Queen Bee

by chris.lionofthenorth

Copyright© 2016 by chris.lionofthenorth

Fiction Sex Story: A beautiful, power-hungry Latina works her way up the corporate ladder using her brains as well as her body

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

"As you can see, Miss Reina, the revenue from the second quarter was 7.4% higher than same quarter last year, and 3 points higher than first quarter this year. Most of this revenue increase is driven by the acquisition of the largest 15 new accounts which occurred in the past 3 months. Our projection for the next quarter..."

Good trends, Carmelita, or Miss Reina, as she liked to be called, thought. And Bryan is doing a good job with the presentation. I may have to reward him soon.

Carmelita sat at the end of the board room-style table, with half a dozen of her most dependable employees seated on the sides. Bryan was standing at the other end of the room, presenting his financial statements for the second fiscal quarter to the board. Although Carmelita appeared outnumbered by the room full of men, she held the majority vote, so everything she said goes.

Bryan was now presenting on the different types of financial accounts that their company, Avox Inc., owned. The company was originally founded in 1976 by John H. Wilcox to help working-class Americans with their retirement accounts, and was modestly successful for many years. The company was built on sound moral principles- never risking too much of their clients' accounts on volatile markets, and always treating them with the utmost respect and dignity.

Carmelita thought back to her first time working at Avox, back in 2007. She was only 21, fresh out of college with a bachelor's in business, and willing to do whatever it took to make it to the top. Despite being a business major, she landed herself an entry-level position as a financial advisor for some of Avox's smaller accounts...

Carmelita was always a hard worker, and her bosses took notice. They also noticed how pretty she was, and they always seemed to be extra nice to her. Carmelita was no fool, and took advantage of the special attention. She always figured that the primarily Caucasian office was intrigued by her Latina looks, and she made it a point to look good every day.

Back then, there weren't a lot of women at the company, except for secretaries. With all the male suitors coming in to talk with her, she could've had her pick of them, but somehow work was always more important to her than a relationship. Her mom had always tried to match-make Carmelita, but she was never interested in tying herself down or slowing down her career.

This was not to say that Carmelita was unexperienced with men, however. On the contrary, Carmelita had many sexual encounters with men during her high school and college years. Although her body was pear-shaped, with most of her weight in her hips and thighs, she still attracted attention with her 36C's. Ever the student, she learned what men liked from her encounters, and experimented with different styles of hair, makeup, or clothing. With her astute mind and a plethora of male interactions, Carmelita developed the unique ability to read men- what they were thinking, what they desired in a woman, and what motivated them.

It wasn't until she was passed on a promotion that Carmelita decided to use her man-reading skills at work. Almost overnight, she changed her focus from working all the time to observing the people around her, taking mental notes about them. She learned that pretty quickly, she could predict what certain men would say or do in different situations. Using her newfound social advantages, she decided that this patriarchal business had to be shown what a strong woman looked like, to allow future hard-working women to receive their due.

As an extension of her knowledge of coworker personalities, Carmelita learned how to be well-liked. After all, if the success of a person was not based on merit, what else would it be? At this time, Carmelita practiced different versions of herself to different people, depending on what they valued.

In a couple short years, Carmelita had methodically worked over every one of her colleagues, becoming one of the most popular employees at Avox. But even though she eventually received the managerial promotion she had been desperately seeking, the success of her social strategy disillusioned her to men entirely. Instead of trying to be a role model for women, she had become an attention whore, just a popular girl trying to please the men around her. Her success felt hallow.

So, as soon as Carmelita became the manager for Avox's sales team, she decided on a transformation. Instead of pleasing the men around her to get what she wanted, she would have the men please her.

It was easy to figure out what all men responded to: sex. As Oscar Wilde once said, "Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power." So, Carmelita used her femininity to her advantage, wearing more revealing outfits and emanating a more confident, powerful presence at work. The change was immediate- men who never took her seriously started noticing her, and her employees seemed more productive.

