The Chatter That Lead to the Reward

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chat up with a woman in a medical waiting room leads to almost sex on the level of depravity but with a surprising end - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

Richard was still smarting from the ‘coolness’ of Elizabeth and the final ‘goodbye’. She had been a very obliging woman, but during her holiday something had eventuated that ended the romps on the bed and the delightful working of the muscles of her mouth on his erection. ‘Fuck’ he muttered as he checked his time. The medical appointment was for nine thirty and although he wasn’t late, he knew that the appointment would not be on time for the doctor, although a nice individual was painfully slow and it would be nearly ten thirty before he was attended to. The waiting room was almost full, there was only one seat left, up against the far wall, he sat down and because the next seat was occupied by a woman he decided to start a conversation; for there was always the hope that it could lead to a further engagement, after all that was how he ended up between the thighs of Elizabeth.

“I guess this will be another wait”, he said as he sat down. The woman turned. “The one trouble I have with the doctor I see”, he continued. “He is slow. He is a nice individual but he takes so long. I was here one day for over one and a half hours and was out in minutes”.

“Who are you seeing?” the woman asked.

“Henderson”, he replied. There was a few seconds of silence before he asked. “Is your appointment with my chap?” he asked.

“Oh! No”, she replied with a smile. “I’m with the other clinic and I haven’t had to wait too long”. Over the following minutes now that a conversation had been started an array of subjects was touched on till he remarked about taking a woman out for lunch. “That is one reason I don’t want to be late for I haven’t booked; I generally do but not today”.

“Do you take many ladies out for lunch?” she asked with a smile.

“Not every time”, he replied. “I know several women, but it is only the obliging ones that I invite”.

“Obliging...”, her statement ended as she was called. She gave a smile as she departed and he gave a nod in response.

It didn’t seem long before she reappeared; she spoke to the receptionists and then gave him a wave. She paused at the door, opened her handbag and walked towards him; she handed him a card. “My name is Marlene, give me a call”, she said and walked away. The card had her name and her mobile number; it wasn’t a business card but one quickly written. He put the card into his pocket and was still pondering her request when he was called. As was usual he was out within a few minutes. He only wanted an update on a prescription, for one had to make an appointment where once you could just phone through and the prescription would be waiting at the desk, but now every appointment was revenue.

It wasn’t till the next day that the opportunity to call arose. As she didn’t have his name he had to replay the conversation of the day before. “Oh! Yes”, her cheery voice replied. “You take ladies out for lunch”.

“I didn’t get the chance to reply to your invitation till now”, he said. “My name is Richard”. There was a slight pause and then he said. “Would you be interested in lunch that is if you are free?” he asked. There was a slight silence and he heard a slight rustling of paper or such a material. “Lunch would be lovely”, she replied. “However, I didn’t put my address down, have you a pen”? This he did have for it was one item in his armoury that he carried. The address was recorded and a time was set. “I will book”, he said. “The restaurant is very popular but also very nice, it is set in an attractive garden”, he concluded. The conversation ended and as he clocked his mobile off wondered what this Marlene would be like and the most important question he always asked. ‘Would she fuck?”

It was only a luncheon date, not a formal do but she was dressed in a backless dress that meant one thing she was braless, she certainly made a section of his anatomy become interested for as she got into his vehicle the dress was loose enough for both her tits to be briefly displayed. Because of her dress he took the bull by the horns and commented as he started the engine. “You have nice tits”. She just smiled but as he moved into the line of traffic said. “They are even nicer when not restrained.” If there was a green light for further investigation her comment was just that, it was a comment that couldn’t go unchallenged. “Maybe after lunch the restrain could be removed. It is such a pity to have items of beauty hidden”. She laughed, much to his delight for her tits wobbled in the most erotic manner.

The lunch came and went. “Would you like to wander through the garden?” he asked as she tightly clenched his fingers. She gave a nod and there was only silence as they walked till they came to a grotto where there was a seat, set among the ferns and a miniature water fall. “Shall we?” he asked. Again came that consenting nod of her head. “That was a lovely lunch Richard”, she said as he drew her close. A slight peck on her head was followed by a full on kiss and a feel of those wobbling tits. She slightly altered her position so that the strap holding up her dress was available to be pushed aside; it was and both her tits, with their enlarged nipples were fully revealed. “Fuck they are nice”, he said as his mouth found the nipple and he sucked. She gave a slight moan as she reached for his groin. Trying to kiss and mould those items of pleasure and undo his trousers was awkward but with her help his cock and balls were fully revealed. She stroked him and then without any invitation lowered her head and closed her mouth over his erection while he gave off a grunt of appreciation.

