Nina Was Her Name

by aubie56

Copyright© 2016 by aubie56

Historical Story: Al and Nina team up to run a freight wagon train on the Santa Fe Trail. They get married and Al finds himself the owner of a transcontinental freight line that will go out of business soon. He sells the company and they go to New Orleans to hunt pirates in the Gulf. There's a lot of action on land and water. 11 chapters.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Historical   Western   Violent  

Author’s notes: At this time, nobody spoke with contractions except for “ain’t” and a very few others. To use a contraction was considered evidence of little or no education. Furthermore, “must have” was always rendered as “must of.” “Of” was often used in place of “have.”

The dialog is flavored with the dialect of the time, but totally unfamiliar words, such as “swan” substituted for “swear” by women, are explained the first time they are used. Anything else should be explained by the context.

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