Howard's Interview

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Fresh out of school, young Howard faces a very difficult interview test

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   FemaleDom   Workplace   .

Howard Dover looked into the mirrored panel beside the elevator bank and smiled. He looked good. His clothes fit well, his tie was very rep, his haircut was worth the price, and he was confident he would get the job. Howard was fresh out of college with a degree in business administration and computer sciences and this was his fifth interview. He knew what was coming, and he was prepared. He palmed his groin and smiled again at his reflection as his eager cock quivered.

He rode to the twentieth floor, strode down the carpeted corridor and was surprised to find a young male rather than a pretty girl at the reception desk. The kid took his name and waved him to a chair. He sat, picked up a thick magazine and then the intercom buzzed and the boy told him to go down to the third door on the left and wished him good luck.

He had been interviewed by women before, but this dark-haired woman was by far the best-looking female he had seen in a long time. She shook his hand firmly, and he sat where she gestured and answered the usual questions, feeling confident and relaxed. The sign on her desk said “Ms. Hardy” but she had not bothered to introduce herself. In twenty minutes, the woman closed his folder, smiled and said, “Very well, now there is both a phase two and a phase three to the hiring process.” The door behind him opened and in strode a tall blonde wearing what looked to be the top of a set of babydoll pajamas. “This is DeeDee. Go with her,” said the smiling human resources person behind the desk feeling herself aroused by the sight on the lush girl. She swallowed and smiled, remembering her own interwiew.

The big young woman was wearing heels and a frilly top, and he followed her into a small room with an examining table such as might be found in a doctor’s office. She smelled great, and he had never seen such a stimulating hip roll nor as jutting a pair of quart-sized boobs that jiggled before her, begging to be sucked or mauled.

“Howard is it?” she asked after glancing at his folder.

He nodded unable to take his eyes away from her huge, gorgeous breasts which rose almost completely bared from her spaghetti-strapped top. He wondered if they were the source of her name. The frilly garment she wore constantly threatened to fall from her lush body and barely reached her heavy thighs.

“Disrobe,” she said calmly. “Put your clothes over there, on that chair.”

He blinked at her. “Beg your pardon?’

“Strip,” she said, “including the shoes and socks.” She leaned against the wall, pulled the pen from the folder crease and made a note.

Howard slowly undressed, his head in turmoil, his face red from blushing and excitement. The young woman’s big, almost bare body had aroused him. Her legs were at last a yard long. When he put down his folded trousers and then pulled off his boxers, he kept his back to her as his rigid cock sprang out as if on springs, long and hard.

“Come over here,” she said, “To this table.”

With his eager cock standing straight out before him, Howard with both hands down at his groin, holding his prick, did as he was told. The table was adjusted by a smiling DeeDee and then she said, “Lay your penis right there, on that ruler.” She pointed. “Hold it down.” She smiled and licked her lips.

Howard put his prick on the cold metal table, and DeeDee pushed it down, held it briefly and said, “Hm, six point three, barely acceptable. See the red mark at five inches, that’s the minimum. The ten’s the maximum.” She chuckled and let go of his penis which jumped up. DeeDee put her hand around it and tested its girth by touching first one finger and then another, made a note and then said, “Go over to the sink and ejaculate. Aim at the wall and try to hit the red circle.”

“What, sorry?” said Howard, confused and feeling his erection softening.

“I can help you if you need help,” she said, smiling and shrugging a tiny strap back up on her rounded shoulder.

“You want me to jerk off and come up on the wall?”

DeeDee nodded. “High as you can.”

Howard’s erection was beginning to subside and the lovely interviewer put down her folder and came to stand beside him and then stroke his cock with her right hand as she held him to her with her left about his back. She stroked firmly and steadily, humming in his ear and then whispering, “Come, come, come” as she pressed her breast to his upper arm.

Howard squealed when he ejaculated and his first spurt hit above the red dot. The second and third barely reached the wall. Dee Dee let go, rinsed off her hand and made some notes. Howard stood with both hands on the sink edge, trembling.

“Now come over here,” DeeDee said as she hopped up on the table and spread her knees.

Howard turned and looked. She was naked and smiling. Her jutting breasts were truly incredible, the nipples big and puffy, thirty-eights and more than D’s he was sure.

“This is a cunnilingus test. The faster you produce a climax, the better your score. No orgasm and you fail. Understood?” She grasped his shoulders and pulled his mouth to hers, tongued him deeply and pushed him down.

Howard nodded. “You’re at the wrong height.”

She smiled. “Adjust. Do your best. It’s part of the test.”

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