Spank Me Daddy

by The Blind Man

Copyright© 2016 by The Blind Man

Erotica Sex Story: Samantha is a young woman who has a kink that creeps into her professional life. Frank is an older man who works with Samantha. Both parties need to learn to make concessions if things are to work out to each others satisfaction. This is not an incest story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   .

Let me say this before anyone gets upset about the title of this story; I’m not a parent and I’m not in an incestuous relationship with my child. I am however in a relationship with a young woman who has a very specific kink that comes out once and awhile.

Samantha is younger than me by at least a dozen years. She is a medium tall, waif of a girl who looks at times a lot younger than her twenty-one years that she really is. In fact her features can be best described as being childlike. She’s a redhead with long, wavy shoulder length hair, green eyes, and a small spattering of freckles on her face. She’s as thin as a rake and her breasts are little more than bumps. Still she has a great smile that can draw a man’s interest from across the room and she is super smart. Talking to her is a joy.

Samantha is a college intern in my office. She’s on a short-term co-operative placement program that is designed to expose her to real world on-the-job training. In a manner of speaking, I’m her mentor. That is how we became familiar with each other.

It all happened progressively. Samantha arrived one Monday morning and she was introduced around the office. The boss’s secretary took charge of her the first day making certain that she had a building pass to get into our building and she had access to our computer system. That and a ton of administrative paperwork kept Samantha busy the first day.

The second day the boss brought Samantha around to my office to re-introduce her to me. While Samantha was going to be doing some independent work for him, the boss wanted someone with a little seniority and a lot of experience keeping an eye on her. I wasn’t supposed to monitor her day to day activities or task her with anything, but I was supposed to make myself available if Samantha needed advice or guidance. Naturally I told him that I had no problem with that and I assured Samantha that it was going to be a pleasure working with her. That just put a smile on Samantha’s face and that smile brightened up my morning.

Like I said Samantha was a very smart young woman. The boss gave her the tasks that he wanted her to pursue and she ran with them. For the most part she worked alone. I’d drop by her cubicle first thing in the morning to say hi and again after lunch but that was it. In the first week that she was in the office I think she dropped by mine only once. When I spoke to the boss later that week I found out that he was very happy with what Samantha was accomplishing for him and the office and I left things at that.

The second week was when I noticed that Samantha had a couple of bad habits. They weren’t really bad like surfing porn on the office internet connection but they were non-productive in nature. My office charged our customers by the minute and every minute that we billed them for had to be accounted for down to the last second. Personal time was limited in our office to one hour a day. That included a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. Anything over that was a no-no. Unfortunately Samantha liked to talk.

I caught her chatting with one of our technicians on Tuesday afternoon. I was on my way to the boss’s office to discuss a paper that I’d drafted for him. Samantha was leaning on the wall of the corridor and Tony the technician was standing next to her. They were deep in conversation and neither of them took notice of me. At first I ignored them and I didn’t say a word. However when I came out of the boss’s office they were still gabbing and I knew from the length of my conversation with the boss that I’d been in his office for at least twenty minutes. I decided then and there to confront the two and put a stop to their gabfest.

Tony fled almost immediately. He didn’t get away scot-free. I warned him that I would be speaking to his supervisor. Then I took Samantha to a quiet room and I had a chat with her.

“Samantha,” I said to her in an exasperated manner, “I know very well that you’ve been briefed about wasting time in this office. It is one thing to ask for help from someone and it is another thing to waste time in idle gossip. In the future keep you chatting to your breaks and your lunchtime. Do you understand me?”

Samantha assured me that she understood me perfectly. She was remorseful from the very beginning of our conversation. In a way she was too remorseful and that made me wonder if she was taking what I was saying seriously. What got me worried was her body language. Samantha didn’t say anything disrespectful but she did start pulling a little girl act on me. She held herself like someone who was getting lectured to by a parent or a teacher. She held her hands in her lap clasping them together. Samantha also allowed her shoulders to slump down in a dejected manner as I spoke to her. Samantha even bowed her head in contrition. She even put a sad pout on her face and that took me completely by surprise. I had to call her on that when I saw it.

