Trials of a Desi Housewife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Being pretty has its problems too. Too much attention can wear on a pussy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Indian Male   Indian Female   Pregnancy   Nudism   Indian Erotica   .

Chapter 1: The Problem

When Manu got home his wife was beside herself. Dinner was not ready and her sari wasn’t even fastened properly. Her hair was a mess too.

“Oh my dear, what has happened?” he exclaimed, putting his arms around the pretty and busty woman he had recently married. When he kissed her he recognized the taste of semen. He released her and opened her sari. There were love marks all over her body and semen was running down her legs from her reddened pussy.

She sobbed, “At first it was fun entertaining your male relatives who stopped by to visit. According to custom I offered refreshments and my body. I was being a good wife and liked the attention they were giving me. But now there are too many and I am getting a sore yoni. I cannot get the housework done when they are putting their lingams in me all the time. You know how I like being filled down there, so the first two or three are pleasant, but it becomes a chore after that.”

Manu was concerned, “How many lingams filled you?”

“There have been eight today and about that many yesterday and before too. It is mostly the same ones who return. You have a large family.”

The reason this was happening is that Manu lives in a rural village in a part of their country where the predominant religion is based on nature. Sex is viewed as a gift from the gods and a form of prayer. When a young person becomes of age they are taught the ways of sex by an older relative. They will develop their skills by practicing with partners of all ages and eventually will identify someone who would be a suitable spouse. The weekly government health clinic provides temporary and permanent methods of contraception so most births are in the context of a paired relationship.

When a male visitor who is not on the wife’s side pays a call it is customary for the wife to offer appropriate refreshments and the opportunity for a prayer coupling. This may be refused gracefully by the male, but that was rare. Usually a wife would host only one visitor a day, if at all. But Manu’s wife was exceptionally attractive.

Her husband said, “I will talk to my parents about this. You get cleaned up and rest and I shall bring dinner home with me. Lock the door and do not answer it while I am gone.”

She knew that in spite of her tender yoni she would insist that her husband plant his seed with all the others trying to breed her.

Chapter 2: The Solution

Manu’s parents listened to his story about the excessive number of visitors praying in his wife’s yoni. Manu’s father said, “You have married a beautiful woman so it is like blossoms to the bees. I have enjoyed her myself but I understand how it is becoming a burden. Your mother had the same problem when we were first married.”

Mother interjected, “I wish I had it now, you old goat. You do not give me enough between my legs these days. Manu, remind some relatives that I would enjoy some visitors.”

Father continued, “We told the family that she was working in the afternoons and she would pretend to not be at home. Then she could manage the visitors whose schedules allowed morning visits. Of course if they were invited in the evening she would provide hospitality.”

Manu looked relieved, “We shall do that. I knew you would have a good idea.”

Father added, “Tell your wife I will be sure to visit in the morning.”

The plan worked for a while but the men soon figured it out and her yoni was still overworked. Manu remembered a saying “Fight fire with fire” which gave him an idea.

Most days it was the same men who were visiting. Working from a list of the most frequent ones, Manu enlisted the aid of his two brothers and two cousins. They wanted to pray with the new wife from time to time and this assistance would make them most welcome.

Each day, when Manu’s wife was about to pray with one of the men on the list, Manu and his helpers would go to that man’s house and ask for prayers with his wife. The women were generally delighted with the opportunity. When their husband returned home they would often still be in bed, worn out and leaking prayer juice. When the names of the visitors were given, the husband got the message.

Manu’s father was on the list so the two helper cousins plus three uncles were sent to visit his mother. She thanked Manu later and said that one uncle really enjoyed her prayers and wanted to stop by regularly.

Manu could now enjoy his wife’s yoni much better. It was not sore and had another man’s juice in it only part of the time. His wife had the energy to pray vigorously and get great pleasure from him as well. Also she could have longer and more satisfying prayers with each visitor instead of being concerned about others waiting to get in her bed and yoni.

When they decided to have a child, the word went out to the men. One of Manu’s uncles and his grandfather had the snipping operation so they could still visit and pray. Of course, when Manu’s seed had taken hold, visitation could resume as before. And when the baby arrived, Manu was well taken care of by the women who came to help the new mother. He was very appreciative and always made their yonis feel very good.

Chapter 3: Further Developments

An older sister of Manu’s wife, Priya, had very much enjoyed helping with their newborn, but even more with relieving Manu’s juice buildup. He was much better in her yoni than her husband so she asked him to visit her regularly. She was not as attractive as Manu’s wife so had few male visitors wanting to pray with her. Her body was slender with small breasts.

Manu was a caring person and knew this was important to her so he was happy to help. They had opportunities to talk between the multiple prayer sessions she liked each time he visited so Manu found out about her two main concerns. Her husband’s poor prayer skills were, of course, one of them. The other was that they had not been blessed with any children. Manu was a problem solver so he decided to help this good woman.

Manu and family were invited for dinner one evening. After the repast Priya said she had something important to talk about that affected all of them. “It has become apparent to me that my husband, who I love dearly, needs to improve his skills in marital sex. I myself probably need improvement. Possibly related to that is the fact that I have been unable to conceive even though we have been trying for some time. I want to change both of those situations so here is what I propose. Once a week, I would like to exchange spouses with my sister for a night. Manu and she are quite skilled at sex and hopefully will teach me and my husband what they know. I would like to time our exchanges so that Manu will be with me at my most fertile times and might make a baby in me.”

A lively discussion erupted, mostly about particulars and not the general idea. Manu had already broached the subject to his wife so she was ready to help her sister. She brought up the point that the fertile period was sometimes several days long so it was agreed that Manu would inseminate his sister-in-law all those days.

Priya’s husband had been too shy to approach Manu’s beautiful wife therefore was delighted with this arrangement. Priya invited their guests to stay overnight and begin the new plan.

Manu’s wife discovered that her brother-in-law’s lingam was shorter but thicker than her husband’s. She had learned to enjoy ones of any size so it was his technique that needed help. He didn’t know how to give her oral pleasure so that was first on the list. Then there were the various prayer positions to learn. His love fluid output was very small but she didn’t know how to change that. He did not thrust very many times or press the right places on her yoni before spurting his juice. That was something she could work on.

Priya enjoyed Manu many times during the night. It was not her fertile time so she concentrated on learning what gave him pleasure and what she could do to prolong the act of coupling. Feeling the seed spurt from his lingam helped her get the pleasure in her loins.

Her plainness had brought her few partners of her own age so Manu suggested that she offer to pray with older men who did not have regular partners. They would be very appreciative and generally be skilled in giving her pleasure. She agreed to do that during her unfertile times and told Manu about each encounter. They were interesting and enjoyable, she found.

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