Montezuma's Mystical Maidens

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: An ancient civilization spawns a blood cycle of sacrifice and strange culture.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Violent   .

The story of the beautiful ladies of Montezuma wandering the streets of gold is not a happy tale of royal splendor or never-ending love.

It is more of a sad story about lust and greed and rivers of blood that washed the golden streets more often with blood than with a gentle healing rain. The Moon Goddess of fertile nights amid magnificent and memorable coupling orgies seldom wore more than a simple cord to cover her sacred loins in public. Of course, all females were allowed to feast their eyes on the earth-bound flesh of the royal personage, but the males were strictly forbidden to glance in her direction when she passed nearby.

The punishment for such heresy was the swift removal of both eyeballs right on the spot.

Those unfortunate horny males were changed to blind-men and then, just as quickly into beggars in the gutter, until some kind-hearted soldier gave them release from their misery, with a well-aimed slice of a sharp blade, without any warning.

An even harsher remedy was the full removal of male reproductive organs, should some foolish male be found mounting one of the Moon Goddesses loyal maidens in a fit of lust, failing to be checked by fear of retribution and spurred by instinctual urges beyond their will power or sense of logic.

Jai Tampico was just such a horny lad, with little fear of being caught. He was a presumptuous thief of female virtue with a reputation that clung to him like a cloak of invincibility.

Jai was probably the hardest worker inside the confines of Montezuma, but he knew the power of his shaft of pleasure was his irresistible tickets to finding females of all classes willing to spread open their feminine treats for his enlightenment. He had often looked at the Montezuma Maidens in futile glances, but had never been caught. He desperately wanted to see, if they had magical feminine channels, like the songs proclaimed to be passageways of the Gods.

It was altogether a promising project to Jai, but even his pleasure-seeking brain was wise enough to sense the risk involved was far too high to entertain a serious thought of actually attempting such a dangerous course of action.

He was sitting on the edge of the well allowing the young women to admire his impressive biceps in the season of celebratory copulation, with nothing on his mind, except his next conquest. They hovered around him like a swarm of bees drawn to the honey and he had no objection to it because it filled him with desire like waves of salty sea water right up to the top of his head. His experience was that when the pressure built up to a certain point, he would simply take the elbow of the fairest one and lead her into a shadowy corner to receive his gift of love.

The other less endowed males looked at him with envious eyes knowing they were pale comparisons of masculine charm and they vowed to strengthen their bodies to perform similar feats of sexual prowess in nocturnal settings with their own small circles of submissive female flesh.

Their city was built to honor the Gods and that is way it should be in the beloved society but their actions were often sinful and filled with lust instead of honor. All was in order unless there came to be a period of poor crops or sickness that preyed on both animals and man.

At those times of denial of good fortune by the bountiful Gods, the simpering priests preached the value of sacrifice so astutely that even the most skeptical bowed their heads and shut their eyes to the whimpers of the chosen sacrifices as they were bound and led up the steps to the altar of prayer and divine intervention.

Jai was not a believer in the true sense of the word but more of a practical man taken to value the pleasure of the moment when a female shouted out her joy with unfettered release. When he was angry at some slight or failing, he used the female flesh provided dishing out spirited blows to their soft posteriors and other nicely curved parts in a manner men did throughout the Empire whenever they were troubled. Sometimes, he followed the practice because he knew it was expected of him and he would be less the man if he neglected his duties.

He was able to think better when he had a plump bottom stretched across his lap and the sound of their pitiful whimpers often aroused his member to immediate action at times when he was certain he would need more time to recover before entering into another round of endless humping.

On this particular night, he had a pair of twin sisters to work on at his leisure.

They were a joyful sight with their identical rumps side by side and awaiting his pleasure. He had to admit, it was a chore to tell one from the other but he came to the discovery that one was the sort to moan and groan at certain moments and the other was more likely to stay silent and shudder with uncontrollable jerking movements spraying the pallet and floor with her juices. He called one “Girl with loud mouth” and the other he called “Girl with rain between legs”. They both thought his name for them was an affliction that they had to endure because he was a man and men were meant to be obeyed unless you were a high priestess or a God.

The failure of the crops this season was so bad that they had culled a full fifty sacrifices to appease the Gods. All of the sacrifices were necessarily virgins because that was the quality human flesh desired by the priest and priestesses in matters of sacrificial priorities.

The sacrifices were evenly distributed with half male and half female.

Most of the males were the least productive ones they could find because labor was an important part of the society. They tended to be somewhat heavy in body and with facial features not pleasing to the average female. Even their own parents and friends knew they were born to this end and no wails of despair rose into the cloudless sky to commemorate their passing.

On the other hand, the females were generally virgins of the most tasteful category. They were selected for their beauty and degree of desirable charm. Their beauty was their downfall but none of them complained because they were constantly reminded how important it was to the society that the Gods be appeased with their sacrifice.

All of the intended sacrifices were filled to the brim with the special tonic that made them blank of face and slow of movement. The males were without strength and the females made no fuss when they were prodded and poked in places that would normally draw sharp rebuke in normal circumstances.

Jai was sad to see so many virgins going to their doom without ever tasting the power of his loins. He felt like he had failed them and would have been able to save their lives if he had relieved them of the virginity like he had so many others. Of course, he had never been considered for sacrificial duty because he was so productive in the field and in any work project devised. The leaders in authority valued the productive members of the society far too much to get them involved in such foolishness. The entire “Sacrifice to the Gods” spectacle was merely to show the common-born that their leaders were working on their behalf supposedly interceding with the Gods to give them safety and security. The fact that fifty young people were required to give up their existence to further that illusion at each time of crisis was of no import in the general scheme of things inside the Empire.

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