which spread obligingly as his generous bell-end was slid home. The madam gave a sigh of delight too, tensioning the chain about her captive’s throat.

“So she’s ‘your girl’ is she? It looks like you’re being cuckolded then, doesn’t it? How does it feel to see another fuck what you thought you you were master of? ... you’re master of nothing and she’ll show you who’s in control when she’s been thoroughly satisfied by a real male.” She kept the chain nice and tight, the pure thrill of mocking him as he was humiliated so, sexually rewarding for her as Beatrice was fucked lustily, the large cock reaming in and out with impulsive thrusts, glistening hard and relentless as the girl let everyone in the room know of her pleasure with her blissful whimpering. Madeline now enjoyed a taunt as she watched the blend of Cavendish’s misery and the enforced excitement he couldn’t hide.

“See how a woman should be serviced by the male of her choosing. We’ve all heard of how you were incapable of doing so, and how you played with yourself like the boy you are, till you spent ... well that was the last chance you’d ever have of serving a woman as required - your use from now on will be to serve orally in grateful servitude - and we all heard of how you used your tongue when you thought your sordid shame was hidden.” Cavendish reddened in discomfort at the public exposure of the act he’d enjoyed while believing the submissive girl would keep it discreet; he now knew the madam had enjoyed every moment, her delight in outing him was reflected in the sneering of the younger assistants, deflating his ego in humiliation but keeping his erection boning. He was now beginning to understand why he’d indulged in it; being shamed by women was becoming teasingly erotic, and he was in no position to fight it. The madam chuckled as Beatrice’s mount began to groan with the tortured desire for relief, equalling the lustful whimpering of the indulged woman, his ample balls slapping at her soft flesh as he thrust home again and again.

“Be quick with your ecstasy Beatrice, he’s not been allowed to come for three weeks, and knows he’ll go without for longer after today - he’s aching to show our pathetic guest how it’s done.” Beatrice glanced back at the kneeling captive with a look of half mesmerised satisfaction; she had brought him there to know justice, the spiteful delight taking her beyond the point of control. She moaned in ecstatic relief and pure carnal pleasure as her orgasm erupted, aided by the relentless thrusts of the generous cock. After a soft chorus of sincerely satisfied moaning, her eyes now twisted to look up at her mount’s as he continued to thrust frantically, fighting to keep control. She enjoyed his pain for a few moments while his cock slid back and forth in the lubrication of her juices and his own pre-cum, the tight hood enabling her to determine the contorted agony in the face behind it. She gasped as his pulsing cock teased at the sensitivity of her satisfied clitoris.

“Ohh!! ... You may deliver now as ordered ... Ursula will gratefully oblige if you fail!” Cavendish watched with tingling balls as the hooded male gripped her ample hips and thrust with an earnest and prolonged groan which came from deep within his soul, the shaft of his cock glistening white with ample come as his delivery commenced. Beatrice grinned at him as he summoned all his strength and managed to remove his cock from her hot cunt mid-orgasm, his whole body racked by the tension of self control, then thrust his semen covered bell into the tight haven of her soft brown pucker. Beatrice closed her eyes and emitted a satisfied yelp as he drove his member up to the balls and moaned again on filling her anus with an equally generous wad of hot seed. Madeline and her two younger trainees nursed their clitorises as they enjoyed the spectacle of a male put to good use, and obedient even when gripped by the pure ecstasy of animal instinct. He pumped at her anus willfully until the flow of semen and his ecstasy subsided, panting as he sank to his knees, allowing Beatrice to display the messy outcome of his lustful ordeal.

Cavendish gaped at the soft buttocks he’d caned so vigorously as Beatrice squeezed and dilated her anus, letting some of the ample creamy deposit leak and slip down the cleft of her cheeks to meet with that which dripped in spent globules from her cunt. The formally meek blonde twisted her neck to look at him and gave him a knowing smile while Madeline stood and took his chain from the madam. Cavendish’s anus gripped at the invasive plug as his eyes surveyed the majesty of the delicately curved belly, broad mature thighs which framed her smoothly shaven cunt, her long legs together as she stood proudly in the display of her womanhood. Her maturity oozed natural and indelible dominance, Cavendish feeling the presence of it as she tensioned the chain, her cunt tingling as she took control of him for the first time; he’d be her property when he left this room, and would pay eternally for his absconding two decades before. The madam strutted over to the hooded male, taking his leash and jerking him to an opposite corner, her sneer not quite masking her true satisfaction with his performance.

