Kelly, Mary & I

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2016 by Barneyr

Romantic Story: I must live under a black cloud all the time. My life since I married has been one stroke of bad luck after another. Maybe someday I can get out from under that black cloud and be able to have a good life. Follow along with Rob as he struggles through live that has given him lemons.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Slow   .

I guess I should say here that I'm not really a bad guy. I try to struggle through life utilizing the best of my abilities and with the tools that life has given me, but sometimes I wonder just what fate has in store for me.

The downturn of my life started when I met my wife Judith Brusqué. I once looked up brusque in the dictionary and except for the accent on the last letter it meant crabby, or ill tempered. That was Judith, (not Judy or Jude, but Judith). But I didn't find that out until about six months after our marriage. By some miracle, Judith became pregnant then and after many nights of arguing she finally actually relented to keep the pregnancy going to full term, but she had conditions. One, she moved into the spare room for the duration. Two, she would get her tubes tied once the baby was born. Three, no sex for a minimum of six months after the child was born. And last but not least, I was cut back to sex once every two weeks thereafter.

Now you are saying why in the hell did I stay with her? Well, I asked myself that question for the next seven years until I came home one day, and she was gone. Our daughter, Kelly Ann had started first grade that week and when I came home on Friday; my next-door neighbor came to me with a very upset and crying daughter. It seems that when Kelly got home, the house was locked up, and she couldn't get in. She of course went next door to the kindly lady she knew would help her.

Mrs. Dority had been widowed about a year ago and Kelly and I tried to make her life a little more bearable. She doted on Kelly as her children were scattered all over the country. She didn't see her children as they had their own lives now and couldn't be bothered to come all the way down to Texas to see her. One daughter was in New York, and working in advertising. A son was in LA working as a stunt man. Her other daughter was in Michigan working as an accountant in Lansing. None of her children was married so no grandchildren yet. Mary Dority doted on Kelly as her only grandchild and was the only bright spot of my life.

Judith did leave a note for me on the bedroom door. It read:

I could not take it any more with your lack of sexual knowledge and taking care of that brat I whelped. She is your problem now and good riddance as far as I am concerned. I took half of your bank accounts, so just file for abandonment whenever you want. I will never return to you and the brat.

Well to say the least that I was surprised would be the understatement of the year. I actually thought things were finally turning around. Judith and I made love twice during that last week. Now I had to raise a six-year-old all by myself. Well, I did have Mary to help me, but was that enough?

Six months after that bombshell hit; I was let go from my firm as downsizing. I guess I was making too much money for them, and I needed to go so they could stay open with the downturn in the economy. I am an electrical engineer by trade and had just made PE (Professional Engineer), and things were looking better. We lived in Round Rock, Texas just north of Austin. I tried having my resume out there everywhere. I did find work here and there but nothing permanent. It was mostly contract or consulting work for three months to a year. I never let Mary know about my financial troubles until I was between jobs, and it was almost two months without a paycheck.

I lived from hand to mouth for almost six years like that, and then I confessed to Mary that I really needed a permanent job. Mary told me about CRS over in Taylor. She said I should ask for Judy Crane and tell her I knew Clyde and Mary Dority. Well, I had nothing to lose, so I went to Taylor and asked for Mrs. Crane. I explained how I knew Mary, and that she had been my babysitter for my now 12-year-old daughter. I didn't really know Clyde that well, but Mary was a different matter. My daughter and I have been looking after her since Clyde passed, and I could not have found a better friend and neighbor.

Mrs. Crane took my resume and then typed some things into her computer and said, "How about for right now, working in facilities? We have had an opening for an electrician/electrical engineer for some time now. Do you think that would be ok for you?"

"Mrs. Crane, may I ask what the rate is per hour or is that a salaried position? To make ends meet, I need to clear about $1500 a week."

"Let me see. The hourly rate is $49.95 for a standard 40-hour week so that would be..." She entered some numbers in her calculator and then said, "That would be a gross of $1995 per week and almost $8,000 per month. Would that be sufficient for right now?"

"Yes Mrs. Crane I think we could live on that for a while. I must admit that working contract was getting me a little more, like $54.00 per hour, but I had to pay for my own insurance and take taxes out of that too. How soon would health insurance kick in?"

"If you are still here working after 60 days, our insurance would kick in and begin covering you and your daughter. Insurance would run you about $200.00 a month for the both of you."

"That is half of what I am paying now for both of us. Yes, I'll take the job, if you still want me."