Carmelita shifted her priorities, learning to balance her workload so that she could also work on herself. She spent more time doing aerobic exercises like jogging, and toned herself with some light weight lifting, too. The physical transformation soon matched her persona, making her highly-desirable to the men of upper management.

Carmelita gave hints that she was not interested in any of the men under her employ, or anyone of her hierarchical status within the company, for that matter. So it was only a matter of time when one of the board members, Jack Swartz, expressed his interest in her. Although dating within the company was not prohibited, it was expressly discouraged when one of the employees was above another, due to potential sexual harassment suits.

Soon Jack and Carmelita saw each other outside of work, and Carmelita used that time to learn more about how the company was run. Over the course of their 3 month relationship, Carmelita learned secrets about the other board members that no one else in the company was privy to. She was especially interested in their vices, and how they could be exploited.

After their relationship had served its purpose for Carmelita, she ended things with Jack. Jack was upset over their breakup, so Carmelita had to let things cool before making her move...

Now is the time, Carmelita thought. I've been out of the dating game long enough that people may start believing I'm not interested in Avox employees anymore. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Carmelita had ended her relationship with Mr. Swartz only a couple months ago, so she was cautious about the timing for her next man exploit. After all, she didn't want to be seen as the office slut, going from one man to another. She wanted to be seen as what she really was- a strong, sexy, independent woman who picked her male companions very carefully.

And so Carmelita, now Sales Manager, was studying her next move. Although she had risen to a high status in the company in a short five years, she was still left unsatisfied. Every day, she interacted with upper management- the Senior Managers (her bosses), and their boss, the Managing Director. She felt like she knew them inside and out, and believed she could do their jobs better than they could. After all, she learned a lot about running the company from her time with Jack. Unfortunately for her, all of these men were firmly entrenched in their positions, and wouldn't be leaving the company any time soon.

Carmelita knew that her quick transition to Sales Manager was partly due to her sex appeal, and she needed to use that to make a large leap in the business hierarchy. That meant getting dirty.

Avox's board consisted of five members, one of which was the CEO, Jacob Summers. All five were men of at least 15 years' experience each, each a white male of at least 40 years. It was your typical boy's club situation.

One of the board members, Maxwell Schoonover, was a pompous ass who had tried to publicly humiliate Carmelita at previous meetings. In addition to being a board member, Maxwell was also head of the legal department, and a licensed lawyer in his own right.

At 43 years old, Maxwell was a good-looking man, but also a terrible person. Married and divorced once already, he had learned his lesson and was now staying with his current wife of seven years. He was a chauvinist, and he often belittled his female secretary, Pam.

Maxwell's wife Gwen, an attractive blonde in her 30's, was much too nice for Maxwell. Carmelita honestly didn't understand why Gwen had stayed with Maxwell for all these years, since Maxwell had a reputation for womanizing.

At this point, Carmelita was still doing her best to look good at the office. She dressed professionally with her business suit and dress pants every day, but also liked to take advantage of her shapely figure. With her 40-inch hips, she was able to show off her ass in the tight-fitting dress pants she liked to wear. Although her boobs were larger than the average woman's at 36C, she felt the need to pad them so that her hips didn't overshadow her chest. Whenever Carmelita walked through the office, she put her heels to good use, drawing more attention to her ass. With a deadly combination of eye-popping cleavage and a monstrous ass, Carmelita was catching every man's eye. After walking through the office enough times, she knew which of her coworkers were ass-men, and which preferred tits.

Carmelita also wore makeup, although not too much, lest she lose credibility. Mostly mascara, black eyeliner, and a light-colored lipstick (light pink was her favorite). With her natural tanned complexion, she liked to occasionally use a brown eye shadow. It also went with her auburn hair, which she had successfully given more sheen thanks to more time at the hair salon. Knowing what men liked, her hair was curled and now a little more than shoulder-length, almost to her breasts.

