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Sex Story: Just figuring out my sexuality with the help of some friends!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Shemale   Public Sex   Nudism   .

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Me - Randy - 28yo - Bi - mechanic

Wife Debbie (Deb) - 27yo - straight - secretary

Jake ABS clerk - wife Jenny (Jen)

Samantha (Sam) - SheMale

Janeane - bartender

Travis - fence builder

Joe - Travis’ grand father

The Party

Carmen, Miranda, Vicki - Janeane’s friends

Vicki gave Deb double headed dildo

Tom bar owner

John & Georgia - older, patio table gift

Hi guys - my name’s Randy, I’m 28 years old, work as a mechanic, live in a super small town (population 47). And am married to the best woman in the world! Debbie (Deb) - 27 years old, secretary in a bigger town 20+ miles down the road. [This story takes place prior to Deb and I getting married though].

Deb and I dated in High School but broke up for awhile. We had sex frequently while we were together, and even though it was just plain ole’ ordinary, vanilla sex - it was really good. After we broke up I started watching a lot of porn and beatin’ off frequently. Only because of the porn I knew about gay sex, glory holes, bi-sex, lesbian sex pretty much the whole gambit of porn! There was a reasonable size town some 70 miles away and I would occasionally have to go get auto parts. They had an Adult Bookstore that I would stop at every trip to replenish my lube, and get a few DVD’s. Once I hit their video booths, it had a glory hole to the next booth, but no one was there. I whipped my dick out and had a quick wank on the floor. The next trip was pretty much the same thing except this time (mid wank) somebody entered the next booth. I saw him watching through the whole. He stuck his fingers through and rubbed the bottom edge of the hole. If I read the porn flicks right, that meant he wanted to blow me??? I slid over closer to the hole and his fingers were replaced by his tongue. I placed my dick on his tongue and he manipulated it into his mouth. Damn, that felt good. Didn’t take long and I was doing everything I could to not let out a moan. He cleaned it up nice and I pulled back and zipped up. As I was opening the door to leave I saw his dick come through the hole - I wasn’t ready to do that and kept going.

Every trip was the same now. I had progressed to taking off all my clothes. If I didn’t get a blow job at least the beatin’ off felt a lot more erotic while I was naked. The place wasn’t real busy and I was only getting blowjobs about every second or third trip. At home I found myself watching a lot more bi-sexual porn. That way I could stare at the dicks but still see the women. It helped me convince myself I wasn’t gay. Eventually I was watching almost as many gay flicks as bi. I also found myself wondering more often what it would be like to suck a dick. I had a hard time tasting my own cum and wasn’t sure why, but after I came I usually wiped off quick, took a shower and went to bed, I just couldn’t get myself to eat it.

Once at the book store, a dick came through the hole before a set of fingers. I squatted down and just looked real close. I eventually touched it and wasn’t completely put off by it. But, I still got up and left.

Between the porn and the book store I thought I might get over missing Deb. I’ve caught myself a few times now, going to the bookstore even when I didn’t need car parts. I tried hitting them up at different time to see when they were most busy. Weekdays 4:30 to 6:00 seemed best. Next trip, somebody was already in the next booth and I looked in, he was naked and doin’ a slow wank. I stripped and before I even got my boxers off his dick was through the hole. I grabbed it pretty easily, played for a few minutes, then squatted and put it in my mouth. The plan was just to taste it and stop before he came... ‘Best Laid Plans etc etc’ I could’ve, maybe should’ve pulled off, but I didn’t. I choked a little and kept sucking. Not bad ... I really did enjoy it. When I finally pulled off his fingers came through and I didn’t even hesitate. He swallowed it all - I knelt down and whispered through the hole “Thanks!” and left.

When I was right next to the front door, the guy behind the counter motioned me over. I walked over and said “Yea?” He handed me a couple of Kleenex and didn’t say anything, just pointed at the side of his mouth and nodded at me. OH CRAP - I wiped off my cheek and sprinted out of the store!

I just sucked a dick - got caught - and was harder than hell all the way home.

