Tell and Show

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: They are having a discussion about oral sex techniques. She does not believe what he is describing so she asks for a demonstration which goes much further than planned.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Size   .

It started out as a during and after-dinner chat about all things right and wrong in the world.

Jacinta and I had been sent away on a work assignment together. No one would have ever suspected that I would be laying on a bed with my face in very close proximity to her cum-covered pussy - her cum only at the moment.

I had had a lot to do with her cums - just tongue and fingers so far.

Jacinta was 25 years old, tall and slim with firm rounded tits and a sexy shapely ass. Me, on the other hand was 60 years old, taller than her by about 6 inches and in good physical shape. So you see, that was why no one would have ever suggested anything sexual between us.

We had had dinner together, sharing a bottle of wine or two - discussing worldly matters over the table.

It was when we moved to my room to continue chatting and drinking that the topics became more intimate.

She raised the topic of oral sex - in the context of a girl friend who constantly complained about her partner's lack of interest.

I did get Jacinta to admit that she too had had only average oral sexual experiences.

She was a little tipsy, so it came as no surprise when she probed me on my oral sexual experiences.

I then proceeded to tell her about the oral sex that I shared with my fuck buddy Maryanne, and how satisfied she was by my endeavours. Jacinta listened intently while I described what we did together.

When I finished my description she said "Bullshit ... I think you are bullshitting me ... no one...".

I cut her off "You asked me to tell you in detail about a very private and wonderful moment shared between people who trust each other ... and you call me a liar".

"Oh ... oh ... sorry ... I didn't mean it that way ... I'm sorry" she blurted out, attempting to backtrack on her comments.

We just looked at each other, not speaking for the next couple of minutes.

Jacinta broke the silence saying "I am just jealous ... I would love to be in her position and experience what she did".

I smiled back at her to show that I wasn't continuing to be upset with her.

Then in a low quiet voice she stunned me "Would you show me?"

So that is how I came to be positioned between her spread thighs gazing at her very wet and creamy pussy. Her engorged and parted pussy lips were covered in her cream, with a sheen of perspiration covering her body.

She had orgasmed multiple times in the last 45 minutes.

She had started out with just her skirt removed with her panties, top and bra still in place. She had insisted that I remained dressed - I did however win a concession to remove my shirt.

My oral play involved teasing her through her skimpy panties - enough teasing to make them very wet before I removed them with my teeth.

As we progressed Jacinta removed her top and bra, giving herself free access to caress and pinch her nipples whilst I paid oral homage to her pussy. I had also removed my trousers leaving me just wearing a pair of undershorts.

With her totally naked my hands snaked up often to cup her tits and to tweak her nipples whilst I buried my tongue in her hot tight canal. She didn't object to me straying from her pussy so I took advantage of the situation.

As a youngster growing up, I had a pretty nifty party trick that involved my tongue. It was quite long, allowing me to lick the tip of my nose ... and to probe deeper than normal into a lady's pussy - Jacinta's pussy loved being probed deeper with my tongue.

I played her pussy like a fine musical instrument - with my fingers, lips and tongue ... encouraging multiple orgasms. She had a very sensitive G-spot ... and probing it produced some very wet and spectacular orgasms.

The intensity and duration of her cums surprised both her and me.

She gasped "What are you doing to me?"

"It feels like you are turning my body inside out ... I'm tingling all over".

Our eyes met ... and she surprised me with "Will you fuck me please?"

"You've done all the work so far ... and I want to reward you" she added.

With her still on her back, and with her thighs spread, I knelt there - cock in hand rubbing its head across her mound and clitoral hood.

"Oh god ... you're so big" she commented with her eyes locked onto my hard 10 inch fat cock - another fact that I had omitted from our discussions.

"None of my boyfriends have been more than about 6 inches" she commented as she softly stroked my cock.

I guided her touches, making sure that my cock slid across her abundant juices. With it all lubed up, I nudged the head between her engorged lips and into her tight canal entry. The head just sat nicely there.

I pushed forward steadily, encountering some resistance before it popped through the tightness and into her hot clingy sheath.

"Oh ... oh god" she moaned as I slowly worked my hard shaft into her depths.

I kept moving forward until the head butted against her cervix. I stopped there and waited for her pussy to adjust to my size. I could feel it spasming all along the length of my shaft.

"Don't move" I told her.

"Just concentrate on the feeling ... feel my cock buried deep inside you ... feel your pussy clinging to my shaft ... feel how full and stretched you are"

She closed her eyes - I could see her concentrating as I had suggested.

"I can feel your pussy pulsating around my cockshaft ... I can feel your tightness and your heat ... I love your lips locked around the base of my cock"

"Try to squeeze my cock" I suggested.

I could see her trying ... and after a few seconds I felt the faintest of squeezes.

"Yes ... that's it ... keep going" I implored her.

She had a big smile ... and she kept trying with the squeezes becoming firmer and longer.

"Wow ... that was hard to start with ... but I love it" Jacinta commented.

"Me too" was my simply reply just as I started rolling my hips to create a circular movement inside her pussy.

"Oh ... oh wow ... that's different" she gasped.

We are silent for a few minutes whilst we concentrated on our subtle movements.

"You see now ... fucking is much more than just thrusting in and out" I explained to her.

"I've never experienced any of this in my life" she admitted.

"Let's try something different again" I suggested as I slowly withdrew from her pussy.

"Oh ... what are you doing?" she gasped "I was loving that".

"Let's try this then ... this will blow your mind".

With cock in hand I gently tapped the upper part of the cockshaft on her clitoral hood.

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