Judy shook my hand and said, "Welcome to CRS." She went into detail about the company, how it got started, and what all they build and do. She then called David Dewhurst, the manager of facilities. He came up to her office, and he gave me the nickel tour through the plant, and what all Facilities are responsible for.

I had to go back to Admin and get with HR and fill out a bunch of forms, and then I was done for the day. I was to report to Facilities at 8:00 the next morning. I drove home in a cloud. Maybe my luck finally turned around.

We celebrated that night by going out to dinner to Gino's. Gino's is a small family-owned Italian restaurant in a strip center on the main road of Round Rock. They have great home cooking and a very friendly staff. Mary suggested that we be a family, just the three of us. She complained that her family had about disowned her and only called when they remembered they still had a mother. She would sometimes get a card on Mother's day and maybe a call on Christmas. She said she would adopt us as her son and granddaughter, and we could adopt her as Kelly's grandma. I told her that we had already decided that matter several years ago. She would always be Mom to me, and grandma to Kelly.

From then on our houses never felt empty. There was love in each home. Where we were there was love. Kelly would stay at Mary's some nights and Mary would stay in our house some nights. We were one happy family.

I guess it was about six months later when the next crisis came about. It was a Tuesday morning, and I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast for Kelly and me. I heard a scream and I ran to Kelly's bathroom and heard, "Daddy; I'm bleeding!!!"

"Kelly Honey, it's just your period starting. It's nothing to worry about."

"No Daddy, I'm bleeding really bad. It won't stop."

"Can I come in Honey?"

"Yes Daddy, I need help."

I opened the door, and there on the commode was my naked daughter. I could see that the bowl was full of dark blood and still blobs were dropping from her vagina. Kelly was panicked and I had to stay calm but inside, I was a mess. My life was bleeding to death. I quickly gathered a T-shirt and panties and some old shorts. I took a bath towel, put it under her, and pulled her panties up and then the shorts. I pulled her T-shirt down on her, and rushed out to the car and drove like a maniac to the St. David's hospital up the road from us. I had the flashers going and honking the horn the whole way. I was driven to make sure my daughter lived.

The emergency room people rushed her into a room and had me stand around trying to fill out paperwork. I was in a total daze. I wanted to be with Kelly, but they wouldn't let me near her. I was questioned by a policeman about what happened. I guess they thought I was the one to hurt her. Like maybe I tried to have sex with her or something. I did get very indignant with the officer, and we had to take it outside. I was ready to deck the son of a bitch asking questions like that. I guess he finally realized that I was not responsible for her condition.

Once back inside and calmed down, the doctor came out and explained to me and the officer that Kelly's hymen was closed completely off and that after a couple of periods and the stress of trying to have a bowel movement Kelly had ruptured her hymen, and all the previous blood that was blocked behind it came gushing out. She would need to see a gynecologist to have her hymen removed. That was not something he was qualified to do. Kelly was stabilized right now, and they gave her something to calm her down and something for the pain. She should go home and rest all day. He said that she might spot for the rest of the day, but that was all. He suggested that I get her some pads as tampons would only aggravate her condition.

I drove a much subdued daughter back home in a much more sedate manner than which we came to the hospital. Mary came outside as soon we came home and wanted to know what was wrong. Once I explained what happened, she said she would take care of Kelly, and I should go to work, and she would make an appointment with her ob-gyn doctor.

I hugged Mary to me and cried into her shoulder for a while. She just let me vent and cry, telling me it would be alright. She said, "Rob, I know just what she needs and right now a panicked father is not it. You go to work and get involved in that while I take good care of our girl. Can you do that for us?"

"Yes Mary. Thank you for being here for us. I'll never forget this. I love you Mom."

I left for work, not really knowing what I said to Mary until later in the day. It never dawned on me that I called her Mom. However, it did change our relationship between Mary and I. She said that she cried for almost an hour because of my last words to her. It was not tears of sorrow, but ones of joy.

When I came home that evening, I received hugs and kisses from both women and somehow we all became closer from that day on.

Mary had been a large part of our family since she was the one to babysit Kelly. Well not really babysit, but more like take care of her when I had to work. Ever since Judith left us, Mary has been a big part of our lives, but after that incident we seemed to become more than we were before. We became more like a real family, a mother, a son, and a daughter living in two different houses next to each other. Mary became my adopted mother, not legally but more by mutual consent. Thus Kelly became a granddaughter to Mary and sometimes called Mary nana. I even sometimes slipped and called Mary mom too.

