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Fiction Sex Story: Half written while the author was hospitalized. A night alone in a hospital room...

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Paranormal   Oral Sex   .

The world looks strange.

It wasn't the spinning. Chris had accepted that his world now rotated to the left at various speeds. That hopefully would change soon, once modern medicine and archaic prayers did their thing, but he was nothing if not a realist. For now, the world spun.

No, what was strange was the ceiling.

His head tilted right. The world went left. Yes. Something was wrong with this picture. The surface had things on it. Things with writing, what looked like boxes.

Chris's eyes flicked up. Ah. It wasn't a ceiling. It was a wall.

Chris lay in a darkish hospital room. His head, and upper body, were raised up. Not much, but enough to confuse assumptions made over countless previous nights. His eyes closed again.


What had happened was still a bit confusing, at least in his current state. Some sort of an attack. A call to his sister. No, wait. A stagger to the door after dressing and grabbing things, so he could call for help from an unlocked house. Help having to break in wouldn't be good. Or had his sister had the keys?


So he was here now. Awake in the dark. Various things scanning him as doctors looked over hastily scheduled scans and tests. Mind free to wander.

He didn't think he was going to die. That was possible while at home, alone while the universe betrayed him. In the hospital? No. He'd live.

That mattered. He was surprised at that. He wanted to live. For awhile, he thought he was just going through the motions. That, really, it wouldn't matter if he woke up in the morning. Now that there was an actual chance of that...

What would death be like, anyway? Chris closed his eyes. Tried to picture it. Heaven had never made sense. Spending forever with those you loved. Well, what if they didn't want to spend time with you? What if Jodi wanted to spend eternity with her family, and not him? He wouldn't blame her, naturally, but HE didn't want to be with her mom. Would there be two of her? Her attention split? Would HE be split, half cuddled with Jodi, half in a beanbag chair with his old dog in his lap?

He sighed.



He missed her. Still misses her. She had made him enjoy life. Her loss...

He felt her. Felt her hands on the inside of his thighs, felt her tongue on the tip of his member. Even as the world spun, he felt.

His legs spread, sheet already tossed aside. His eyes stared at the ceiling. He knew this was a dream. She was a decade gone. If he didn't look down, he could pretend. Pretend it was her, as he did when he touched himself.

Hands moved up onto his chest, as a mouth engulfed him.

His eyes opened.

That felt...

Jodi was laying on the end of the hospital bed, lower body going right through the footboard running the width of the bed. He could see her eyes rise in the darkness, seeming to glow as they met his. They smiled at him.

His eyes closed, head pressing back into the pillow. Fourteen years. A decade and a half had passed, yet he could still feel...

She licked him again, the lick turning into a gentle sucking of the head. He was hard. Harder than he had been since coming to the hospital. Harder than he thought had been possible now, after that catheter had come out. He felt her entire mouth engulf him, right down to the base. Chris wished he could moan her name. Nobody was in the second bed yet, but the room door was open and the nurses station was right outside. Instinctively, he put his right hand where her head would be.

He felt her hair.

Her hands were caressing his bare thighs, one going up to his belly. Her mouth began its slow bobbing on his cock. He slid his fingers through her hair, cupping her scalp when he found it, slowing her speed slightly as her head went up and down. It was her. Yet, it wasn't. It was Jodi sucking his cock, but it couldn't be. She was dead. What was doing this...

Chris opened his eyes again.


The creature that looked up at him wasn't human. Wasn't Jodi. It's skin was dark red, eyes large, black. So, too, were the lips wrapped around his cock black. Was the tongue currently wrapped around him that color as well? His hand tightened on her head. Her hair was light red, almost but not quite pink, long, soft.

He should be scared. Frightened. Trying to flee.

His hand caressed her scalp. She wasn't Jodi. He smiled, left hand coming up to caress her cheek. The red skin felt warm. Soft. He saw her expression become one of wonder, her head coming up, eyes meeting his as her lips releasing his cock before gently kissing the tip.

"Thank you." He said it almost silently. Her eyes became wider. She rose up on her hands and knees, her nude body now more visible. He could see her breasts, nipples as black as her lips, hanging down. Her bush was also light red, extremely curly, almost a reflection of his own untrimmed brown tangle. He felt lust coming from her. Lust, and confusion.

And Friendship.

Not love. Love he couldn't handle. Love would be the creature continuing to be Jodi. But...

Both hands drew her up his body. Brought her face towards his. He kissed her, eyes open. He saw her eyes open even more. Saw them close even as her mouth opened, tongue almost shyly coming out to meet his. Her body lay on top of his nude form, sheet now somehow over both.

"Do you give yourself to me?"

He heard it in his mind, even as her flesh pushed down onto his, the hot wetness between her legs rubbing over him in search of his hardness. One of his hands slid down her bare back, finding her ass. He grasped it.

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