Harrys Hands

by Magi

Copyright© 2016 by Magi

Sex Story: A girl who likes bigger things

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

The darkness is exciting. The velvet blindfold is soft and somehow comforting as it blocks out everything except what Harry’s is doing. My hands and feet are tethered but I’m able to move a little and I try to force my body to meet Harry’s soft tongue as it dances on and around my pussy. I keep coming and its driving me crazy.

I don’t even remember where I am. My whole world is centered on Harry’s wonderful tongue. The sensation is unbelievable and I want it to go on forever. I came for the fifth or sixth time but they were moderate ones and I was building for the really big one when suddenly he stopped! The next thing I know, his tongue is gone, his hand is between my legs and he’s kissing me. He massaged me lightly for a moment then slid his thumb into my pussy.

Harry has big hands. His thumbs are huge and his hands are tremendously strong. As a matter of fact, everything about Harry is huge.

But his hands are what got my attention when I first saw him sitting in the bar where my girlfriend Jill and I had stopped for a quick drink on the way home from work. Jill saw him first and called my attention to him. He was having a drink sitting with another man and when I saw him raise his glass his big paw covered the whole thing. He caught me looking at him.

I was embarrassed to be caught staring but I was dammed if I was going to look away. Instead I turned my stool toward him and began slowly opening my legs. I was wearing a very short skirt with black panties, and I knew he really couldn’t see much, but I could see he was looking. Then the whole effect was spoiled when two more men showed up and completely blocked his view.

Something about his look intrigued me, so I thought I’d have some fun. I leaned forward as though I was going to say something to Jill and I raised my ass, slipped off my panties and put them in my purse.

Jill saw what I did and a big grin crossed her face. The two newcomers only stayed for a minute and as soon as they left, I saw him glance at me again so I hiked my skirt up as far as I dared and gave him a clear shot at me. Then I slowly opened my legs again and watched him as his eyes narrowed and a smile crossed his face. That smile did it! I knew I was going to have him and if he would have asked I think I might have fucked him right there at the bar.

Instead, I scribbled my cell phone number on a napkin, then, while he watched, I rolled it up and slid the end of it into my pussy for a few seconds and when I was sure it was wet I pulled it out and laid it on the bar.

I waited until he looked at my face, then I nodded toward it, grabbed Jill and we walked out.

On the way out the door, Jill kept saying, “You are fucking nuts! That was the craziest thing I ever saw! It was even wild for you!”

I let her rattle on till we got to my car. We got in, but instead of leaving I just sat there.

Jill waited about a minute then she asked, “What the hell are you doing now?

I said, “Wait a minute,” and no more than ten seconds went by before my cell phone rang.

I winked at Jill and answered it with, “There’s an Embassy Hotel across the street. Register as Mister Jones and make sure it’s a non-smoking room.”

When I closed the phone Jill rolled her eyes, “What are you doing, you don’t even know this guy?”

I grinned, “I know all I need to know,” flipped her my car keys and said, “You take the car. I’ll grab a cab later.”

She sat there shaking her head until we saw him leave the bar and go across the street.

Harry and I try to meet there at least once a week now. He’s the best lover I’ve ever had and has taken me to heights I never imagined. Today was a great example.

While we were kissing, he was working his big paw around my pussy. Teasing, probing, but not going inside. A minute later, I gasped, as he slid his big thumb into my pussy, then, without taking his thumb out, he slid his middle finger into my Ass and moved his body away so that nothing was touching me except his thumb and finger, then He slowly slid them in until they were both buried deep inside me. The sensation was fantastic. I was completely under his control.

He stopped, waited for a few seconds then he started moving his hand very slowly. The sensation was beyond belief and my fluids were flowing out of me like a river.

Every so often he would touch one of my nipples with his tongue. I would give an involuntary jerk and he would stop his hand and bite down a little on my nipple. The pain was delicious. My whole body would stiffen, and he would wait for me to calm down before he started again. Over and over he did this, until all I could think about was Cuming.

After a while he pulled his hand away. I lay there with my eyes closed waiting to see what was next and suddenly he was on top of me.

When he slid his huge member into me I thought I would explode.

I was on my way to the biggest Orgasm of the evening, when he pulled out of my Pussy, tore off the condom and covered my stomach and Tits with cum.

The next thing I knew he was reaching for his clothes and I cried, “Harry! You son-of-a-Bitch, I’m not finished yet”.

“Sorry Babe, I have to get home. My Wife’s having that big party tonight, remember?”

“But couldn’t you wait just a few more minutes?”

He unlocked one of the handcuffs and handed me the key, then he reached over to the nightstand and dropped ‘Big Ben’, my favorite vibrator on the bed next to me and said, “I really don’t have time, Babe. You know how much she hates me to be late,” and he began dressing.

I was very horny and I was tempted to use Ben, but I knew how much he likes watching me use it and I was pissed off at him. So I just lay there watching him, trying to think of ways to get back at him.

He finished dressing then he kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door.

Frustrated and still pissed, I finished freeing myself and took a quick shower. I dressed, but I was still horny so I decided not to wear panties.

I called down to the desk and told them to bring my Lexus, around then I gathered up my toys and went to the Lobby to wait.

The doorman was his usual quiet self, but I saw him look me over hungrily and made a mental note to give him a treat one of these days.

When my car got there he held the door for me and as I sat down I spread my legs apart so he could get a good look at everything.

He was grinning like crazy as I drove away.

I went back to the same bar, but this time I was going to meet another friend of mine. Her name is Barbara. She’s a high dollar marketing manager for a firm close to the bar and the only girl I ever met that’s as horny as I am.

We meet there on Tuesdays to have a drink and talk about our latest adventures.

Barbara and I are built very much alike. We’re both 5’ 9” and can (and do) wear each other’s clothes. We’re both single and have double dated a number of times. We both like men, but we also like to experiment and the first time I tasted her sweet pussy, we spent the entire weekend together.

I was early and our favorite chairs were empty. The bartender recognized me and came over to say hello. He apologized because he was out of my favorite 12 year old Scotch. He said he had some 16 year old, but I prefer the 12, because it has less of a bite, so I settled on my second choice, a single-malt named Strathisla. This bar is one of the few places that carry it and I enjoy it for its smoky taste and clean finish.

While I was waiting for my drink I noticed a good looking grey-haired man watching me out of the corner of his eye. I remember seeing him here before and I was thinking of a way to get him to come over and introduce himself when Barbara came in with a great-looking guy.

She introduced him as Tim and when I held out my hand his grip was firm. I was about to let go but he held it for a split-second longer then he let his thumb trail along my hand as he let it go.

We ordered drinks and while we were waiting we engaged in small-talk. He was attentive to Barb but he never took his eyes off me. I saw that Barb noticed it but she didn’t seem to mind.

Tim’s phone rang and he excused himself and went over by the bathroom door to answer it. The second he left I asked, “God, he’s gorgeous! Is he your new toy?”

“No, he’s uhh, an old friend. Why, are you interested?”

I told her about Harry leaving before I was satisfied. She put her hand on my arm and said, “I’ve missed you, why don’t you come home with me, I’ll see if I can’t make you feel better”.

When she said it, I felt my Pussy twitch. I smiled at her and said, “Absolutely, but what about your friend?”

“Shall we invite him along?”

Surprised, I said, Sure!”

She grinned and added, “Okay, but I have to taste that pussy of yours first. I’m sure Tim won’t mind, I’ll ask him when he’s finished with his call.”

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