Mary had talked to her ob/gyn doctor, Dr. Nancy Hagen, and Kelly had an appointment for the next week to have her hymen removed. When we went in for the appointment, the doctor wanted to have a short talk with me first, while they prepped Kelly for the surgery. She would talk to me after the surgery as well.

"Mr. Fisher, the reason I asked you here was to go over the procedure and let you know what to expect. First of all, I had never heard of a hymen ever not having a small hole or opening for the menstrual menses to be expelled. This is a first for me. I contacted Doctor Keating at the emergency room after Mrs. Dority contacted me about your daughter. He explained about the tear in her hymen, and how it happened. All I am going to do is totally remove the entire hymen with a laser which will cauterize it at the same time. Kelly will have a local anesthetic, so there will be no pain for her. While I do the surgery, I want you to think of two things for me. One, is at 14, Kelly is certainly within the range of teenagers that could become sexually active soon, so you now need to think about possible birth control. For Kelly, I would recommend the implant as it is easy to do and lasts about three years, which would put Kelly at 17 when it must be removed. I could have her take the pills, but most teens forget them at times of stress, so that is not something I recommend for someone this young. The decision is up to you as the adult and guardian of Kelly."

"Thank you doctor; it's scary thinking about my little girl being a sexual being, but I have to realize that she is not so little anymore. Can I discuss this with Kelly and Mary before I decide about this, or do I need to decide today?"

"No Mr. Fisher, I just wanted to get you to think about it. Since Kelly will not have nature's protection for intercourse, I wanted to let you know the options available to you."

"Thank you again, Dr. Hagen. We'll let you know as soon as we decide."

I went into the waiting room and sat to think about all the ramifications of Kelly being a semi-adult now, and what that means to our relationship. Yes, I will need to discuss this with Mary and Kelly soon.

That Saturday evening all three of us were sitting in the living room after a great meal, and I brought up the subject of birth control.

"Kelly, I'm not sure how to say this but your doctor wanted to know if we had thought about birth control. I told her we would discuss it and let her know our answer. Do you have any preferences as to the implant or the pill?"

"Daddy, please, this is not something we need to discuss yet."

"Oh, but it is, sweetheart, ' said Mary. "Your father is just trying to be a good father and wants to protect you as much as he can."

"Kelly, I know that you probably have the basics as to what happens and what goes where, but I want you to know more than just the basics. I don't want you to come home some night and then worry about if you made a big mistake. Being a former horny teenage boy I know what a boy will do to get what he wants, and I just want you prepared and knowledgeable about what can happen and what precautions you can make to prevent harm to you."

"But Daddy, I'm not going to go out and have sex with a boy just because I don't have a hymen anymore. I don't even date yet, so how can I get pregnant?"

"Yes, I know that but soon you are going to want to date, and then my worries begin. I want you to be safe and protected. I know that you are not my little girl anymore. You are growing up into a beautiful young lady, and I can't prevent that but it still doesn't mean that I don't care as much or worry as much as I did when you were five and just going to school."

Before the evening was over, we had talked about everything. Between Mary and me, we talked and described what sex and love were all about. We did get a little graphic at times but Kelly was an apt listener. We had also decided that the implant was the way to go, and an appointment would be made on Monday to have the implant done. Nothing more was said about sex for some time.

Mary and I talked one evening about our living arrangements, and I suggested that Mary just move in with us. She could have the spare room, and I would just sell most of the junk I had in that room, so she could have her own room. Mary suggested that we look at selling both houses and move to a larger house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms all on one floor. There was a new subdivision being built not far from where we lived now. She had seen some of the new floor plans, and they had some like that. Kelly would stay in the same school so that wouldn't be a problem. I must admit it had a lot of advantages.

We talked to a realtor, and he suggested that since Mary's home was completely paid for, and mine was close to being paid for that we wait another six months until mine was paid off, and we would get much better rates since both homes were clear of liens. Plus we would be able to just about pay all cash for the new home with what ours were worth and what the new home would go for.

So that is what we did. We came up with a down payment for a home that hadn't been built yet and was the plan we wanted. It was a home with what they called a mother-in-law suite plus a master suite, with two extra bedrooms with a bathroom between them. The plan was almost 2500 square feet of living space with a three-car garage on a one-acre lot. This subdivision was called Sherwood Forest Estates, and all the lots were at least three-quarters of an acre and up to an acre and a half. I guess that's why they called it an estate lot.