On this particular day, Carmelita made sure to put on eye shadow, to bring out her deep brown doe-eyes. She wore her favorite perfume, Acqua Di Gioia, to help her make an impression. Checking herself out in her charcoal grey suit and white undershirt, she knew she had the perfect amount of cleavage for Maxwell, who was definitely a tit-man.

Carmelita remembered what a Cosmopolitan article had said about cleavage-

"The perfect cleavage has to have strong creases and varyinfg shades of light to draw attention to them, but with enough cup coverage that men will wonder what the breasts look like underneath it all. A well-fitted bra and outfit can be more seductive than naked breasts, if done right."

Carmelita also knew that men responded to any change to a woman's breasts, attracting them like mosquitoes to an electric zapper. A slight move here, an uncovering of a jacket there, and their eyes would dart to your chest faster than anything. Simply test a man's attention with your exposed tit-flesh and you could tell how strong their libido was. It was entertaining to see certain men fumble about with their words while she did this.

Maxwell was a lawyer, so he was very familiar with human interaction. If Carmelita led him on too much, he would see right through her affectations. No, to win this man over, I have to let him make all the moves.

This was a risk, of course, since Maxwell may not take the bait. After all, Carmelita was technically one of his employees, and the company frowned upon such interactions. Jack Swartz hadn't cared much about that, but Maxwell was a lawyer and much more cautious.

"You wanted to see me?" Carmelita said, while standing in Maxwell's office doorway. Carmelita put on a neutral, professional tone.

"Ah, yes, please come in." Maxwell was sitting in his chair, leaning over his desk with a laptop in front of him. The office walls were covered in wood paneling, with no visibility of anything outside of it, save the open door.

"Close the door, or keep it open?" Carmelita asked. She hoped she wasn't appearing to favor the former.

"You can leave it open. Have a seat." He gestured to the short, leather lounge chair in front of his desk.

Carmelita walked over to the chair, heels clicking on the floor. She sat down, deftly undoing her suit buttons. Keeping her arms pinched to her torso, only a small amount of cleavage was showing between the lapels, and she couldn't tell yet if he noticed.

"I'll get right to the point, Miss Suarez. I received word from an HR colleague that you were asking about our company's legal definition of sexual harassment. I am told that you were interested in the difference between what our human resource department policy states, and what the state defines it as. Care to explain what this is about?" Carmelita had seen that intimidating stare before, and let herself be bothered by it.

"Well ... I guess I wanted to know if our policy was ... similar to the state's" Carmelita explained cautiously. She made eye contact with Maxwell for a few seconds before looking away briefly. That's when he spoke, "And why would you want to know that?" he sternly responded.

"Well, this is awkward to say, but ... I'm worried that some of my bosses could cite me for sexual harassment." Carmelita saw a split-second of surprise on Maxwell's face-

"And why would they do that? Have you done anything to harass them?" From his tone, it looked like Maxwell was very interested in the legal ramifications of this potential issue. An issue Carmelita had entirely made up.

"I can't help the way I look- I notice some of the men staring at me, ogling me. They see me as ... as a piece of eye candy. I'm worried that they will think my success is due to my looks, and the way I dress." Carmelita had made it a point to sit with her back straight, allowing Maxwell to get a good look at her upper body. She was interested to hear what he would say next.

"So, you think that your bosses will file a complaint against you because of the way you look?" he asked. Carmelita knew she could now take the lead in the conversation.

"Yes. I try to dress professionally, like a lot of the women here, but I can't help how my womanly figure looks in these outfits" she said, while loosening her arms. This had the effect of pulling the lapels down a bit, opening up more of her chest. Oh, he definitely noticed that.

But Carmelita couldn't let Maxwell change the subject, either- "You see, it isn't fair that I was born with these hips. It's not like I'm showing off, right?"

The question caught Maxwell off guard- "No, of course not Miss Suarez-"

"Please, call me Carmelita" she added quickly.

