Rue, Britannia

by awnlee jawking

Copyright© 2016 by awnlee jawking

Fiction Story: A short, topical skit. None of which could possibly be true. Caution for bad taste.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Humor   Royalty   .

Kathy Middletown, Duchess of Camborne, drew back the covers. Her naked body showed that all those hours in the gym, being tortured by her personal trainer, had resulted in the return of her pre-baby figure. She parted her legs invitingly, her moist pussy lips glistening below her hairy pussy.

“It’s time, Harold,” she announced.

Kathy liked how she could make Prince Harold blush so easily, although with his naturally red cheeks it was sometimes hard to tell.

Needing no second invitation, the prince pounced, his proud prong probing the profundity of her plump pussy. Pumping furiously, he lasted less than half a minute before he came, spewing his slimy spend into Kathy’s questing cunt.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, as his slimy cock slipped out.

It was this lack of self-control that meant Prince Harold was unable to form a long-term relationship with any partner who would be more acceptable to the public. Kathy was unsatisfied but she didn’t mind, he’d last longer the next time. And, being fresher, sperm was supposed to be more potent the second time.

“What did you mean, ‘It’s time’”? Prince Harold asked, when his limited intellect finally processed what Kathy had said.

“I’ve succeeded in getting my figure back. Now I’m ready for a sibling for Jorge and Lottie. I’ve already stopped my birth control.”

Prince Harold grinned at the thought that he might have just knocked up his half-brother’s wife. Again!

“But we’ve provided an heir and a spare as per the contract. Why do you want any more?” he asked.

“For the marketing opportunities. Mummy is already planning how she can use them in her party planning, children’s clothing and royal souvenir businesses.”

“What about Prince Wilhelm? Is he okay with you having more children?”

Kathy frowned at the mention of her husband.

“The only reason he would care is that he’d have to make a show of attending the birth, and that means more time away from his boyfriend,” she snapped. “I knew he was in a steady relationship when I married him, but I didn’t know it was with a drug dealer.”

“He’s my supplier. I couldn’t host a decent party without him,” protested Prince Harold, then noticing the scowl on Kathy’s face he decided to change the subject. “I suppose Granny would be okay with it. She likes large families,” he mused.

“As if Queen Betty deserves any say in the matter. None of my kids will be biologically related to her.”

“Still, she worries about the family’s image. That’s why she clings so desperately to power even though she’s ninety. She knows Prince Chas is a total mutton-head.”

Kathy’s first thought was ‘like father, like son’, but that wasn’t strictly true since Major Jimmy Howitt was Prince Harold’s biological father. Prince Chas wasn’t that all stupid, he was just ‘away with the fairies’. But Prince Harold was actually too dumb even for the customary royal last-resort sinecure, a degree in ‘The History of Art’.

“I hope we have another boy,” continued Prince Harold. “Uncle Drew is sniffing round Lottie already. He’s such a pervert. I caught him encouraging Uncle Teddy to video her naked in the bath.”

Kathy sighed.

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