“I ... I love a suck job”, he uttered. “However, we are concealed so if you would like a fuck I would be happy to oblige”. She sucked for a second or so before she lifted her head, a trail of saliva dripped from her mouth. “Doggie style or me on top?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter”, he muttered. “As long as my cock is chock a block up your cunt and I hope you don’t shave”, he said as she got up, removed her panties and revealed the hairiest groin he had come across in all of the women he had serviced. “I don’t shave”, she smiling said as she lowered herself over that saliva covered cock. “O...” was his only response as she rode him, rising and falling over that item of pleasure while she pushed her tits into his face for his mouth to find her hardened nipples. She rode till he blew, sending gush after gush of hot cum circulating into every cavity of her cunt. Slowly she got off, a great smile on her face. “That was lovely”, she said. All he did was copy her actions when a question was asked, just nod his head.

“We could stop for coffee”, he said as they approached one of the many coffee lounges in the area. “What I would like”, she smiled as she reached for his groin. “Is to return to my address, totally strip and enter a world of total depravity and for you my dear Richard to fuck me and just keep fucking me and that includes my bum till we are so exhausted that even getting off the bed would be an effort.

“Sounds like a brilliant idea you randy cunt”, he said. He paused as he passed a vehicle. “How about sucking me off while I drive”, he said. “You want depravity so let’s start”. She didn’t vocally respond but within a couple of minutes he was desperately trying to keep the vehicle on the road while her mouth performed the activity that he loved. “All of it Marlene”, he gasped. “Drain my balls”.

Cum and saliva dribbled from her lips, falling onto her tits that were now uncovered. “That was a mouthful”, she said as she spat the contents of his balls into a tissue. “You best cover up”, he said. “You are a very attractive and your tits are a real ‘traffic stopper’”. She smiled as she adjusted the straps of her dress and then redid her seat belt. “It that better?” she asked with a smile. “I do think it is a bit unfair”, she continued.

“What is unfair?” he asked.

“Well you have your cock and balls on display and I have to cover up my titties. I think your sexual apparatus is very nice”. With that she began to stroke his cock which was still covered in her saliva and his cum. “Hardened it again you randy cunt and you will be sucking”. She grinned as she gave it an extra hard pull. He gave a grunt for her pull was hard. “Talking about cunts”, he said. “If you remove your panties get positioned so the gear stick is between your legs, every time I change gears I can give that hairy goal a finger fuck”. No soon said than done and for the remainder of the drive, she pulled and he fingered so by the time he drove into her carport, both were so on heat that a fuck even before they got out of the vehicle was a thought occupying both their minds.

“You get out first”, she said. “I want that cock Richard so it will be doggie style”, she concluded as she positioned herself on the car seat, pushing her bottom high so that her hairy cunt was available. He pushed the head of his cock into the lips of that cunt and thrust. She gave a gasp but then it was a matter of the occasional grunt as he ravished her, driving his cock in so that only his balls were on display. With his cock totally inserted he pulled the straps of her dress down and massaged her tits and pulled her nipples before the working of his cock sent shivers down her being and saliva dripping from her mouth.

In a way they were lucky the carport was on an angle from the street because a number of people passed as he was ravishing her from behind and as his cock slid in and out the thought building in his mind was ‘will I whip it out and shove it up her bum?’ He didn’t but when he sent gush after gush of hot cum to the very limits of her crack, she did give a gasp that would have been heard if somebody had been passing. Slowly she got up, making no attempt to cover her tits that wobbled and bounced. “Fuck you have nice tits”, he said as he redid his trousers.

“You have a nice cock Richard. I want it as often as you can get it hard. I just want to be fucked, so many times that I will have to crawl. Now let’s get inside”, she concluded.

“Aren’t you going to cover up?” he asked as she walked towards the front door.

“Fuck no”, she replied with a smile. You will notice that the path to the front door is under a trellis covering which has flowering creepers over it: we are fully concealed.” She stopped. “How about we both strip and walk in naked. It will save a lot of time for by then I hope you are nice and hard again”.

“Well if not quite up to your standard, I’m sure the actions of your mouth will remove any slackness”, he replied as he followed her example and stripped.

Nudity didn’t worry him because many times he had paraded nude when he was visiting Elizabeth and she had done the same. He remembered one evening she had come into the lounge room naked and asked him to remove a necklace that was refusing to undo. He really missed Elizabeth for she had been so co-operative and he wished he could kick up the arse those who had interfered into their arrangement and buggered it up for both of them. Marlene turned. “Well you are a fine specimen Richard. You are tanned and I would say all muscle. I think our relationship is going to be one that I won’t forget. Now you said something about a suck job if you weren’t fully erected. Well let me suck and then you fuck me and fuck me hard”, she grinned as she sank down, level with his half-cocked cock and took it into her mouth and sucked till he gasp. “You ... you said something about a fuck”. She stopped and then dragged him into her room by his cock, positioned herself and as he mounted her and drove his cock up to his balls, gasped. “Make it last, fuck make it last”.

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