"Sure, Carmelita." He was trying to regain his train of thought. But at least she had slipped in that request for informality without him realizing it. Carmelita slowly tilted her head down, bringing a stray hair over her face.

"I don't think there is any issue here, but if you want to confirm your compliance with our policy, I suggest you talk to someone from HR."

Carmelita brought her head back, trying to whip the stray hair back in line with the rest of her wavy hair. When this didn't work, she combed her hand through her hair to put it back in place. The movement of her arm disguised the surreptitious expansion of her chest, which further exposed more chest skin, including more of her breasts. She pretended not to notice his furtive glance.

"Oh, isn't that why I talked to HR in the first place?" she asked him. He was at a loss for words, so Carmelita smiled at him to relieve the tension.

She didn't let the awkwardness last too long- "Is there anything else you want Mr. Schoonover?" Carmelita asked sweetly. She resisted the temptation to strike an even sexier pose.

"No, Carmelita, that will be all." Carmelita stood up, keeping her chin high.

"Alright then. Have a good day Mr. Schoonover" she said, emphasizing the 'mister'.

"We don't have to stay formal. Call me Maxwell." Carmelita gave him another smile, and noticed that his face mirrored hers to a small degree.

She thought he was checking out her backside when she left the office, but she didn't want to make her suspicions obvious.

With men, Carmelita knew there were a lot of fish in the sea, so she had to stay relevant in their minds to compete for that head space. Maxwell, with his wife Gwen, was even harder to manipulate, since he could have sex with her pretty much any time. Carmelita would occasionally come to Maxwell's office to ask a legal question related to work, and Maxwell didn't seem to mind it at all. Carmelita always dressed professional and extra sexy on those days, and wore the same perfume. She thought she noticed him sniffing the air one time, but couldn't tell what he thought of her scent. She also observed a more pleasant mood in Maxwell the more she came into his office, so it was only a matter of time before he caved into his carnal desires.

Carmelita learned more about Maxwell's relationship with Gwen from subsequent encounters, and calculated that they would reach a rough patch soon. She made sure to leave subtle hints that she was available and waiting for the right kind of man to be in a casual relationship with, like the one with Jack Swartz.

One day, Maxwell called Carmelita into his office, and she had to quickly touch up her makeup before coming in. She acted surprised when he offered her seats to a local opera, Puccini's La Boheme, explaining that Gwen had decided to visit her family instead. Although he was offering her two tickets, Carmelita explained that she since she didn't know anything about opera, she would only go if he went with her.

And so Carmelita and Maxwell went to the opera, and Carmelita was able to wear her black-and-white long dress with halter neckline. The halter neckline left her shoulders and arms bare, and also worked well with her ample bosom. Under the white torso piece, which covered everything from the chest up, was a tight-fitting black piece that hugged her waist and hips, before spreading out in a flowing skirt that ended at her ankles. A slit in the skirt ran from upper thigh down, allowing her to show her bare leg on occasion.

For this special outing, Carmelita did her hair up, leaving some of her bangs curled around her face. As she did at the office, she wore her usual makeup, and used the same Acqua Di Gioia as before. She wore her sexy black thong high heels, showing off her bare feet and making her taller.

Maxwell wore a Giorgio Armani black shimmering suit with skinny tie, which cut a nice figure on him. His dark hair was slicked back, reminding Carmelita of how lawyers looked in the movies.

The two of them were dressed to the nines, and made for a picture-perfect Hollywood couple. There were frequent stares directed their way, and Carmelita loved every minute of it. While walking around, Carmelita held onto Maxwell's arm, letting him lead her around. There was one man in particular, a photographer, who took a lot of pictures of them.

During the fantastic performance of La Boheme, Carmelita was still focused on Maxwell. She brought her bare leg out through her skirt slit, crossing it over her other leg for him to see. She often traced her face and neck absentmindedly with her hand, sometimes down to the top of her chest. When she wanted to speak with Maxwell, she placed her manicured hand over his before leaning over to whisper in his ear. She made sure to make long eye contact with him while their faces were close, as well, to entice the desire of a kiss from him.