I was hitting the bookstore a couple of times a week now. The guy behind the counter was usually the same guy that caught me. He said Hi every time I came in. I finally learned his name was Jake. I was in my booth, no one was here, I was naked and enjoying a slow wank. I didn’t know it, but Jake had locked the outside door and put up a sign saying ‘Closed For Cleaning’. He took off his clothes and put them behind the counter, came back to my booth and gently knocked. I stood behind the door and cracked it a little. He asked if he could come in - what was I gonna say! He left the door open and said the store was locked up. He reached for my dick and started playin’. He said “You’re pretty new to all this, aren’t you?” I said “Yea” but was really enjoying it.

He knelt down and started sucking my cock. He didn’t stop till I was strokin’ in and out, faster and faster. He said “Slow down!” I did and noticed that it actually felt better the slower I went. He stopped kinda suddenly and stood up. He pushed me down and wanted some of the same. I started sucking just like he had. After a few minutes he pulled me to my feet and said “Come with me.” I followed him to the office (it really felt weird walking through a store bare-ass naked). He pushed me down on a couch and stuck his head in my crotch and straddled my head with his knees. I was looking up at a really nice looking dick and balls. But, was real leery of how close his ass-hole was. He pulled my legs back some and started licking my ass and I was in heaven - son-of-bitch, that felt good. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was, but I licked his ass a couple of times too. Mostly though, I wanted to suck his dick. I started rubbing his balls and pulled his dick back so my mouth could get to it. I was really getting into it when I felt my cum building up. I came harder than I ever have. As soon as I started, so did he. I swallowed it all and kept licking his dick, balls and ass.

He rolled off and turned to me, “You ok? “Yea, that was fucking awesome” He got a couple sodas outta the fridge and we just sat and talked for a few minutes. He asked if I lived around here and I said no, I was some 70 miles off. He asked which direction and I said almost due east from here. He said where he lived and I said Really! It was only 15 miles from me. He said he’s married but could come by anytime he wasn’t working. I gave him my address, we set up a day (Fri) and time (2:00) and went to get dressed.

Friday 2:00

Jake showed up right at 2. I got us a couple of beers, put on some music, and put a bi-sex movie on the tube. We talked a good half hour and he said show me around. He asked how private the backyard was and I said there was no fence or anything but the bushes and trees were thick enough to make it pretty private. He asked if I’d ever done anything outside? I said no, I hadn’t even thought about it. He said show me. We walked out back and looked around. Jake started taking off his clothes and I said “Out here?” “Sure, try it”. We were both naked, and he was right, it felt really good being out here naked. We were both starting to sprout wood and he came over to me and said lay down. I laid on my back and Jake put his knees on either side of my head. I thought we were gonna just 69 like we had at the store. But, he reached forward and pulled my legs all the way back so he was straight upright and my dick was straight up above my mouth. His dick was rubbing my nose and lips and I was anxious to get it in my mouth. As I was sucking him he bent my hips a little and was licking my ass. I did a quick scan of the yard and didn’t see anyone. I’d have loved to be caught, but, not by anyone I knew! Jake was playing with my ass-hole and finally moved to my dick. I came quick and didn’t think about the fact that my own dick was almost directly above my mouth. I felt the first few splats on my cheek and forehead and Jake angled it a little more so it was going right in my mouth. Jake licked me clean and rolled off - he still hadn’t cum! He told me that every new guy he was with had a problem eating their own cum - just thought I’d help you along! (And, it worked I was just about always licking my own cum from then on!)

I got Jake to lay back and I crawled between his legs. I raised his legs a little and was licking his ass. (Can’t believe how quick I took to that!) I really like the “musky” smell of a man, women are all sweet, and scented and usually their douche tasted really bad! But men! Finally got Jake off and savored every drop. If my porn terms are right I can see myself becoming a real ‘cum dump’!

I went in and got us a couple more beers and we just sat on the grass for a while. I asked him how this worked with him being married, and was floored when he said Jen (Jenny), his wife, knew what he was doing. She was bi-sexual too and would usually be out playin’ with her girlfriends when he was out! It worked well for them and he wouldn’t change a thing. He really believed he had a strong marriage. Jen wouldn’t leave him - he wouldn’t leave Jen - things were great. The only rule they had was no sex with the opposite sex unless they were together!

