Out With the Old, in With the New

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2016 by hotwetnshaved

Sex Story: I fall in love with my boss and start a new life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Cheating   .

I opened my eyes and looked at the travel clock beside the bed, it was nine o’clock and it was a new day, a great new day, the first day of the rest of my life!

Ringing down to room service I asked for breakfast to be sent up and went in the shower while I was waiting, like everything else in the hotel, the shower was perfect, as were the big fluffy towels and the lovely white bath robe I wrapped myself in afterwards.

It was a lovely summers day so I sat out on the balcony eating my breakfast and watching London getting under way beneath me.

My appointment at the lottery office was at ten thirty so I had plenty of time to eat before getting myself ready and I used it well, I’d bought myself a new outfit the previous day, everything from shoes to underwear as well as a whole lot of new and expensive make up, just for the sheer wickedness of it, I dried my hair, put on my new stockings and then sat doing my make up naked except for the stockings, it probably sounds silly to you but after being married to a control freak for five years, believe me it was heaven!

By ten o’clock I’d finished my hair and make up and by ten past I had on my new black business suit with my new black heels, underneath as well as the stockings, I had on a wispy little suspender belt and a tiny white thong, I looked good and more importantly, I felt good.

At exactly half past ten I announced myself to the receptionist at the office and less than a minute later I was ushered into the office of the person who was about to hand me a cheque for just over six million pounds!

They’d done everything I’d asked for, I had credit cards, debit cards, cheque books and twenty thousand in cash, they’d also transferred half a million into my soon to be ex husband’s account as I’d asked, not that he’d settle for that once he found out how much I’d won.

Then I went into a travel agents, just to pick up a few leaflets before ringing Ken, my boss as well as my lover.

“How’s my favourite millionaire this morning?”

“I’m feeling great thanks, can we do dinner?”

“Yeah I’d love to, where?”

“My hotel if you can take the afternoon off”

“A repeat performance?”


“OK, see you at about one o’clock”



“I love you”

“And I love you too my sexy little millionaire”

It was six months previously when we first had sex after a party at his home to celebrate landing a very large contract, it was in the early hours of the morning and we were the last ones there, very drunk of course, there was soft music playing and Ken asked me to dance, my hubby was still drinking as usual and agreed that I should dance with our host,

“Yeah baby” he slurred, “Show him how sexy you are”

“I already know how sexy you are” Ken said softly as he took me into his arms and we began moving in time to the slow, sexy music,

It would have been easy to forget that my husband was there, Ken was a very big man, six feet five inches tall and built like a tank, but he was incredibly light on his feet and held me as if I were made of china,

“I won’t break you know” I told him and his response was to hold me tighter,

“I don’t want to appear pushy” he said, but my response was to drape both arms around his neck and touch my lips lightly to his,

“You can push me any time Ken” I whispered, “As hard as you like”

He kissed me then, gently at first, but when I responded his kiss became stronger, more demanding and I felt his hardness against my stomach,

“Your husband’s asleep” he said and I felt his hands move down my back onto my buttocks,,

“Yes” I said softly and then moved my lips up to his ear, “Show me your bedroom”

With one look at my drunken husband, we walked upstairs together, my hand in his and my heart pounding, once in his room he kissed me again and I felt the zip fastener of my dress being unfastened behind my neck,

“Are you sure Kate?” he whispered as he eased it off my shoulders,

“Very” and I moved my arms allowing my dress to slither to the floor,

“Oh my God Katie” he sighed as he looked at me in my new undies, “You’re gorgeous”

He took off his own clothes as I stripped off my bra and panties and I gasped as I saw his penis standing to attention like a soldier, ramrod stiff and upright,

“That’s beautiful” my voice sounded far away somehow as he pushed me gently down onto the bed, my legs opened almost without thinking and I drew him to me, there was no foreplay, we didn’t need it, he slid straight into me accompanied only by a soft moan of pleasure from my throat,

“You’re doing it Ken” I breathed into his mouth, “You’re inside me, fucking me”

“Katie” he sighed, “Oh yes Katie, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted this”

I could hardly speak as he began moving slowly, fucking me with long, deep strokes, I wrapped my legs around his back and crossed my ankles,

“Ooh yes Ken, fuck me darling, fuck me, he was using his hands to prop himself up, but I wanted his whole weight on me, I wanted to feel every inch of his body on mine, his mouth found mine again and I thrilled to him as I tasted his tongue, I pushed myself up to meet his thrusts and whimpered with every one, he bent his neck and took a nipple into his mouth, I tried to stifle a yelp as he nibbled at it but I held his head in place before he moved onto my other nipple, I felt his big hands on my bottom, cupping my cheeks and holding them as he shagged me, I’d never imagined having a cock like his inside me, my pussy muscles gripped it tightly, almost jealously, I squealed as a finger ran over my tiny rear hole before entering gently, that little act sent me over the edge into an orgasm,

“Ken I’m cumming”

It seemed to spur him on, his thrusts became harder and deeper, I felt his balls against my backside and I surrendered myself to enjoying the waves of sheer pleasure that threatened to engulf me,

Suddenly he moved quickly, his hands slipped under me and cupped my buttocks, his cock seemed to get even bigger and he growled, a deep rumbling sound from his throat and I felt his cock spurting. I went straight from one orgasm to another as his seed filled me, I heard someone squealing and realised it was me, gradually we both slowed down until we stopped altogether and lay panting but still joined,

“Oh wow” I said and he grinned, “Yeah, oh wow”

“You made me cum twice”

“Should I apologise?”

“God no, but you should have done it long ago”

“I wanted to”

“Why didn’t you?”

“You might have said I was harassing you”

“You can harass me any time you like” I laughed and he thought about it for a moment,

“Glenda’s leaving, she just told me she’s pregnant”

“Glenda, your secretary?”

“Yes, I’ll need a new girl”

“Got any one in mind?”

“Well whoever she is, she’ll have to be a good timekeeper”


“She’ll have to be very pretty”

“Yes” he eased himself up then and I felt his cock beginning to move again,

“She’ll have to be prepared to travel”

“Yes” I grinned,

“She’ll have to be very sexy”

“Chauvinistic bastard” I laughed and drew him down for another kiss,

“And she’ll have to be prepared to share my bed”

“That’s definitely harassment” I said and wrapped my legs around his back again,

“Yeah” he agreed, “Let’s add sexual assault to that shall we?”

It was four o’clock in the morning when I finally woke my husband up and managed to shovel him into a taxi and it was after five before I managed to get to sleep, my mind full of Ken and what we’d done, I didn’t have any regrets of course, in fact I cursed myself for not doing it before, so I slept well, the sleep of a well satisfied lady!

I awoke again at just after midday to find Ron (my husband) in a foul mood,

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked, he spun round to face me and looked at me like I was something off the sole of his shoe,

“You had sex with him didn’t you?”

“So what if I did?”

“You’re just a fucking slut”

“Hey buster” I rounded on him, “You’re the one who’s always been on to me to have sex with another man, remember?”

“Yes but the deal was that I watched”

“Well as it happens, I thought you were awake when we started, it was only when we went upstairs that I saw you’d fallen asleep in a drunken stupor”

“I was tired”

“You were drunk”

“That still doesn’t make it right does it?”

“Ron you don’t understand, I don’t need to make it right, I made love with Ken because I wanted to, I wanted him then and I still bloody want him, he snaps his fingers and I’d go just like that, he’s more of a man than you ever could be”

They were nasty things I said that morning, but I meant them, I still do now, Ron just stood up and got into his coat,

“I’m going to the pub”

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