She felt the intensity in his eyes when their faces were close again during the second act, with the stage light illuminating part of his face. The sexual tension was becoming stronger and stronger, and she wondered if he would kiss her then and there. She could tell he was holding back, so she diverted her eyes in feigned embarrassment.

Carmelita was watching the performance when she felt Maxwell's hand on her own. She looked sideways at him, and saw the desire in his eyes. Playing into his sexual appetite, she placed his hand on her bare leg. She felt him come in for a kiss, and their lips sensually locked together. As they worked their mouths together, she felt his hand stroking up and down her leg. Yes, this is what I've been waiting for, for so long. Now we just need to finish this performance.

Their make out session was short, but it encouraged their hands to explore each other's bodies with a clandestine passion. As Maxwell continued to tickle her skin with his hand, Carmelita locked in his lust for her by brushing her hand on his crotch. She was not surprised to find him erect.

After the opera was over, their conversations were unfocused, as if sex was the only thing on their minds.

"Where do you want to go?" Carmelita asked him.

"The house is empty..." he trailed off, staring into her eyes.

"Let's go" she quickly uttered, before giving him another kiss.

In no time at all, the two of them were back at Maxwell's house- a gorgeous two story stucco home with clay-tiled roof and a wrap-around cobblestone driveway. Carmelita figured the Spanish Revival house cost upwards of a million dollars.

Carmelita brought her purse in, and marveled at how beautiful the interior looked. Pieces of art were hung on the walls, as if Maxwell lived in an art gallery. She was admiring the art when she felt him press himself against her back-

"Oh" she remarked in surprise.

"Mmmmm" he hummed, grabbing her around the waist, "I love that perfume you're wearing." She could feel his erection against her ass, and his breathing on her neck.

She leaned her head back and breathed deeply, inviting him to explore her. "The bedroom" she said, while he was kissing her neck. Reluctantly, Maxwell disengaged himself from her. She left her hand out, and he guided her to the other room.

She pulled on his arm, and he stopped to look back at her. When he did, she pulled herself to his chest, "I like my men aggressive" she told him sternly.

"Not a problem" he responded. He took her to the master bedroom, where the king-sized bed was. He was walking backwards, holding onto Carmelita's hips when she stopped him again. "Just give me a second" she said, before walking quickly to the bathroom.

When she came out, she saw that Maxwell had taken off his suit jacket, and was working on his shirt next. "Close your eyes" she told him. When he did, Carmelita put her purse on the nightstand before making her way towards him. With him seated on the edge of the bed, Carmelita stood in between his legs. She pulled the straps of her halter dress over her shoulders, and pulled down on the dress. With the tight fit on her body, it took half a minute before her dress was on the floor.

Wearing only her purple lace bra and panties, she leaned her chest towards his face. "Open them" she said.

She saw the lust in his eyes as he examined her body, taking in all of her beauty. His eyes rested on her cleavage, mere inches from his face. He looked like a man on a mission.

"You're so beautiful" he told her. I know.

The wait was more than Maxwell could take, so he grabbed her by the waist and twisted her onto the bed, winding up on top of her. Carmelita gave a delighted whoop and smiled when they landed on the bed. Maxwell worked as quickly as he could to undress himself- first the shoes, then the shirt, then the pants. Once Maxwell was done with himself, he ripped Carmelita's panties down and her bra off.

"My, so aggressive" Carmelita remarked.

Maxwell and Carmelita kissed each other passionately and stroked each other, but there was little foreplay before he penetrated her in the missionary position. Carmelita only saw his penis briefly, but judged by the feel of it inside her that he was of average size and girth. Now the performance begins.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good" she quietly moaned. "You're so good, Maxwell. Oh, yeah." He was really pumping into her, and she hoped he wouldn't cream prematurely.

