Retirement Community Life

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2016 by Barneyr

Sex Story: Tired of living alone after my wife passed, I decided to join a retirement community for active adults. I was very surprised to learn what all went on after 9 o'clock in the evening.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   .

I’m an active 75-year-old retired electrical engineer and now widower since my wife of 55 years died from cancer two years ago. For the first six months, I moped about the house and just mourned the loss of my partner in life. The next six months was devoted to our children and traveling to see them and our grandchildren. Then it was back to moping about the house with nothing to do but my old car hobby. I had lovingly restored a hot rod from my youth; a 1962 Chevy Impala two-door hardtop. It was the 409-409 version with a four-speed transmission and very quick, especially when I opened the headers. It was even better than the later 425-425 Chevy’s because of the difference in weight.

Anyway, the house was just way too large for me, so I went looking for town homes. Most of the ones I wanted were twice what my house was worth, and the ones I could afford were not where I wanted to live. That is when I found out about the new trend in active adult senior centers called Retirement Communities. The one I liked the best was a huge four building complex with four floors in each building. Each apartment was either a one or two bedroom built with seniors in mind with wide doors and walk in showers. We had three pools, two of which were outside in the quad formed by the four buildings. We had a tennis court and three hole putting course in there as well as a composite tract surrounding the inner space for people to walk or run. Then too, each building had a sauna, hot tub, and exercise room. We had one other amenity that I didn’t find out about until I had been there a while.

I rented a one-bedroom apartment and had lots left over that I sold at a moving sale when I sold the house. Because you had to still have to be active to stay here they rented rather than make you buy the apartment or condo whichever you prefer to call it. That is to say, that you couldn’t need assistance by a nurse or be totally disabled. One of the other amenities was that they had underground parking for all the residents, although they did have a large parking lot for visitors.

Each building had a fairly large dayroom where people could gather and play card, watch TV, or movies. There also was a two hundred seat theatre where they could screen major movies just like at a regular theatre.

Time went by, and I got along well with most of the residents. I found a couple of old car nuts like myself, and we talked cars and some of the stories of our youth in street racing and such. Jim Carmody was one such friend, and he asked me one night what I did for sex besides Rosie and her five sisters.

I looked at Jim, “What do you mean, Jim? Sure I’m not dead yet, but I’m not someone who can troll the bars and pick up some thirty or forty-year-old divorcee to take to a motel and screw.”

“Doug, you don’t even have to leave your room if you don’t want to. They come to you, and the cost is like two to three dollars each time. You can get just about anything you want as long as it isn’t real kinky.”

“What the hell are you talking about Jim; whores can come into this place and not get caught?” I whispered back to him.

“They are not what you would call whores, they are just horny women just like you and I. They live here just like you and I. They get horny too and rather than go without they have a kind of an enterprise here that the staff doesn’t know about. You call Ava at a certain number, and she makes arrangements with her crew, and you get satisfied; they get satisfactions too, and the cost is for the cell phone bill. It all depends on how much action her crew gets each month to see if the cost goes up or down.”

“You are telling me that several of the ladies, here are willing to come to my place, and we can get it on, and it’s all fun and games, and no one gets hurt, right?”

“Yeah, there are some guys for the ladies too. You might qualify too. Your good looking, trim and depending on your technique and performance, you might get asked to join the crew. I also am a part of the crew, and that is why I brought it up. We need more men. You do realize that there are more women here than men, right?”

“Yeah, I noticed the disparity of men to women, but then too most women outlive their men. So are we talking about some decent women?”

“Most are between seventy and eighty, but we have a couple of sixty something women and two that are in their mid eighties. Now these are very nice ladies and good-looking and really know what they are doing. They’re just horny like us.”

“Let me think about this Jim; I’ll let you know soon. I think I have a lot to think about.”

I went back to my rooms, sat down, and really thought about this. Yeah, I was horny; I had been ever since my wife passed. We had had a very good sex life and active up until about six months before she passed when it was too painful for her. Now two years later, I was visiting with Rosie about twice a week. After a while, that gets old. So I decided to go through with it.

I called Jim’s apartment and got his answering machine. I left a message that I wanted to try it out.

About seven, the phone rang. ‘Hello?”

“Is this Doug, Doug Palmer?”

“Yes, this is Doug Palmer.”

“Doug this is Ava, Jim told me that you would be interested in a little company tonight. If so I could see if I can find someone for you. Now would this be for an hour or all night?”

“I think for an hour or so. Maybe later I can think about an overnight stay.”

“Okay Doug, not is there anything, in particular, that you would require from the person? Like sex, age, activity, like oral, anal, or vaginal or all three.”

“Oh I’m not sure I’m up to all three for my first time. Maybe later, once I get used to this type of service.”

“Perfectly reasonable decision, Doug. I think that Alice would be best for you; she is seventy-four and quite nice looking; she will bring lube and condoms on the first visit. Here after you have to keep a supply on hand. We believe in safe sex here. Now, are there any further questions?”

“No I think I have it down. Oh yes, what about the cost and is tipping customary or required?”

“The cost for your first one is free; thereafter it will depend on the phone bill for the past month. Alice will leave you with my number so you can call again. Now on tipping, that is entirely up to you, yes the girls can accept tips, and we get no part of that. It is all theirs, but some of our clientele do tip very generously for good performances. Anything else?”

“No thank you Ava, when can I expect to have Alice arrive? Oh yes, my apartment is C-364, in Building C.”

“Yes I know Doug; Alice should arrive shortly before nine tonight. She is free for the rest of the night in case you want her to stay.”

“Thank you Ava, I’ll expect Alice by nine. Goodbye.”

“No we thank you Doug, have fun tonight, goodbye.”

I hung up and really pondered just what I had opened myself up to. My God it had been almost sixty years since I had a woman other than my wife. Could I really make love to another woman, or would I just have to settle for a hand job or maybe a blowjob? I would just have to wait and see.

Just before nine that night my doorbell rand and when I answered it, I was dumbfounded. There stood a woman of about sixty with large pointy tits and thin waist. Alice was about 5’-4” tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds. Her face was mostly unlined, and she had the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

“Please come in Alice, I’m Doug. Welcome to my humble home. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“A water or coke would be fine. I don’t do alcohol at all; it doesn’t sit well anymore. Thank you.”

“Please sit, I’ll be right back with your drink.”

I busied myself in the kitchen while I waited for my erection to wilt some. It had been some time since I popped a boner just looking at a lady. This Alice was something else. I suspected that her husband had paid for those silicone breasts of hers some time ago, and they were good quality as they didn’t sag or anything. Alice had dressed in a simple house dress that buttoned up the front, and the top four buttons were open, so she showed quite an expanse of cleavage.

I brought the glasses of water into the living room and saw that Alice seated herself on the sofa. Her legs were crossed over the knee, and her dress had risen to just below her kneecaps. She had slender calves and petite feet in slippers similar to ballet shoes. I put her drink on a coaster on the coffee table and sat across from her in my old recliner that I brought with me.

“I’m not sure about you Alice, but how do we do this?”

“Whatever you are comfortable with Doug. I mean we can sit here and talk all night, or we can go into the bedroom, and we can get right to satisfying you and I can go back home. It’s entirely up to you.”

“Well, I’d kind of like to talk a bit and get to know you some before we do much more. If that is al right with you?”

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