“Samantha, are you taking me serious?” I demanded to know, speaking perhaps a little more sharply than I would have usually spoken to another colleague in the same situation.

Samantha assured me that she was taking me very seriously. She kept up the little girl act the whole time that she replied to me. She apologized profusely over and over again and she promised me that she wouldn’t offend again. In the end I sent her back to work telling her that the next time I caught her wasting time that I’d report her to the boss. That got a reaction out of her. She actually looked at me wide-eyed for a moment and she promised me that she’d be a good girl from now on.

That was the only incident with Samantha that week and by the end of the week I thought that everything had gotten sorted out. The one change I did notice was that Samantha started dropping by my office from time to time to ask me a question about something she was working on. Her questions were all minor in nature and they didn’t demand much of my time to answer them so I didn’t really mind. I did find it strange though because I was certain that Samantha could have found the answers on her own without any help from me. What also bothered me was how she presented herself at the beginning of each conversation. She came to me doing the little girl act just before asking what she wanted to know. It was a little annoying.

My next run in with Samantha happened Wednesday the next week. The boss was out of the office for a week and I was acting as Samantha’s immediate supervisor. That meant that she had to report to me more frequently. At first it wasn’t a problem. Monday morning she gave me a mini briefing on what her tasks were for the week. She also told me where she was in each of the tasks, letting me know how her workflow was progressing. I ended up thanking her for her concise briefing and that put a smile on her face. She went off to do her work and I went off to do mine and my boss’s job since I was covering his desk.

On Wednesday morning I dropped by Samantha’s cubicle to check up on what she was doing. It was fifteen minutes after the morning break and I had expected to find her hard at work. What I found was Samantha playing a game on her cell phone. From the look of it she hadn’t even turned her computer back on. Naturally Samantha jumped with surprise the moment I stepped into her cubical.

“I want to speak to you in the boss’s office,” I told Samantha in a sharp, stern voice. Then I turned and left. I immediately walked to the boss’s office. Samantha followed me looking very much like a little girl once again, heading off to the principal’s office.

“You can stop the little girl act,” I told Samantha as I shut the door behind her after she’d entered the office. “It is not going to work on me. I’m immune to it. Besides you’re a bright, intelligent woman Samantha. Do you really think acting like a remorseful child is going to get you out of this conversation?”

“No sir, I don’t,” Samantha responded in a whisper of a voice.

That didn’t change a thing though. Samantha might not expect to get out of trouble acting like a little girl but she still kept it up and that just annoyed me even more.

“I’ve spoken to you once about wasting office hours on personal activities,” I chided Samantha as I moved behind the boss’s desk and I took over his chair, making Samantha stand across from me on the other side of the desk. “I will not speak to you a third time. You’re just lucky that the boss is not here this week or you’d be dealing with him.”

“Yes sir,” Samantha admitted in a low voice, her head bowed and her hands held clasped in front of her. “I understand.”

“Do you really understand?” I asked in a challenging manner, gazing sternly at Samantha. Again my voice had taken on a harshness that I wasn’t used to using in a professional setting. It was just that Samantha’s demeanour was getting to me. “I wonder about that Samantha. I really do. I also wonder about how seriously you take my comments. You’re a grown woman and not a child. Acting like a child in front of me only makes me want to spank you. It certainly doesn’t make me want to let you get away with what you’ve been doing.”

“I know ser,” Samantha replied in almost a tearful voice, “and I’m sorry about the way I’m behaving. I don’t mean to act this way but it happens whenever someone corrects me. I just can’t help it. Please don’t spank me. I’ll be a good girl from now on. I promise.”