"Keep going, Maxwell. Oh ... Oh" she said while grabbing onto his ass. His thrusts were now in a rhythm, but just as violent.

"Say my name" she whispered in his ear.

"Carmelita" he responded. It was the first thing he had said since they started having sex.

"Louder" she pleaded.

"Carmelita!" he yelled.

"Do me Maxwell Schoonover, fuck me, oh!" she gasped. Now the rhythm picked up its pace. Shit, he's climaxing already.

"Tell me you love me" she whispered again. "What?" was his reply.

"I need to hear it. Oh ... to hear you say ... oh ... you love me. I'll fuck you all night if you say it", she told him. There was no way he would disagree to that.

"I love you" he muttered. That's not good enough.

"Look at me and yell it" she pleaded. Time to put those Kegel exercises to good work. Carmelita grabbed Maxwell's head in both hands, directing them directly to hers. She had seen her powerful doe-eyes reduce men to nothing, and she needed to make a stronger emotional connection here. Clenching her vaginal muscles, she was bringing his climax closer with every thrust.

Maxwell could not look away from those deep brown eyes, and Carmelita saw his will fading as his orgasm approached. Her intense eyes let him know what he had to do.

"I LOVE YOU CARMELITA" Maxwell cried aloud. She continued to hold his gaze, so that he knew where the source of his pleasure came from. She felt the warmth of his sperm inside her vagina, and his rapidly shrinking manhood.

Once he was physically spent and about to collapse, Carmelita released his face and he slumped beside her. The whole act had stoked the fire of her own passion, but the lovemaking was not long enough for her to entertain the thought of her own orgasm.

Although men mentally crashed very quickly after their orgasm, Carmelita also knew that they could be aroused again in a short amount of time. So when Maxwell had gotten his breath back, she nestled onto his chest and draped her arm across it. She heard him sniffing her hair, which was a good sign of their strong emotional connection. Taking it as a cue, Carmelita propped herself on her elbow and placed her naked breasts on his chest. He seemed to be recovering still, but quite pleased.

"Mmmm, that felt good" Carmelita crooned. "Was it good for you?" she asked.

"Yeah ... it was good" he admitted truthfully. Now to stroke his ego.

"I really like you Maxwell. You're not like anyone I've ever met. Certainly no one at the office." She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

"Well, you're a wonderful woman, Carmelita. You're absolutely gorgeous", he said while admiring the squashed breasts on his chest.

Carmelita looked down at her chest, then looked back at Maxwell, "Which do you love more- my tits, or my ass?" She was emphasizing the word 'love' with a playful smile.

"I love all of you- your ass, your tits, your tight waist, and your beautiful eyes. You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever met."

Carmelita snaked her hand down to his crotch, trying to bring renewed life to Maxwell's snake. She grasped it lightly. "I love it when you say things like that" she told him. "It makes me hot. Keep telling me how perfect I am." She stroked his wrinkled cock with her smooth fingers.

"Ever since the first day you were in my office, I've had a crush on you. You looked so damn sexy in your outfit, I just wanted to bend you over and have my way with you right there." Carmelita put on an enraptured expression, as if she hung onto his every word.

"Oh, I remember that day" Carmelita said, "I had no idea why you wanted me in the office. I didn't appear flirty, did I? I wasn't trying to lead you on."

"Oh no, you weren't expecting to see me. And I don't think you were leading me on, either-"

"I think if anyone was pursuing this relationship, it would be you, right?" she asked him. She felt the appendage in her hand growing.

"Yeah, you could say that. Like I said, I had a crush on you ever since that day. You sure know how to fill a pair of dress pants, and I couldn't keep myself from staring."

"Let me ask you something, and be honest- did you buy me those opera tickets so that we would have sex tonight?" Maxwell closed his eyes for a second, no doubt enjoying the hand job she was giving him.

