Lez Be Lovers

by Krosis of the Collective

Copyright© 2016 by Krosis of the Collective

Sex Story: The new sister at a lesbian sorority house has a man on the side, and his sperm goes places it shouldn't.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Pregnancy   .

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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

When I arrived in the big city, ready for university, I found that I didn’t even have anywhere to live! The place that I was going to rent had been rented to someone else, probably for more money, or maybe they just didn’t like black people? I would have complained, but did I really want a landlord like that?

I spent my first night in my car. I barely slept, I was so worried that a cop might arrest me for vagrancy, or other worse things that could happen to a homeless girl found all alone.

Hanging out at a local coffee house the next day for their free wireless, I found an ad for a sorority on campus. I called right away, and that very evening I was in a line of nervous 19-year-old girls in the Lambda Epsilon Zeta house, being inspected by the sisters of the sorority.

We were told to do things like touch our toes, or down a beer in 30 seconds ... neither were a problem for me. Two girls nearly barfed the beer up and were sent away. Lightweights.

The four of us remaining were asked personal questions, such as had we ever kissed a girl? I said yes (I had experimented with a non-serious girlfriend just the previous year). There were some other questions, but when one of us was asked to leave it was the only girl who had said no to that particular question.

With three of us left, the sisters excused themselves to the hallway to deliberate. From my place in line I could read one of the sisters’ lips, and I think she said, “Diversity,” giving me a glance. That was Renette, who seemed to be in charge.

With all the racist shit I had to put up with growing up, from white guys wanting to see if they could score with the black chick, to non-black girls treating me like I was some sort of leper, it was about time the color of my skin actually helped! I would grab the reverse racism with both hands if it meant a roof over my head!

Sure enough, the other two girls were sent off and I was in! But there was a catch...

My phone beeped again. This time it was Brianna, wanting me to clean her room while she was out.

Yep, they had made the token black chick the maid for the house. Practically a slave, though I could leave at any time, as long as I didn’t mind sleeping on the street! The sisters kept me so busy between classes that I didn’t have any time to get a real job to pay for alternate housing.

My duties changed when Renette broke her leg trying to perform a complicated cheerleading move during practice. Suddenly I was her personal slave, bringing her meals to her in bed, reading to her...

... and bathing her. I helped her sit on the edge of her large bathtub and she slipped her robe off. I looked, of course ... Renette was the perfect example of blonde sexiness, with her flawless, lightly tanned skin, and the trim figure of a cheerleader. She caught me looking and smiled.

As she settled into the water, making sure to keep her cast high and dry, she asked me to bathe her. It was her leg that was broken, not her arms, but I complied, lathering her up and using the sponge on her undamaged upper leg, sliding it up, skipping over what was between her legs, down the other leg...

Renette gave a disappointed groan. I continued back up her leg on the outside, moving on to her stomach. Up from there, I made sure that her magnificent boobs got nice and clean, leaving her nipples standing at attention. Renette was breathing heavily by that point.

Finally, I moved the sponge down between her legs, rubbing at her crotch. As Renette gasped I leaned forward and kissed her. She returned the kiss feverishly. As our tongues danced I let go of the sponge and easily slipped my fingers into her well lubricated pussy. In no time I had her gasping into my mouth as I felt her insides grip the three fingers I had managed to get inside her by that point.

We became lovers, when I wasn’t waiting on her hand and foot. By this point I had been excused from my other duties and a new girl, one of the other two who had been sent away when I was chosen, was brought in to fill the maid/slave position.

One night I was sleeping in my room when my phone beeped. The text was from Renette: “come now”.

I looked at the clock: 2:30 AM. I had a test in the morning! I sent back: “need sleep”.

The response came quickly: “NOW”.

I threw on my robe and made my way to Renette’s bedroom. She was completely naked, her legs apart, and her fingers in her cunny as she watched me.

“Renette, I need to sleep,” I whined.

The pretty blonde’s face suddenly turned ugly and she paused her masturbation to devote her full attention to me. “You’ll do what I say, slave!”

I felt like I had been slapped across the face! We had been intimate with each other for weeks by this point so I thought that maybe she cared for me, if only a little. That illusion had been shattered.

Seeing me pause, Renette continued, “Lick my fucking twat, bitch, or you’re out on the street.” She moved her hand to reveal my assigned target.

Cold determination washed over me. Fine, I thought, if that’s the way it is. I dived into her muff, giving as good a pussy licking as I had ever done before. When she finally came, which actually didn’t take very long, I immediately left the room. Neither of us said anything.

It went on like that for another week. No more tenderness. Had there ever been any real feelings there, or had that just been me?

I met Derek in the canteen. Our eyes had been drawn to each other, as the university was in one of those States that didn’t actually have many people of color. He was a Philosophy major, which explained why I hadn’t seen him before; I was majoring in Astronomy.

He walked me back to my dorm, though I actually left him a block away. I didn’t want any of the sisters to see me with him. My housemates all seemed to be lesbians, which explained the applicant question of kissing girls. I figured I’d get in trouble if they found me with a boy.

I met with Derek as often as I could. One day I texted Renette that I was going to an impromptu study group so I would be late home, and then I went to a movie with Derek. We hid in the back of the theater and made out. His hand slipped into my shirt and palmed my boob while mine ran over his muscular chest. By the end of the movie our hands were in each others’ pants but neither of us had cum. We left the theater hot and bothered.

I managed to sneak Derek into my room through the window and then we tore each others’ clothes off. I urged him to keep quiet as I slipped a condom onto his 8” rod. We fucked for the better part of an hour, filling two rubbers. Oh, how I had missed cock!