Samantha’s words took me by surprise. I didn’t intend to spank her at all and I hadn’t meant to imply it. Immediately I realized that I was in the wrong by speaking to Samantha alone. I had wanted to deal with this without embarrassing her in front of the rest of the office but now I’d placed myself in an awkward situation.

“I have no intentions to spank you, Samantha,” I told her pointedly. “I would never inflict a physical punishment on any employee in this office including you. I will however recommend to the boss that your internship be cancelled if you keep up breaking the rules about wasting time. Do you understand me about this?”

Samantha declared that she did and I decided to let things go at that. I also decided that I would never speak to Samantha again in a private venue. From now on all our conversations would be held in public.

My boss likes to drink and he likes to take everyone out for a drink once a month. He always does it on a Friday night after work and normally he buys the first round of drinks. After that if you want to go home you can. There’s never any pressure to stay. Usually I end up staying for a bit. I’m not a heavy drinker and after my first beer I usually switch to pop. The boss doesn’t mind since I usually buy at least one round for everyone else and I normally end up chatting with him for a while and keeping him company for the time that I’m there.

It turned out that Samantha wasn’t much of drinker. She drank but she just couldn’t handle it. Being a waif of a girl she had almost no body fat on her frame and after two beers she was tipsy. When I noticed that I decided to keep an eye on her. While I sort of trusted most of the guys in the office not to take advantage of her, there were a couple that been sniffing about Samantha from the moment she had walked into the office and I knew that they had no qualms boffing an inebriated woman. There was also the fact that there were other customers in the bar with us who I didn’t know and I certainly didn’t trust. To make life easier on everyone I suggested that Samantha take a seat beside me. Amazingly she did exactly as I suggested.

Samantha was on her third beer when I finally decided it was time to head home. I was in the middle of saying my farewells when Samantha declared that she was looking for a volunteer to give her a ride home. Her declaration actually sparked a lot of interest from those about us who had overheard her request. Fortunately for Samantha my boss came to the rescue before anyone got the bright idea that they should take on the job. He immediately suggested to Samantha that she should get a ride with me since I was getting ready to leave and more significantly, I was the only sober person at the table. Grudgingly I had to agree with my boss on that fact so I offered Samantha a ride and she took me up on it.

It was dark when we stepped out of the bar and into the parking lot. Samantha had taken my arm for support as we had started to leave and I let her hold on to me as I led her over to the passenger side of my car. She surprised me when I helped her get into the vehicle.

“Thank you Daddy,” Samantha giggled softly just before I closed the passenger door. It made me stop and stare down at her in disbelief. Samantha didn’t even take notice of me.

It turned out that Samantha’s apartment wasn’t that far away from the bar that we’d been at. It took us only about ten minutes to get there. Once there I parked on the street and I hoped out so I could get around to the passenger side in order to help Samantha out of the vehicle. I got there just in time to open the door. As I did Samantha leaned out of the open door and she puked all over the sidewalk. It just took me completely by surprise.

“I’m so sorry Daddy,” Samantha whimpered softly, tears streaking her face as I worked to get her out of the car without either of us stepping in the puke. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that Daddy. You don’t have to spank me Daddy. I’ll be a good girl.”

By then I was really exasperated with the whole good girl and don’t spank me thing that Samantha was mumbling about. I just wanted to get her into her apartment and be rid of her for the weekend. We could have another talk Monday morning but not now while she was drunk and babbling.

“Just tell me which one is your apartment Samantha,” I told her, “and give me the key to the door so I can let you in.”

Samantha told me which of the buildings contained her apartment and I led her to it. While we walked Samantha fumbled in her purse looking for the key to her place. The whole time she was doing that she kept mumbling that she’d be a good girl in the future and I didn’t need to spank her. It was really beginning to piss me off. I wasn’t into that sort of thing and I told her so. Unfortunately that resulted in Samantha deciding to be a bad girl instead of being a good girl.