"Mmmm ... yeah, I did. I was hoping you would say yes."

Eventually Maxwell rose to the occasion, and Carmelita took advantage of it by riding his cock in the cowgirl position. She continued to coax his affirmations of love to her, and to further expound on how entranced he had been with her in the workplace. At no point did they ever talk about Gwen.

That lustful evening finally ended with Maxwell giving Carmelita a ride back to her place. They agreed to keep their affair a secret, and both of them appeared to be enamored with each other.

But looks can be deceiving.

"What the fuck is this?!" Maxwell yelled at Carmelita. They were both in his office, about a week after their affair.

"It's your letter of resignation, along with a transferal of your board seat to myself." Carmelita was dressed very modestly today, wanting this meeting to be as emotionless as possible. Which was hard to do at the moment.

"The fuck I will. I'm not giving you shit!" Luckily, Carmelita had already closed the door, otherwise the news would get out and she would have less leverage to work with.

"You might want to keep your voice down, unless you want everyone to know about our affair?" She said, without any condescension. She had to let him process this without upsetting him too much.

"It's really quite simple," she continued, "I have video and audio evidence of our copulation from a recorder in my purse, and I am prepared to share this with the board of directors. I have you on record explaining that this affair was your idea, and that you pursued it despite the fact that you are my superior. This kind of amoral conduct would likely get you fired, or at the very least, a demotion and the loss of your board seat." She saw the steam coming out of his ears, but she continued in her calm, rational voice, "In addition to the board of directors, I imagine that knowledge of this affair would cause considerable pain to the relationship with your wife. Once again, you were on record confessing your love for me, and the location of our affair would be deeply hurtful to her. Although I don't know her very well, I believe there is a very good chance she leaves you in a divorce. Given the estate and assets you share, this settlement would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as years of alimony." She gave herself a small pause...

"So the decision is quite simple- either you hand in your resignation and give me a board seat, or you potentially lose it anyways, along with your wife and half your considerable assets." Instead of steam, she saw the wheels working in Maxwell's mind. But she was already prepared.

"The evidence was legally obtained, because two-party consent is not required in this state. You may think about filing a lawsuit against me for blackmail, but this would guarantee the loss of your position at the company and the loss of over a million dollars from divorce. Even if you win the suit, I would only go to jail for less than a year, and the loss of my job is really not that important to me. There are plenty of other companies or legal firms that would hire you right now, but not with a scandal like this." She gave him more time to think. It was a big decision, after all.

"Fucking cunt" he muttered, appearing pissed off, but defeated. Sounds like he made the right decision.

Everyone was surprised when Maxwell Schoonover filed his two week notice, explaining that he had a new opportunity at a well-known legal firm in the local area. As was his right according to the company's constitution, his board membership was transferrable to someone else in the company, and his choice of Carmelita Suarez caused some stirring at the board. Although Maxwell had tried to explain that Miss Suarez was qualified for the position based on her excellent standing in the company, the four other men on the board were upset over it. The board members tried to block the appointment, however Maxwell explained that the company's Articles of Association (part of their company Constitution) could not be changed without unanimous concession.

And so Maxwell left Avox to pursue partnership at a new firm, and never heard from Carmelita again. Carmelita, to her word, never released the video of their affair to anyone, but kept it in safekeeping in case she ever needed it. As she expected, Carmelita was not well-received at the board. But that didn't matter to her- she had jumped several spots in the company, positions that she would've had to work many years to get.

After her departure from the sales department, the numbers started going down. Although Avox was still sound financially, it was difficult for them to gain new clients. It was a bull market, and many potential clients wanted an aggressive financial advisor who had the above-average gains they were looking for. Growth became stagnant, then for the first time, the net income (revenue-expenses) was negative. The company and the board of directors had to do something about it-

"We need to diversify our clients' portfolios with higher yield investments!" Mr. Thompson told his fellow board members. He was the youngest of the board members at 46, besides Carmelita of course. Carmelita was still only 27 years old, and still as attractive as she ever was.

