Fun at the Adult Store

by sarahb81

Copyright© 2016 by sarahb81

Fiction Sex Story: a quick story about some fun at an adult store.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   Public Sex   .

Feeling a little naughty, I went down to the adult entertainment store to have a look around and see what was available. I wasn’t really interested in the merchandise either. Just to make sure I would get the attention I wanted, I dressed in a short denim skirt with lacy thong, and a pale yellow polo with deep v neck and no buttons done with no bra, a pair of flip flops and a couple spritzes of ‘princess’ perfume. Yes, that would do nicely.

When I got to the store, I notice several cars in the lot. Good, should provide a pleasant distraction. Walking in, it didn’t take but a few moments to make sure all eyes were on me as I casually started to peruse the aisles. I stopped to look at a few things along the way; reaching for something above my head, requiring me to get on my tip toes and stretch, letting my shirt come up and show my tanned tummy, occasionally bending at my knees to see something lower, but more often bending at the waist to let the back of my skirt ride up my shapely legs, showing off the bottom of my ass. I pretended to be looking at some of the male replacements, scrutinizing the sizes and textures and various features of each. A couple of the guys wandered past the ends to get a better look and then one passed by me pretending to go from one section to the other.

Feeling a little bolder, you pass by and ‘accidentally’ brushed against me, ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ you said. ‘I’m not’, I cooed back batting my eyes a bit. I reached out and grabbed one of the toys from the shelf. ‘Tell me, ‘ I pulled your attention again, ‘do you think this compares favorably with the real thing?’

‘Uuummm... ‘ you hesitated not knowing where to go yet. Reaching out, you took the toy from me and scrutinized it for a few moments. ‘The color isn’t quite right, and neither is the weight.’ I cocked an eyebrow at you, ‘As for the size... ‘ you placed it down next to your leg comparing it in a joke, ‘I’d say it’s pretty close, but the overall feel doesn’t have the same texture or the ability to radiate heat like the real thing. And, it can’t grow bigger or spasm at the end, or all the full force thrusting to get you there.’ ‘Thanks for the input’ I smirked and took the toy from you putting it back on the shelf.

Moving off to another section, I could feel your eyes on my ass as I walked away. I teased a couple of the other patrons using other props, looking at some outfits or some of the light bondage stuff, and the movies and magazines; so much fun. After making the rounds and teasing everyone in the store I walked up to the counter and asked the guy for some coins to go back into the movie area making sure to push plenty of cleavage his way. He hardly noticed what he was doing as he stared down my shirt. I thanked him politely and disappeared into the back hall. I checked out the different booths trying to select one that didn’t seem recently occupied and started back up the hall to one I decided on when you stepped through the beaded curtain.

‘Find anything interesting?’ you quipped.

‘I may just have’ I bantered back. ‘Is there something that you recommend’ I inquired.

‘Well, perhaps this booth has the best set up’ opened the door to the little room.

‘What movie is on’ I played shyly.

You looked a little sheepish as you had no idea what was available. ‘Well, I was hoping to join you to find out.’

I stepped into the booth with you right behind me. It was a bit of a fit being only about four feet square. You dropped some coins into the slot and flipped through the choices before finding a girl playing with two guys. ‘ever done that?’ you asked.

‘I’ve had a few parties’ I chuckled.

You sat on the bench at the back of the booth and I plopped on top of you wiggling my ass into your noticeable hard on. You adjusted your legs and brought them up so mine were outside yours. ‘so, cum here often?’ I taunted.

‘Not near enough, cause I haven’t seen you before’ you kidded back. You adjusted again and put your hands on my knees before inching them over my skin to my skirt. You continued your progress and pulled one side of my panties to the side allowing access to my shaved slit to your other hand. You rubbed my lips for a few moments before continuing up under my shirt and cupped my breasts, pinching at my nipples. I arched my back a bit pressing my ass further into your hard dick and my tits into your hands. I was so horny.

You stood me on my feet and pushed my skirt up to my hips, grabbed my panties and dragged them down. Then you turned me around and took in the glowing back lit image of my nakedness from my hips down. You ran a finger up the inside of my leg across my smooth lips and down the other side feeling the baby soft skin. I bent over to kiss you and you ran your hands up to fondle my tits again.

If I’d been paying closer attention to the booth you chose, I would have noticed the hole cut in the side wall. But I didn’t so I got a little shock as a third hand started rubbing my pussy. I shot up at the unexpected touch breaking our kiss and pulling away from the strange hand. I turned around and bent over to inspect the hole where the arm disappeared. This brought my naked opening right in line with your face and you leaned forward to run your tongue from my clit to my tailbone and back. I pushed back against your exploring tongue.

The person on the other side of the hole must have lost his nerve and bolted from the booth. You continued to lick and suck with your mouth while your hands and thumbs joined the mix spreading and pulling at my tender flesh. The sounds of my moans combined with those coming from the TV. You switched your hands so that one thumb was pressing and circling my clit and your palm pressed into my pubic bone, while the other rubbed up and down around my puckered ass.

I reached between us and undid your pants and rummaged around before fishing your pole out of your boxers. I turned again and you pushed my shirt up to suck on my nipples before I bent further and took you into my mouth. I started bobbing up and down for a few minutes before stopping to ask if you had any condoms. The look on your face told the story, and I was about to tell you to go get some when one came sailing through the hole in the wall.

‘Don’t start yet’, the voice from the other side said, ‘I’ll be back in a couple minutes with more’. With that, I returned to the blowjob I started while you played with my jiggling boobs. Within a couple of minutes, the voice is back and lets us know we can continue with what we want to do. I ask you your opinion.

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