The Perks of the Office Holder

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An organization for seniors holds a 'greet and meet' morning tea to attract new members. A senior committee member is asked to attend. His presence attracts a rather plum woman who is anxious to avoid being lonely - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Size   .

“It is a ‘greet and meet’ new members of the club”, the president said as he spoke to Warren, one of the committee over coffee in the office of the president early in the week. “Wednesday is a fairly busy day for me”, Warren said as he selected one of the biscuits that came with the coffee. “I ride with the ‘Sun group’ in the morning and we don’t get back till after lunch. I then do a bit of maintenance or visit an old mate who isn’t that well and, although he doesn’t broadcast it, is lonely”, he concluded. The president finished his coffee. “It is the only day that is available to other committee members and you Warren are one of the original when this club was formed, some five years ago. I would really like your participation for I think it would have more impact on any new individual thinking of joining us. Seniors have an array of organizations, but not in this area. I think we are the only club catering for ‘oldies’ in the whole area”, he concluded. Warren gave a shrug and agreed to be part of the ‘meet and greet’ morning tea for the following Wednesday.

The town was a city in its own right, certainly not a capital but for its position was the major town on the coast. The venue was packed. This did surprise him for he knew the club he belonged to was scratching for new blood for as it catered for the ‘oldies’, many had dropped off the branch over the past years and the numbers had so declined that the survival of the club was being questioned; that was the reason for this ‘morning tea’ to encourage ‘oldies’ of the town to seek a new avenue for pleasure and enjoyment. “Warren”, the president called. “I am surprised at the numbers. I have just been mingling and introducing myself, would you do the same, introduce yourself and chat to as many as you can and naturally push the advantage of the club to all”, he concluded as he moved off to engage another couple of ‘new people’. Warren muttered to himself as he moved to the table where the morning teas were laid out. ‘I would prefer to be out riding’. However, he did what he had been asked and as one of the original committee members had no difficulty in engaging groups of people and one woman, maybe into her sixties was so impressed with his attention and the way that he described the club and the advantages that she began to follow him, constantly at his side.

Maybe he was a bit slow but it eventually dawned on him that the woman was following him and he wasn’t one to push a woman away, even if they were not that attractive and this woman certainly had a bit of a weight problem but as he took more notice of her he zeroed onto her tits and the very obvious cleavage. “You ... you are Elsebin?” he asked. The woman’s face lit up and she nodded her head, almost as though it was attached to a spring. “My name is Danish”, she replied. “My great grandparents came from Holland and I believe the name has been part of the family for generations”, she said as he guided her towards the food and tea and coffee table. As they helped themselves he asked if she was enjoying herself and did she consider taking up the offer to join the senior’s club. “They say you are on the committee”, she said as she moved even closer to him, taking advantage of the numbers around the table. “Yes!” I am he replied as he noted her position and deliberately turned to engage it, so that it would only take a slight push to have her tits digging into his chest, something that he knew he wouldn’t object to. “I do like the presentation”, she said as a slight push bought her against him. “I don’t have a vehicle and was just bought here by a friend...”, her next utterance was a ‘Oh!’ as he gave a tit a nice squeeze as they were resting against him. “You have nice tits”, he whispered. “I bet they are a real picture totally bare, resting as nature ordained”. Her expression was comical but when she gripped his groin, it was his turn to utter ‘Oh!’

The morning tea ended and as the venue emptied he turned to the woman who was now gripping his fingers. “You said you came with a friend, would you like me to take you home?” he said.

“Thank you Warren”, she said. “I will just tell my friend that you will take me home”. She was away for only a few minutes and in the meantime he spoke to the club president and both voiced their satisfaction at the turnout and the possibility of gaining more individuals for the club. “Ready?” he asked as she re-joined him; she nodded. He opened the car door for her and helped with the seatbelt; he did wonder if there was enough belt. for she was rather large. In the operation he made sure that he again felt her up and her reaction was just a grin. “Well where to madam?” he asked as he turned the ignition on. “Where ever you like to take me”, she giggled. He felt an emotion raising its head. ‘How do I treat this woman’, he thought. ‘Should I be nice and act as the gentleman or just fuck her, naturally after she has sucked my cock’. “You are leaving yourself open my dear Elsebin”, he said as he gripped her thigh and worked her dress up till a lot of white knee was exposed.

This woman was not the first to be sitting in his car, nor was she the first to have shown a sexual interest, however, he had always treated them as a gentleman should and many a time he found that he was used, they wanted something and after they had achieved their object, he found they were no longer interested, true a couple had sucked his cock and bucked as he fucked but they were very thin on the ground. This time he was not going to be the nice guy, if this woman wanted cock, well cock she was going to get. “Well how about a drive up into the hills and maybe coffee at one of the many tea and coffee shops along the way”, he said as he pushed her dress up further, something that she didn’t object to. “I would like that”, she purred.

By the time he pulled into the vacant car park associated with a forest walk, her dress was well up so that her light green panties were on display plus a few long strains of hair. “We fuck then we walk, how does that sound?” he asked as he pulled her towards him while driving his finger up her very hairy crack. She gave a gulp but didn’t push him away, did the opposite reached for his groin as he bared her tits. He sucked as she groped and finally held his throbbing erection. He paused in both sucking and fingering. “Suck it, lubricate it you randy cunt and then I’m going to fuck you, send so much cock up your hairy cunt that you will be smiling for days”. He pushed her head down and as her mouth opened he mauled her tits, pulled her nipples and drove as much finger up her as possible. “That will do for the minute”, he said. “You can fully suck me off later but now we fuck”. It wasn’t easy to position her over the back seat, she was rather large. He pulled her panties down and did her doggie style while still manhandling her sagging and wobbling tits. The harder he fucked the more vocal was her response and the more she worked her large but attractive bottom. “You want it up the bum don’t you, you randy cunt, well up the bum you are going to get it”. It wasn’t the first time he had bummed a woman, but like most Elsebin bucked. Her gasp would have been heard for as every inch was rammed away she was like a puppet on a string working that delightful backside to accommodate his entire length, and he wasn’t that small. Finally he emptied his load and as gush after gush of hot cum flooded her bottom she was gasping and saliva was dribbling from her open mouth.

“Your bottom was not the first bum I have fucked Elsebin but it was very nice”. He helped her up and reluctantly told her to put her tits away, but he kept her panties. “A souvenir” he said. She was a bit unsteady on her pegs and staggered a bit as they left the vehicle. “Don’t I get my panties back”, she asked as she grabbed hold of him which almost threw him off balance. “No my dear”, he replied. “They would only get in the way for I want to fuck your cunt and I hope it is as enjoyable as was your bum”. Her only reaction was a grin that did surprise him for not many women appreciated being called a ‘cunt’, but Elsebin didn’t seem to mind or if she did wasn’t showing any objection to his vocal descriptions.

Standing on a moss covered wooden bridge that was over a miniature lake and surrounded by an assortment of ferns, he lifted her dress and rubbed her groin till she was giving off soft moans of pleasure. “Get down and suck me off”, he said as he pushed her down and at the same time pulled her tits out again. “Take all my cock Elsebin, suck me till I cum and play with my balls”. She did and as her mouth did what he loved he did wonder, if only briefly, what others would think if they came along. ‘Maybe she could suck them as well or be fucked from behind while my cock was down her throat’. He came with a gush and despite her attempt to dislodge him, held her till every drop was gone; only then was she released to fall back onto the bridge, her mouth a fountain of cum and saliva.

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