The bad Samantha acted up. Samantha had just found her apartment keys when I told her that I wasn’t interested in her good little girl act. Her response was to take the key and shove it into the front of the skirt she was wearing. More specifically she shoved it into her panties under the skirt trapping the key in her crotch. I just looked at her in disbelief.

“Now I’m a bad girl,” Samantha sing-songed in a drunken voice. “Now you’re going to have to spank me Daddy.”

I looked at Samantha and I shook my head with disbelief. Her action was incredulous and I wasn’t going to fall for it. I got made.

“No,” I snapped at Samantha causing her to start with surprise. “I told you already I don’t play games. You’re on your own from this point forward. I’ll talk to you Monday morning.”

I turned to leave but Samantha wouldn’t let me. She didn’t try to physically prevent me from leaving; I was certainly taller than she was and much heavier. Instead she started begging and pleading with me at the top of her lungs. Exasperated I paused a few steps away from her and I turned back to confront her. What I saw shocked me. Samantha had dropped her skirt to the ground along with her panties. She was standing bare ass in front of her apartment holding up the set of keys that she’d dumped in her crotch only a few seconds before.

“Please forgive me Daddy,” Samantha begged loudly. “I’ll be good.”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There was no way I was just going to leave Samantha standing half naked at the door to her apartment. There was also no way that I was going to let Samantha get away with manipulating me the way she was trying to do. She might be drunk but I had a feeling that her little ‘Daddy’ routine wasn’t something new that she’d just sprung on me. I was certain that she’d done it before and I wasn’t going to have anything to do with it.

I took the key from Samantha’s outstretched hand and then I picked up her discarded skirt and her panties. They turned out to be basic white with a ‘Hello Kitty’ stencilled across the crotch. I sighed loudly when I spotted them. I then opened the door to Samantha’s apartment building and I led her into it. Thankfully we didn’t run into anyone on the way to Samantha’s apartment. When I finally got her door open I shoved her inside and I followed her in.

“I’m not impressed with you Samantha,” I scolded the young woman as I pushed her pass the entrance to her apartment and into the living room, “and I’m greatly disappointed with you. I’ve told you that I don’t play games and you keep ignoring what I’m telling you. I really do think you need to be punished.”

Samantha didn’t resist me guiding her along but she did keep up her protest that she’d be a ‘good girl’ and that I didn’t need to spank her. In amongst the protests she threw out ‘daddy’ every once and awhile which simply kept my blood boiling. I just couldn’t understand why she’d be doing so now that we were off the street and I’d made it clear that I wasn’t going to play her game. Instead of trying to placate me it was as if she was trying to goad me on.

Samantha’s apartment living room was small, neat, and uncluttered. It was also lit when we stepped into it and that allowed me to have a good look around. As I did my eyes spotted an ottoman and I decided to make use of it.

“Come here,” I growled as I moved over to the ottoman and I sat down upon it.

Samantha didn’t hesitate and she didn’t resist me. Once I was seated comfortably I pulled her down and I laid her across my lap with her belly stretched over my knees and her naked ass in the air. Then I started spanking her.

“Enough is enough,” I growled at Samantha as my hand fell onto her pale white, upturned ass. “I will not be used in this manner. If you want to behave like a little girl then I’m going to punish you like a little girl.”

I spanked Samantha hard. In fact I’m pretty sure that I struck her harder than I’d originally intended to strike her. I walloped both ass cheeks at the same time. Samantha had a very small, little girl butt and my hands were huge compared to it. In no time she was cry out and begging me to stop but I didn’t. When my hand started to hurt from striking her ass I pulled her to her feet and I spun her around to face the other way. Samantha hadn’t expected that. I had her back down across my lap in no time and I was back to spanking her with my other hand. By then Samantha was sobbing loudly and begging me to stop. This time she didn’t call me ‘Daddy’. This time she used my real name.

I did stop eventually. I got tired and the anger in me abated. I simple let Samantha slip off my lap and onto the floor. By then I was wondering if I’d gone too far. I soon found out that I hadn’t.