"When my father founded this company, he did not create Avox to gamble away middle-class American futures!" John Wilcox II yelled back. He looked over to Jacob Summers and Jack Swartz for support.

"Agreed" Jack Swartz said.

Jacob Summers, the long-standing CEO of the company, hadn't made up his mind yet. That was because he was seen as the captain of this company's proverbial ship, and many of the crew thought the ship was off-course.

Carmelita kept silent, watching the men argue over the future of the company. She had attended every single board meeting, but was effectively tuned out of the discussions by the other men. But, she didn't mind appearing feckless and incompetent, because that would only help her cause.

"Excuse me, I may have a proposition on how to reverse our revenue" Carmelita said in a raised voice. Given that she had not talked at several of the last meetings, the sound of her voice was able to cut the conversation. She now had their attention, although it wouldn't last long.

"Currently our financial assets measure at 2.3 billion dollars. What if I could guarantee an average of 10% increase in that figure for the next two years?" she said, looking them all in the eye.

"230 million dollars a year? That's ludicrous" John Wilcox II responded spitefully. He was definitely her biggest opponent on the board.

"Look", Carmelita continued, "I know I am not well-received on this board, but I want to help. I have a few ideas on changing the culture here at Avox, and I know I can help turn around Sales. I'm willing to stake my job here on it." For once in their lives, the other board members were interested in what Carmelita was saying.

"What do you mean?" Jack asked. Carmelita knew he would be wary about her, given their past relationship a couple years ago.

"My proposal is this- give me full reign over the company, and I mean full autonomy, and I will guarantee at least $200 million in asset gain per year for two years. If I don't deliver, I will vacate my seat to whomever the board chooses, and will quit my employment at Avox. But, if I do deliver, I will have saved the company, and should be compensated for it. I want... 5 more votes on the board."

"That would give you 6 votes out of 11, a majority" Jacob explained.

"This is the kind of horseshit my father's company doesn't tolerate" John fumed. Carmelita looked at the other men- Jacob seemed offended by the proposal, understandably, since she would be taking over much of his responsibility. Garrett Thompson was intrigued by the idea, and Jack Swartz was studying Carmelita intently. She would work on John first.

"Look at it this way" she directed towards John, "If it doesn't work, you don't have to worry about me anymore. You can fill my seat with someone old-fashioned, like your father."

"I don't like your tone, missy" John responded. "You should show my father more respect. You wouldn't be here if it weren't for him." Carmelita looked over to Jacob-

"I know it's been hard to attract new customers, but I know I can do it. How about this- if our total assets drop 5% at any point during my new tenure, I will also consider my proposal a failure, and terminate my employment. That way, there is little risk to the company, and we all know how much Avox shuns risk." She finished by looking at John again, who clearly understood she was talking about him and his father.

"This has to be unanimous on the board, and in writing" Jacob added. He seemed sold on the idea.

"You said 10% earlier. Make it $250 million, then you have a deal" Jack added. Everyone looked to Carmelita, wondering if she would take it. These negotiations were going exactly as she predicted.

"Deal. I'll have a draft proposal ready for our next meeting. You won't regret this" she added.

Luckily for her, Carmelita had been planning for her moment to shine for years. Like a President in his first Hundred Days, Carmelita made sweeping changes to Avox policy.

Carmelita knew that she had to have an aggressive sales team that could work over clients as well as she did. On day one as the temporary CEO, she fired several employees that she knew would not make it through the rigorous schedule she planned. All of these salespersons were either too jaded or too family-conscious to work the long hours she needed them to. Which meant that after only one day, she was the most hated person in the company.

You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, she told herself.

During the staff meeting in which she announced her changes, she gave the best motivational speech she could. It was designed to keep all of her high-quality employees from walking out the door with their long-standing colleagues, and she was glad when none of them left.

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