A Dad for Denice

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2016 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: A randy uncle gives his neice what she yearns for: a Dad who will really love her! But his sister has some punishment in store for him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Sister   Daughter   FemaleDom   .

Although sixteen now, Denice had never been camping before.

I enjoyed camping; it was a way of escaping my home-life, where the wife doted only on the dog.

Denice was my sister Cathy’s daughter; a single mom whome I visted rarely.

Denice had lately become very tempting. Her brown hair seemed to kiss her beautiful neck and her big brown eyes danced every time I took-in her yummy figure.

Visits to Cathy’s place became more frequent; and I found Cathy good to chat with before Deniece came in from college.

When I’d suggested to Denice she may like to try-out camping with me sometime, she was very enthusiastic, “Oh Ma that would be so cool! To camp out amongst the hills and trees.!”

Amazingly, Cathy also thought it was a good idea.

I guessed for a single Mom, any relief from parental-duty is heaven sent; never mind the gender politics! After consulting her diary Cathy agreed; Denice could go camping with Uncle Dick towards the end of summer.

The exciting prospect filled my mind for weeks.

Eventually we set off for the State Nature Reserve, my camping companion now a slender bronze chick in the process of ripening.

Simply having her beside me in the pick-up gave me a hard-on, with her juicy nut-brown thighs brushing my hand as I shifted gears but we chatted like good buddies most of the journey.

From hiking into the camp-site, to setting up the tent; opening the sleeping bags to let the insulation loft up, it all was fun and exciting for Denice. It was a treat to watch her wrestle with it all and I remembered why, so long ago, I started to love to camp. Then after our first chow round our camp fire, we set off on our first trek.

We found a great trail along-side a lovely river, and the vistas were entirely unlike anything Denice was accustomed to.

We paused at the beautiful site of autumn leaves reflected in the water’s surface and her hand came into mine.

My pulse quickened and I gave her hand an intimate squeeze.

A few stops later, her head was against my chest; my hand round her narrow hips; we felt relaxed with each other now the outside world had disappeared from view.

Then as twilight developed, we returned fairly tired to our camp-site. We made coffee, heated our chow and ate ravenously together.

Then it was fun trying to freshen up with our makeshift shower.

Sensually we dried each other with a warm fluffy towels before getting into our sleeping sweats.

To ward off the chill of Michigan in the fall, I suggested we snuggle up together.

My mind went into a spin, “ O K” I said softly. There was a silence before her lips came to my ear, “ I’ve been wishing you were my Dad.”

My mind went into a whirl on how to respond.

“I’ve also been wishing that too Denise.”

“Oh that’s so cool! All my life Iv’e wished for a Dad ... so will you be my Dad?”

“Only if it’s a total secret between you and me Denise.” I said softly.

She looked deep into me and her face came close to mine. “ Yes it’s our secret.”

Suddenly we kissed; long and warmly. I could feel her heart beating.

I caressed her butt; my fingers nearly reaching her love-slit. She came close against me with a sigh.

My pulse went wild; my cock went ridged and when little hips pressed into me, I knew then she wanted me in the same way I wanted her.

I ran my hand beneath her sweatshirt against small breast and heard her intake of breath.

The coolness of my hand made her gasp, and she giggled, “Guess I’ll have to warm you up ... dad” She batted her brown eyes at me in the lantern light. She slid her hand beneath my sweatpants, and traced the outline of my hardening tool. “Oohh! “, she whispered, “That’s so big!”

I slid my shorts down and laid her head on my stomach, stroking my stump near her mouth.

This was my next hurdle; was she ready to be a naughty girl? Pursing her lips, she smooched my glans before she slid her lips over and savoured my cock.

I moaned my approval of the warm whirlpool of her mouth.

I rested my hands in her long hair, and ran one hand down her neck, to stroke her upper back as she licked and suckled my rod.

She drew off me, and daintily wiped her mouth with her shirt tail then she reached up and I tossed it into the corner.

I caught my breath at the her stunning beauty of this girl who wanted me to be her dad. A mixture awe and guilt passed through me. Was I taking unfair advantage of her?

The lantern softly illuminated her small firm bosom, her aureole contrasting with her breasts. I pulled her closer, as such a treat demanded a taste test. I explored one nipple, and it tautened under my attention, evoking a stifled whimper of delight. I switched sides, replacing my mouth on the first breast with my fingers. I twisted her teat, and stroked her supple curving firmness, as my tongue laved it’s companion. She approved, her hands cupping my head, directing my attention where she desired it to go.

Then she pushed me away.

Her eyes burned with desire, and she drew my face to hers, my nose almost touching hers and she whispered, “You have me so hot Dad, please fuck me.”

There it was; she was begging me for it. I felt confidence surging through me.

I laid her down, and with quivering hands slid her pants down her slender legs. Pausing only to add my sweat shirt to the growing collection of clothing in the corner of the tent, I laid upon her.

She sighed, and wrapped her legs around me.

She reached between us and slotted my throbbing love lance into her juicy entrance.

“Oh God,” she whispered. “ So big ... you’re splitting me!”