“I’m so sorry that I was a bad girl, Daddy,” Samantha whimper about ten seconds after I’d let her drop to the floor at my feet. “I’ll be good from now on. Let me show you how much I love you.”

At that Samantha got on her knees before me and she reached out towards my belt with trembling fingers. She’d just started tugging on it when I realized what Samantha intended to do. I was shocked that she’d even think that I would allow her to do that after I’d spanked her ass for her. I was beginning to wonder if she was seriously fucked up.

“No,” I snapped angrily as I grabbed for her hands and I stopped her from unbuckling my belt. “Bad girls don’t get cock. Bad girl’s get spanked and sent to bed. Now get up and on your feet.”

Samantha looked at me for all of a second, staring at me as if I’d just slapped her in the face. I might have done that if she hadn’t decided to obey me. Quickly Samantha got up off the floor and she stood in front of me. That was when I got a whiff of her pussy. It was right there in front of my face and I could smell it. I knew instantly that Samantha was turned on in a manner that only seen portrayed in a movie. Her scent was intoxicating and it had my already hard cock pulsing with desire. It took great restraint from doing exactly what Samantha wanted of me.

“Into the bathroom,” I told Samantha tersely. As I spoke I grabbed her narrow hips and I spun her about. Once her ass was facing me I gave her a shove and I sent her on her way.

Samantha escorted me to her bathroom. It was small but functional.

“What do you do for a bedtime routine?” I asked Samantha keeping my tone neutral.

“I have a pee Daddy,” Samantha replied, lowering her eyes with honest embarrassment and not just playacting, “and then I have a shower. I brush my teeth last.”

“All right,” I told Samantha firmly, pointing at the toilet as I spoke. “Have your pee and then get into the shower. Be quick about it.”

I don’t think Samantha had expected that. I certainly hadn’t expected her to comply but she did. Obediently she sat down on the toilet and peed. It didn’t take her long. Having a bladder full of beer helped. She was however embarrassed by the whole situation. When she was done whipping herself and when she had flushed the toilet she started to remove the rest of her clothing. That was when I got a good look at what Samantha had to offer.

Like I had mentioned earlier, Samantha was a small woman in all departments. Her breasts were probably no bigger than ‘double-A’s’. They still looked very nice upon her slender, waifish frame. What looked even better were her nipples. Her nipples and areolas were very dark in colour. Against her pale flesh they looked stunning. The fact that her nipples were hard and they were standing out by about half an inch made them look even better. My cock twitched at the sight of them.

I helped Samantha into the shower admonishing her as she got in not to get her hair wet and not to take too much time. She was to clean up but that was it. By now Samantha was no longer drunk. My spanking had sorted that out quickly. She just nodded her head in acknowledgement and said ‘yes Daddy’ in a soft voice before pulling the shower curtain across to keep the water from spattering onto the bathroom floor.

Samantha took only a couple of minutes to wash up. Her shower curtain was semi-transparent so I could see what she did while she showered. I saw her soap up and wash her face clean of her tears and the make up that was streaking it. I also saw her wash her breasts and her privates. She did so quickly and efficiently. When she was done rinsing off and she’d turned off the water, I met her with a towel that she could put about her to dry herself off and to cover her naked body up. She accepted it with a ‘thank you Daddy’.

“Brush your teeth,” I simply told her in response. Again my words were short and the tone was terse. Samantha just nodded in acknowledgement and did what I told her to do.

When Samantha was done I had her lead me to her bedroom. Again this room was small but it was big enough to hold a double bed. The room was a little messy but I took no notice of it.

“What do you wear to sleep in?” I asked Samantha curtly.

“Nothing Daddy,” Samantha replied in a low voice, lowering her head and eyes as she responded.

I wasn’t impressed with Samantha’s answer but I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. My response was to pull the towel off of her slight frame revealing her naked body once again. Samantha did nothing to stop me.