“You know the punishment for spending within a Mistress, whether by order or not ... and you violated her rear too! That’lll earn you special attention with the whip, and you’ll not spend again for at least a month ... and that will be by your own hand at the feet of one of Ursula’s pupils.” She handed the leash to the muscular woman, who let it hang lose while the cur on the other end dropped to indulge in kissing her feet automatically, but her eyes were focused on one subject only, and Beatrice was also more than ready for him. She poked her arse high and pointed to the floor.

“Bring him! He’ll begin payment in earnest now.” Cavendish showed a little reluctance as he was made to waddle across the room on his knees, delighting the women, Ursula in particular. Madeline savoured the feel of him on the chain, as he was drawn with slow deliberation across the room, knowing she’d thoroughly enjoy ownership of him when his ordeal was completed to satisfaction. Cavendish knew what to expect as the highly seasoned cunt and anus came within smelling distance; it was the sweet smell of submission indeed, and though revenge is best served cold, he knew that Beatrice’s would be humiliatingly warm and slick. Madeline felt an immediate surge of arousal as he faltered on the chain in reluctance, her dominant spite peaking as she lusted to see him regularly caned to tears, but first he’d have to endure what he’d earned so blatantly. She used both hands and grinned as she pulled his face close to the sated cunt while the other women gathered close to fully enjoy his shame. Madeline watched his nose twitch ... and noted his cock pulse erect, his balls tight up against the ring, unable to hide the excitement he felt inside.

“That’s it, you have a good smell of the scent of satisfaction, the bouquet resultant from an act that you’ll never ever perform now. You had the impudence to get pleasure from caning those sweet cheeks, now you’ll begin your repentance by awarding them the homage that every woman demands of a male.” Cavendish’s mind was a blur as he sniffed at the messily engorged cunt, red to pink, wet and glistening, her pulsing pucker opaquely shrouded with another man’s willing delivery. The scents and tangs, acrid and sweet, taunted his senses as the women stood over him as they would a dog being shown the results of a toiletry misdemeanour by a master intent on avoiding a repeat; he truly felt like a cur now, held to obedience by members of the sex he had trained himself to despise, but was now at the utter mercy of. He tested the bindings of his wrists as Beatrice eased her cunt onto his nose.

“We all know how you relish the taste of semen ... lick that cunt clean! Every last drop of what was given in pure ecstasy, given up just so’s you could taste true defeat before I cane you.” Madeline put a hand behind his head as he squirmed, each of the women leaning in and laughing softly, cruelly, as he extended his tongue and tasted the essence of cunt, cock, and another male’s semen in deservedly acute humiliation. Beatrice quivered and sighed in renewed ecstasy as yet another male was put firmly in his true place, brought there by her sado-masochistic trickery to indulge the more rewarding side of her kink. As Cavendish lapped the first salty globules from her slick cunt, he felt her clitoris swell in justly victorious arousal, the madam stroking his cheeks with a cane, her own arousal lush at the spectacle of the wholesome retribution served on a would-be dominant male. She noted he still tested his bound wrists as he spluttered in his cleaning duty, and smiled as she watched Ursula testing lengths of cord at the other side of the room, then laying them on the matted floor which faced the door. The muscular woman’s enjoyment of the newly enslaved male’s cleaning duty was as nothing to the humiliation she’d award him. She did not smile, but looked sternly at the pathetic Cavendish’s being held to obedience, pleased to see his wrists straining at their bonds and the need for his head to be held to the shameful task. Her eyes met with the madam’s, who acknowledged her desire to entertain their guest most admirably.

