Work Experience for Nicole

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Nicole is a young university student studying accounting. She is offered an opportunity to assist in an audit of a luxury tropical island resort. Her boss is much older and slow to pick up on her desires to be seduced by him so she takes matters into her own hands.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Size   Foot Fetish   Workplace   .

We were exhausted. Age played a big part in my state of exhaustion, but Nicole was just spent from the multiple massive orgasms that she had experienced in the last hour.

An odd couple to say the least. I was 60 years old and she was just 20. She was cuddled up to me, head resting on my shoulder with a firm breast pressing into my side, leg thrown careless across my groin trapping my sticky spent cock.

“That was wonderful” she murmured.

It was truly wonderful ... and unexpected.

I had hired Nicole to work for me on an audit of a luxury resort’s business affairs - two months of work on a tropical island. Did I say work? Hardly ... especially when in the company of a delightful young woman like Nicole.

She was a final year accounting student who was keen for some work experience over the summer break, jumping at the offer enthusiastically.

Slim with beautiful curves, dominated by a full rounded bust, and a firm shapely ass. Her shoulder length wavy dark hair with its red highlights framed her beautiful face. Extremely easy on the eye and a regular cause of the hardening of my cock.

I fantasized about her, but never expected to find myself naked in bed with her.

The resort’s management contributed to making my fantasies a reality.

They gave us a two bedroom luxury penthouse apartment instead of the originally organized single suites. The apartment was accessible via a private glass lift on the outside of the resort tower, that moved very slowly, allowing the occupants to take in the expansive views of the resort.

Nicole wasn’t phased at sharing the apartment.

“I like company” she commented then added “ And you look safe enough to me!” If she could read my thoughts then she might reconsider that statement.

During the first week we got into a routine where we would relax together after a hard day’s work. She was a delightful conversationalist, and always had a wonderful smile and attitude to life. Her after work relaxation attire normally involved short shorts that accentuated her fine legs. A bra was optional attire so they jiggled about regularly much to my delight under her colorful blouses.

It was Friday night and the night started like any other but with a difference. Nicole suggested that we dress up for dinner. She had been shopping at the resort’s boutique and wanted to wear it out to dinner.

Dinner was booked for 7 pm. She emerged from her room at 6:55 pm.

“Wow” I muttered under my breath. Her stunning mid thigh length black dress with it’s plunging neckline attracted my immediate attentions. No bra again tonight - with the inner curves of her breasts on display.

She would be topless if the thin straps slipped from her shoulders. There was nothing to hold up the top of her dress in that eventuality. As she walked the dress moved about on her bountiful bust, giving me peeks of more of her creamy flesh, but not enough to reveal her nipples.

I was being teased, and I sensed that she knew that.

We had a beautiful dinner together, full of enjoyable conversation and laughter. After a couple of hours we moved to the piano bar where tonight a young lady was playing some easy listening and slow dancing music.

“Dance with me” I suggested as we sat listening.

It was a delight to hold her close and work our way around the small dance floor. She nestled in closer with each new dance number, pressing her firm rounded breasts into my chest. My hand rested just above her butt cheeks holding her close.

“You’re a wonderful dancer” she whispered with her face close to mine, kissing me on the cheek. I was surprised and turned my face to hers just in time to catch her second kiss on my lips.

Our lips lingered against each other ... the passion built with our lips mashing together.

“Oh wow” she gasped when we finally broke the kiss.

We danced a little longer until the pianist stopped for a break. I was disappointed at living the dance floor, and having to move apart from her.

That’s when she surprised me with “Let’s head upstairs”. She smiled, slipping her hand into mine, leading the way to the private elevator to the penthouse suite.

As soon as the lift door closed she leapt at me, plastering her curvy body against mine, locking lips in a tongue filled passionate kiss which I returned with some gusto.

Eventually we had to breathe, breaking the kiss for a moment.

“It took you long enough” she gasped “I’ve been throwing myself at you for the last week”.

She stepped back a couple of steps, raising her hands to her shoulders and slipping the straps outwards allowing the dress to fall and pool around her waist.

“Beautiful, fucking beautiful. I love them” I gushed, commenting on her full rounded breasts and their hard little red nipples each surrounded by a large lighter pink areole.

She stepped forward again, taking my hand and placing it on her left breast. Firm but soft. The ascent to our penthouse apartment was slow giving me ample time to play with her breasts whilst she watched my star-struck face. I added the other hand, now playing with both, flicking my fingers across her nipples.

“Oh god I love that” she moaned, her eyes fluttering with the sensations.

“You’ll have me cumming before we get to the top if you keep that up”

“Is that a challenge?” I asked in hushed reply.

“Maybe” was her quiet response.

I squeezed both nipples together, and then alternately one then the other.

“Fuck” she gasped, shuddering with a quick sharp orgasm racking her body.

I pulled her close, hugging her, and kissing her responsive lips tenderly.

“You are very beautiful when you cum”

“Very wet too” she responded then she added “it’s running down my leg ... I have no panties on...”.

“Did you suspect that?” she asked cheekily. I just shook my head in amazement.

The lift finally reached our floor and the doors opened.

I had her laying on her back in the middle of my bed. Her hands were grabbing frantically at the sheets whilst I teased her pussy with my lips, tongue and fingers. I would push her to the brink then ease off.

“Stop teasing me ... Let me cum please!” she wailed.

She was leaking profusely, and I was enjoying her tangy taste as I alternately fucked her pussy canal with my tongue or my fingers.

I looked up at her, catching her eyes as she watched me intently.

“Please” she gasped.

I returned my focus to her pussy, slipping two fingers into her whilst I concentrated on her erect little clitty with my tongue. Hooking my fingers inside her, I probed for her g-spot, finding it rather quickly as evidenced by the bucking of her hips and the jamming of her pussy against my fingers and mouth.

She screamed.

“Fuck ... fuck ... oh my fucking God ... I’m cumming. Oh shit.” she wailed right through the height of her orgasm. Her juices streamed down my fingers and squirted all over my face. I kept pushing her orgasm to the max, wanting to prolong it.

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