I couldn't believe how fast our homes sold. Mine sold first and two days later Mary's sold. We got a little over fifteen percent above what the appraisal value was on our tax reports. Since neither, I nor Mary wanted to mess with moving everything, we packed our valuables ourselves and then marked all the items to be left behind. We had a big moving sale and sold a lot of our excess furniture and things. So now we really were just one family.

I guess we had been in our new home for almost a year, and Kelly was close to her 16th birthday when she came to me asking about her birthday present. I expected that she wanted a big party and maybe a car, but what she asked me was not that.

"Daddy, I think I know what I want for my sixteenth birthday present. Well my big present anyway. I want you to make love to me on my birthday. I want to give my virginity to you for my present."

I was shocked to my core. I just looked at her. I couldn't believe what she had just asked me. Did she really ask for that? I stammered out, "Baby are you sure this is what you want? I mean first it's immoral, illegal and totally not supposed to happen. I'm not even sure I could if I tried. You're my baby, my own daughter." I just didn't know what to say.

"Daddy, I love you so much, and I don't want some random boy fumbling around and hurt me or just get one that will rut like some dog and then go away and brag about how he got me, and I was too easy. Boys are way too immature and don't know the first thing about love. Sex they have down pretty good, but not making love like a girl needs for her first time. I know I don't have a hymen so it won't be that painful, but most boys, from what I hear, just push it in a girl and then pound her into the backseat of the car until he gets off, and then it's over in about ten seconds. For myself, it usually takes me about five minutes just to get ready to enjoy an orgasm."

I guess my shocked look told her something as she continued.

"Yes Daddy, I know how to masturbate, and I can make myself come when I want. I got the basics from you and Mary that night we talked about birth control and sex. I experimented from there and found what works best for me. You have been my fantasy lover for almost two years now Daddy. So now I want the real thing."

"Sweetheart, this is a big step and not something we could or should just jump into. Can you let me think about this first? I'm not sure what my answer will be, but I will think long and hard about it."

Kelly giggled when I said long and hard, and then sashayed away from me with an extra swing to her hips. My God, my little girl really has grown up.

I had to discuss this with Mary, but what would her reaction be. Mary was now 60, and she may have some insight into what I should do or say to Kelly.

I guess I should describe Mary. I'm sure that most people would think of someone short, dumpy, and wrinkled for a sixty-year-old woman. But Mary is far from that. She is 5'-8" tall, weighs about 120 to 125 pounds, and is still in great shape. She goes to the Y every day and works out. She is a very sexy sixty. She looks more like a forty-five-year-old divorcee than a sixty-year-old widow. She keeps her hair a nice brunet color with some red highlights which compliments her blue eyes.

Later that night, after Kelly had gone to bed, Mary and I talked. We come to the conclusion that Kelly could come to harm if some teenage boy was her first. Mary remembered her first time and it was terrible. Neither her, nor her suitor knew what was what, therefore they fumbled through the sex act and she was hurt badly and bled quite a bit. She had about sworn off sex when she met Clyde and he was a little more experienced that she was. Making love with Clyde was so much different that she immediately fell in love with him.

Talking about that made her miss him more and miss the sex that they had right up until his death in an auto accident. She hadn't had real sex since then. It was almost twelve years for her. She said, "It has been a long dry spell for me, you too Rob. What's it been for you?"

"It's been ten years since Judith, and I was together. Sure I take care of things every so often, but that is a very poor substitute for the real thing and there is no cuddling afterward."

"Now Rob I'm going to suggest something, and I don't want you to take this the wrong way. What about you and I sleeping together once in a while just to get back into knowing what it's like and then maybe you can make a better decision about Kelly's request."

"Ah ... Mary, are you suggesting that you and I ah ... get together and have sex? Now don't get me wrong, you are very desirable, and sometimes I forget that you are my best friend, and I look at you as a possible partner, but how would that look to Kelly?"

"Rob, you told me Kelly said that you were her fantasy lover, well she isn't the only female in this house that fancies you. I have dreams about you and me, but I haven't pursued them because I wasn't sure just where that would leave us. I think that if Kelly saw you and me in a relationship that her request would just be a onetime request or never even happen. However, with you not having a lover, she might want to provide that love to you on a more permanent basis."

"Sure she would eventually grow out of it, but it would not be a onetime thing. I think that would give you some more leverage if she knew that you had someone," continued Mary.

"Mary, this is a lot to think about. I confess that sometimes I think about you when I'm in the shower in the morning. You are a very desirable lady, but I would never presume to ask you to be with me. You and I will talk more later."

"Good, now let's go to bed in your room; all this talk has made this lady very horny, and I need you tonight."

