One Late Night

by Jay K. Martin

Copyright© 2016 by Jay K. Martin

Erotica Sex Story: A young couple partake in a night surely to remember as they fall in love all over again.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   .

The house was silent other than the faint noise from the kitchen as you had been getting yourself a glass of water, with a light sigh you stand leaning against the counter staring out into the moon lit night. My eyes watched you from the door frame, looking along the curvy silhouette of your body all that, the light outline of your lacy panties and bra showing clearly. My light foot falls didn't make a noise as I moved up behind you getting a closer look at you with a smirk my arms were wrapped around your mouth on your neck as I grinned nibbling on your neck lightly my mouth trailing up towards your ear as I bite down and tug on your soft earlobe getting a moan from your mouth.

My hands slowly slid along the sides of your body feeling your smooth skin on my fingertips loving every inch of your body as my hands slid up along the bumps of your spine slowly reaching your bra strap, with a quick movement of my hands the hook of your bra was undone the straps resting on your forearms at this point my mouth continuing to work up and work back down your neck nibbling and licking every inch of the way. My hands began to move back down the sides of your body once more reaching your panties with ease and pulling them down your thighs lower and lower letting them drop to your feet as a familiar hardness is felt on the small of your back just above your cute ass.

"Bend over babe I got something for you," I whisper into your ear sending shivers down your spine as you follow my instructions saying "Mmm yes baby..." as your naked body touches the cold surface of the counter. With a light "Shhh," a warm hardness was slowly pressed into your warm cavern a light moan escaping your lips along with a light whimper as it stretches you slightly still pushing in deeper the wetness of your pussy covering my cock lubing it for later thrusts as it inched deeper inside of you. The pushing stopped as I pressed into your womb causing another moan from your mouth. With a deep breath from me I pull most of my length from you pushing back in faster this time my hips slapping off your ass as the heavenly discourse began once more.

My cock hit off your womb time and time again making you rock over and back as our motions got faster as you pushed back against my cock, moaning starting from us both at this point as my hands held onto your sides under your armpits to get a better thrust in you as we moaned together the slapping growing louder as our bodies hit off one another. Reaching around further to your breasts feeling over the soft mounds that extruded from your chest the perky nipples already hard from the chill of the counter my fingers brushing over it one by one setting off minor moans mixed in with your load moans as my cock hit off your womb once more.

With each thrust be both felt closer and closer to the breaking point and with a sudden grasp of your breasts massaging them roughly I began to pound you harder than ever before sending cries of pleasure from your mouth as the beginnings of an orgasm began between us both. My cum met your own at your womb as they brushed past each other your cum flowing around mine and my cock as my cum found its way deep into your womb as we let out a final triumphant moan as we panted with one another sharing a soft kiss before deciding to retire upstairs for a bit more fun.

The light patter of our feet off the cold wood floor that lead up to the stairs with a quick hop we ran up the stairs hand in hand hoping not to wake up anyone. We grinned at one another as we both couldn't wait to continue our fun from just a minute earlier our bodies still quite aroused at the chance of doing it again. We reached the bed room in no time at all, as we arrived we suddenly began to kiss our mouths interlocking, lips dancing together as our tongues coiled and swirled with one another the incredible passion still lingering from earlier. With the break of our kiss you had pushed me back onto the bed as I sat on the edge looking up at you my hard cock on show for you.

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