I did take Samantha by surprise though. I paused and looked at her for a moment or two inspecting her closely before doing anything else. Then I used the towel to dry off any wet spots that I noticed on her body. I even had her turn about and I dried down her back. The last thing I did with the towel was to pat dry her pussy. I think Samantha almost came when I did that.

“Into bed,” I told Samantha sternly when I was done.

Samantha obeyed me without hesitation. She crawled into bed and scooted across as if she was making room for me to get in with her. I didn’t. Instead I pulled her blankets and coverlet up over her naked form. Samantha gave me an incredulous look when I did that.

“I told you Samantha that I wasn’t impressed with you,” I told her as I looked down at her. “I also told you that ‘bad girl’s’ didn’t get cock. I’ll see you Monday morning and we can talk then. Good night.”

I leaned down and I kissed Samantha on the forehead. Then I turned and left her closing the door behind me as I left. A few minutes later I was out of her apartment and on my way home. When I got there I needed a shower myself. It was a nice long one.

I spent the weekend worrying that the police would come knocking on my door. I was sure that I’d left Samantha’s ass black and blue and that when she’d woken up the next day that she’d report me. I was also certain that her next door neighbours would probably corroborate her story. I’d really gotten her screaming. Thankfully it never happened.

Monday morning I met with Samantha. She agreed to speak to me in a public place. I took her to the food court in our building. We picked a spot that was visible to anyone passing by but reasonably private. Samantha led off the discussion.

“I’m sorry Frank,” Samantha began, lowering her head as she spoke. “I really am. I didn’t mean for Friday night to happen the way it did.”

“Yes you did, so don’t mess this up by lying to me,” I told Samantha bluntly. “If you continue to do so and if you continue to play the remorseful little girl with me then this conversation ends here and now and I’ll be upstairs talking to the boss. Considering the situation I don’t think you should continue working here.”

“Please don’t do that Frank,” Samantha pleaded, this time looking me in the eyes as she spoke. “I won’t lie to you anymore and I’ll try and not pull the little girl act as you call it. Truthfully I don’t mean to do it, but sometimes I can’t help it. It’s sort of a personality quirk. I’ve been doing it most of my life. I try not to but certain situations trigger it and it comes out.”

“Like when I started reprimanding you for wasting time?” I asked not really believing what Samantha was telling me.

“Yes,” Samantha answered without hesitation. “It goes back to my childhood. I could never take it when my daddy scolded me. I always looked away from him when he was stern with me. I always tried to be his little girl for him even when he spanked me. It just got worse as the years went along.”

Samantha’s comment gave me pause. I looked at her in wonder and I forced myself to ask the question that I was dreading to ask.

“Your father didn’t molest you, did he?” I inquired in a hesitant voice.

“No!” Samantha exclaimed in an emphatic manner. “He never touched me once sexually. He was firm with me and he called me on things when I was naughty and he punished me. He never spanked my bare bum but he did spank me. He also took care of me and he wiped my tears away when he was done. He would cuddle me and sooth me and he would kiss me on the forehead and tell me he loved me.”

“Then why do you keep calling me Daddy and why do I get the impression you want ‘Daddy’ to fuck you?” I asked Samantha bluntly, not understanding what she was telling me.

The coarseness of my words took Samantha by surprise. She hesitated in answering for a second or two and while she hesitated she looked about to see if anyone had heard my question. She only answered me when she was certain that no one was listening into our conversation.

“My daddy died when I was thirteen,” Samantha told me in a lowered voice. “He was killed in an auto accident. He never once molested me and he always showed me that he loved me even when he was made at me. The whole ‘Daddy’ fixation grew out of teenage fantasies. To me my dad was the perfect man and I wanted him to be my first. He was dead so I fantasised about him to remember the happiness that he used to give me. As I got older and I got more sexually active my fantasy crossed over into reality. My inability to meet the eyes of some authority figure when they were correcting me for some kind of failing resulted in me sleeping with a couple of my teachers and professors. I just couldn’t help it and the more I did it the more I wanted to do it. I found myself wanting to be disciplined by an older man if it meant that for a few minutes I actually felt the love I’d known as a child.”