Mary took my hand and led me to my bedroom, and then closed and locked the door. "Rob, you go to the bathroom and get undressed; I'll be right here when you come out. Now hurry."

In a daze, I went to my bathroom and undressed, peed, and brushed my teeth. I came out in my boxers and there on the bed was a most beautiful sight; Mary, in all her glory. She was as naked as the day she was born. Her breasts were not overly large, but they sat high on her chest, and I could see the start of her nipples perking up. She had a grey bush that was trimmed for the wearing of a bikini. Other than a few wrinkles here and there, she was very lovely and looked delicious. She held her arms out to me, and I stripped my boxers off and crawled on the bed and into her welcoming arms.

We kissed and hugged when I remembered not to keep a horny lady waiting so I started with kisses on her face, neck, ears, and then slowly moved down her body kissing everywhere. I spent probably five minutes on her breasts and nipples. Her nipples elongated to almost an inch long as I sucked and nibbled on them. Mary had a small orgasm as I nipped the first nipple and then just moaned for about a minute when I switched to the other nipple. I worked my way down her belly licking a stretch mark and then lightly blowing on it. Shivers ran down her body as I did that so I continued. I found that Mary was ticklish and when I hit a certain spot on her side with a lick and a whisper-like blow, she moved away suddenly.

"I'm very ticklish in that spot Rob. Please just go on from there."

I put that spot into my memory banks and went on from there to her playground. After a few minutes of licking and kissing her slit, I moved up to her clit and played her with my tongue while my fingers were busy in her grotto. I reached up into my headboard and got some lubricant as she was old enough that she didn't make a lot of juices like a younger woman.

Once she was slick with the lube, I used some on my rock-hard cock and after her last orgasm from my tongue, I moved up and over her, slid my stiff cock into her grey forest, and slowly worked my way into her pussy. As I hit bottom, I rested a few seconds and then started slowly to work my way in and out of her scalding cauldron. After the third or fourth stroke, Mary wrapped her arms around me and her legs around mine and kissed me as she screamed her orgasm into my throat. Then it was a frenzy of us both trying to outdo the other in our gyrations to reach a mutual completion of our love making.

We rutted like wild animals, each of us trying to make it better for the other person, and yet we never got real wild enough to hurt the other. Then suddenly I felt my cock expand, and I rammed forward and spat my baby making sperm into Mary in great spurts. Mary in turn screamed her release into my mouth again.

I rolled over off of Mary, and we lay there exhausted from the intensity of our lovemaking. Mary quickly got up and ran into the bathroom, and I could hear water running. She came back with a warm washcloth and washed away our juices and the lube. She disappeared and then came back with a nightgown and locked the door again.

"I think we need to get under the covers before we drift off to sleep on top of them and get cold during the night," Mary said, and I helped her. Once under the covers we cuddled, and I drifted off to the best sleep I had in a very long time.

I had forgotten to set my alarm, but I came instantly awake as Kelly knocked upon my door saying, "Daddy, it's time to get up. I can't find Mary either."

Mary crawled out of my bed, calmly opened the door, and walked over to her bedroom. Kelly just stood in my doorway, stared at Mary, back to me, and then back to Mary. Kelly turned to me and said, "Daddy, are you and Mary doing it? I mean did Mary sleep here last night?"

"Well, after some exercise yes, Mary and I slept here last night. Is there a problem with that? I mean we are both adults and over the age of consent, so yes, Mary, and I made love last night and as far as I'm concerned it will happen again. It's up to Mary if she agrees, but I hope she says yes."

"Well it's about time you got your head out of your rear and saw that Mary has been in love with you for some time now. We both wondered if you would ever ask her. You did ask her, right?"

"I think it was her telling me, rather than me asking. However, she won't have to tell me again. Now don't you have to get ready for school?"

Kelly looked at me once more then turned and walked away leaving my door wide open. I got up, showered, and got ready for work. Breakfast was already made, so I ate and kissed my girls and went off to work happier than I had ever been I think. I guess it's funny but after just one night of lovemaking I felt as though nothing can take the good feelings away from me.

When I got home that night, I noticed something different about Kelly. I think she may be a little bit jealous of Mary. Does she want me to make love to her that bad that she would be jealous of Mary? Is she jealous because she wants me all to herself? I really don't know, but I aim to find out, just not now. Tomorrow is soon enough.

After a wonderful supper, we lounged around the family room and watched a little TV, but I think everyone was deep in their own thoughts. We all went our separate ways at bedtime. I wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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