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Erotica Sex Story: Hosting exchange students can be a real pleasure for an older wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Nephew   Black Male   Indian Male   First   .

She heard him approaching from behind. Putting down the vegetables and peeler, she stepped back, spread her feet apart and bent over on the countertop. He raised the back of her short dress and his hard shaft probed for the familiar target. She made small pleasure noises as it gained entry and filled her warm and wet receptacle. She could tell it was the wider and circumcised brown cock, even if the longer and uncut black one hadn’t just been in there ten minutes earlier. His brown hands cupped her hanging tits as he moved in and out. Synchronizing her cunt muscles to his strokes, she soon felt the swelling of his organ and the warm gush of his semen. He was a quiet one, only saying, “Thank you, ma’am” with his British accent, as he withdrew.

Putting a paper towel between her legs she strode into the living room and took her husband’s hand, pulling him to the bedroom. He knew what was expected as she took off the dress and laid back on their bed. The entry of his pale cock was always easy with the fresh whitish lube oozing out between her labia, so he concentrated on kissing her as he caressed and stimulated her body. She never climaxed with the others so he had to fulfill her before he added his many millions of sperm to her fresh collection.

She rested for a bit, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm before continuing with dinner. This was a daily ritual. It didn’t always happen in the kitchen. Might be the laundry room, or the guest room beds, or even the backyard. They always took her from behind and there was no overt affection displayed. The whole intent was to provide regular sexual relief for the exchange students they were hosting.

This current arrangement was mostly her husband’s idea. Last year they hosted an Australian boy who needed less than a month to get his pecker inside her. She was approaching fifty, slightly chubby with dirty blond hair, average looks and tits, and a pale complexion. She was an introvert who had little sexual experience besides her husband. The outback charmer was taught a lot by older women at home and knew how to make her feel desirable again. With marital copulations only once or twice a month, she was subconsciously quite horny. They screwed every weekday and when they could manage it on weekends.

This increased sexuality also stirred her up with her husband who didn’t mind, and didn’t question, getting more pussy. However, one day he came home horny immediately after she had shagged her youngster. With no time for her to clean up, he got a tongue full of fresh cum and the truth came out. He was mostly angry that she hadn’t told him and fucked her furiously which, not surprisingly, gave them both intense climaxes. He had fucked enough other women before and during the marriage to know that the extra cock wouldn’t hurt her pussy a bit. Probably improved it.

He marched his naked and dripping wife to the student’s room and demanded that his cum get eaten too. He then watched them fuck which got him hard enough for another go at the amazed woman.

Knowing better than try to stop a charging elephant, he settled for steering it. They established some rules so her husband could get benefits from the arrangement as well. He liked her increased interest in banging him and it reminded him of his greater horniness when he was diddling a neighbor wife. The idea that her cunt was regularly servicing another cock made her sexier.

The student could have her MWF; her husband could have her anytime but mostly Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Saturday was “free-for-all”. When home between 8am and 10pm she was available to both men as a “sex slave”. Dressed in as little as possible, she would obey every command from her “masters”. Since this was all for fun, she had a safe word which was simply “No!” It was a great success. Besides resulting in many climaxes all day long for everyone, it was an arena that each brought new ideas to.

They tried lots of things. Threesomes, light bondage, anal, and watersports elicited few “No”s from her. The Aussie didn’t care for being peed on but was happy to be a provider. She especially liked riding her husband reverse cowgirl while she aimed the young hose at their joined genitals. The hot stream got her off in a unique way. Her husband would try just about anything.

The year went by quickly. With Ralph gone so much, the wife and young man did a lot together besides sex and grew close ... almost too close since there were lots of tears and some depression when he returned home. When a nephew of her husband visited for a month long program at the community college, he got an education in sex he hadn’t signed up for but greatly enjoyed. So did she. That youthful cock and cum that she frequently partook of was a recipe for feeling and looking more youthful.

Host families were in short supply in the fall so they were asked to take two young men, one from South Africa and one from India. The portfolios showed them to be reasonably attractive pre-engineering students. This certainly provided some unique challenges and opportunities. The two previously described young men were the only ones she’d had sex with besides her husband. Having two at once was interesting enough, but what about the racial difference?

The couple found plenty of porn movies showing brown and black cocks in white mature women. Seemed to be a popular fantasy in erotic stories too. When she imagined herself in the videos she did get aroused, and her husband was mostly concerned about her feelings. He’d done a couple of black whores many years ago.

Their discussions led to the utilitarian, rather depersonalized, copulations that this tale started with. After a couple of weeks of getting acquainted, the offer of sex with the wife was made. It was presented as a benefit since the dark men were unlikely to date the mostly white conservative girls at the school.

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