I kissed Derek goodbye and he slipped out the window just as my phone beeped. Oh shit, Renette! The text read, “where r u slave? my puss needs attention”.

Fucking bitch! I threw on my robe and was just opening the door to leave when I spied the two used condoms on the bed. Hmm ... I thought. I dropped one into my robe pocket as I went.

Renette was again lying there waiting with her legs splayed, ready for me. I suggested that she turn over and I would use one of her dildos.

I grabbed her favorite fake cock and awkwardly used it to stimulate her clitoris and outer labia with my foot. While Renette couldn’t see what I was doing I used my hands to untie the filled condom. When it was finally open I inserted the dildo into it head first and then directed that condom covered head in between Renette’s vaginal lips.

“MMmmm...” Renette sighed as the condom covered phallus easily slipped into her wet pussy.

I had such a thrill that I was playing this little trick on the nasty, unsuspecting Renette. As a lesbian she had probably never had a condom inside her, much less one filled with sperm! I pushed and pulled that fake cock in and out of her, making sure to hold the condom so that it remained sealed around the dildo. Hee hee!

I could hear Renette building to an orgasm so I started to really thrust the sex toy into her hard. On each push she called out, “Yes!” Finally I knew that she was ready and I switched my movements from hard to fast.

“Uh uh uh ... UHHH!!” Renette moaned and I knew she was cumming, her pussy squeezing the outside of the filled condom.

As Renette finished her orgasm I realized that I had to act fast! I slipped the dildo out of her and then slid the condom off of it. Dropping the sex toy onto the bed, I turned away, quickly re-tied the condom, and dropped it back into my robe pocket.

When I turned back to Renette I saw that she had flipped onto her back and had grabbed the dildo, inserting it back into her throbbing pussy. As she jammed the plastic dick inside her she grunted, ramping up to another orgasm.

I could see some of Derek’s cum bubble out between Renette’s vaginal lips and the dildo as she pleasured herself. She cried out as a second wave of orgasmic energy washed over her, and I knew that the amount of Derek’s sperm that had been left on the fake cock were going for a ride deep into Renette’s “tunnel of love”.

Her last period had ended a couple of weeks ago. There was a good chance that she was ovulating!

I shoved my fingers into my own pussy while watching the unsuspecting leader of the sorority house possibly impregnate herself with my man’s seed. I shook and came hard at that thought.

As hot as that experience had been I had freaked out after I got back to my room. For the next couple of weeks I stayed away from Derek until Renette’s next period arrived. My own started shortly thereafter, as it seemed my cycle had synced with the other girls in the house, which sometimes happens.

Renette had been treating me better up until her period had started, and then she turned into a capital B bitch. She didn’t want sex, but I had to wait on her hand and foot, and being on the rag myself didn’t make my experience any better.

After my period ended I started sneaking Derek back into my room at night. We filled three condoms that first night ... he had been saving up, it seemed.

My double life continued for another week or so, and then when Renette called me up to her room I found Brianna there as well, naked. The leggy brunette had a strap-on dildo fastened around her waist.

“Um...” I said, pausing at the door.

“Get in here, slave,” Renette commanded. I complied, closing the door behind me.

“Get naked and on all fours.”

I paused and she yelled, “NOW!” I got onto the bed and did as commanded.

Brianna got right up behind me and started shoving that big fake cock into my pussy. I had just had sex with Derek so I was pretty lubricated and stretched, but even so it hurt. As Brianna started to fuck me hard she directed me between Renette’s legs and I had to give the crippled blonde oral pleasure at the same time.

After a while Brianna pulled the dildo out and then pushed it at my butthole. I whined but knew that there was no getting away from this. I relaxed as best as I could and my pussy juices on the fake cock helped get that thing into my anus. Then Brianna fucked my ass hard.

In the end (no pun intended) Renette came hard on my tongue and Brianna got enough stimulation from the strap-on to cum herself, but I was left sore and humiliated.

Neither of them mentioned Derek so it seemed that they were unaware of him and this had been just pointless abuse.

It took me a few days to recover. I was riding Derek in my room when my phone beeped. I could see the screen and knew it was Renette. I could make out “eat my pussy.” I continued to bounce on Derek’s cock ... almost there...

My phone beeped again. It was easy to see “NOW!” on the screen.

“Fuck!” I hissed, getting off of Derek. He looked at me, confused.

I wasn’t going to leave him hanging so I snapped the condom off and took his cock into my mouth, sucking and jacking him off with gusto. Within 30 seconds he arched his back, gasping, “Fuuuuck!” as he blew his load into my mouth.

I didn’t spit or swallow. I threw my robe on, pointed to my window so he’d know he had to go, and then I raced up to Renette’s room.

I swept into her room like a tornado. She had barely gotten, “About time...” out of her mouth before I had leapt between her thighs and jammed my tongue into her pussy.

“OH!” Renette gasped. I thrust my tongue into her again and again, each time spitting a dollop of Derek’s cum into Renette’s baby bank. When I had pushed all of it inside her I switched to licking her clit.

The energy of my sexual attack had excited Renette and I was able to bring her to orgasm quickly. As she came hard I played with my own clit, reaching a powerful cum myself as I imagined her athletic body sucking that potent black sperm deep inside it.

I repeated the naughty activity the next night. On the third night as I was giving Derek his blowjob he asked me why I was sucking him off so much lately. Not that he was complaining, but he liked fucking me too.

I masturbated him with my hand while I described some of the demeaning things the sorority sisters were making me do.

“But the blowjobs?” he asked.

I was getting really horny thinking about what I was going to do with his cum after I sucked it out of him ... my pussy was throbbing! I needed some relief.

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