Jake asked how comfortable I was with the gay sex stuff. I said some, the more I did it, the more I liked it. He asked if I was up for a couple of large groups? He and Jen had a party once a month that was a pretty even mix of same sex and opposite sex stuff. And, he had a party at the bookstore (after hours) once every month or two, but they were almost strictly gay sex. He’d let me know when the next of both were happening and that I would be more than welcome!

Jake got dressed and headed home. I just laid in the grass for another couple of beers.

I went to our local watering hole that night to have a few beers with friends. Deb came in (that wasn’t unusual, we both had friends here), we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. She sat with me and we just bs’d for awhile. At ‘last call’, Jen asked if she could stay on my couch, she didn’t want a DUI. I said sure. When we got home, I went to get sheets, pillows and blankets. She yelled back to me “Randy, come here!” When I got to the door I saw what was up - she had turned on the TV and the bi-sexual movie started playing. Oh great - How the fuck do I explain this?! I told her I found them at the shop and wasn’t really watching them. I went to turn it off and she said no, leave it. She asked me to get her a Rum & Coke, I did. Got a beer for me. Then sat with her on the couch. She asked if I had ever done anything like that and I said No. She commented on how “hot” it was and I looked at her and said “You like that?” “I don’t know, I think so.” Watching a woman eat another woman’s pussy doesn’t bother me why would watching a guy suck another guys dick?”

She asked if I’d ever suck a dick just to let her to watch - I said no, I didn’t think so. [Here, I am outwardly denying everything, telling her no, I’d never suck a dick, BUT, my dick was about to rip a whole in my jeans shorts!] I think Deb saw I was getting hard and put her hand on my thigh and slowly ran it up the leg of my shorts. You’re gettin’ off on this aren’t you. I said no I’ve been horny as hell since you left and the sound of a garbage disposal could get me hard. This was kinda an all day, every day occurrence. She pulled my dick out the leg hole and bent down to suck me. I was so confused! This felt good - I missed it! I came in minutes. Deb fell asleep (passed out) with her head resting on my dick. I gently got up, got Deb laid down and covered with a sheet. Killed the TV. And went out and sat in the backyard.

The next morning, Deb came into the bedroom bent down and kissed me and asked if she could come back later. I said sure, I didn’t have anything planned, was just gonna clean up the backyard. Deb showed up about 10:00, and I wasn’t even close to ready, I didn’t expect her until tonight. And I’m out in the backyard bare-ass naked and raking leaves! She said, “I thought your dick looked a little darker than I remembered - now I see why?” Oh crap, sorry Deb I wasn’t expecting you this soon. I brushed past her to go get some shorts on.

She followed me in and said, don’t, I like looking at you! I grabbed two beers, handed her one, and headed back outside. She said she’d be out in a minute. When she came out, she was naked too. She kept looking around and asked if it was safe back here and had I been doing this a lot? We sat on the grass and talked. She said how good it felt, naked!

I couldn’t take sitting right next to her and not touching. I started rubbing her thighs, grabbed a tit here and there, rubbed her pussy and wasn’t being pushed away. We graduated to laying down and I spread her legs and started eating her pussy. She was writhing around and I rolled her over and started licking her ass. She said, she had to go to the bathroom and ran inside.

