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Erotica Sex Story: She made friends and family visiting her home feel very welcome indeed

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   InLaws   First   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

She opened the bedroom door and entered. Without a word she lifted the plain cotton nightie over her head revealing a nicely shaped mid-twenties body to the older man waiting expectantly on the bed. She approached him and pulled the sheet off his tenting erection. With practiced ease the young woman straddled him and took the bare cock inside of her. She smiled as he fondled her breasts while she rode him vigorously. Her beauty and talented cunt ensured that he soon thrust deep into her groin and grunted the release of his hot seed. After giving him a moment to savor the pleasure she dismounted and cleaned her pussy with the damp washcloth and towel she had brought. Putting on her nightie she gave her sated partner a quick kiss and went to the next room.

The heavy set older man was seated wearing only boxer shorts. She again removed her nightie but got on all fours crossways on his bed. This man’s cock was fat like the rest of him so she could take him only when her cunt was already loosened and wet. He stood on the floor and entered her slowly, taking several strokes for full penetration. Her young body felt tight to him and the unusual fullness was pleasurable to her. They rutted for about five minutes until this man also spurted semen inside her. She repeated her cleanup, redressing, and goodnight kiss.

The third bedroom had twin beds, each occupied by a teen age boy. This time she lay back in the older boy’s bed and offered her pussy to them both. As the first boy mounted her she drew the other one to her mouth and enjoyed young hardness at both ends. Four hands caressed her body as they penetrated her. After the boy on top blasted his hot juice onto her cervix, he withdrew and the brothers switched places. The second boy soon added his cum to her pussy and then she cleaned up once more. The goodnight kisses were accompanied by a squeeze to their still hard cocks.

On the way back to her own room she stopped to pee and tried to keep the male cream from draining out of her swollen cunt. As she expected, this next man was hard in anticipation. She laid on her back next to him and he rubbed the copious cream onto her clit, bringing her the climaxes that the hurried earlier couplings had not produced. She stroked and sucked his hard cock until she felt his release getting close then pulled him between her thighs. He placed only the head of his cock into her vagina and her fingers kept stroking until his seed joined the four deposits already there.

As he rolled off and cuddled with the young woman he finally spoke, “Thank you for providing such wonderful hospitality to my uncles and nephews, dear wife.”

Chapter 2

The young wife had a sad look in her face two weeks later as she told her husband that her period had started. It was a little late which had given her false hope.

Hugging her, the husband said, “We shall just have to invite my male relatives for another visit and you can again be the ‘hostess with the mostest’, or maybe we should say the ‘hostess who gets the mostest’. I know you were shy at first but were obviously enjoying each of them by the end of their visit. I will extend the invitation for a couple of weeks from now when you are ovulating again. I have not thought of any better way for us to have a child with at least some of my genes since I cannot do it myself.”

She hugged him back, her pussy tingling with the recent memories of her first strange cocks since meeting her husband. And the thought that she was trying to get pregnant every time she fucked them was even more stimulating.

The older uncle could not attend and the eager wife knew that she would miss the novel feeling of his very large penis. The younger relatives were actually more fun in bed. The nephews had separate rooms this time which would be better for the changes her husband had suggested. Since female orgasm increased the likelihood of conception, she would spend enough time with each partner for that to happen before going to the next man. Then she would lay on her back after each sperm injection for 5 to 10 minutes. A schedule determined the order of her visits so that, in the morning and evening rounds, there would be equal chances to be the first one to deliver the sperm that quickened her egg.

Her climaxes came easier than she expected. Feeling the spurts of baby maker juice deep inside her, together with the differing sensations of the three men she was fucking, was highly stimulating. When at last she returned to her husband’s bed she could only offer a blowjob. He was content with that, not wanting to interfere with the goal of the visit. Even after three days of keeping the wife’s cervix well bathed in sperm, her period returned once again.

The determined couple devised another strategy. The husband’s uncle and his two sons had known the reason for their visits all along. A cousin was also invited to join the breeding. This time there would be a week-long orgy surrounding her most fertile time. The uncle could only be there the weekend before and after but the brothers and cousin would stay all week. The wife had built up her sexual endurance with the plentiful exercise of the two previous visits but still wondered how well she would handle five horny men ... she didn’t expect her husband to go without her pussy all week. And he didn’t want to miss experiencing her twat all slicked up with strange cum.

The eight days were a blur of pleasure. She ovulated early in the week and it kicked her libido into overdrive. The wife sometimes got so caught up in her erotic needs that she didn’t make love to, or even fuck, her partners, she simply mated with them. She became a fertility goddess seeking to extract all the sperm possible as she was laid by one fertile man after another. She slept with a different man each night but might be awakened for a quick screwing by another (or two) even as she lay next to the bed partner she’d last copulated with. Of course that man would often be stimulated to make yet another sperm injection.

Her body had become accustomed to the variety of cocks and semen so it let down all of its defenses and her cervix opened to welcome the billions of wigglers into her womb as her egg came to meet them. She got by on naps during the days and nights. When her husband got a chance to bury his dick in her sopping pussy, she smiled and said, “Are you enjoying your house whore?”

“I’ll enjoy her even more when she gets knocked up!” was his reply.

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