Saving Her Job

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Sex Story: He is a specialist in down-sizing companies - he has the job of interviewing employees and sacking those surplus to their needs. Erin is one that he interviews and decides to keep and promote. She thinks that she has to take drastic measures to save her job - she offers her body, and he accepts her offer.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Size   Workplace   .

My job speciality was coming into an organisation that was experiencing financial problems, reviewing their staff ... and terminating those who were surplus to their needs.

Today was my last day before I took a well-earned retirement. I was going to travel and see the world.

I'd learnt not to become personally involved ... I remained detached and objective.

Well ... I did slip up twice ... and that was one of my biggest regrets, but they did afford me a couple of the best fucks that I'd ever experienced during my somewhat boring life of 60 years.

The first slip-up involved Erin. I was 40 years old at the time, and just a little fragile after my wife of 20 years divorced me.

Erin was 25 years old, a short-haired brunette, 5ft 6ins tall, very slim with small cupcake sized breasts. She was attractive in a librarian type of way with large dark-rimmed glasses. She wore high-heels regularly - ones that showed off her sexy feet with their painted toe nails.

I was calling people into my office throughout the morning to give them the bad news - they were fired. The security guard would them escort them from the building.

I'd terminated 15 people by the time that I had got to Erin. She was the first of those that I was actually going to promote to new positions in the shrunken organisation.

Erin entered the office, and immediately went on the offensive - she was giving me all the reasons why she was valuable to the organisation. All of which I had recognised when I had interviewed her previously.

I just sat there and let her make her case.

Then she changed from confident in her abilities to someone who was pleading to be spared.

"Please ... please ... I need this job ... my husband is out of work, and we need the income".

"I will do anything to keep my job".

"Anything?" I asked.

'Yes ... I will do anything to stay" Erin reiterated.

"Stop ... stop" I told her raising my voice and holding up my hand in a stop gesture.

She was now quiet.

"Do not say 'anything' ... if that is not what you are prepared do" I warned her.

We stared off at each other for about 20 seconds before she spoke in a hushed voice "I will have sex with you".

"Oh my fucking god ... did I just get propositioned?" I thought to myself.

"What did you just offer?" I asked her aloud.

She bent her head and looked at the floor before saying "I said that I would sleep with you to save my job".

I would normally have dismissed any such offer ... but with my recent separation and divorce I was in the midst of a very dry sexual period. I did find her strangely attractive.

She waited for me to react.

"Are you serious?" I finally asked her.

"Yes" was her quiet reply.

I made a fateful decision right there. I pushed the chair back from the desk and turned it to the side.

"Walk around her please" I asked her.

She walked around to the side of my desk, and stood about 6 feet from me.

"I want you to remove your dress right now".

She looked at me with a startled look. I nodded my head, indicating that I want her to proceed.

She slowly unzipped the side seam to the dress and peeled off the dress above her head, dropping it to the floor, leaving her in a small bra, skimpy panties and high heels.

"I want you to leave the high heels on ... now remove the bra".

She reached back behind her to unsnap the bra. It became loose and she pulled if completely off. She draped her arm across her chest whilst dropping the bra on top of her dress.

"Drop your arm ... I want to see all of you".

She hesitated before dropping her arm to her side, revealing her small breasts with their dark red nipples.

"Very nice" I commented.

"Now the panties ... hand them to me".

Slowly she pushed the panties down her hips and thighs to reveal a mound with a closely cropped black haired triangle.

She stepped forward and handed me her lacy panties.

When she went to step back I said "Stop ... don't move". She stopped ... she was within arms reach of me. I lifted her panties to my nose and sniffed them.

'Hmmmm ... you smell nice". She looked at me in horror.

"Turn around slowly for me".

She turned around twice before I got her to stop.

"Come and sit on the edge of the desk here" I told her indicating the space right where I was sitting.

She stepped forward slowly, positioning herself near the edge of the desk very close to me. I helped her up onto the desk, pushing her thighs apart so I could get a better view of her fleshy pussy lips.

With her now in position, I rolled the chair forward to position me directly in front of her. I moved the chair forward until my face was close to her pussy. Placing my hands on her hips, I drew her against my tongue and lips.

I ran my tongue between her fleshy lips, parting them to reveal a growing dampness.

"Oh ... what are you doing?" Erin gasped.

I just ignored her question - sliding my tongue up and down between her now parted and wet lips. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue on each upwards stroke.

"Ahhhh..." she moaned, pushing her hips against my tongue. She was already enjoying being licked, and I had only just started.

I could feel her wetness increasing ... I was scooping up her wetness with my tongue before licking her erect clit, and then thrusting my tongue against the tight entry to her pussy canal.

I licked and tongue-fucked her for a couple of minutes before I slipped a finger into her, hooking it in search of her g-spot whilst I licked her clitty.

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