She yelled at me on her way out to roll over on my stomach. She started licking my ass and rubbing her tits on my back. She lifted my butt a little and started pushing a dildo in my ass. I let her - hell, I couldn’t have stopped her and really wanted her to keep going. She was slow and gentle. As the dildo entered more and more of my ass I felt her tits on my back and realized both her hands were in the grass next to me. I reached back and realized it wasn’t a dildo, she was wearing a strap-on! I liked it even more and she started fucking me like she was a guy and I was a girl! She finally slowed down, rolled off me and laid down. I turned over and crawled between her legs. We took her strap-on off and I entered her in one gentle push. I came in minutes. I slid down and started eating her pussy (and my cum!) and raised her ass a little to lick it. She had the most powerful orgasm I had ever see her have. We curled up next to each other and just cuddled. After about fifteen minutes, she turned over and said, “What the fuck Randy, you’ve never licked my ass, you’ve never eaten my pussy after fucking me, you for damn sure never let me get near your ass, now you’re outside naked which I’ve never seen! Are you seeing someone else now? I said, no, not really. What do you mean not really. I’ve been getting blowjobs from other guys at the adult bookstore and met another guy there that has kinda taken me under his wing to teach me about sex with other guys! She said, and all the denials last night? I said I was just embarrassed to tell her. Would you let me watch sometime? I said, I don’t know, it would really be awkward for me to be having sex with a guy and have you watching me, I think I would want to be having sex with you instead and that’d keep me from getting aroused with Jake (I told her Jake was the friend from the book store.)

I asked her if she had ever been with another girl. She said no, but that she had thought about it a lot, especially since we broke up, because she was so fucking horny all the time! I asked if she’d let me watch her an a girl. She said, OK, I see what you mean that could be kind of awkward.

Randy, have you thought about me much since we split. I said no, not really, no more than once a day for 23-24 hours. She laughed. Should we talk about getting back together. I said no. And she looked at me, and I thought she was gonna cry. I said, No, we shouldn’t talk about it, lets just do it! She laughed, and now she’s crying and hugging. I asked if we had to quit the bi-sexual stuff and she said gawd no - that’s a huge plus. Do you realize how fucking amazing our sex life will be. I asked if she was gonna try another girl. She said she wants to but, it’s gonna have to be the right woman. I smiled thinking of Jen (Jake’s wife!) this would be fucking perfect.

I asked if she had plans for that night and tomorrow. She said no. I said I’d be right back. I called Jake and asked what he and Jen were up to tonight. He said they were probably gonna hit a movie somewhere. I asked if they wanted to come over for a BBQ and for them to meet my old/new girlfriend. I told him that Deb knew about You and Jen and me and you. I said that Deb and I were hoping to start the same type of relationship that you two have. We weren’t trying to turn this into a ‘sex’ night just for Deb and I to be able to openly talk about this type relationship. I said Deb had never been with another girl but wanted to be. That she really wanted to see two guys goin’ at it. But, anything that happened tonight had to be slow and gentle. Deb and I didn’t have a clue how far we would let things go. Jake said he understood completely and that they’d be there in a couple hours. Jake said I know you and I are Miller Lite, what does Deb drink. I said Rum & Coke, Jake laughed and said Perfect, that’s what Jen drinks too! We’ll bring the booze, do you need anything else? Nope, It’s 1:00 now, see you about 3? - See ya then...

Deb and I spent the next couple hours cleaning the patio and BBQ. Deb straightened up inside a little. Finally about 3 we thought we were ready. We went in and took a shower together. Dried off and put on shorts and t-shirts. I got drinks for both of us, put some music on and we sat out back.

We didn’t hear Jake and Jen pull up, but apparently they had stuck their heads around the corner to see if we were in the back. They took off their clothes and walked around back. I choked on my beer, Deb turned away and Jen announced that she thought this was a party. She walked up to Deb and said Hi, I’m Jen, and you’re Deb? Deb said yea hi! Jen reached for Debs t-shirt, and said “Do you mind?” Deb smiled and said sure! Jen got her t-shirt and shorts off. Jake took off my clothes and we all had a seat and started laughing and talking! I guess the mood was set for the evening!

The next couple hours was just getting to know each other. The biggest thing Jake and Jen stressed was - honesty and trust. You have to have a strong relationship for this to work, and not to expect this to make your relationship stronger. (It will, just know, it won’t fix a weak relationship!) You’ll see the love of your life being given an orgasm stronger than any you ever gave him/her. That doesn’t mean they’re going to leave you for a better sex partner. They may drag your ass over to the bed to learn what was being done to them but, they’re not leaving you! I’d strongly recommend staying away from dom/sub relationships they don’t tend to work in open marriages.

