Those Hanging and Flopping Melons

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: Two friends go to a 'house party' which was a cover for a sexual agenda. Here they meet an unattractive and lonely woman who desires to be treated as a woman, a desire that is fully adhered to - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   .

Those hanging and flopping Melons

"Well what do you think?" Greg asked as he put down the magazine.

"Think about what", Barry replied.

"Going to one of these 'house parties', I went to one ages ago and although women were in short supply did manage a hit; she wasn't much but she fucked and that was the whole idea of attending".

Barry picked up the magazine. The advert gave a mild suggestion that it was a place to meet a companion. "Where does the sex bit come in?" he asked. Greg smiled for he knew that Barry was no virgin and had laid almost more women than he had and had pretty well the same opinion, women were there to be fucked and suck cock. He knew that these 'house parties' were no social gatherings, everyone that went, including the women knew the score. "Naturally the advert is not going to call a spade a spade", Greg replied. "Remember this is the age of 'political correctness' One doesn't call an item for what it is, one doesn't want to be offending anybody, so the advert is going to be very mild in what it says, but read between the lines Barry and it will be very clear what is the aim and it is not to read the classics, its aim is sex and the more depraved the better".

It was well after nine a few days later when the two friends drove to the address advertised. The street had a number of vehicles parked but there was no difficulty in finding a spot. "You are a bit away from the address", Barry said. "I did that deliberately", Greg replied. "If and I say if there was say a police raid or something very similar, we are well away from the address to not be associated with what is happening, that is if we were not caught with what you would say 'our pants down'"; the two friends laughed as they headed for the address.

They were met by the host and were issued name tags plus paying the entry free which wasn't cheap. They passed a room where a large table was set for the 'supper' that was also mentioned in the article. There were a couple in the kitchen as they passed where there was an urn for coffee and tea; they then entered the back yard. Here Greg did get a surprise. "Maybe there is a good chance of picking up a woman for it seems this party has deliberately selected a fair balance", he said.

"There still seems to be more men than women" Barry said as he gave a smile to a woman that passed. "Generally by what I have found", Greg replied. "Is that they consider one woman can accommodate two men and on a quick count I would say that this party has got the right balance; anyway let's do a wander and get into conversation with as many women as we can for if the numbers are correct there will be a woman that we can service", he concluded as he moved towards a couple of women who were, like he was, checking out what was available.

Barry didn't follow for he had observed a woman sitting by herself just under a tree so he headed in that direction. The woman was in half shadow and it was only when he was within feet of her did he understand why she was sitting by herself, she was unattractive, almost on the edge of being ugly, but what zeroed his interest was her tits, two massive melon hanging without an restrain and when he spoke to her they wobbled much to his delight. "Hello!" he said. "I'm Barry". The woman seemed unsure of what to say but finally stammered. "I'm ... I'm Sue". As she was sitting at an outdoor setting he asked if she minded if he joined her. The expression on her face was comical for she was barely noticed at any gathering and it was almost an act of desperation that she had come, she wanted so much to be recognized and be treated like a woman, however, when she was asked if she would like a drink she had difficulty in replying. "I ... I ... I would like that", she stumbled over the words.

"Coffee, tea or a cool drink?" he asked

"I ... I don't mind, maybe what you are having", she smiled.

"Great", he replied. "Coffee it will be and I did notice some snacks in the kitchen as well. I don't know about you but it is awhile since I had tea and although there is a table laid out for supper, which my mate has told me is the custom at these parties, that doesn't come on que for some time yet. Would you like a snack with your coffee?" he asked. So surprised by the question that she had difficulty in replying, just nodded her head. "I Won't be long. Do you take sugar?" he asked. She indicated that she did. He smiled and was gone. As for herself she was still shaking. She couldn't remember the last time when a man had engaged her in conversation and she wanted so much to be noticed.

"There were a few around the coffee urn", he said as he returned with a plastic plate of nibbles. Again she was confused for this man seemed to enjoy her company and his smile and conversation were very welcome, for she was very lonely and she knew she wasn't attractive. That had been a mill stone she had worn since the accident when she was twenty, there had been attempts to erase the scars but they were still there and it made her unattractive, but she was a woman and just hoped that one day she would be considered a woman and not a creature. She was enjoying the nibbles and the coffee when he said. "That is my mate Greg. I will whistle him over". For seconds she was on edge, this man was making her feel good but would his friend consider her a woman or a creature was the question that invaded her mind as the other man approached.

"Greg this is Sue, Sue Greg", he said as the introduction was done. "I got coffee and nibbles from the kitchen", he continued. "I didn't notice any beer maybe that comes later when the supper is served", he concluded. Greg wasn't an individual who gauged a woman on her beauty all his concern was 'would they fuck and suck his cock'. He wasn't gearing for a permanent relationship, he didn't come to this party or others that he had attended to meet a permanent contact or have an on-going relationship; he had no need of that for women were always available, he seemed to attract them to himself although he only treated them as means to satisfy his sexual desires. "Nice to meet you Sue", he smiling replied. "I will get a coffee", he said after giving Sue's fingers a nice squeeze. "I will also have a check when supper is served and if they do have other drinks besides coffee and fruit juices"

"I have known Greg for a long time Sue", he said. "We will wait till he gets back and then we could go for a walk around the garden for it does seem to well maintained". She gave a gasp. To have a man talk to her was one thing but to be invited to join him was almost alien and she stammered in her reply but did manage a 'Thank you. I would be delighted', just as Greg returned. "Supper will be around ten, what is on the agenda?" he asked with a smile, secretly hoping it would lead to a fuck for the size of her tits and the fact that she was braless hadn't been missed.

"We are going to have a walk around the garden", Sue said much to the surprise of both the men for up to that point her conversation hadn't been so confident. Between the two men, with her fingers gripped and given that encouraging squeeze they entered the arch that led into, what in daylight must have been a sea of blooms and flowering shrubs.

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