By then Samantha was crying and we had to stop talking for a few minutes while she got control of herself and she dried her face. I’m certain that a few people wondered what was going on at our table but thankfully no one stuck their nose into our business. Eventually Samantha got control of herself and she went on.

“Friday night I wanted that feeling again,” Samantha admitted. “I actually like you Frank. You’re a nice man and you’ve treated me kindly since I came to work here. Some of the guys have been trying to get into my pants but you haven’t. You’ve been totally professional from day one and I really appreciated that. It wasn’t the only reason that I liked you. In many ways you do remind me of my daddy. He was tall and dark haired like you and he was about your age when he died. I know it sounds stupid but seeing you and being near you kind of turned me on. I had to find a way to attract your attention and I decided to fall back on the little girl act. I figured since it worked with my teachers and professors it would work with you. Unfortunately it didn’t.”

“It almost did,” I informed Samantha cautiously. “I almost did what you wanted me to do.”

“I’m glad you were strong enough to resist Frank,” Samantha told me, looking down at the table as she replied, her cheeks colouring as she spoke. “To be honest with you, what you did to me Friday night made me feel more loved than I’ve ever felt before.”

I actually gasped when Samantha said that. I looked at her in total disbelief. Samantha chuckled at my reaction.

“Don’t look so surprised,” Samantha told me. “Like I told you before, my father never molested me. He was firm with me and he punished me but he never touched me sexually. He always saw to it that I had my shower before bed and he saw to it that I brushed my teeth and then he tucked me in and he kissed me good night. You did that to me Friday night and for the first time ever I really felt loved. You were the first to walk away instead of fucking me and I really appreciated it. Thank you!”

I didn’t know how to reply to that so I just kept my mouth shut and let silence drop over our table for a few minutes while I pondered on the situation. Eventually I spoke up.

“I like you Samantha,” I started off, hoping I wouldn’t embarrass either Samantha or myself. “I think you’re a bright young woman with a great future ahead of you. I’m certain that if you work hard you’ll be a success. I also liked what I saw Friday night. I think you’re a pretty young woman and I also think you’ll make some man happy one day. I don’t think that man is me. Like I told you I don’t play games and I’m certainly not your daddy. If I were to make love to you I’d prefer it if you were thinking about me and not how much I reminded you of your father. It wouldn’t be fair to me.”

“No it wouldn’t,” Samantha replied in a hushed, uncertain voice.

“I think we should get back to work now and put Friday night behind us,” I told Samantha firmly. “I want you to stop trying to get my attention. In return I won’t mention my talks with you to the boss. If you can do that I think we can get through the next two months of your internship without anymore problems.”

Samantha pursed her lips and sighed in response to that. She looked sad again and she started to pout. I put my finger up and stopped her.

“You’ll stop doing that as well,” I told her sharply. “Like I told you you’re not a little girl and I’m not your daddy. I’ll treat you like an adult and a professional if you treat me the same way. If you can’t I’ll be talking to the boss.”

“I’ll try,” Samantha muttered softly in agreement.

“All right then, let’s get back to work,” I declared, preparing to get up. “By the way, you’ll need to go and freshen up before coming back to the office. Your make up is ruined.”

“I’ll do that in a minute Frank,” Samantha told me, “but I have one last question to ask you before we go.”

“What is that,” I asked without pause.

“Can we date?” Samantha inquired quickly, looking at me in a longing way. “Please!”

I was flabbergasted by the audacity of her question. I’d already told her I wasn’t into her game and I didn’t want to play her daddy for her. My face flushed with colour as I started to get angry once more.

“Samantha... ,” I started to say but Samantha didn’t let me finish. She put up her hand in front of my mouth and she hushed me before I could blow my top.