Randy piped in and said he was hungry, Jake held up his dick and said oh, ok! The girls headed to the kitchen, Jake and I got the grill going. A half hour later every thing’s ready. Jake and I threw the steaks on and the girls started filling plates and setting them on the table. After-wards, we all carried shit into the kitchen and had every thing all cleaned up in 15 minutes. I made fresh drinks for all and we sat in the grass Debs head in my lap and Jens head in Jake’s lap. What a perfect afternoon.

After a half hour of just bs’ing, Jen got up and grabbed Debs hand and pulled her a couple of feet away. Jen sat down, stretched out her legs and pulled Debs head into her lap (not sexually) just laying there comfortably lookin’ towards me. Jake got up and sat next to me and started to lightly play with my cock. I kept starring at Deb (and a little at Jens tits) but Jake’s caresses were having their affect. I was getting hard and put my hand into Jake’s lap and started playing with his cock. He spread my legs apart and angled them more towards Deb and started licking the insides of my thighs. I was definitely hard now and leaned down to suck Jake’s cock. As I would bob my head up and down on Jake I would sneak quick peeks at Deb.

Deb was starting to rub her own tits and Jen was just sitting back letting Deb get comfortable. Deb was rubbing and squeezing both tits using both hands and moaning a little. I saw one hand stray down south and start rubbing her own pussy. Deb now had a free tit, Jen took that for action and started caressing it ever so tenderly. One of Debs hands started rubbing the outside of Jens leg.

Jen pushed Deb up straight for a second and spread her legs to run down the side of Debs legs. Then Jen pulled Deb back so that her pussy was rubbing right on Debs ass crack. Deb was just blindly doing whatever Jen made her do. Jen didn’t shave her pussy and had a nicely trimmed patch of hair. Deb could feel the hair tickling her ass crack and it was actually starting to excite her. Deb dropped both her hands onto Jens legs and started rubbing. Jen reached between Debs legs and lightly raked her finger tips from almost her knees to her pussy, and then even lighter up and down her pussy slit. Deb was dripping like a leaky faucet, and still hadn’t taken her eyes off the boys.

They were still 69’ing but Jake was starting to swivel around. He really wanted to be fucked. I picked up on it and helped Jake up onto his knees. I licked Jake’s ass to get him as wet as I could then slowly started pushing my cock into him. Jake was moaning almost as loud as Deb! I started pumping Jake for real and Jake kept backing his ass up to meet my thrusts. Jen was doing some serious fingering of Debs pussy and Deb was right on the verge of cumming. I picked up speed a little and Jake started cumming onto the grass, I was cumming in his ass, and Deb was cumming all over Jens fingers.

Jake and I just collapsed on the grass, but Jen wasn’t done yet. Her fingers were covered in Debs cum and Jen lightly ran her fingers over Debs lips. Deb wanted more and grabbed Jens wrist and pulled her fingers right into her mouth, Deb started turning around and pushed Jen down onto her back. For a woman who has never eaten pussy, Deb sure figured it out quick. Deb separated Jens pussy lips and dove in with her tongue. She went as deep as her tongue would go then pulled out and tackled her clit. Jen was enjoying this and spread her legs as wide as she could to let Deb in. Deb must have spent 10 minutes all around Jens clit then went for her pussy and ass. When Deb was eating Jens ass she got it as wet as she could and shoved two fingers in hard and fast. That’s all it took for Jen. Deb kept the fingers going but moved her mouth to Jens pussy to savor as much of her cum as she could get. When Jen was done. She kinda collapsed on the grass and Deb turned towards me - she was covered in cum. Deb laid down with Jen and Jen hugged and kissed her. The fell asleep spooning each other. Jake and I went in for a blanket and covered the girls up and let them sleep.

Jake turned to me and said Is that what you had in mind for tonight. I said no, not at all, I honestly thought tonight was gonna be all talk. I even set out some cards on the table thinking we’d play some Hearts or Spades.

We’re gonna have a real problem though. What’s that. Jen is in love with Deb (I could see it in her eyes!) and is gonna wanna do that a lot. You okay with that?

Oh, fuck yea!!!

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