“O K sweetheart, I’ll not move till you’re ready.” I was in a paused press-up position; and perspiring.

She reached between us, exploring our union and began stroking her clitoris.

She continued that for a minute and I felt her hips begin to move with just the head of my cock inside her.

She moaned and her motions became stronger.

I took this as a sign she was ready and gave her another inch.

She winced and froze again and I froze.

She continued to play with her clit and her circular motions returned.

I gave her some more, slowly pushing forward until I was half inside her clinging pussy.

I drew back and began fucking her with that half.

A dozen strokes set her off and she gasped and body shuddered as she came. “Aaarr Aaarr ... Christ Dad!”

Her vaginal walls pulsated wildly around my cock as I hung in my pre-up position.

I took advantage of her orgasm to feed her a little more.

She went off like a rocket again and I gave her more.

Every time she convulsed in climax I gave her more until the full length was inside her.

She gasped, moaned and shuddered under me and I didn’t move for a few minutes, letting her get used to the fullness of my cock inside her.

She was one tight virgin for sure.

She wrapped her arms about my neck and breathed into my ear, “Ooh ... I’ve so longed for a Dad like you!.”

I paused, to savour her pussy muscles rippling over my throbbing invader.

“Aarr yea ... yea ... yeah ... fuck the shit out of me Daddy!” She cried.

O K, now the little bitch had really asked for it.

I unwrapped her hands from my neck, and, snaking my hand beneath her shoulders, held her wrists; immobilizing her.

Now I could really drive into her juicy snatch.

She moaned her approval, grunting with each stroke, unable to stifle her delight and then squealing as her climax broke.

By the soft lantern light I saw her head arch back in ecstasy; her mouth wide open.

The dam bust on my climax too and my testicles jolted their guts out.

Chapter 2.

It was a few weeks after the camping trip that Cathy phoned, asking me to visit her.

I felt a little concerned. Normally it’s me to ring her saying I’d like to make the trip.

Upon arriving I was taken by Cathy’s appearance.

She had an air of confidence and looked so good; better than I’ve seen her before.

She wore a dress that revealed a surprisingly good figure. How had she concealed such great tits!

And why? Had she suddenly got the hots for me after all these years?

I remembered how young she was when I had got her pregnant; which had consigned her to being a lone struggling parent; raising Denice.

After we’d settled in with coffee and biscuits she opened up a meaningful conversation.

“Dick, I know as siblings weave had to gloss over some things but weave got this far without deceiving each other.”

“That’s right Cathy – we’ve done O K by each other; what’s on your mind?”

“Dick ... when you answer my question, be sure its the truth; and I promise I will stand by you. O K?”

“Sure; O K Cathy,” I said with my heart pumping.

There was a pause as she framed her question;

“Did you have sex with Denise on that camping trip?”

I starred for a second or two;

I wanted to be strait forward with her. “ Yes, I did Cathy.” Cathy released a sigh, “ O k, ... thanks for that Dick; ... at least now we are reading the same script.”

Cathy came and put her hand on my shoulder and said in a soft calm voice, “So you need to know that Denise missed her period and she’s now pregnant.”

“Oh Christ,” I said softly putting my coffee cup down and placing my head in my hands.

Cathy stepped forward to me; her hand caressed my hair,” You rather got yourself into a mess once again here Dick.

First me; and now your daughter.”

In response to her affection I rested my head against waist and placed my hands on her hips. “Oh god Cathy.” I moaned.

Her hand came to my cheek, “ Guess you fucked her real good, huh?”

“Oh Cathy I’m so, so sorry!” I said in anguish.

“Yes, I imagine you would be; A Father to be, so late in life Dick.”

“What! No, she cant have it Cathy. She cant can she? “ I cried looking up to her.

“Steady Dick, It’s early days yet.” she soothed.

“But I cant be a father now – I’m a married man Cathy!” A nightmare was opening before me.

“Maybe something can be done Dick.”

“Yes, that’s it, we could end her pregnancy Cathy – we could do that; couldn’t we?”

“It’s Denice’s pregnancy Dick; I would have to persuade her it was for the best.”

“Of course it’s for the best; she would see that; wouldn’t she?”

“A pregnant girl is a very emotional creature Dick. It makes them feel important. I’ll need to guide her very carefully towards having a termination.”

“O Cathy, could you do that; please try that for my sake. She’ll be in from school soon wont she.”

“No, Denice is doing a sleepover-party with girlfriends, she said before she left this morning.”

“Oh God, I need a drink, I really need a drink!”

“I’ve only a red wine I’m afraid Dick.”

“Red wine? ... Do you know of a nice bar we can get to easy Cathy.”

“O K, I’ll put on my heels and go for a drink with my desperate brother. You can take me to the Stardust Bar and buy me a steak.”

When we returned to Cathy’s place a few hours later, I was in a relaxed and romantic mood.

The Stardust had been an intimate little restaurant complete with jazz piano and tiny dance floor.

And between our drinks and steak we enjoyed a little smooch or two together.

She danced well in her heels and she felt good in my arms with no qualms over her breast pressing into me.

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