“Clean her well, and you may yet know freedom ... we have been known to be merciful, even at so late a stage.” The sarcasm in her tone was noted by Cavendish, as was the cynical laughter from Madeline and her eager young charges while he continued to swallow hard on the creamy deposits and fresh arousal juices offered by the sighing Beatrice, but her words confused him and gave him hope which would be cruelly denied. Beatrice now shifted herself slightly, Madeline delighting in holding his head firm as she presented the tang of her softly puckered anus for his attention, the rasping feeling of his tongue on her wet labia telling her the cum had been licked sufficiently from her freshly excited cunt.

“You’ll attend my arsehole now, I know how you love the taste of cum, and you saw how he filled me ... it’s all yours, get that tongue in there now!” Cavendish’s nose had already sampled the more than savoury whiff of her tight brown pucker, creamed with enthusiasm by the hooded male. His hesitance to complete the task was greeted by a swift swipe to the buttocks by the madam, his eyes focusing on the pucker as Beatrice squeezed and dilated it invitingly, making the warm cum ooze with the mixture of her spices from the probed orifice.

“Oh don’t be shy ... we all know so well how you love the taste of fresh cum, and it’ll be nice and warm in there.” Cavendish’s cock pulsed hard and erect as his tongue slipped around the warmth of her recently fucked ring, the taste as seasoned as the scent, the women offering their cruel laughter as he licked feminine arsehole; something he would soon become accustomed to and would learn to desire. Madeline looked longingly at his tongue as it slipped into the tight haven and scooped at the cum within, Cavendish still squirming at the task, but keeping the hope of the madam’s words in mind. She knew her turn would come, after she’d had the pleasure of punishing him.

“Good boy! ... that’s it, get your tongue deep inside, we want you to get a real feeling of worship - it’s what you were born to.” The madam watched as he thrust his tongue deep, Beatrice sighing with dominant comfort and squeezing her anus on his tongue while he was forced to snort in her scent through his nose, the spicy aroma keeping his cock firmly erect. Down on his knees, plugged, ringed, and servicing the girl’s anus with his tongue while held to it by a mature and mysteriously attractive woman, his humiliation was intense but the thought that he may soon be at liberty drove his tongue deep and vigorously into the heat of her pucker to retrieve the cum. His balls tingled in their tight steel clasp as the madam stooped to free his wrists, and he heard her step to the door and unbolt it. Madeline grinned knowingly at Ursula while she unhitched the chain from his neck, the madam then throwing his clothes into the passage just beyond the door where he’d see them.

He daren’t look as Madeline and her two novice governesses retook their seats and sat with their thighs crossed once more, Beatrice easing her freshly cleaned anus from his face and laying on the bed to sneer at him, his face smeared with her juices and another man’s cum. He cautiously turned his head to see the masked trio and the madam looking at him with an air of indifference, as though the prior events had not occured; the door to the passage was open, was he really free to go? He looked at Beatrice, who’s sneer increased as he put his hands to the floor and squatted from his knees.

“If ever you return to this bed, I’m going to thrash you to tears.” Cavendish now believed his humiliation was over, he’d worry about the removal of the ring later ... the plug a memento which he’d now secretly wear when masturbating; the experience had revealed a certain pleasure. The madam stood aside the open door, tilting her head and twitching her nose in apparent nonchalance as she checked her finely manicured nails. She saw him raise to a crouching position, feeling the eyes of the masked trio burn into him as he moved cautiously forward, his eyes on the clothes. The silence was broken by Madeline, halting his cautious exit.

“Oh ... I don’t think we’re quite done yet ... not by a long chalk. You’ve five more cunts to sate, starting with that one.” Cavendish’s anus tingled as his glance toward the satisfied smile of the mature woman was disturbed by movement behind him. Ursula emerged swiftly from the dimly lit corner where the hooded male was now tethered to face the wall, her eyes sterner than ever with her hair up in a tight bun, drawing her eyes to an almost permanent look of spite as she focused on her prey. Cavendish was no weakling, but he was of typically average male stature, no athlete; the superb Ursula was as tall as he, her shimmering body not freakishly muscular, but one of lithe feminine power - her supple form one of elegant, somehow feline grace. Her sneer erupted as her flesh engaged his, and he unsure of what was happening, automatically offered a struggle which defied restraint, bringing her cunt to rich arousal; her pleasure would be divine, and the level of its richness would be matched by Cavendish’s humiliation.

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