“It wouldn’t be the way you’re thinking,” Samantha told me in a low voice. “I mean it Frank. What you did for me Friday night woke me up to a new reality. It showed me that I didn’t need to give my body to some guy just to feel a love that I hadn’t felt since I was a child.”

“That might be so,” I interjected, interrupting Samantha, “but I’m not your daddy and I don’t want to pretend I am.”

“I know that Frank and I are thankful that you’re not,” Samantha exclaimed quickly. “That is why I want to date you. I really like you and I think that you can show me a love that will supplant what I’ve been looking for. I just want to give it a try.”

I hesitated in answering Samantha once more. I pondered her statement and how I felt about it. I also pondered my feelings for the young lady. I really didn’t know her well enough to commit to anything, especially a long term relationship. Still I had wanted her Friday night and she had filled my fantasies since then. I pursed my lips for a moment before answering the woman.

“We can date,” I told Samantha, ‘but only once you’ve stopped working here. I don’t think it would be very professional of me to be seeing the intern on the side. Once your internship is over I’ll take you out on a date. We’ll see if a second date comes about after that one. There will be one condition to our relationship though; you will not call me ‘daddy’. If you do, you won’t see me again. Is that understood?”

“Yes Frank,” Samantha acknowledge willingly, “I understand.”

Samantha kept her promise and so did I. She behaved herself for the remainder of her internship and I didn’t talk to the boss. On the last day of her internship the boss took her out to lunch and he let her go early that day. There wasn’t much left for her to do then except for some administrative paperwork and to turn in her building pass. I called her on the phone that night.

“Are you still interested in me?” I asked Samantha once I’d identified myself to her.

“Yes,” Samantha replied with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“All right then,” I told her in a matter of fact manner, “I’ll be at your place in thirty minutes. Meet me at the front door. I’ll take you to a little place I know for dinner and some conversation. Agreed?”

Samantha agreed readily. She met me at the front door to her apartment building when I got there. It was late summer by then and the weather was warm. She wore a pretty sundress that was different shades of green and it was covered in a floral print. It looked very pretty on her and I told her so. That put a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye.

We went do a little place I knew that served a lighter fare than most restaurants did these days. It was early enough when we got there that we were able to get a booth to ourselves. That gave us some privacy and it allowed us to focus on each other and not the possibility that someone might be listening in on our conversation. Over the meal we kept the chatter impersonal. I asked her about her coming semester at college and what her intentions were after it was over. Samantha was in the last year of her program and she was going to try and get hired by my boss. In turn, Samantha asked me about my plans for the future. Only once coffee had been served did we turn our talk towards us.

“I was surprised that you called tonight, Frank,” Samantha admitted hesitantly when silence finally dropped over our table. “You’ve been distant the last couple of days and I didn’t know whether you really wanted to see me ever again.”

I hesitated in answering for a second and then I decided to be honest with Samantha.

“I wondered about that as well,” I admitted. “I wondered if I really wanted to make a go of it with you considering what you told me about yourself. I’ll admit that I’m viewing this relationship with trepidation. I’ll also admit that I’m here now because I honestly like you.”

“I’m glad you do Frank, because I like you too,” Samantha interjected, blushing as she spoke. This time however she didn’t turn her gaze away from me.

“I’ll also admit,” I said picking up the conversation again, “that I’m uncertain how to proceed from here with you. To be honest it’s been a couple of years since I was in a relationship with a woman. My last girlfriend and I almost got married. We’d started looking at rings about the time she decided that things were going too quickly for her. Since then I’ve dated a couple of times and I’ve had sex with one woman. It didn’t happen a second time. Now I’m facing a woman who is twelve years my junior and I’m wondering if this is what I really want to do.”

“Still you did ask me out on a date,” Samantha pointed out. “That’s a positive step, isn’t it?”

I chuckled in response to that and I shook my head in reply garnering a questioning look from Samantha. After a second I told her why I was chuckling.

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